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  2. Will Hawkins

    Singapore Swelter

    Kieran seems to be holding his own at first meeting with Father, great interaction there, I see some iceberg melting on Dad's part. Kieran certainly seems to catch on to the family dynamics quickly enough. Excellent pacing on the author's part.
  3. jryski


    All these new story posts! You're making me a very happy boy
  4. Azorf

    Alo Chapter 23

    I am waiting for the tsunami to sweep in! We have had earth (quake), air (cyclone) and fire, just left for water to come!
  5. Today
  6. Puppilull


    They truly have a connection, these two. Just how long will this feeling last? Neither man is experienced in the field of relationships, so there's a high risk of misunderstandings. Also, Polly seems to not really know her cousin. Or she does and then I sort of worry for Nathan...
  7. droughtquake


    Everybody knows that Aussies are all descendants of criminals and thieves… ;–)
  8. As others have said, the interview part was awesome! Jasper said jokingly what he really meant, but only Ryan and he knew it. As for Blake barging in on Jasper, I gotta say Jasper was right - with five guys living in the same house, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often! (if this were a Nifty story, they'd all be already having jerk-off sessions together)
  9. PIECE Predictably, Ian escaped Claude's embrace. LUCKY
  10. Ivor Slipper


    Yes, Operation Pied Piper was real, but it didn't begin until after war had broken out in September 1939. Nathianel was born in 1938, so would have been at least 9 months old by then and his birth would have been registered in the UK. Add in the fact that Pied Piper was initially designed to move children from London to the countryside and the bakery is in a village located quite a distance from there. Indeed it is the sort of location children would have been moved to rather than from. That explains my puzzlement.
  11. ObicanDecko

    Chapter 7

    So Will and Oskar finally meet and form a bond. Looking forward to more, and I quite like the history aspect of the story!
  12. The mold has been unnatural from the first time it was described. I have to wonder if this abnormally large squirrel is still alive or is it merely animated and controlled by the mold. How did it get inside? Charles is clearly bothered by the mold. It's very odd for his insatiable curiosity to completely avoid investigating it. He was also disturbed by the servant's nightmares as if they mirrored his own. Something occurred to me. Don't read it unless you must.
  13. When you make a video please keep these points in mind: -get to the point -get to the point -get to the point -get to the point -get to the point -brevity is the soul of wit -you have 15 seconds to get my attention. GET TO THE F-ing POINT! I do not want to waste time on someone babbling. -That 5 minute title, music and stuff you did at the front end of your video? No one watched past 30 seconds. STOP THAT! -once you are done, watch your own video. Is it bat-shit crazy? Does it posit nonsense without rational explanation? If yes, set it on fire and don't inflict it on people. -Have you taken your meds? No? Take them and watch it again. Is it bat-shit crazy? Does it posit nonsense without rational explanation? If yes, set it on fire and don't inflict it on people. -The number one way to marginalize yourself is to post an hours worth of exposition, bore the shit out of people or give them nonsense in the end. -In fact most of you people making bullshit videos should probably just stop. Here are a few people/channels that do it right. Watch and learn. They DO NOT make bullshit videos. The Truth Factory - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2aQGaCZjQC1lM3DOwbCIFw Freedom Tunes - https://www.youtube.com/user/Cartanimation No Bullshit - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZNk7Jjb2t8EuBdgn4Zj1cw Black Pigeon Speaks - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmrLCXSDScliR7q8AxxjvXg Conservative Resurgence - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNqxhIYa4fm8N1luObicd8w Sargon of Akkad -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-yewGHQbNFpDrGM0diZOLA Suspicious Observer - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTiL1q9YbrVam5nP2xzFTWQ Black Pilled - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvaHgYcWAAcn5D54w4Dqezg
  14. Timothy M.

    Mixed Emotions

    Reading this again, I'm very surprised Adam and Andy didn't close their bedroom door. But maybe they don't know how often 50+ men have to get up at night to pee. Looking forward to more.
  15. Awesome chapter, loved the music interview
  16. chris191070

    Alo Chapter 23

    Awesome chapter
  17. drpaladin

    Chapter 19

    Neredos has his magical implements to protect him, but he is no longer immortal and he is also mad. He doesn't trust Styx, but he also likely discounts a mere boy can actually hurt him. History has taught us that mere boys can do surprising things. Davis slew Goliath with a rock from his sling and one young Serbian started World War I. From small acorns giant oaks grow. This was never a decision of any 'they.' It was all Neredos alone. Neredos could have killed the demons at any time and all of them at once, but he chose to harness their power because he thought he could make the world a better place. He realizes now he was wrong.
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