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Waking Up In Hawai’i

Waking Up In Hawai’i

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This is a unique experience for a ‘snowman,’ as Jimmy likes to call me.

Brian had gotten tired of ice, clouds, and cold and needed a change of scenery. I can deny him nothing, of course. He is my beloved husband, after all! However, I have always tried to shun ‘tropical paradises’ since they tend to be very hot places and ‘snowmen’ do not do well in hot climates. I was assured that I would melt away to a little pale puddle if I was exposed to the direct heat of the tropical sunshine.

I have now learned some new things about tropical places: there are tropical places and then there are tropical places. Just like there are different kinds of snowy places, there are just as many different kinds of tropical places. I would beg anyone to excuse my ignorance about this sort of thing. I hardly know what a vacation is, you must remember. I have been a workaholic since adopting cross-country skiing as a teenager. It has not been until meeting my Brian that I have been taught what true fun is all about! Since my life has been changed and Brian has breathed life into me, I now know that what I was doing before was merely existing. Now, with love, I know what really being alive means!

But, I digress. Tropical places - Hawai’i, and particularly Kaua’i where I am now visiting, is the kind of tropical place that can be truly called a paradise on earth! As soon as we left the confines of the small airport terminal in Lihue, I was immediately hit by the heady scent of flowers and a warm moist breeze that felt like pure velvet upon my skin! The warmth was not hot like the scalding heat of Las Vegas or the laundry-press steam of New Orleans in summer, it was the warmth one feels when one slips into a warm bath after being too long on your skis all day in the snow!

I was thankful, however, of the liberal buttering Brian gave me with the special SPF 50 rated sunblock we had to buy at one of the airport shops. Apparently, one must buy a special kind of sunblock when visiting Hawai’i because the regular kind kills coral in and around the islands. Despite what I figured to be a scam by the locals to make money, the cost of the sunblock was actually less expensive than the kinds I can buy in Europe! It also worked quite nicely, though I tried not to put any above my eyes because sweat would pick it up and drip it into my eyes which was a BIG owchie! I also found that the large SPF-rated hat Brian bought me to be a very necessary part of one’s costume upon the island. The sun is strong on Kauai’i! Stronger even than in Las Vegas! But, other than this, the ‘tropicalness’ of the Garden Island was nothing less than a revelation to me!

I woke up this morning early, as is my custom. I wanted to do my stretches and, perhaps, swim a bit in the beautiful pools at our beach resort. I wanted to do this before the sunrise.

I never made it to the pool . . .

I saw a procession, of sorts, walking with slow expectancy toward the shore. I could see the bare light of dawn slowly rolling back the velvet black curtain of the Hawai’ian night and so I figured they were all going to watch the sunrise since we were on the eastward side of the island.

I followed and found a place to sit, Indian style, upon a cool bench overlooking the gray blue sea. The sky was textured with the kind of clouds that only a place like Kauai’i can attract. Tall, whipped cream things with many edges and shades all silvered with the kind of rain only a place like Kauai’i can create.

The sun slowly began to rise over the ocean and I could see why this procession to the beach was almost holy in its sacredness!

I am witness to Heaven breaking over a sea turned to the brightest gold! I am struck dumb! Words from my Grandmama come back to my mind: “Jumalan kasvot loistavat!” - “God’s Face Shining!” Tears! Even the Angel Song Aurora of my homeland would be hard pressed to rival this!

Phone Camera . . . !

There! At least I shall have something to show Brian and Jimmy of this miracle!

Tomorrow morning! I must kick those two lazybones in their behinds to get up and share this with me! I do not know if it can be as good as this though.

This is like the Goddess of this Island greeting me personally!

This time is mine! This scene was made just for me!

I will never live so long as to forget this most beautiful morning of my life!


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