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T Shirt and Jeans

T Shirt and Jeans

Ok so there was much talk about my T Shirt and Jeans, so in keeping with my promise, here's a pic. :)

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U really did it guy, and I have to say, u look as sweet as you sound. I am sure some are going to be disappointed that u have so many clothes on. LOL. Hugs my friend

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That is soooo, not what I was expecting.


<gets out road map of UK to find Yettie Hunk>



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Hahahaha NNN you crack me up man.


To think I was once living in Swansea. I doubt you'd have needed a road map if that were still the case.


Wow, thanks mate. Big Yettie Hugs. :) xxx

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Who is that guy, stranger! ;) Didn't realize you're a bear, but you look friendly. Cheers.

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Haha Ashi, a big cuddly bear maybe yes.....


Just don't give the secret away now ey! ;P


Thanks buddy xxx

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Sure I've seen you some where before hmmm, skype maybe? :P This is better than your skype pic change it :hug:

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You look like someone I used to know, btw.... We lost contact. He was actually a friend's friend, so when the friend's boyfriend got a fight with the friend, that friend's friend got lost in contact. Does that make sense?

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Bears are awesome! You look great Yettie. Jeans and t-shirt are awesome on a guy who wears them well. I love the casual, comfortable look.

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Yes, you have a doppelganger somewhere. Everyone ought to have a doppleganger in the universe, or it sure seems like an awful waste of space. I might have mis-quoted Carl Sagan with that one....

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