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How did you come up with your username on here?

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I'm into chaotic metal music, like Sadistik Exekution (death metal band from Australia).  I also have an interest in chaos Satanism (yes, I'm actually a Satanist myself, not too serious about it).  Yes and chaos (chaos emeralds and other things) is a thing in Sonic the Hedgehog games.  I thought it was perfect and I've been using this username on sites for almost a couple of years.  Oh and Devin is my real name.  I think it's a bit straight forward.

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    • By Avangelion
      We probably all know about how you get an idea for a story and then at some point toss it aside, unfinished.
      I came across the topic in an email of mine and thought "Hey, why not share this?", so here I am, sharing.
      What to do with all these tons of ideas and half-finished projects? A lot of people probably don't know. I didn't know so I threw out a good bit a while back, not knowing what to do with it. That was way before I joined GA and learned all the stuff I know now.
      Now, I write down the highlights of my ideas and later look at my bullet lists, to see what is worth turning into a story.
      Last time I looked over my list I decided I wanted to write all of them, but none of them were novel material and would never be. However, they all seemed to have good potential to be short stories and I have now started a collection on my profile.
      I have also found this idea of mine rather useful, when I get stuck or get tired of writing the novel I'm working on.
      What do you do with all your ideas and unfinished projects?
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      I am trying to write an author bio and an about me page for my blog. 
      Can anyone give me some ideas so it doesn't end up looking like just a list of facts?
      Thanks in advance for any help 
    • By Cole Matthews
      [Let me get my moth-eaten cardigan with leather patched elbows on] 
      There we go! I just wanted to introduce my blog featuring snippets of GLBT history.  The first essay is now posted called "Unchained Melody" Check it out.  There's lots more to come. 
      One thing, please make comments or start such discussions on my blog. It can be found here. 
      This is to look back to see what's happened and how the past informs our art and our lives. If you have suggestions, please PM me. I want this little project to inspire writing and thinking about our past. 
      I will update this thread as I add essays.  Please enjoy!
    • By Caz Pedroso
      I have just started posting my first story on this site and am looking for people to comment and give suggestions on what they want to see. I have always enjoyed telling stories to my friends and family, but have only recently decided to start putting my work out here for people to see.
      Please read my story by following the link below and I look forward to hearing from everyone. :-)
      Story: https://www.gayauthors.org/story/cazpedroso/chapmistresview-andrewandjamie
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      Here it is, the big question for any author. Regardless as to whether there story is designed for publishing online, offline or both.
      How do I draft my piece?
      First you have to decide whether you wish to build your draft in a word document or write it all up by hand. Secondly, How much detail are you going to go in too? Are you going to start with character building or profiling of the distinctive features of different species or sub-species. Maybe your just going to head straight in to the world you've built in your head and start the story. Then again you start mapping out your world and its land marks towns city's, countries and continents.  
      The big question I'm asking you authors here on GA is How do you draft out your piece and how much detail do you go into and what methods do you use?
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