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  2. Thank you @BHopper2 for the shoutout for Changes. I appreciate that, and more your support as a beta reader, but most especially as a dear friend. Thank you, xo.
  3. I was listening to different Mariachi version of Bohemian Rhapsody (with male voices) and I was amused to notice the same sorts of Spanish-accent pronunciations as I hear from my Mexican, Salvadoran, and Guatamalan neighbors. When I worked in department stores, I'd get used to hearing Chinese-influenced and Tagalog-influenced English too. I remember one woman from China who would page people to the ‘Men Department’ or the ‘Shoes Department’ (there were several separate women's departments in that store). ;–)
  4. Mike's underwear makes Matt yawn DIRTY
  5. And back to the mighty raptor once again. To state the obvious, Happy Easter everyone. My friend, the Yellow Bat, will be delivering Chocolate Covered Cashews today. Lets celebrate and remember our first day in Kindergarten.
  6. Thanks for the thumbs up.  It's a story I like quite a bit, and it's nice to know that feeling's occasionally shared.

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  8. "Imagination is the true magic carpet." Norman Vincent Peale
  9. Declan's voice gets "buried" under the instruments and back-up singers towards the end...but it still shows the power of his voice.
  10. Good short with a very good statement about the value of the things we may be tasked to do. Great job James!!
  11. mikedup

    Alo Chapter 27

    Brilliant chapter, It would seem that he is gearing up to be a substantial landowner very soon
  12. I just wish they had been able to use a mixing board to adjust the volume of the trumpets in a few places to emphasize the vocals more.
  13. ObicanDecko

    Chapter 10

    Another brilliant chapter! I like seeing these bits from their daily life, like Will learning he is better at something than Oskar - cooking. Helge and Fritz seem to be warming up to Will, which is nice.
  14. ObicanDecko

    Chapter 9

    Terry confirmed my suspicions about the mugging, but it remains to be seen if Oskar is hiding anything else. Of course, the matter of porn is a big shoe waiting to drop.
  15. I have admit that Oscar did a better job than Robbie on Bohemian Rhapsody, but it's clear he's still a young child who needs to work on his timing and practice his piano more. I'm sure part of it is that his fingers and hands struggle with adult-sized instruments and that he'll grow into a better musician.
  16. lilansui

    Chapter 1

    Hahaha...Jae's musings could be mine too...
  17. lilansui

    Chapter 8

    Very true! They are the best kind!
  18. DIDNT Daddy is doing naughty things MUMMY
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