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[Shadowgod] Vegas Sun

Guest Kitty

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Guest Kitty

This thread is for the discussion of the Spring 2007 Anthology story Vegas Sun by Shadowgod.






This thread contains details about the story. Be forewarned, in case you haven't read it yet. :D

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Another tour-de-force by a master wordsmith! :2thumbs:


Shadowgod has a great gift for rich and evocative narration, and uses it beautifully.


Cody and Mike are the most improbable pair, yet this has such a real feel to it. Cody's attitude, his anger, his mannerisms, all fit eerily well, as does Mike's personality.


I especially liked the way Mike refrained from a physical relationship with Cody, as it would have made him seem questionable had he not.


Shadowgod's distinctive style is also a centerpiece of his current serial, "Living in Surreality", and his classic "A Shot of Bourbon".

Thank you, Shadowgod, for an excelent story! :worship:

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A tour-de-force...Thank you, Shadowgod, for an excelent story!


This is the first time I've read a story of yours. The emotional struggles and baggage of the protagonist were very well described. The unlikely coupling of Cody and Mike was a hand-wringing, happy conclusion.


Most enjoyable, short journey back to a town I know well! I look forward to checking out your other stories.



Jack B)


P.S. I must say the term "urban vampire" threw me at the beginning. I thought it meant I was starting an occult story with fangs.


P.S.#2 CJ, please use spell check.

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Lol I agree with Jack in what he said about the occult. I was thinking "Ok, either he's a blood-drinker, or a 'gentleman of the night'," hah.


Very nicely done! I was going to wait until tomorrow to read this, as I got no sleep last night, but a conversation with Viv convinced me to take an earlier look. I'm glad I did, as I will sleep now with a smile on my face. If I ever have a boyfriend (Me? yeah right!), I want him to be like Mike! His mannerisms were adorable and I had a tear in my eye at the end. I should really hate stories and movies like this, as I am very pessimistic when it comes to my own love life and these stories leaving my gut in knots, but I know the feeling should pass when I stop obsessing over wanting a Mike in my life, lmao.

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Now that was a great short story. Beautifully written, Steve. :worship::2thumbs::great:


I especially loved how you used pride with Cody's character as the cause of many of our rash and hasty life decisions. A lesson not lost on me, I might add. Human foibles always make a story more real for me.


Mike's a doll! :wub: I loved the way Cody referred to him as my Mike. So sweet. If you can spare Mike for a bit, why not package him up and send him off to rknapp for a few weeks. Then rknapp can ship him to me...yeah, right, like I'd ever see him. :lol:


One of my favourite quotes is, "Humour is the shortest distance between two people." You got us all nose to nose here, Steve! :boy:



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I can't think of much to add to what's already been said. Cody's pride was obvious early on, and he carried it to extremes, even when it hurt him. After living on the streets for months, he had a great deal of trouble letting someone into his life.


Thanks, Steve :great:

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What a great story, Shadowgod at his best!


Right from the beginning I was drawn into the tale. Why? Because you drew such an interesting, sympathetic character. I wanted everything to turn out right for him, I wanted his hurt to go away, I wanted someone to look after him. And you delivered, big time! I just love a story with a happy ending!


Thanks for a great read I really love this one!



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Hey guys thanks for reading! I'm glad you enjoyed Vegas Sun it only took a few years to acctually finish from when I first started it. It was one of my scraps I have a penchant for writing. When I saw the Theme for the anthology I just had to finish it cause it fit too perfectly.


Now I am debating wether or not to continue the story in the comming anthologies, I do have one idea set in stone for the Fall anthology that will be related, I'm just not so sure about the summer anthology.


Thanks again!




ps: lugh its not like I kill all of my characters off :P

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I very rarely post in these forums, and I admit I'd much rather send an e-mail, because it doesn't sound so heartful and sincere when it's posted as a comment for the world to see, but here we go.

This story is absolutely beautiful. When I write short stories they're usually something I start scribbling on in English class -- and that doesn't necessarily mean they're bad, but this story really shows a lot of consideration. It's so carefully planned out! I love how you drop tidbits about the characters in here and there; a lot of stories begin with a detailed description of the main character, and that's just stupid. Little by little we learn how Cody was thrown out of his home, what he looks like and how he looks at the world. I don't know how much research you did for this story, but you make Cody so realistic that it makes me want to go to Las Vegas again, just to find the places where he's been.

I don't know how many times I've read this story now, but it's probably around twenty-five. When I go back and read it again I'll remember another amazing detail I want to comment on and I'll have to go back to this forum and post that as well!

You'll hear from me then.


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