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  2. Those are my husband's go-to for get-togethers. He makes great ones.
  3. Mmm, I do love deviled eggs.
  4. chris191070

    Chapter 5

    Awesome chapter. Glad to see you back KD
  5. chris191070

    Chapter 1

    Awesome chapter, I’m totally hooked
  6. Michael seems like a good guy i like how he appears to be gentle guiding the poor bunny along he needs some positive encouragement .
  7. M1984

    Chapter 1

    First chapter in and I'm already hooked. I'm liking Jack's internal voice. His attitude makes him interesting to read. And, wow, hooking up with all your crush's exes? That's a novel approach. 😁 I'm not sure how Luke will feel about that, if and when he finds out. P!ATD are a pretty good band. I haven't seen them live, though. I used to go to shows and festivals all the time, in the late nineties & early noughties. But none recently. I can't wait for the next chapter. Thanks dabeagle
  8. well i'm glad you like it.. they are pretty cool looking as well.. very good for brunch
  9. Well, you inspired me to look into it. As soon as I found this version I knew that was my contribution to the Brunch!
  10. I've always thought that if you want total honesty, ask a child. 🀣. I have been following this story since the beginning when Dylan was still "little" and you continue to impress me. Honestly, would love to see this come to the small screen as a mini-series. As for Angus, well I think I shall refrain from speaking what I think of him. Keep up the excellent work sir.
  11. The Lighthouse Between Worlds, by Melanie Crowder. Griffin and his father tend to their lighthouse on the coast of Oregon each day, carrying out the same diligent routine. It's so isolated, there are no visitors, but that's how they like it. Until one day, when a group of oddly-dressed strangers appears. Griffin learns that the lighthouse holds many secrets: a portal to multiple dimensions, the hostile entities that lurk beyond, and a Society of Lighthouse Keepers tasked to keep these enemies at bay. Then his father disappears into the portal, and no-one will give Griffin the answers he wants. So, he'll have to find his own answers, armed with a book of cryptic notes and drawings his parents left behind. Griffin is determined to find his father at all costs, but the realm beyond the portal is far more dangerous than he could have imagined...
  12. Today
  13. BASILB


    Great as always.....πŸ‘Œ I missed you.awesome writer.πŸ’• Settling down with this πŸ’£.🚬
  14. If you want to support some fellow authors and want the story formatted well, it’s available on awesomedude here: http://awesomedude.com/ryankeith/one_life/index.htm
  15. @Reader1810thanks for the nice comments. I'm largely over it. Now that I've got a plan, I feel better about things. Plus I'm full of a delicious brunch. That always helps.
  16. Wesley8890

    Chapter 1

    Ok not only do we share the same name and basic build. Shut up I'm not fat just big boned! Ok I'm a little fat. I love this one already!!
  17. Next time, you'll get to accompany Aidan and Heath in their fun and maybe they'll have room in the car to take you with them!
  18. Keeping my head above waters !!! & making it intentionally colourful.
  19. I just finished reading: COMMON ON!!! you left me hanging in that posh club. How am I going to get home???????
  20. Comments like these are worth less than the dirt we wipe off our shoes, and should never be taken as having an ounce of merit. It’s comments like these that come from people who talk to hear themselves speak. Write what inspires you, and feeds your creativity. **** Off topic, but I just realized what these sentences look like taking into account the first few words in each sentence. Good thing I’m not a writer....
  21. drsawzall

    Chapter 10

    Story telling as good as it gets!☝️
  22. Hey, hey, hey, long time no see I'm glad to see you on board, or, should I say the Aidan and Heathcliff ship? You did a great job hiding yourself :)) But I'm so grateful to find you here!
  23. I do think that people tend to have problems estimating their true value in their young years. They depend so much on what other people think of them because there's no proper measuring stick for that. So that was what I wanted to reflect through Aidan's behavior. As you well pointed out, Michael tells Aidan he knows his stuff, yet Aidan isn't that sure of that. Thank you for commenting, as always
  24. Sorry, Reader! This beautiful thing is long gone! Next time!
  25. Save me a slice, will you please and thank you!
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