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Changing Fate A Poem I wrote in 2015

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1 hour ago, Parker Owens said:

Six years, and the voices still echo as if they were new. 

Thanks Parker I'm grateful for the comment. 

I'm a mixed race gay male in a biracial marriage. I'm Japanese, Mongolian, Polish, Irish, and Native American. I'm not sure what tribe I'm from, since I was adopted. Add to all that, my husband and I are Wiccan. LOL Thanks to my adopted Mom who was part Plains Indian, I was taught about the racism, pain, and inequality that hatred, greed, and fear can birth.

I never like to brag about my creations, but this was one of my most powerful. It truly wrote itself. This is actually a much less violent and dark rewrite. Unfortunately, at the time I felt the need to destroy the original it was too much for me, and I wrote it.

Sorry for the long response, I just wanted to give a bit of I guess insight into this poem's life. 

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You have the ability to turn pain into power.
Do not let it fool you.
Do not let it rule you.
Use it to fuel you.
From the ashes of failure stem the roots of success.
From lost games, can burn new flames.
Forget all shames.
They can be hotter and stronger and longer then ever.
Yes. They can truly burn on forever.
Enough crying.
Tears are caused by pain, joy, or fears.
Wipe them away.
Today is a new day.
That already is power,
But, only if you use it, can you bury the past in the ground and grow a new flower.
It takes time like this rhyme that you were meant to read.
Patience, to eliminate pain, isn't even what you need.
What is required,
Is for you to simply let go.
And, you will no longer feel tired.
Your new flower will grow.


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The Phoenix


The Bird that always dies.
The Bird that always flies.
Many view it turn into ashes even if they are distant.
And, see it come back together in an instant.
"He" has wings of fire.
Some think "She" is only desire.
But, what the Phoenix truly is,
Is truly HIS.
It is ultimate power at every hour.
All darkness, it will devour.
It has not even a single feather, yet, always flies.
Just like the storm's weather,
It rules the skies.
It is never foolish & always wise.
It has burning eyes.
It hates evil & all lies.
It sees good & bad.
And, that is why it gets mad.
Anything that gets in the way of its path,
It will destroy it all, with its wrath.
Its mind is stronger & longer than anything you can imagine.
That is why you can never go in.
You wouldn't survive in there,
Similar to a Tornado's violent air.
It blows & goes everywhere.
You think you can beat it?
You can never defeat it.
Just like water,
It has no permanent form.
That is why it has the ability to transform.
It is so warm...
The main lesson of the Phoenix,
Is everyone has the power to fix,
Anything bad in their life if it is possible.
If so, they are responsible.
Oh, you think you cannot?
That is why the Phoenix is so hot.
Because when you use it,
You would be surprised how far you can go.
Simply, do it and have fun,
While The Phoenix burns just like the Sun.

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