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    The Next Step

    That could be a new Topic in the Lounge. Signature phrases and the authors who write them. Make it a guessing game. Unfortunately, some would see it as making fun of the author rather than teasing the writer. Some would be offended. So I guess I won’t be starting that Topic! ;–)
  3. Milk ? Or it could be anything or nothing, but just getting checked it's not an allergy could be worth while. I hope your doctor doesn't give up easily.
  4. EROTI Eroticism rarely offers Tom inspiration BLANK
  5. Aceinthehole

    The Next Step

    Thank you for the feedback! When writing, I sometimes get into habit of relying on certain phrases. I'll make sure to keep that in mind while writing next chapter. Thanks again!
  6. droughtquake

    Date Night

    Much better than the fake stuff some people eat. Things like Uncle Ben’s Converted Rice – what is it converted from? ;–)
  7. Gosh I can't wait to see the whole family again and at a wedding/birthday combo. I just Love this family.
  8. Aceinthehole

    God Forsaken

    I appreciate you continuing to read this story. I don't oppose criticism and am happy to receive comments/messages/emails. My issue with your comment was more about it's phrasing. For example, "shall I embarrass you in public or in private, ". To me, that sounds as though you're commenting to make me or my editor look foolish instead of offering fair criticism. I just want to keep my comment sections as fair and friendly as possible.
  9. Wayne Gray


    Thanks! I missed this comment. I appreciate that you took the time to leave it.
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  11. Wayne Gray

    Heathen's Hymn

    Thanks, Parker. That’s my favorite part too. I wish I could get it all to flow as well as that first stanza seems to.
  12. The wedding is going to be a big event, and we'll soon learn how the Hubbard situation is handled. Thanks for the feedback.
  13. Philippe

    Date Night

    The rice cooker is a definite necessity when eating a majority of Asian meals. Even having grown up with red beans, rice and corn bread, gumbo, etc., I cooked it the old fashioned way. Now, I haven’t been without a rice cooker since living in Japan and I hate having to cook rice in a non-believer s kitchen! 😖
  14. Yeah Ty's not all there upstairs where Dane is concerned and the fact that Chris's actions could have hurt Dane's reputation even slightly made Ty lose it a little.
  15. Love you too! I was just being honest. I may have done something differently but the outcome would've been the same I'm a vindictive bitch when I wanna be😈
  16. I have to agree, Wesley. Sometimes karma needs a little push. Even though it really wasn't the right way to deal with what Chris did, I don't feel one bit sorry for him either.
  17. This may not be a popular opinion but, payback is a bitch and now McAllister knows not to screw with Ty. Sure there will be reprecussions but let's remember who started it...
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    Stanley Cup Playoffs begin on Monday in Boston!

    1. MacGreg


      It was a great game. 

    2. Headstall


      Well deserved! 

  19. Chapter 17 - Welcome to the Jungle December 12th, 2017 “Do you know who did this,Ty?” Principle O’shea pointed to the paper on his desk that he had discreetly turned over after looking at it only once. I wasn’t really sure why he even bothered to turn the paper over, they were all over the school and it was unlikely they would all be picked up any time soon. The expression on his face would have been comical if not for the fact I was still seething with rage at the situation. Once I got my hands on Chris I was going to beat the shit out of that fuck once and for all. “No,” I said curtly. There wasn’t any way in hell I was going to tell him that Chris Mcalister did this. It wouldn’t change a fucking thing. No one in this school would corroborate that he did it and I had no solid proof that he did. No, I’d take care of Chris on my own. “Ty, I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s going on. Is there anything going on at home that I need to know about?” O’shea pressed, his face crinkling into concerned lines. A growl escaped me, my lips twitched unconsciously as I barely kept from flashing my teeth in rage. “Are you serious?” I ground my teeth to keep from yelling at the man. “I have to ask, Ty,” the principal lifted his hands trying to placate me. “You have to ask if my adopted father is fucking me because someone in school made a shitty photoshop page to piss me off? That kind of shit could ruin Dane.” “I understand and I don’t want anything like that to happen, that’s why I need to know who you think did this,” he implored. I shook my head. “I don’t know anything.” I wasn’t saying shit. If I had it my way I wouldn’t tell Dane about this either, but I doubted O’shea was going to let that happen. O’shea sighed and leaned back in his chair. At the moment he looked every bit his sixty-plus years as he rubbed the bridge of his nose from under his glasses. The man looked like he was having a stressful day. I could relate, my day was a giant fucking ball of shit. Everyone in the entire school was looking at me like I’d mounted Dane in the middle of the school hallway and went to town. Fuck, fuck, Dane would flip out when he saw this. How the hell had Chris known something was going on between me and Dane? Or was this just a shot in the dark? “Alright, I’m going to need to inform Mr. Huntsman about this incident and you’re going to have to talk to child services,” he said while he started looking at some numbers on rolodex on his desk. “Are you serious?” Fuck, child services was never good. I still remembered dealing with them in the early days after I’d been taken from my mother when she’d ODed and left me in the apartment for five days. I’d been so hungry I’d went outside of the apartment looking for food. I remembered thinking about how hungry I was and how I’d do anything just to eat, even let the men touch me. I stood up without warning, the chair toppling behind me in a loud crash, my breaths coming out in deep pants. “I’m not talking to services,” I said darkly, unable to stop the fine tremor that shook through my body. “Tyler, you have nothing to fear. If everything is as you say it is—” “I said I’m not talking to them,” I reached down and grabbed my backpack already ready to leave the man's office. “I have to report this regardless and inform your guardian,” O’shea said as I started walking towards the office door. My hand paused on the handle the burning edge of anger settling in my gut like a molten stone. Why was it when I said I didn’t want to do something nobody listened to me, only Dane ever heard me. I was tired of playing by the rules, the same rules set by the people who wouldn’t hear me. I turned back around, my lips pressed into a hard line as I stared the older man down. “I said I wasn’t going to fucking talk to them. Don’t push me, or I’ll make your life a living hell when I tell social services and my father how your dick tasted as you shoved it down my throat,” I growled out. O’shea’s eyes widened comically, his red-stained cheeks going deathly pale as he stuttered for a single word. “That is disgusting, how dare you— no one will ever believe you!” He growled. I shrugged, “Whose reputation is it going to ruin more - The gay black kid or the esteemed older principal?” The older man visibly swallowed, his adam's apple bobbing dramatically as a red flush crawled up his neck. “I’m trying to help you, Tyler.” “No you’re trying to do damage control at my expense. We both damn well know who did this and you obviously aren’t going to do anything about it.” I turned back to the door and opened it, but just before stepping out I looked back over my shoulder at the frazzled man. “My names not Tyler, it’s Ty.” I walked out without another word. December 15th, 2017 “Morning. You’re up early,” Dane said as he walked up behind me where I sat at the kitchen barstool looking at colleges online. Coming up behind me Dane grabbed the side of my head and planted a kiss there before moving on towards the coffee machine. A low rumble of pleasure escaped me as I tried to turn my head and capture more of his attention. He moved away before I could get more, and like every morning he was already making his way to the coffee machine to brew his cup for the day. He was in his fatigues, dressed for work and smelling of the rich aftershave I’d grown to love. My eyes tracked over his strong back and down to his tight ass, the same ass I dreamed about sinking into every night. Dane turned around and I forced my eyes to drop back down to the laptop screen in front of me. It wouldn’t do either of us any good for me to start the day off with a boner because I was eye fucking him across the kitchen. “Why are you up so early? I figured it’d be a cold day in hell when I didn’t have to force you out of bed in the morning,” Dane said as he grabbed a coffee cup out of the cabinet next to the machine. I shrugged. “I couldn’t sleep last night.” I hadn’t been able to sleep since the fucking mess at school two days ago. Anxiety made my chest ache as I thought about social services and Dane finding out about the image that was still passing around school. I’d grown accustomed to being an outcast by my own choice, but in the last few days I could feel the stares and whispers around the school hallways. I had to figure out how I was going to deal with Chris Mcalister. I wasn’t going to let that piece of shit get away with it, but I couldn’t beat the shit out of him either. Something Seth had told me once about Chris kept lingering in the back of my head. I’d have to see if my hunch was anything that could put that prick in his place once and for all, but if I was right it would mean I would have to do something I didn’t want to do. The very idea of it made my stomach roil and my headache. “Why couldn’t you sleep?” Dane asked, concern clearly written on his face. “It’s nothing, just wasn’t tired,” I said still looking down at my computer. “Ty,” Dane said, his voice stern. Looking up I saw that he’d moved to stand in front of the bar where I sat, his grey eyes searching my face. “Tell me the truth.” “I’m fine Dane, I seriously just couldn’t sleep last night,” I said returning his stare, not letting the anxiety slip through the facade I’d built. “Alright,” he turned around and pulled the pot of coffee off the machine and poured himself a cup before rinsing out the pot. With his cup in hand he walked back over to me and grabbed my chin in a tight but comforting grip forcing me to look up at him. I didn’t resist as I tilted my chin up and looked up into steel grey eyes. “If you don’t sleep soundly tonight, you will tell me why. Understood, Ty,” he said with a finality that I never argued with. “Yes, D.” He nodded and released my chin. “Have a good day at school, I love you.” He turned to leave, coffee cup already tilting up to take his first sip as he walked away. “Dane,” I said, standing. He stopped and looked at me over his shoulder grey eyes searching. “I love you too,” I said gruffly, not sure if that was what I’d really wanted to say but happy that I’d said it. “Whatever it is Ty, you can tell me when you’re ready. Have a good day.” Dane walked away, the sound of the front door opening and closing telling me he’d left for work. Sighing I sat down and tabbed the internet browser to the other window I’d had open, the one I hadn’t wanted Dane to see. Chris Mcalister’s Facebook account had led me to a lot of things, but mostly it hadn’t amounted to much. Seth’s comment still stuck with me and if he was right then I knew exactly how I was going to ruin that asshole. Opening up a second tab I went to my email account, pasting the contact addresses I’d gotten from the school contact list I’d found online. The title read “Want some porn photos?” and in the message I typed my heart pounding as a plan formed, “Come to the gym at 4:30 pm today. Don’t tell anyone or you’ll ruin the surprise. Bring cameras.” December 15th, 2017 I stood in the empty school locker room feeling the anxiety starting to shiver in my gut as I thought about what I was about to do. Dane’s words played through my head all day, that’s why I had to do this today. Once it was done I could stop worrying about anything dropping down on Dane or any surprise visits from social services and then I could sleep soundly. Standing up I stripped my shirt over my head, the cool air making my skin to tighten as a shiver raced through me. Looking down at my phone I saw the bright shine of the digital clock reading 3:57 pm in bold letters. Quickly I unbuttoned my pants and slipped them and my underwear off over my already bare feet. Grabbing the towel I’d brought I walked into the shower area, my feet slapping against the tile floor. The shower stalls were lined up so that you had to walk past each one in order to get to any empty one if the front one was occupied. It was empty, no one had been in the showers for hours. Stepping into the first shower I set my town on the hook and turned on the water to a desirable warm temperature. The warm slide of water roll down my back, easing some of the tension I felt in my shoulders. I’d done this before, it wasn’t something I couldn’t do. I knew that, but even as I told myself that I couldn’t help but feel the revulsion climbing up my throat. No part of me wanted to return to that time in my life, where the cigarette smoke clogged my nose and the sticky touch of strange hands ran down my body. Usually, I could bury those memories deep where they could be forgotten in the past I didn’t have to remember, but today I knew they would be surfacing. Doing what I was about to do almost guaranteed that I would be revisiting my chilling past. It didn’t matter, this plan solved all of my current problems, I needed to do this to protect Dane and myself. The locker room door slammed and the sounds of sneakers squeaking across the linoleum floor told me that he had finally arrived. Thank god the prick was so predictable. Quickly I grabbed my cock and started the slow pull that I knew would get me hard. I thought about Dane, about how much I wanted to sink into his body and feel the hard grip of his hands on me as I thrusted into him. My thoughts drowned out the sounds of the locker room as I let my imagination fuel my arousal. I didn’t listen for the sounds of a locker opening and closing or the sounds of bare feet slapping against the tile floor as they approached the showers. I didn’t listen for anything except the sounds of my moans as I thought of what it would finally be like to be with Dane the way I’d been craving for since I turned fifteen. “Holy shit,” Chris croaked, as he came around the corner seeing me in the first stall. I opened my eyes to look him, expecting to see him there, even though I wasn’t looking forward to it. “What the fuck are you doing Huntsman?” He growled, but I could see the stain of red running up his throat and the tight grasp he had on the towel around his waist. Chris’s eyes shifted around wildly before staring down at my dick still held firmly in my hand. “What does it look like I’m doing, Mcalister?” I groaned deeply making sure the sound was loud enough to be heard. Mcalister’s eyes were glued to my hand, wide and blue as they focused on my hand as I continued to jack myself. I closed my eyes again letting images of Dane’s naked body form behind my lids. I couldn’t wait for him to touch me, to grab my like I was holding myself and tell me how much he wanted me. There was no doubt in my mind who would be in control of our sex life and I couldn’t wait to feel the hard hands he would hold me down with. A stilted groan, made me open my eyes again. Chris was standing a little closer, his mouth slightly open and his towel tented in the front. I couldn’t help the small smirk that pulled at the corner of my mouth. Seth had been right, I don’t know how he’d known, but somehow my boy had known about Chris all along. “You want some?” I asked, my voice deep with the arousal I was purposely fueling. Chris shifted back and forth as if his mind and body couldn’t agree on what he wanted to do. “Why the fuck are you here?” He asked, licking his lips anxiously even as his eyes darted back down to my leaking dick. Not so straight after all, I thought with grim satisfaction. “Was waiting for someone. He didn’t show up,” I said. It was obvious he was looking for a reason why I’d suddenly appeared in his space, but his body didn’t seem to care why I was here. Seth had said once “Maybe Chris is actually gay,” I’d thought he was insane, but now I wondered how he’d known. What had Seth noticed about this evil prick that I hadn’t? “You still pissed about the other day?” He asked even as he tentatively stepped closer, his breathing became labored as he watched me put on a show. Spreading my legs wider I let my hand drop down to my balls pulling on them just enough to keep myself from cumming too soon. Nothing about this situation was arousing, but I’d learned quickly that any amount of masturbation and a good imagination can bring you to orgasm. I was using every bit of both to keep myself from going soft. “I’m still pissed,” I growled, pinning the jock with my hard stare. “How about I fuck your mouth and we’ll call it even.” Chris shivered, a hard gust of air escaping him as he subconsciously took another few steps closer. “Why the fuck would I do that?” He sneered, but his eyes said something completely different as they kept track of the slow drag of my hand, my thumb playing with my leaking slit. “Because who else are you going to ask? If you want a dick in this school, you’ll have to settle for mine,” I grunted and leaned my head back against the tile wondering what it would feel like to have Dane’s mouth wrapped around my cock. That alone almost made me spill, forcing me to wrap a tight hand around the base before I came too soon. Chris breathing came out in harsh pants as he crept a few feet closer till he was direct line with the spray of the shower. He wanted me, it was written in every tense line of his face and the bright red flush covering his chest. Without warning he dropped his towel, letting the wet terry fall away and reveal his own hard dick. He wasn’t huge, average size and definitely smaller than my own. “You better keep your fucking mouth shut,” he snarled even as his knees gave way and he knelt before me to press his face into my wet thigh. It took everything in me not to shove him away. My free hand fisted the shower head as I looked up at the ceiling. “No one would believe me even if I did,” and he damn well knew that. As far as social standings went, I had no clout in this school, but Chris Mcalister definitely did. That was why he was on his knees getting ready to deep throat my cock. He didn’t think anyone would ever believe me. It was a good thing I was never going to say a damn word, I wouldn’t have to. “Suck my dick,” I growled and grabbed the back of his head aiming him in the right direction. His mouth opened eagerly taking me in without any hesitation, his hands grabbed my hips digging his fingers painfully into my flesh. I ignored the slight pain and thrust forward into the tight warm heat of his mouth thinking about the man I loved and how much of a betrayal this was to myself but also to Dane. Another part of me, a dark part couldn’t help but relish the fact I was face fucking Chris Mcalister after everything he’d done to Seth and I. Every homophobic word, every time he’d hurt Seth, every time he’d tormented and talked, it all came down to this moment. Without finesse I thrust forward deep enough to cause Chris to gag, I didn’t stop and he didn’t pull back, thrusting in and out as he drooled around my cock taking me in like he couldn’t get enough. My hand fisted in his hair as I pulled his head forcibly back shoving myself deep into the back of his throat and out again. Chris moaned loudly, the lewd sound making my gut twist painfully as nausea rolled through me. Just a few more seconds, I thought, trying to keep my erection long enough to get through this. Chris moaned again sucking on my dick like it was the one thing he couldn’t get in his life like it was the only thing that he craved but couldn’t have it. Satisfaction replaced my nausea as I thought about how badly I was about to ruin him, the same way he’d tried to hurt not only me but Seth and Dane. “You’re a good cock sucker, Mcalister. How long have you wanted to deep throat my dick?” I taunted, his moans becoming continuous and loud even when the distinct sound of the locker room door echoed through the room and into the showers. He didn’t hear, he didn’t hear anything except for the litany going on in his own head. I didn’t pull back when I heard the soft sounds of multiple voices, and I didn’t pull back when I heard them coming towards the showers. I thrust with more purposed chasing an impossible orgasm. I pulled Chris’s head back, leaving only the tip inside of his lips. “You shouldn’t have brought Dane into this,” I growled just as one of his teammates came around the corner cell recording in his hand. “Holy fucking shit!” The player, Grayson, shouted and the other five guys came close enough to see with their own eyes the quarterback on his knees deep throating my dick. Chris gagged as he pulled away fast enough he fell back on his ass with a lewd splash. “What the fuck! Stop, stop, recording!” Chris shouted frantically as he grabbed for the discarded wet towel he’d dropped only a few minutes ago. “This shits, live man! Oh fuck, Coach is going to see this!” One of the players, Trenton, shouted as he took a photo of Chris laying only a foot away from me, his dick still noticeably hard. “Chris, did you take it up the ass too?” Toby, another one of the football players asked taking his own photos with his phone. Mcalister breathes came out erratically as he attempted to scramble up to his feet slipping a few times as he clutched the towel to his waist. Finally, he got his feet under him and ran past the other men no doubt grabbing what he could before leaving the locker room. His teammates left me standing in the shower, not interested in me in the slightest. For a few seconds I stood there waiting for the vindication I’d expected to feel, but nothing surged up to fill the hole that was starting to grow. The only thing that came was the cold numb feeling I’d got when I was a kid and I knew she would bring someone home. “Fuck,” I turned off the water and grabbed my towel off the peg where I’d left it. With almost absolute clarity I knew I’d fucked up, and it wasn’t just seeing Chris Mcalister's tear stained face that made me realize that. It was the empty pit dug out in my gut.
  20. this is truly a wonderful gift to us, from You, to all who will read it, whether prompted by some professor, or mentor, or simply stumble across the name Rainer Maria Rilke in some random GOOGLE search thank You for thinking of us Sir
  21. Sleep interrupted at 3.30 by a call from my brother. From Japan. "Hey it's sorry to wake you up but I've got a problem" subway noises "no, a big problem!" Underground interruption. At this point I can only managed to catch the words "problem, money, urgent, mom, phone". 

    Let me tell you at this point my mind had already gone through a dozen of catastrophic scenarios... I was already thinking of having to take a plan to Japan to save his ass...

    Turned out he has only changed 100€ into Japanese money and paid all since Saturday by card so now he has already reach the limits set by the bank and needed me to give him a code received by text on mom's phone :rolleyes: 

    He own me a purse in a cat head shape for my sleep and mini heart attack -_-

    1. Reader1810


      Little brothers. What would we do without them? Oh wait, I only have big brothers. I don’t know which is worse lol

    2. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Tell him to have fun shopping in Akihabara.   :gikkle:

      (He likes anime, so I assume that's where he's going.) They have no shortage of kitty-themed merch in Akihabara District. Even plastic ears and tails that move around when you wear them!   :rofl: 

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