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10 hours ago, Slytherin said:

Grrrrr! Darn neighbour! :angry: can you report him or something?? :pissed:

I did, it's in the process between my landlord, the guy managing to coownership and their landlord 🤞 but he clearly told he doesn't care, that I can even call the cops if I want to...

So yeah :joe: is mine :P

And maybe I'll call a cop, a stripper cop to distracted me :gikkle:

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And back to the mighty raptor once again.

As part of our Online Learning today, we will learn how to make Felt Hats, Cheese Toast, Linguine, Double Cheese Burgers, and Creme de Menthe. Sounds like a nice, full day.

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32 minutes ago, Slytherin said:

tom and jerry eating GIF


greedy bear :angry:

the shiny is the fly’s for the day to compensate for that nasty neighbour chopping up bodies in the attic :gikkle:


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42 minutes ago, Zombie said:

greedy bear :angry:

the shiny is the fly’s for the day to compensate for that nasty neighbour chopping up bodies in the attic :gikkle:


Thanks Z :hug: I knew I liked you for a reason ;)

*parades with :joe: *

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32 minutes ago, Slytherin said:

Zzzzzzzz Tired bear today.. and it’s raining.. :angry:  I need Zombies umbrella :funny:

It rained here during the night, but not at the moment. According to the hourly forecast it should rain most of the day.

It's International Listening Day, so shut up and listen to me. Todays menu consists of Cinnamon Raisin Bread, Guacamole and Paw-Paw fruit. National Pawpaw Day on the third Thursday in September provides a taste of the great (forgotten) American fruit. Take a bite out of a creamy mango-banana flavored pawpaw to celebrate. An uncle had some trees on his farm. 

Before I forget it. The menu items, except the Paw-Paws are mad of Play-Doh.

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