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  2. Tonyr


    Please help! I can't remember who Lincoln is.
  3. The Stars at Night are Big and Bright... King LBO
  4. Brokenbind

    Chapter 1

    Really looking forward to how this develops
  5. FanLit

    Chapter 1

    Nice to revisit this world, from a different perspective. Look forward to the journey you’re going to take us on.
  6. Arran


    Breakthrough, I assume, is penetrating the other camp, which I see that Ian has done. A number of things happened here, mainly Ian’s interest and skill in music, which desensitized Oliver. Also Oliver “admitted” that he isn’t gay, and then proceeded to give the indication that he really is gay—or at least not fully heterosexual. Oliver is a complex guy who I’m sure Ian will temper. Already he is allowed to call him Ollie, in private of course. No wonder Trevor is confused if he has the same intentions as Ian towards Oliver. Also, Ian’s interest in Gödel is out of character for him, making him rather complex too. Looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks.
  7. Today
  8. Maybe just a little slap (or 2) on his delicious behind, pretty please?
  9. spyke

    Chapter 1

    So glad you're back with this new story. If this is any indication, it was well worth the wait.
  10. wildone

    Chapter 1

    I’m finally getting around to reading one of my favorite series again. Would it be far to say I’m giddy
  11. Everything I need located in one aisle. How convenient.


    1. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      Here's  my second reaction :heart:

    2. Mikiesboy


      That's brilliant, Sir !

    3. MichaelS36


      HA! Love it. 

  12. MacGreg

    Distant Truths

    you're sweet, molly, thank you for the kind words.
  13. Palantir

    Chapter 28

    As Rhys says, 'Gods! Everything's complicated.' - Whoops! That's much later in the story. Lol - and in the Darkness binds them!
  14. FanLit

    Part 3

    The food in these stories sound DELICIOUS.
  15. Forevermotion


    Nice wee story. Thoroughly enjoyed it!
  16. PIZZA(S) Penguins in Zagreb Zoo adore SPRAT(s)
  17. JeffreyL

    Chapter 30

    I am happy for Fernando, Antonio, and Maria! It is great to see how quickly they have become a family. It is also nice to see Fernando settling in to his new school. Thanks.
  18. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 7

    Okay, I've toasted marshmallows before, and it sure does hurt if it gets on you, and after one bite you learn not to dive right in to enjoy them. Sadyly, the only thing I miss about never having gone to camp is that I've never had a 'smore' or a Rice Krispy treat....I guess those chocolate coated marshmallow pies or bon bons are as close as I ever got, and now with the diabetes they're entirely verboten. This is all teasing, so I don't think any feelings were really hurt since these guys have all gone to camp for years as a unit.
  19. Brandon is a jerk and a spoilt little rich kid.
  20. chris191070

    Chapter 1

    Awesome start, looking forward to reading about Tyler.
  21. mollyhousemouse

    Distant Truths

    WOW! so many things i am feeling about this but can't really find the words... i'm always amazed at how these collaborations turn out, & i'm always thrilled that You share them. thank You both
  22. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 28

    Well, I wanted some resolution...got it in spades, and with more complications! One free Construct coming up...and I'd love to see it going after Maynah. Despite events, I don't trust the High King or Ourubon yet, andlook for them to go after Kieran again once Maynah is dealt with. Sigh...another week to go, then who knows what awaits us at the end of that chapter? Dare I say it--the Shadow knows....
  23. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 7

    I would wish that the next time, if ever, I visit a European City, I have a history teacher like Will along as a guide. He, you the author, is doing such a good job of presenting the history of the country, it makes me feel like I am visiting along with Will. But then there would have to be a William I, and a William II. Too much confusion.
  24. Hey Seb, I know this must be difficult for you, but keep it up, and I am sure it will heal some old wounds. i do wonder if maybe your ex bf has discovered GA, and has been reading your letters. Something to think about eh... Have you ever tried to track him down? Regards Q
  25. quokka

    UJ Chapter 11

    I have a few other stories brewing at the moment, so a sequel is a little further down the track sorry
  26. MacGreg

    Distant Truths

    Thanks for reading this one, Parker. Your comments are always appreciated.
  27. I can’t remember why I looked it up just now (must be my ever advancing age or my subconscious desire to distract myself from doing laundry), but, as expected, my own name was on the list of most popular boy’s names in the year of my birth (no hints as to where it falls on the list). It was kind of trendy for a while, but I was shocked to be in a community college class with five others with my name. (There were often several others with my name in my grade, but rare to have another in my classroom as I was growing up.) Since I was at least a decade older than most of the other community college students, it was very, very odd!

    There are actors, musicians, TV characters, and even some politicians (ugh!) who share my name.

    What’s amusing is how few of the names remain popular. Many seem old-fashioned even to me! I’m sure many names were made popular the year I was born by actors, musicians, TV characters, and astronauts! But I was born before the Civil Rights Movement or Hippies, so there were no counter-culture names yet.

    My parents were religious (minister father, remember!). They isolated themselves from most popular culture and did no go to see movies or listen to popular music, but they did watch TV (it was free). My brothers and I had ‘nice,’ traditional biblical names which were popular enough not to seem old-fashioned or religious at the time (so nothing like Jehosefat, Hezekiah, or Zebediah).

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