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  2. JeffreyL


    I finished "Fleeting Eternity" this afternoon, and it was wonderful! I read that you planned to revisit this story, so I thought I would too. I didn't remember much, but as I read along it quickly came back to me. This chapter and the one before were the only new ones for me. I enjoyed them both! Wren and Caleb are a couple. There might be a love interest for Rachel? Pawpaw's house has been torn down, and we can see Wren create his first actual built house. And the silence of the uncles has got to end. As usual with your stories, I look forward to more. Thanks.
  3. Andre Delport

    Chapter 16

    Wow, very dramatic and action packed penultimate chapter. Just loved it. Looking forward to a more serene and royal final chapter. Like everyone else, I am really going to miss these guys.
  4. I watched episodes 3 and 4 of Orange Is the New Black (season 1). Piper is trying to lay low, but CO Healy ignores her wishes and basically appoints her instead of the actual winner, Morello. In addition, Healy thanks Piper for her help choosing a dress for Healy’s wife’s anniversary gift (who is later interpreted as relating to her appointment). This not only turns all the white women against her, but critically, makes an enemy of Red for ‘stealing’ the election. Poor Piper!

    It was funny to see The Big Bang Theory’s Stuart’s girlfriend as Officer Fischer.

    But ‘Pornstache’ is creepy and annoying.

  5. Everyone's on vacation How about a nice swim? I know some spectacular falls. *readies the barrels*
  6. Today
  7. That's so very true. Thank you for the comment, Tom. And for your great encouragement.
  8. Hawgdad

    Ripples in a Pond

    Just seen on FaceBook. Not about this story, but so totally in synch with the message here... "Kindness matters. You never know what might be someone's last straw." Tom
  9. drpaladin

    part 1, chapter 5

    This doesn't look like a one off. Seriously, what Matt described he was looking for and couldn't find seems satisfied.
  10. CONDO Chuck only needs daddy's okay DOUBT
  11. ...and back to the vacationing grandpa with his family!
  12. Palantir

    Chapter 33

    Ok! I have an admission to make here. The blue glow in the opening of the story is a mistake. It was written before the idea of coding each Realm Lord with a signature colour. - Kieran/blue, Aglaron/purple, Ranevargar/green, etc so in fact it should read as 'the purple glow from within the balcony'. It's a revision that completely passed me by before this reminder. I've always looked on that watcher as someone assigned to monitor security for the High Castle. Overall though, many things in the Realms are not what they seem at first sight.
  13. Black Paper

    The Adagio

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️please do. It’s dark in the truth of people being “lost” and left behind, I suppose. idk why it just got to me. in a GOOD way mind you!
  14. MrM

    The Adagio

    Dark, bitter, sweet, chocolate . . . whatever I'LL TAKE IT! Thanks, Luv! 💋💋💋 I'm cooking up a sequel. Hopefully I can squeeze it out by this coming Halloweird.
  15. Katya Dee

    part 1, chapter 5

    - V - FRIDAY It was five-thirty in the morning when I woke up. At first, I couldn’t figure out where the hell I was. Then I remembered. And then I realized with sweet, tingling horror that I was encircled in Jennah’s arms, my back pressed firmly against his stomach, his warm breath in my hair. Oh dear God, we were spooning… Jesus. The weird part was that it didn’t even occur to me to get off that couch or to move away from Lucas’ body. I remembered my last night conversation with Jess and immediately cracked up. “Hey,” Lucas muttered into my hair sleepily. “Morning,” I said, wondering why I didn’t feel even a little bit uncomfortable right now. I felt him kissing my shoulder gently. “What’s funny?” he asked after a few seconds. “Oh,” I laughed again. “I just remembered Jess’ reaction on the phone last night…” “Oh, right,” he snorted. “You hungry?” “Not for food,” I sighed and turned towards him. “Right,” he hemmed and then he was kissing me again. Well, we were both starving for food around seven in the morning. “IHOP is open,” Lucas said thoughtfully. “What’s our first class?” “Math?” I frowned a little. “Or maybe lit… I am not sure.” “Skip the first class for food sake?” he offered. “Sounds good to me,” I agreed immediately. “So,” he said when were chugging down coffee. “Mmm?” I asked. “That thing you did…” he said very seriously. “It was… umm…” I blinked. “What thing?” “With your tongue,” he was still very serious. “That was amazing…” “Oh,” I smirked. “Yeah, thanks. It’s something I wanted every single girl I’ve been with to do to me… They never did though,” I sighed. “Ha,” Lucas said as seriously as before. “Well, demonstrate it a couple more times, and I am sure I’ll be able to copy that…” “Deal,” I nodded and he finally smiled. “Be right back,” he said and set his mug on the table. There was almost nobody in the restaurant at the moment, and not a single waitress was looking our way. So, before walking away, Lucas kissed my mouth and I kissed him back. I watched him walk away and my mood was beyond good. It was almost ecstatic. Then someone breathed very heavily into my ear and I almost chocked on my coffee. “Good… God…” she said in a quiet, terrified whisper. I whirled around. “Jess!!” I hissed at her. She stared at me without blinking. “What the hell are you doing here?!” I was seething. “Get out!” Instead of getting out, she marched towards Jennah’s side of the table and sat down. Of course, she was my sister, what did I expect? “Last night…” she said very evenly. “You know, I was so positive that you were with some girl… Or girls… When you said, 'Jennah’s house,' I figured that you had an orgy or something, you know?” “Jess…” I closed my eyes. “Will you just…” “But then…” she ignored me, of course. “Then you were all weird… It sounded that you were with…” she stuttered. “So at first, I was all like, 'Oh my God!!' you know? And then I thought, no way. He is just bullshitting me, as usual… So then, I couldn’t sleep… And then…” “What did you tell Mom?” I demanded and she grimaced. “I told her that you were staying at some guy’s house to do the project. And she actually believed that, by the way.” “Oh thank…” “So then,” she continued without even listening to me. “I am thinking, okay. I wonder if he shows up at school tomorrow. So I wait for you in the parking lot, and of course…” she paused and drank some coffee out of my mug. “Of course, you are not there… So I am thinking, okay. If he did have an orgy last night, he’d be probably stuffing his face with food right now…” “Jess…” “So then I am thinking, it’s early, Jennah can’t be living too far from here… So what place is open this early in the morning? So I came here.” “Yes,” I grumbled. “Your deduction skills are fantastic. Now get out!” “Oh, I don’t think so!” she finished my coffee and shook her head. “You are buying me breakfast. Because after what I just saw, I might collapse, you know…” “Shut up,” I moaned and buried my face in my hands. “God, Jess… Why can’t you just…” “Ummm, good morning…?” Yeah, yeah. Great. “Lucas,” I muttered. “My evil twin was spying on me…” “Whatever,” Jess snorted and I looked at her, surprised by her tone of voice. It wasn’t hostile, unbelievable! She was staring at Jennah with raw curiosity, her fingers hugging my coffee mug. She kept sitting in Jennah’s seat without making any effort to move. Lucas shrugged and sat next to me. “So,” Jess said very thoughtfully. “You fooled me.” “Oh yeah?” Jennah hemmed, pulling his mug away from her. “Yeah,” she said. “I would never even imagine that you and my brother…” she snorted and shook her head. “This is too weird… I mean, I would never imagine that my brother would… After all those girls… He would…” “Shut up,” I hissed at her and, to my enormous surprise, she did. “Well,” Jennah shrugged again and opened the menu. “I am hungry.” “Me too,” I grumbled. “Yeah, me three,” Jess sighed. “Oh hey, do you think we can get another coffee mug? This one is dirty…” I threw a spoon at her and she actually laughed. **** After we were done with breakfast, Jennah and I had no desire whatsoever to go to school. “Jess,” I said finally, and she just rolled her eyes and got up. “Yeah, yeah,” she grumbled. “You are sick, whatever… Throwing up on your deathbed as we speak…” “Thanks,” I smiled at her. Wow, I really loved my sister right now, how weird is that? “Thanks my ass,” she muttered. “You are not getting away with thanks, mister!” “I know,” I nodded. “You'd better be back at school on Monday!” “I will.” “And you'd better come home tonight!” “I wi… Actually, I am not sure about that one.” “Ugh! Then call Mom yourself!” “Computer disaster,” Lucas said thoughtfully. “Those are always believable. And if you add a broken printer… And a vicious deadline…” “I’ll have a winner,” I agreed immediately. Jess sighed and picked up her backpack. “Matt,” she said. “What?” I asked her after she fell silent. “Nothing,” she finally shook her head. “At least now I can see why you were such a pig before…” I would say something nasty to her but I didn’t. I mean, she was covering for me and all, you know… **** Jennah was absolutely right. After a couple more demonstrations, he was more than capable to copy the thing he liked so much. He even managed to add something else to it.
  16. Black Paper

    The Adagio

    .....MRM Touching. Riveting. Raw. Real. Just four of the many words I can use to describe this “piece” I’ll call it.😮👁 I am a ghost, after all, I suppose. Why did this make me actually tear up? 💔✨ i’d Say the ending was my favorite part, but, that’d be a lie. I liked it all. Don’t make me choose. This has that Bitter sweet dark /light tone to a story, novel, or even a movie that I like to “taste” and experience, every here & there. It’s the dark chocolate of a read that I like to get every once in a while.🍷🥀 Thank you.
  17. Thank you, MJC. It was a great thing... to be able to share this with people who like it, comment, and react. It makes writing worthwhile.
  18. Jdonley75

    Chapter 10

    You may very well be right in that.
  19. Philippe

    Chapter 33

    There are still so many possibilities in the complexity of the King’s betrayal. What still concerns me some, is from the opening paragraph we have: ...and the pattern of watchful oversight resumed with a long sweep of the High Castle perimeter and a thermal lift past the massive central tower. Keen avian vision registered the blue glow from within a balcony, again with indifference, and moved on. In contrast, the watchful mind riding the Courser noted the signature of the powerful privacy ward with interest and wondered what deep matter the High King might be addressing. The King, Maynor, and Uirebon were in high council with the privacy wards up. Mind riding the Courser is the area of Ranevargar’s expertise but so demonstrates Kieran; what other mind might be monitoring that meeting occurrence with wonder? Unfortunately we don’t truly know real friends from foes yet, though I believe we getting there quickly, it is not a label to be found on the forehead of all we meet.
  20. MJC

    Ripples in a Pond

    Totally awesome... truly moving... simply brought tears to my eyes... in a good way of course . Thank you for you wonderful story.
  21. Reasons why...

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