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[Vlista] One Moment: Chapter 12

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Excellent as usual Vance. Andy sticking up for Matt, geez, I didn't expect that at all. I did notice Mark was absent mostly from this chapter though. I like him. He's good for Matt. As usual, it will seem like ages until next Friday gets here. One of your best yet Vance.



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It was a very good chapter, but I found some of Andy's dialogue a bit contrived and unrealistic. Perhaps it's just me.


What was so contrived about it? I'm curious, so please enlighten me.

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hum well let me see... Andy is a teenager. Andy is in therapy. Andy is apparently starting to think on his own.


I can see how he would snap/turn on his mother. Then again I live with a tweenager who has done the EXACT same thing to me for less reason.


As for his friend, well, it's possible. Think about high school for a moment and the drama that happened there every day. Teens turn on teens for no reason at all. It seems to me that Andy might have had a reason, especially if he linked Brian's behavior with that of his mother and snapping at him was, quite possibly in his mind, a way of snapping at her.

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