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Trying to find a story

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I’ve been trying to find a story I read years ago with no luck so far. 

I can’t remember a lot of details, but the main character ends up on an alien planet that’s regressed technologically due to war. The aliens have “cat” features (ears/tail), and have nanobots in their blood that build up until they “go into heat and mate or die”, which is the whole point of the main character being there. 

(It isn’t the Taken/Harvest series, but it’s possible I’m conflating the two slightly)

I remember it being one of my favorite stories back in the day but for the life of me I can’t remember the title/author. It was either on here or literotica iirc.


Thanks for the help if anyone remembers it!

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No, it's not M's story, which we got published way way back. She's currently working on the 4th Young (next generation) story from that series, btw (I proof/help her publish). You're thinking of Twisted Hilarity's story, The Last Pure Human, however please be aware this is NOT finished. You can find it on this old website, and Twisted posted to her livejournal in 2020 that she was trying to reset her websites and get a Patreon set up, but I haven't seen anything new in ages. 

Livejournal: https://twistedhilarity.livejournal.com/

The Last Pure Human: http://twistedhilarity.com/fiction/long/tlph/ch1.html

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(Quick edit for anyone that ever checks this thread: The story is still so good! It does cut off the exact moment the first major dramatic arc was starting though. So big cliffhanger there haha 🥲)


Thank you so much! I’d totally forgotten I read it on her site the last time I reread it.

And that’s great to hear about the next book. I read the first few as they were being posted (along with reading the eBooks a few times) and am excited to continue! 

(Also just going to throw in I’ve loved your stories for years also! Since I’m sending you a notification anyways haha)

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