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[Tiff] Welcome Tiffani!

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Hey, welcome Tiffani!


I just took a quick look at Jumping Over My Mountain 1. I instantly recognized the twins and most of the cast, but I don't remember the ipod sequence in the opening. Faulty memory? Or did you rewrite a bit? If so, I need to reread! :read:;) (If memory is faulty, I must reread anyway. :P )

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Thanks everyone!


Jeez, everyone here is so nice, I really, really like it here already. Good stuff.


It feels like being in a pseudo room with a bunch of celebrities and I'm feeling a little starstruck. I've read a majority of everyone's stories and now I'm with all of you. Feels weird, but a good weird.



Anyway, just saying hi and thanks for such a warm welcome.



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I'm late to the party, evidently...but welcome! :)


Hi Tiffani,


Is the party is still going? :blink: Seriously, a big welcome to GA.


Hope you have a long, productive stay in our little home. I look forward to reading your stories.


Jack B)

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Welcome Tiff!!!!


I'm a huge fan of Jumping, and extemely happy to see that you have choose to post here.


Unfortunately being just a "reader", I don't jump around the forums too much and didn't realize that you were here.


Every two days I check that other site to see if you have posted a new chapter, as I have been reading Jumping for quite a while. I can hardly wait to see more.




(definitely Crew and Hiro for my choice)

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