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ISO: Editor for Fantasy, 5k words, Anthology chapter(s)

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I'm trying to get a couple chapters of a story done by mid August for the anthology. I have one chapter ready for editing, and will have the second ready by the end of July if not sooner. I'm looking for someone who can make sure my chapters work as standalone chapters within a larger story. I work best in Google Docs with comments, and have worked with editors before.

Snippet follows of the first chapter, with a CW for an amputee character:


The boat purred under his foot. Panteleimon Leandropolous kept his eyes straight ahead through the cockpit, watching the white furred Lidikrys at the narrow bow of the kaḯki. Taking wave after salty wave head on without flinching, it wasn’t hard to believe Cyklón had once been a gladiator. His wiry tail kept him balanced through the worst of the waves, though his three piece suit was absolutely drenched. Pantelis was just glad he’d left his hat in their room.
It had been easy to get the Lidikrys to agree to this trip. Pantelis was nearing his heat, and Cyklón had been insistent that they find a porneio for him. After a discussion with a couple of friends who had taken their Cervidas companion to a primal island on Egara,  Pantelis had offered it as an anniversary present; a way for Cyklón to enjoy himself while Pantelis got his needs met. Cyklón had agreed, and they had been packed the next day.
More than that though, it had been nearly two years since Pantelis had lost his right leg. He was constantly pushing himself, trying to return to a sense of normalcy. His starship had been surprisingly easy to modify for his prosthetic, but learning to balance the pressure he exerted on the pedals had been frustrating. He slowly improved, but he still wanted more.
Muscles lined his androgynous body, born of a constant balancing act. His golden orange fur was constantly groomed and cleaned, laying smooth over his body, and sharp yellow eyes watched the sea around them as they approached their target.


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