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[Tiff] Jumping Over My Mountain

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Drewbie, you didn't say yours :P



Zeke and Skyler, though, by far. Those two are just a pair :D It's kinda a shame that they've calmed down some (especially Skyler, his insanity was/is so endearing :D )


Crew and Hiro would be a close second, though. Hiro is definitely the man, and ya gotta love Crew, right?


Hela and Bryce come in at #3 just 'cuz *shrug* I unno. The other two pairings are just too good :D

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IT IS UP - chapter 26 - in blue & grey.


Good one Tiffani --- :worship:


Life continues...read chapter 26 and see what Crew, Hiro, Storm, Skyler, Zeke, and the others are doing.


Tiffani expects more chapters to be posted soon.


So catch up soon on the world of those Jumping over my Mountain...






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I don't know what will happen with Storm and Kate, but I just really hope something goes right in his dating life and maybe Annabelle will work out for him. I'm worried that he's going to be like Crew was and withdraw, but I'm not sure that he can afford that, having Sean and all.


I'm also very happy to see Crew and Hiro back together.


Great work, Tiffani, can't wait for more!



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With Storms ex, I can't blame him, and be really hard on his son, really never know about his mom, except she never wanted anything to do with him.


Zeke and Skyler moving for more school,


Hiro and Crew moving in soon....

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