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  2. Happy Holidays!

    To my Jewish Friends, Happy Passover.

    To my Christian Friends, Happy Easter.

    To my Pagan Friends, may you be blessed on this holiday of fertility.


    To everyone else, have a great day.

  3. Carlos Hazday


    The initial books had frequent POV shifts. When I decided to limit it to CJ's view, the pillow talks between C & B were a casualty. But CJ and Ozzie are serving a similar purpose. One coming up in the next chapter.
  4. So much:hug:for you 

  5. Defiance19


    Don’t remind me of yesterday. I thought I was going to kill my brother-in-law. You know, to balance things out since we had a new life?” Hehe... Laughed even more at Caesar and Brett. I miss those two. Remember pillow talk at bedtime? Sigh..
  6. Mt. Hood in the distance.
  7. Got my nature fix yesterday.
  8. FanLit


    I get Caleb’s confusion with coming to terms with his sexuality but it isn’t fair of him to use Wren the way he is and that is what he’s doing. Thankfully there will be a lot of physical labor to keep them busy because idle hands would definitely wander where they were told they didn’t want to anymore, right Caleb? Who am I kidding? Lol!! If that tent were a trailer, it’d be rocking at night. Couple this with the Unks and their mischief to come and it’s going to be a lively few months....
  9. Today
  10. Timothy M.


    I'm glad Andy and Eric are bonding over their mutual interest in gardens. It's a topic they can discuss many times, especially if Andy takes Eric on more outings. Pub lunches are good too, not too expensive and usually filling. Sad about Adam's mum, but she needs to tell him and ask him to help her leave her husband. It would be better for all of them, even the nasty bigot. It might be the wake-up call which gets him to admit he's an alcoholic. And if it doesn't, write him off, the sooner the better.
  11. Defiance19

    GMA XV

    You seem to forget I was with you, and you were fully clothed when those twenty somethings couldn’t take their eyes off you.... you’ll be just fine!
  12. Myr

    Embedded link problem

    This seems to be a story bug. I've let the programmer know.
  13. Carlos Hazday

    GMA XV

    LOL Tetrefine told me something similar. He already has his ticket for the Pier Dance. Not sure I want to be one of those old farts dancing shirtless with ripped twenty-somethings!
  14. FanLit


    So Dick was always a dick. Makes sense. 😉 Thank you for sharing your insight. Some of your alternate endings really bore merit but the one you chose was the best one, Greg and Nate deserved a HEA together.
  15. Defiance19

    GMA XV

    Loved this chapter.. you can feel the bond with those guys whenever they are together. The Aussie is a good man! Stonewall 50... I still expect you here for that..
  16. It was nice to see things from Nate’s perspective; This step needed to come from Nate’s eyes so it fits that this last part of their journey was initiated by him. What Nate and Greg share is rare, in literature and in real life but you’ve so beautifully captured and shown what all of us can only aspire for, regardless of sexuality or race. This was an honor to read; Painful sometimes but always compelling, always good. You are an incomparable storyteller. You should take a bow, lol.
  17. davewri

    Alo Chapter 25

    This chapter much too calm. Waiting for the next disaster. 😎
  18. Carlos Hazday


    Not only manipulative, his behavior borders on bullying! But as you said, it's all done with good intentions and never in a way to hurt anyone. Let's see what you think of his next moves. He's far from done.
  19. Carlos Hazday


    It's a great song. I wanted something quirky and "Santeria" fit the bill.
  20. Carlos Hazday


    Did you ever imagine Michael and Blaine would resurface when you finished Predator Prey? Thanks for allowing me to use them, Parker. Anyone who hasn't read that particular story by Mr. Owens should do so!
  21. Carlos Hazday


    Thank you!
  22. drpaladin

    Chapter 17

    I doubt he has one. Remember, he was at home eating and making an effort to read a book when he got the call. Unless he had been with someone just before, he's out of luck.
  23. Carlos Hazday


    I have a feeling CJ's not going to stop here. He won't be happy until he's certain Brad will pull through.
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