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[Viv] Underneath This Big Ol' Sky (Part 1)

Guest Kitty

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Very well written! I loved how each character has their own shit to shove and it's interesting to see how these troubles collide, specifically between Tracey and Casey.


I also sensed at least three sub plots... seems the Sheriffs has an eye for Paulette in more ways that one... Tracey has eyes for Casey and Caty has eyes for Will. I wonder, though, what might happen between Caty and Tracey after what he said to himself about his suspicions of where exactly her eyes are landing...


Can't wait for part 2, Viv. Bravo!

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While this site is called "Gay Authors", I'm not going to assume any of the characters we've met so far are gay. They have enough character and interest in their own right without wondering about that.


Tracey is a lost soul, looking for direction. Casey is an angry soul, and I suspect a lot of that anger is from helplessness. Paulette has a hole in her heart that is partially filled by her children, but not completely. Catherine seems to be the most capable of her family -- the most balanced. Will... I don't know about. His age isn't indicated clearly, but I got the impression he's closer to Paulette's generation than her children.


A good solid story start. The situation, while a trifle odd, is definitely the sort that happens from time to time. I'm interested in seeing what happens with the remorseful, but unskilled Tracey tries to make recompense for the damage he's done.


Thanks, Viv!

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I'm glad you're continuing this in the next Anthology, because I'm that hooked on the characters and their circumstances. I want to see what happens between Tracey and Casey. Even if they somehow find understanding - it's going to take TONS of conflict for that to happen... I'll be impatiently waiting for that.. lol.


The characters are fresh, but so far my favorite would be Will. I like humble, easy going characters that is a light spot on all of the drama and strained existence of all the characters around them.



So good story Viv! :):2thumbs:



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No, I'm sorry but this just won't do, Viv. I'm feeling badly let down by you.


Once again you have shown there's no genre that you can't master, and seemingly effortlessly. Your last anthology entry was a radically different story in which you tackled a sensitive subject with skill and delicacy. And this time you've written a.... cowboy story. (Sorry, I'm English, any story about American farmers is a cowboy story from this side of the pond!) A certain E. Annie Proulx has recently become a lot more famous as a result of one of her cowboy stories being made into a movie which was received with some acclaim. Will the next Brokeback Mountain be scripted by our very own Viv, I wonder?


I'm not feeling let down about the story which is wonderful and wonderfully told as all your work is. But I can't be expected to live another three months not knowing what happens next - this is cruelty and vindictiveness! What have I ever done to you to deserve this treatment???!


Won't you reconsider and write the next episode NOW??!


Love your work, Viv, as ever



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I have one word for you... totally and hands down AMAZING.


Everything you write is always a great read Viv, it always leaves me wondering how on earth you come up with some of these ideas.



But great job another amazing story.


Can't wait for part 2.



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Superb! :worship:


The atmosphere and story plot is so well-written. The idea of a stranger in this really close and intimate family is spicy, especially in such uncomfortable situations. But what I extremely loved is these amazing characters. Be it Casey or Caty, all of them are great. I can understand Casey, and I think that Tracey does to. He knows that his damage hasn't been just physical but in fact, it has hurt all those memories linked to their father. But Casey isn't aware of the pain inside Tracey for losing some close.


I think that the romantic gay inside me is sceaming for romance between Casey and Tracey. I just love them both . :wub::wub: They are downright adorable and ... meant for each other! :worship:


I noticed the immiment rain which is perfect for the theme of the Summer Anthology. Just two days before the day! :2thumbs:



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