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  2. Aditus I love "Love Actually" except for that dude who is in love with his best friends wife - he is creepy… creepy but cute lol
  3. travlbug

    Chapter 37

    I think I like Roku best when he's half conscious and acts out how he really feels.
  4. Parker Owens

    Chapter 37

    Ohhhhh, Arad, I hope you sneeze, so that you and Roku may wake to something better than the tension that’s been pulling you both apart.
  5. VoiceGS

    Chapter 39

    Enjoyed this story. Gonna enjoy reading more of yours.
  6. Sending you keep going as I know you can, you’re stronger than you realiise.
  7. This is searing and full of remembered hurt. It’s beautiful nonetheless.
  8. drpaladin

    Chapter 22

    Yes. I thought Desmond had lost the key.
  9. Katya Dee

    Chapter 22

    Specter's Gamble (chapter 22) He went into some tavern; he didn’t even notice the name of it. He ordered a drink, and after it arrived, he just sat there, staring at it blindly. He sat in that tavern until almost one in the morning, his drink untouched, his gaze empty. Finally, at one in the morning, the waitress tapped him on the shoulder. “We are closing, hun,” she said, and Rayhe slightly jerked as if she woke him up. He looked at her with a small frown, as if he was trying to figure out what she just said. “We are closing,” she repeated patiently. Gabriel blinked several times. “Right...” he muttered finally and got up. “Your drink, hun,” the waitress said after glancing at his glass. Rayhe looked at her quizzically. “Aren’t you gonna finish it? It looks like you barely touched it...” “No,” Gabriel muttered and carefully put several bills on the table. The waitress smiled and swiftly put the money into her apron pocket. “Thanks, hun,” she called when Rayhe stumbled towards the front door. He just nodded without saying anything or even looking back. ...He walked home. Well, to Desmond’s apartment – that was his home now. (“Desmond, Desmond, Desmond...”) He gritted his teeth. He walked slowly, so it took him almost an hour to finally get to the apartment. He fiddled with the door lock for a minute, trying to fit the key into the keyhole in complete darkness. Finally, he succeeded and the key smoothly turned in the lock. “I need to change that light bulb,” he thought absent-mindedly while walking inside and kicking off his shoes. He was so tense right now that his muscles ached. He went into the kitchen, opened the window, and lit a cigarette. “Did he buy it?” a quiet voice asked behind his back, and Rayhe slowly turned around, a relieved smile stretching his mouth. He flicked his cigarette out of the window. “Yeah,” he said in a low voice. “He bought it.” “Good,” Desmond muttered when Rayhe pulled him closer and buried his face in his hair.
  10. Dodger

    The Fifty Quid

    Very true, @Will Hawkins. The word hospital is often dropped as well, particularly in London where just about everything is shortened. For example, "I'm off to Guy's" or "Get yourself over to St.Thomas'." Vert true as well. @droughtquake
  11. Today
  12. Well, that would fit with my assumption too.
  13. Wayne Gray

    Chasing Shadows

    Thanks! I'm happy you find it enjoyable and engaging. 🙂 That's the goal.
  14. Or maybe it's me
  15. starboardtack

    Chasing Shadows

    This is pretty damned intriguing!!!! (And that is a good thing LOL).
  16. My guess is aditus.
  17. Feeling extremely down my life is falling apart....hours away from having to get rid of my furbabies and its killing me, no one in my family understands how much they mean to me. I live all alone with only my fur girls to keep me company, having social anxiety and being a very introverted person has made it next to impossible to make friends.

    My furbabies help to keep me calm and are great company and the best thing is they don't judge me, they love me for me....and now I'm losing them, and  my world has just crumbled and fallen all to pieces, they know somethings wrong bc of all the crying but they just don't understand.

    It may sound melodramatic but IDK how I'm going to live without them, I'm just so lost.

  18. I don't know why I started to like this form, but here is another  Villanelle for you guys. Enjoy reading and don't forget to share your opinions and thoughts... :)



  19. As usual I have absolutely no clue. But it must be someone Val knows well.
  20. a great chapter I love these dialogues. very interessant.es joy me the sue and nicola are now more positive towards robby sind.nicola is from the feinsehliegen attitude against robby jezt to the protectiveness become the joy me most .again many thanks for such a great story.
  21. droughtquake

    The Fifty Quid

    Dodger spends too much time on this side of ‘the pond’ and socializes with too many North Americans these days. ;–)
  22. Mystic There is a sacred place Mysterious to the world Deep within my heart Guarded for the pity life Where I hid my loneliness There is a sacred place The stains soaked through the skin From the tears of the gruesome past Deep within my heart Scars from the reality burns Through the fears of uncertain future Hope; there is a sacred place The soul beseeching to be left unhurt Erasing the pain and it's trace There is a sacred place So deep within my heart
  23. All I can say is WOW -- your writing continues to amaze me and bring me back. Thought it was not going to be something I wanted to read, but after I got into it --- couldn't put it away. Ready for chapter 5 whenever you are (probably before you are actually).
  24. droughtquake


    …And this story is proof that you are actually capable of ending a multiple part story! Now you need to get that poor boy out of the hospital and away from that deranged Canadian who has delusions of being an American. Yes, he's American, but he's not from the US, no matter what papers his record company produces! He might be officially ‘touring,’ but he was deported by the US! ;–)
  25. Nancer

    Chapter 37

    Hahaha I know that feeling. Any movement and sleep immediately loses priority for one or both parties.
  26. dughlas

    Chapter 23

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