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2022 Anthology "Anniversary" - Discussion Thread

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16 hours ago, Carlos Hazday said:

Damn! I just realized my anthology submission will be the 50th story I post on GA.

I'd like to thank everyone involved in this effort for surprising me and using the theme to celebrate my achievement. :rofl:

That's awesome! Congrats on hitting a milestone

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46 minutes ago, Mancunian said:

It's due to political correctness going too far and over protecting children. It is considered negative and demeaning, teachers are not allowed to use negative language or comments, although it does still go on. At one point there was even a push to ban competitive sport as losing left children with negative feelings. Although education in the UK is of a good standard there are aspect like this that leave a lot to be desired.

I agree it makes no sense in writing or composition and honestly, the idea of disallowing critique is just more harmful than good. A more positive approach would be to make corrective commentary and address the issue, some people in the past have gone too far, including instances of physical assault on students with classroom accessories (chalks and rulers), so to me those should be "red-line" boundaries, not criticism in general as it is a good thing that teaches and improves.

Believe me, I know editors who would want to smack me over the head sometimes with a ruler :P 

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22 minutes ago, Mrsgnomie said:

In reality, grammar monsters are the best. A necessary evil 😉

So mrs m, are you saying that your number one fan in Spain is evil?… 

love you loads xxxxx

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8 hours ago, Headstall said:

I took that as a challenge, Adi.

Well, then I'm glad I 'challenged' you, cowboys are never wrong.

Star Lol GIF by Disney Pixar

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  • 2 weeks later...

Maybe this was answered somewhere and I missed it: When do themes for anthologies get picked? How much time typically do authors get to work on a piece? 

I'm too late in the game this time (as I don't have an editor and I waffle at the idea of even attempting to request one officially now. It seems cruel) but I really want to give it a go next time. 

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3 minutes ago, Cia said:

Themes are suggested on by members and then voted down to the set number for the next year. We used to have quarterly anthologies but authors are so busy with their usual content we narrowed it down to 1 this year and there's been at least 9 months notice to plan, write, and edit. 

Ah. Good to know. Thanks 😊

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BTW, there should have been two more I committed to editing. Unfortunately, one of the author's busy throwing clay around, and the other one keeps playing with big hoses whenever a wildfire sparks in California.

The former's fine, the latter you should keep in your thoughts.

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