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Oh WOW! (Star Wars-gasm)


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The people that made this are PHENOMENALLY gifted!!! Jesus Christ!!!

They used clips from all eleven movies, quotes, the TV shows, the fanfilms, the animated series...I am blown away! ::Enthusiastic Applause::

I wasn't the biggest fan of episodes 8 and 9, but I thought Kylo Ren was a cool villain in 'The Force Awakens'. He was insecure, but powerful, and prone to tantrums...it made him interesting to me. He wasn't just another Darth Vader, you know? But THIS video just shows the whole lineage and...yeah....hehehe, the Skywalkers were definitely an unstable bunch. And they've been through a LOT!!!

Pay special attention to, like...4:50 where the rage just builds and builds for like three minutes straight, and the MUSIC and the CLIPS they show and the QUOTES...ARRRGHHH! It's like I could FEEL my own anger getting triggered! That's wild! If that was my life, I'd be on the dark side too!

Check it out when you get a chance. And RIP to Carrie Fisher! :( 



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