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  2. quokka

    Sanc Chapter 8

    Yes, and I had already written that bit for the following chapter, before posting chapter seven...
  3. Because the US, UK, Canada, and Australia all use a (generally) mutually understandable language, share reasonably progressive views on LGBTQs, have a large total population, and have the disposable income to support LGBTQ cinema, movies that want to reach the largest possible market need to either be in English or have English subtitles. China and India both have enormous populations, but aren’t as openminded on LGBTQ issues. Russia is very repressive towards LGBTQs. And while French, Spanish. and Arabic are spoken by large percentages of the world’s population, only a small fraction of each would support an LGBTQ movie. I attend Frameline, the annual San Francisco International LGBTQ+ Film Festival. Frameline shows movies and documentaries from all over the world. I have watched movies from nearly every part of the globe, but certain regions are better represented than others. And some governments (including the UK, Canada, Australia, and Israel) support LGBTQ filmmakers better than most. Beyond geography, Frameline has presented movies and documentaries that explore nearly every part of the LGBTQ+ spectrums. I have learned about the struggles of the families with Trans children. I found out about Plushies and Furries. I learned about the Letis of the Kingdom of Tonga. Many movies and documentaries have exposed me to aspects of the African-American LGBTQ experience that I would not have otherwise known about. I have learned about the difficulties of being LGBTQ while dealing with a disability. I have seen movies and documentaries exploring the immigrant (documented and otherwise) experience of LGBTQs in many contexts. It’s up to all of us to support LGBTQ+ films, filmmakers, and film festivals. The mainstream movie and TV industries have proven incapable of presenting an accurate image of all our lives. As insiders, only we can create and present our true stories.
  4. It’s a marvelous form, capable of dramatic arc, yet succinct. Its length allows the voice (if one is reading aloud, or the inner ear if one is not) to develop cadence and dynamics, like a motet. You’re very kind in your comments, as you recognize my rhythms and devices perfectly.
  5. AC Benus

    In Winter

    I'd say this is perfect. Reading it puts me in the moment with you, and as a poet, I know how fleeting these glimpses of "truth" are. We are placed here in this earth to capture and convey such gem-like moments to others and raise consciousness in our own kind. Our work is important. As Buddhists say, canines (and geese too, for that matter) don't need the Dharma; they are already enlightened. We humans do, because we're still striving forward. Thank you for sharing your vision with us. Muah
  6. I’m glad On Rising brought images to your mind, so you could see September mornings as I have. Thank you very much for reading!
  7. You do my humble little form proud "On Inspiration" reads smooth as silk, while "On Age" seems to creak along -- both inhabit their metres and allow lilt to contribute substantially to the message. With "On Rising," you seem to use both a smooth start and reluctant slowing down of the melody to end on the final two words. All three are beautiful and convey your poetic gifts by connecting with readers' thoughts and feelings too. Well done!
  8. FanLit

    Chapter 23

    This chapter had the guys truly come into their own, as individuals enhanced by their relationship with each other. The communion of their souls through sex in this chapter only solidified their absolute intimacy; They will be able to take on whatever happens together. The song “Through the Fire” by Chaka Kahn came to my mind at the end of the chapter; Jarren and Nash haven’t known each other long but have weathered storms that would test anyone. I look forward to Nash’s full integration into Jarren’s family, particularly Cassie. Hi Ryan!! 👋
  9. New Chapter on Friday


  10. Wonderful poems, Parker, each one a delight... I found On Rising very visual, and I loved the use of 'cock crow.' I heard it.
  11. mikedup

    Sanc Chapter 8

    Excellent chapter, I see that you gave emergency exits ,so all complaints are now void , I wonder if the fire was deliberately set interesting times ahead
  12. oat327

    Chapter 6

    It’s been fun playing with the same characters and scenes from different POVs. There’s a big element of class tension in Kevin’s POV, which is why he falls for rich boys but also resents them.
  13. Thanks, Bard! There definitely was a lot of interaction between characters in this one, and that made it a lot of fun. I'm really happy that you liked the progression as Kellar came to his resolution. I actually found a sweetness to Warren, and I let it come out. LOL to 'love moving mountains.' That's brilliant, and funny. It was so much fun to show Tobyn in jealous mode. We get to see how Tilly and Tobyn were always supposed to be... friends who love each other, and that special banter they've had for most of their lives. Who wouldn't want such a sweet girl to find her mate too? That part of this chapter was bittersweet, mixed with this burgeoning family. Another great comment... thanks, buddy... cheers... Gary....
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  15. Reader1810


    Beautiful autumn bouquet.
  16. Thanks Dugh. There is music in our creaking bones.
  17. I like them. Even the one about aging despite it speaks of me ...
  18. Nathan is a feisty character with a devilish streak in him which Robbie finds attractive. It's a weakness in him which has been prevalent from the start and the reason why he was drawn to Alex. Nathan, of course, is aware of this and he's smart. Using the Christmas play to belittle Robbie's enemy was a masterstroke that no one else could have pulled off and it very nearly did the trick. It's not clear yet if this was a deliberate attempt to win Robbie over, or if Nathan even wants to win Robbie over. He already has a boyfriend who Nathan didn't mention and didn't seem to be around after the play. There's a lot of questions that still need to be answered, but as you point out, Robbie needs to be wary of Don. Those locker room numbskulls seem to find their way into every school in the western world. It's odd how they all seem to have exactly the same personalities and deficiencies. Robbie is definitely not alone there.
  19. Yeoldebard

    The Colonel

    For sure the Empire would rather have the Oyhaf shipyards under their control, but the question is would they risk open war for a system right next to one of the founding species of the Alliance? It's a very strategic position, but it is also one the Empire would not be able to reinforce very well if war did break out.
  20. AusGlitterati

    May, 2019 (C)

    AHHH thank you so much haha it's a lot of fun to write excited!Ezra when his brain works too fast for him to keep up! Someone with his likeable innocence will definitely have an impact. Enough to soothe Sean's grudge? Who knows! Thank you very berry much ❤️
  21. kbois

    Chapter 8

    Awwww! Thank you! I'm so glad you're enjoying the story. I really appreciate the support!
  22. On Inspiration Some poems come straight out of left field, others have pedigree and bloodlines stretching generations back to the Mayflower; but each one surprises in its way, delighting eye and ear with its song. On Age I cringe at my interior noise; the cacophony of my existence - ringing ears, wheezing lungs, bones clacking in their joints - but I would not trade this Gamelan of age's infirmities for silence. On Rising The full moon and bright constellations hanging in September’s pre-dawn sky watch mists rising from the languid creek’s sleep-warm bed, like sweet, secret lovers reluctant to part without kisses at cock crow.
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