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Beta/Editor Request for Modern Romance Fiction genre


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I guess my initial idea for a wilderness survival story had no interest for editors, so it will go into my pile of stories that have failed to launch

After Comforting Touch, my first romance story, I didn't expect another romance story to come into my head so soon. However, another has come about.

Length: This story will be around 2-3K words per chapter, probably a novella worth in length. 20-30K words

Concept: I want to write a story about "the aftereffects" of a relationship choice. What happens when a gay teen or gay college guy comes out and chooses his boyfriend over his family and career prospects? Romance stories focus on the drama of creating a relationship, but I think the greatest drama of all is in what happens after you have a relationship with the person you love. There are regrets, there are days of doubt, and there are horrible things that you can never get back. However, the best part of love is not merely the initial connection or lust, but the ability to endure the consequences together, if the lovers can survive their personal issues.

Characters: I will be writing characters with disabilities; I just know that kind of character far better than most and it's easier to actualize. A lot of disabled people don't have great jobs or careers, many of the kids I grew up with receive government supplemental income due to their circumstance. If it were not for the twist of fate and my above average intellect, my life would have been just part of the statistics of under/unemployed disabled people in the US. That's the reality few people write about or even know.

Combine that with the prevailing issues within the LGBTQ population and you have a story that no one ever tells about people no one ever thinks about.

Working Title: Causation and Consequence



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Story Excerpt:

I tell myself every day, I made the right choice, when I chose him over everything else. I do believe I did and we're happy together. I love waking up to my husband in the morning, his warm naked body pressed against mine. I love the sweet sounds he makes in his sleep, his waking hours, and when we make sweet love with one another. I love the little things he does for me from cleaning the dishes to always waiting for me to come home at night to take a joint shower, so he can message me after a hard day of work. I just love him. Yet, I can't deny the truth to myself; I am missing something in my life. The dead-end menial job as an administrative assistant, the soul crushing apathy from our families who never accepted us, and the continuous offer for a better life if I chose something other than love.


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