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237 ALERTS??? :O Have I been away for that long??? LOL!!!


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Omigod...I' soooo sorry if I've been absent for a while! But THANKS for hanging in there with me and still reading the stories! :P 

I've been struggling with a particularly NASTY flu bug since Monday, and it's pretty much kept me bedridden ever since. And with everything that's going on in the world right now, my family and I have to make sure that it's JUST the flu, you know? And luckily...it is. Just a hazard of babysitting kids on occasion. 

I'm trying to get better though. Today is the first time that I've eaten anything other than soup and applesauce since Wednesday morning. Ugh!

ANYWAY...Imagine Magazine will be a day late, and that's totally my fault, and mine alone. So my apologies for that. I'm sorta getting my head back in the game, and it should be up later on tonight, k?

Love you lots! And I'll seezya soon. I just needed a few days' rest, that's all.

Take care 

Hehehe....237...wow. Ummm...I'll try to read em all. Promise! Starting now!



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