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I...I just...wait, what???

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I have NO idea what I watched...but I couldn't turn away from it. Hehehe! What the hell, man?

Ok, so this movie is REALLY weird!!! In a way that I don't even know if I can put it into words! It's an entirely different reality where technology is outlawed...or some of it is...I think? And the main boy's son is a rabbit, and...I think he's in love with his sister? Maybe? Or not! And there's a dog that's like the president...but people want to vote for a cat...and the cat can talk? And there's drag queens, and guns, and a robot intelligence called 'Mother' that you wear on your wrist like a watch, and a guy that's invisible, but he's also mute so he can't tell you that he's invisible...and a guy that's married to a TREE...WTF??? See? Like...I can't put it into words. I should have been drunk before I tackled this movie. Good time, though!

LOL! Yeah, I was lost for most of it. It's like being lost in a fever dream. But, then again, Arman Darbo is just...he's so GODDAMN FRIGGIN' MOUTHWATERINGLY GORGEOUS that I probably would have found it hard to concentrate anyway! Jesus...I want to make that boy my husband. Our honeymoon would never end. High fives to the wardrobe department on this film! You're going to start out with plaid pajama bottoms...then shiny pink pants...and then you're gonna squeeze that hot, succulent, sexy, boy ASS into a pair of tight gray slacks for the rest of the movie? Really? That wasn't a mistake. Nope...somebody did that on purpose.

Watch this movie, and tell me that you don't stare at it! I was soooo extremely horny by the time I got to the end credits! Hehehe! This whole movie was just...'candy'. Pure candy...

I love you, Arman Darbo. I mean that. Happy 19th birthday too. Ahem...call me. :P


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