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[Jack Scribe] Domes and Teapots - Chapter 10

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Great chapter, Jack! The end of Chapter 9 forecasts "unplanned fireworks", here are they are! (Some of them, anyway. :P ) My suspicious mind considered that Jack or Geoff (especially Geoff) might be an impostor or terrorist. So far, it looks like I'm wrong, again, but it's still early in this plot thread.


I'd be kinda surprised to see Brad and Geoff hit it off. What do others think?


Progress in Dex and Kyle's relationship served to sharpen the tension in Chapter 10.

I wonder whether we'll see any James Bond-like features in the SUV? Surely, Dex at least has a secret way to communicate?

Where is this headed? I recall a story in Nifty where a scene like this devolved into an orgy

, with horny Arabs having their way with the arrogant Americans.

I'm expecting something a little different here, perhaps along the lines of a story by the late John Tucker, and that leaves several angles, among them

  1. What don't we know about Geoff?
  2. Is this another training exercise?
  3. Gay angle?

What do others think?

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