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What do you call... you know... that thing?


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I'm going to start a thread for authors desperately looking for the correct name for things.

I will describe the gadget, and you tell me what it's called.

This can be an exceptionally useful thread for other authors who are similarly stuck. Remember it's here, and I'll look in on it.


It's the eighties. I'm in my Mom's kitchen and there is a phone mounted on the wall.

Beside the phone is a thing with a whiteboard, notepad and hooks for keys.


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I called mine a refrigerator, but somehow I don’t think that’s the answer. :P 

I know what you’re thinking of though. I don’t know if I knew it by any other name than ‘wall organizer’ or some such.

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Am I actually too young to know what this is? Wow, this made my day, I thought I was too old for that to still happen. :D 

I would call it a Wall Organizer, if I had to. Or a Reminder Board. 

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