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  2. Yes, our brains are sometimes in our way. The way you described yourself, we could be twins! The smiling eyes - I have been told this so often.. this is just scary! At my job I get reffered to by our customers as "the really nice one" which makes my colleagues testy and I get tips or gifts which is higly unusual for my type of work... Smile on 🖖
  3. It's one of my favorite sci-fi stories on GA. I hope we meet Bill Thomas in more stories. Cool review, @spikey582
  4. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 3

    Because I am reading this story in 2019 gay marriage is now legal in every state -- yea! Faggots: seasoned ground liver and other "offal" meats, usually pork formed into balls wrapped with bacon and baked. Toad-in-the-hole: Beef sausages baked on a bed of flour, egg, and milk Pudding. Note: though translations of foreign (to American readers) phrases are in the main available on the internet, I will from time to time include in "Comments" a translation. In this chapter, as our story is taking place in England, the translations will be from British to American slang.
  5. Aww... thanks, deposed despot. It isn't often that Easter falls on the same weekend as 4/20
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  7. Good Morning!



  8. Kkh

    A Risk Worth Taking

    My excitement was elevating and then it stopped 😭😭 why do you do this to us everytime 😭
  9. It's a very poor self-image and low self-esteem. I can identify with Aidan's problems. I have a problem with intellectually knowing that other people see positive things in me that I just can't accept – I can't remember the technical term for it! For example, people tell me I'm a nice guy, but I cannot see myself as nice because I'm just doing what everyone is ‘supposed’ to do (due to our social contract). Of course, my behavior is much more pronounced where I currently live because the social contract I operate under is very suburban and the city I live in is very urban with a completely different social contract – my politeness is seen as an aberration. Many people say I smile all the time, but I don't think I do! I think my expression is very neutral and I think I rarely smile. One of my therapists told me I have ‘smiling’ eyes. It could also be that I'm not walking around with a scowl on my face (either to look threatening or due to the sorrows of living in a city with high unemployment and high crime rates). It's as if I'm adding one plus two and getting three, but everyone else is insisting it's ‘C’! It's very frustrating because my brain says I'm right.
  10. OMG, that's so sweet! It's totally spot on! And you can't believe how right you are about Heath being a big softy! You will see it next time when Aidan asks him for a dance! As for Michael, he'll be the guy who will have all the fun watching from the sidelines! He's Heath's bestie And also a great guy! As for Aidan feeling like this about men taking interest in him, that's all because of a particular type of sheltered life that didn't allow him to 'experiment' too much. I hope it will all become more clear as the story progresses. Thank you for commenting, and posting a cute gif!
  11. Great review, spikey! I read this story when it was first posted. I'm not a huge scifi fan as i'm not interested so much in tech/things but i am interested in the people and how they react to their worlds and each other. So, this was an interesting story for me. I enjoyed it.
  12. keyisfake

    Chapter 32

    Thank you. I've invested a lot of timer to make my characters who they are, and I'm overjoy that others like you are accepting them with all their flaws.
  13. What a great development, bringing Michael (friend/rival?) into the game. I sense some love triangle coming up. The Bunny has no idea, how he comes across, guys are almost lying at his feet and he thinks it's some misunderstanding. It's almost like some body/image dysmorphic disorder. As always, you leave us with more questions than answers, thanks! I guess Bunny feels somewhat vulnerable, not knowing, that the big bad Heath is a big softy. And already in loooove
  14. Fun fact: The Norwegian word for daffodil translates to 'Easter lilly'.
  15. Jaro_423

    Roar • Part VI

    Never a dull moment and I'm sure you get better and better at this, Carlos. Loved it. I did so enjoy Carson's reaction to everything and CJ did ride him on that too. So funny. Poor Gina went very quiet. I sure hope CJ restores her confidence. I'm sure he will, gentleman that he is.
  16. Thorn Wilde


    It's a beautiful expression, too.
  17. Seeing Ian, Gerry had tantalising IDEAS
  18. Oh, devilled eggs are amazing! ❤️
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