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  2. It is April, it's rainy, and it isn't helping my mood. Well, we are already a third of the way through the year. It seems I won't make it to June before hearing I need surgery like I have the last two years. Going to see my eye doctor about cataract surgery. Are we having fun yet? I find a lot of my life is slipping into my writing. I'm doing my best to camouflage it the only way I can, but I think, at least in some ways, that is normal. Just doing what I can to get things done before deadlines. This will be the first month that I am not sending out postcards. It is for varied reasons. One, I am barely being acknowledged by some. Two, I am finding it harder to see to write lately. Finally, it is just expensive. I wonder if people will notice. Finally, there is something I want to note. It is something I learned a long time ago. Words have weight. They can build people up or tear them down. I try to be judicious with my words, but I've had reason to be. I've forgiven things people have told me are unforgivable. Yet, the same ones I've taken back countless times are the first to wound me fatally when I misstep. It takes a long time to heal, never mind trust someone again. Remember words can build a bridge or forever isolate you. The choice is yours.
  3. I have met monsters. Real ones. But even with the truly evil, there is a story. That makes nothing okay, yet it is the truth. When I was a cop, I had to put my personal opinion and feelings aside in order to find the truth. One guy we were looking at was rotten. Most of us decided at the start, he was the one. Yet, we did our jobs, and discovered we were wrong. Had we gone with our initial reaction, the wrong man would be in jail. My point is, as this article says, try to stop. Think, consider, perhaps ask. There maybe other truths, beyond what you see initially. Great stuff, Mac, Thank you.
  4. Ozzie88

    Chapter 13

    They are all great chapters and I look forward to the evolving plot and relationships. Thanks great job!
  5. Today
  6. Page Scrawler

    Chapter 13

    This was a better chapter. I hope Richie and Freddie can return to the amusement park later, without any annoying Gabe. This time, Richie's action's towards Gabe were warranted for once. Inviting your apparent best friend and then dumping him with two little kids, while poaching his other friend away from him? Not cool, Gabe. Also, I really liked Freddy in this chapter. He seems to be more friendly than aloof towards Richie.
  7. droughtquake

    Perfect Shot

    Everything we know about Aidan and Heathcliff suggests this will be an extremely rocky relationship, especially because they refuse to communicate honestly with each other. Fun for us. Not so much fun for Aidan. ;–)
  8. FanLit

    Chapter 15

    I wonder why Will went through with it if he knew.
  9. Canuk

    Perfect Shot

    Amazing! Love the mind games as much as the physical ones! Our bunny may be trapped, but also he is a lot stronger and more ethically resilient than Heathcliff knows. Interesting times ahead!
  10. Geemeedee

    Chapter 24

    I think we know why Sam hates Julian “I Like Pain” Salamander. I think it’s cool that he’s involved, but I understand Desmond’s reluctance. He can control himself, but not what others do.
  11. FanLit

    Chapter 14

    Is Will talking to Terry?
  12. Reader1810


    Cats and crinkly paper go together like peanut butter and jelly.
  13. i met Michael when we both volunteered at a soup kitchen. He annoyed me no end. Then when i found out He was a cop, i told him to get lost. He didn't. Eventually i agreed to coffee, then a baseball game. There have been a lot of changes and ups and downs. But i still cant wait to get home each night to see Him. We've been married nearly 10 years.
  14. Finally had the chance to read this through from start to finish. Very insightful with lots of things to think about and consider, Especially in this age of social media where the court of public opinion has run amuck too many times. Like tim, I am reactionary. It’s tough to overcome, but with a lot of wise words I’ve read (you know one phrase I’m talking about Mac) I do believe I’m making some progress in that area. I will say not all my reactions are negative per se. Some are positive, but the timing may not be right to let them out.
  15. Mann Ramblings

    Chapter 37

    That's one of the nicest things anyone's ever said to me. Thank you so much. ❤️
  16. Mann Ramblings

    Chapter 37

    I've been fallen asleep on before. It could happen.
  17. Any progress is good progress!
  18. This is an excellent post, worth meditation and consideration. Thank you.
  19. I thought it would be fun to share stories of how we met our significant others. I met my boyfriend at (of all places) a circuit party. He was my friend's friend's ex's friend. I met his friend (the ex) first, and thought he was really sexy. Then he came back from the bathroom and we got introduced, and I was floored by how incredibly sexy he was, forgetting all about the first guy, lol. We parted ways for a bit as the party got started, but a little while later he migrated back towards our group. He was shirtless and wearing only booty shorts and high-tops (the usual dress for a circuit, haha). We danced opposite each other in a group for a little while, eyeing each other the whole time until he just came right across to me and started grinding on me. I was instantly infatuated with him and we danced together for the next five hours until 6 in the morning. We traded numbers, and ended up visiting each other in New York or Philly every couple weekends. Finally after months of being friends with benefits and "circuit boyfriends", I asked him out one night as we were walking through the Times Square subway station. He practically jumped into my arms and gave me a huge kiss right in the middle of the busiest subway station in all of New York. We met almost a year ago now, and have been officially dating for 6 months.
  20. I royally suck at guessing games, but I love reading these!
  21. Oh deposed despot.... I have a new addition to my LPW army! Tremble before the might of Cuddles, the Terrible! @wildone
  22. I try to avoid stereotypes, but I can't help "talking with my hands" when I'm conversing with someone. Also, I love cooking, designing things, decorating, gardening, and shopping for clothes. With that said, I don't wear odd colors in my hair or have 100 piercings hanging off my face. I don't "walk swishy", or talk with a lisp, or do anything else that some people would consider "girly". I don't worry about being "manly" or "effeminate", because the truth is, everyone has a bit of both inside them, and I only care about being ME. Some people, like a certain boy who lives in NYC, embrace the stereotype. He loves makeup, wigs, high-heeled shoes, sparkly outfits, and he's a pretty good dancer! He's an "Amazing" young man who is very outspoken and not afraid to confront his opponents head-on. My point is, not everyone is the same. Some people have a love of things that just happen to fit the stereotype, and others try to break the mold. Don't worry about things beyond your control; just be yourself.
  23. quokka

    Alo Chapter 35

    Thankyou everyone for comments
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