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  2. Okay... this is funny.  Only because it applies.


    One of our cats has this routine.  When I feed him he always stands by his bowl and waits while I pat him a few times before he starts to eat.  Today, I did it.  I squatted down beside him while my legs were just screaming.

    "This proves how much I love you," I mumbled as he stuck his face in his bowl, purring away, unaware or uncaring of my pain.  Then I proceeded to make all sorts of unholy noises in the effort to stand up.

    I don't overtrain, but I do train hard.  Today is the worst for my legs (two days after working them).  By the time I'm ready for them again they will have just gotten over this last session.

    I forgot how much fun this is.  😄

  3. Wesley8890

    The Wall

    Exactly! Classic stalker behavior. I bet he knows their bathroom schedules too!
  4. brandon87

    Getting Acquainted

    Man Bill you know how to keep us wanting more. Have you ever thought of publishing the series?
  5. Today
  6. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 4

    My Dad still doesn't know and I'm a lot older than Kyle!
  7. Valkyrie


    I think you begin to question your sanity when you know something is wrong, but everyone is telling you there isn't. Thanks for the comments. I think this story is worth expanding some day.
  8. Er, this is not the story I started reading but that's fine, this is great. Nevertheless, I'm a little confused. Is this the same crown prince that fetched the imprisoned chap? What happened to him? Help?
  9. JeffreyL

    Skin Deep

    It was great to learn a bit more about Charlie, and to see his interactions with Tyson! There's more going on in his head than I thought. Thanks.
  10. northie


    It's still quite difficult to rid yourself of the idea that the doctor knows best. Time pressures, fixed thinking, and a lack of basic empathy are all reasons why they sometimes don't. It must be both scary and immensely frustrating to have to work against the bulk of the medical profession. You put that across very well but I agree with the other comments that it needs more. The story read like something written to a word limit - that can be good apart from the feeling of 'More, please'.
  11. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 3

    Between the two, Kyle is the more wounded one
  12. Hellsheild

    The Wall

    Oh Dizzy you hurt mischievous muffin, Ok, FUCK EZRA! There it needed to be said...written. Like I said situational manipulation, like he couldn't figure out where when and what time to see the kids after school. He knew about the testing, he can ask the school about the address since hes related or something like the yellow pages, he originally probably thought he'd see Artie alone. I smell a rat!
  13. Well, I just vomited on my way into work, so this week is off to an interesting start. 

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    2. Valkyrie


      Oh that sucks!  Rest up and I hope you feel better soon.  :hug: 

    3. CassieQ


      I've never thrown up while driving before.  0/10 Do not reccomend. 

    4. Valkyrie


      Oh yuck.  Hope your stomach settles down soon.  :( 

  14. jryski

    Chapter 51

    Haha thanks. *brofist*
  15. Parker Owens

    Chapter 3

    Tyler’s definitely made some huge strides. Jacob’s willingness to share his secret is huge. That Troy and Andy figured him out - smiles and not judgement - may be the biggest factor in Tyler’s newfound confidence. But Drake seems like danger. Very interesting chapter!
  16. AusGlitterati

    Take Control

    Yes you're absolutely correct! Thanks for the discussions! Aww friend I'm both glad and sorry to hear that! I always want my stories to hit an emotional note but I don't wanna aim badly. ❤️ Thank you very much! Thank you so much darling! ❤️ Our boy isn't perfect, but he's doing his best! And Vladimir obviously still cares enough to invite Tyson to see Mama and Papa Tchaikovsky, so...
  17. Canuk


    Having your related doppelganger turn up when photos of you naked have just been published is a piece of writerly genius! Mich tension, humour and confusion, no doubt, to follow! Great read, thanks.
  18. Butcher56

    The Wall

    Excellent chapter. I hope Artie gets a better grip on his thoughts because if he doesn’t he could have more problems later in life, he needs to do as Char said and vent to her before he gets stuck in his head worrying about everything. I’m glad that he told Adam that they ran into Ezra at the park on their way home from school, Char & Ky were with him and Dizzy. Dizzy is a great character for the story as he brings his personality out and makes everyone around him relax as he does crazy things. I hope Artie does well with this game and the next one so they can get to the playoffs.
  19. rockycs

    Chapter 24

    What was the purpose of being attuned to the mirror, since Desmond wasn't? Given anything to do with Magda was dangerous I'm surprised Gabriel let Desmond go without him. Did Raven get a blood transfusion?
  20. That may happen, but it will surely take some time. Thank you for liking the story!
  21. Honesty is good in small doses with some people, lol! But it does matter, too, who gives whom what! Thanks a lot for keeping up with the story!
  22. Bill W

    Getting Acquainted

    Thanks, Xander. We'll have to wait and see what happens.
  23. droughtquake

    The Wall

    Stalker! I don’t think Ezra ‘accidentally’ ran into Artie in the park. I think he had Adam & Artie investigated.
  24. ObicanDecko

    Take Control

    This was an amazing chapter, very emotional and powerful. I liked it how Tyson realized that now that Vlad is angry with him, he doesn't have anyone left, which caused him to want to make things better. And Cynthia is a brilliant therapist. She knows Tyson so well and knows just how to approach him. I have faith that Tyson will do better and I know Vlad has a big enough heart to forgive him.
  25. First reply...yes!! Bill W, I'm glad the treehouse will be rebuilt. Maybe, just maybe the treehouse will have sleepovers with Wyatt, the twins and maybe some friends they'll make... 💓 it!!
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