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  2. northie


    That's it in a nutshell. The structure is simple but it has to make you feel something.
  3. What a wonderful little tale! A first I was convinced that Paul was completely right, and that Chris was a self-centred prick who never really listened to a word he was told. It wasn't until near the end, when Paul opened up about his father, that I realised just why Paul was frightened of committing to a relationship, and also realised that Paul actually does listen. Nicely told, Gary!
  4. northie

    Blind Justice

    What an interesting idea. Maybe I should find someone to set it to music?
  5. northie

    Two Floral Odes

    Thank you! I remember writing these; they were quite hard work. Getting the right elevated tone and fitting the scansion rules were taxing.
  6. Oh tempora! Oh mores! Hehe, I couldn`t hold back a little Cicero to your comment on the painting. But seriously your translation is magnificent. One can feel the turmoil the poet might have been into, writing the original version. You brought those words perfectly in the English language. Instandly the picture of a young man and the poet formed in my mind. And the painting and your comment to it are so fitting. I had to laugh. Thanks for this treasure in the evening (for me evening).
  7. Parker Owens

    Sweet Summer

    Thank you, Gary, for picking up on those warm waking moments in the night when one is deeply aware of love and hope. You’re most kind in your comments. I’m glad you liked these.
  8. aditus

    Chapter 1

    Thank you for reading and commenting, northie!
  9. Headstall

    Sweet Summer

    Of course I relate to Fireflies and Gentle rain, and the feelings/memories they invoke, but Beloved and it's dreamy quality really made me say... ahhhh... so perfect and beautiful. A sublime collection, Parker... thanks and cheers... Gary....
  10. nothric

    Chapter 9

    Ooooh that would have been an interesting twist!
  11. Marty

    Chapter 1

    I'm glad you did put that final paragraph in, @D.K. Daniels. Even though the title half suggested that someone may listen, I wouldn't have been sure that it was going to be this particular principal without that final sentence. A nice tale. And nicely told, as well
  12. dughlas

    Chapter 3

    And now the true adventure begins ... I tend to enjoy British schoolboy stories for the differences between the cultures. Add in the historical prespective and thoroughly likeable characters and I'm hooked.
  13. Today
  14. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 9

    Okay, so I'm not good at mysteries. My theory was that Spencer was somehow related to Bowden and the man had no clue until he saw him.... I hope we find out some answers, and that Spencer isn't in too much trouble with Kes.
  15. Parker Owens

    Sweet Summer

    You and I share these experiences, though our neighborhoods and roofs were different. I’m glad I could bring them back to you, too. Thank you so very much for reading these and letting me know what you thought.Thank you so very much for reading these and letting me know what you thought.
  16. Parker Owens

    Sweet Summer

    I can well imagine your characterization of rain’s interaction with night. But it has been gentle here, though quite persistent. Thanks so much for reading these, and for taking time to comment.
  17. dughlas

    Sweet Summer

    As a child I and several others used to chase lightening bugs in a neighboring lot. Your words brought the happy laughter and squeals of childish delight to mind. Now of a summer's eve I will sometimes sprawl in the grass out back and watching the twinkling dance in the air above and the swoop and swirl of the bats at their nocturnal business. The soft tattoo of raindrops on the old tin roof ... Thank you for stirring these memories.
  18. northie

    Sweet Summer

    I love the idea of rain having a conversation with the night. Round our way, blazing rows might've been a more appropriate description lately.
  19. . Translation of Ad eundem [scil.: Ad Iolam] By Benedetto Varchi, circa 1528[1] Ad eundem [scil.: Ad lolam] Quid petet a puero caste dilectus amato castus amans, si non oscula casta petet? Quidve dabit casto caste dilectus amanti ille puer, si non oscula casta dabit? Basia divino pulcherrime Phaedre Platoni casta dabas, casto quot dabat ille tibi. An non, et Cicero Romanae gloria linguae, Tyronis celebrat suavia casta sui? Tu quoque caste puer tantorum exempla sequutus, accipe Amatori basia, daque tuo. Accipe, daque tuo castissima basia amanti. Dedecet in sancto vilis amore pudor. ------------------------------------------------- Ad eundem "More of the same" How to ask an unsullied boy about pleasure For un-spoilt loving, if his looks look far from unstained? Or then just who might chasten the too-chaste lover, That blessèd boy, returning modest kisses abstained? Oh, beautiful Phaedrus, whose smooches platonic You imagine are fit only for your gravity. Cicero too, Latin's golden tongue, perhaps said Tyrone's undefiled smacks were a boon to modesty? As for you, student exemplar of a young man, Citing pure examples, I'd say take what is in store And return kisses unadorned to your partner, For vile is a modesty too modest to adore. Lorenzo Lenzi by Agnolo Bronzino, 1528 "looks a bit scrappy though, maybe now I can imagine him holding his kisses back from a randy poet, and the poet complaining about it, lol" ------------------------------------------------- [1] For Lorenzo Lenzi [2] “Tyrone” is Marcus Tulles Tiro, the partner of Cicero who saved all of his orations from destruction and published them, at great danger to himself, after the statesman’s murder. As for how deeply Cicero loved his secretary and young protégée, see his love poetry preserved in Pliny the Younger’s epistularum libri decem, "the young man", Book VII, Letter 4. https://books.google.com/books?id=xM0IAAAAQAAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=Epistularum+libri+decem+pdf&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjT3LGkhpbgAhVlmK0KHUlJDeQQ6AEIPzAD#v=onepage&q&f=false _
  20. Parker Owens

    Sweet Summer

    Fireflies - and yes, I called them lighting bugs, too - fascinate me. I could spend a whole night watching a field full of them. You are so very kind to comment on these little summer scenes. I'm very grateful.
  21. AC Benus

    Sweet Summer

    I love the metaphorical power inherent in fireflies -- or lightning bugs, as we called them as kids. With just one word, you conjure up so many summertime memories. Same with the sound of rain on a roof, but luckily I still have that here. It's one of the most comforting sounds imaginable. Thank you for writing and posting these
  22. Parker Owens

    Sweet Summer

    Thank you @Valkyrie for your very kind comments on this summer scenes. A night of fireflies is always a delight.
  23. AFBNOW

    Northern Exposure

    It has been a year since we last heard from George. Has he been lost at sea or just frozen in the Baltic? I'm hoping he is frozen, summer is almost here!
  24. Valkyrie

    Sweet Summer

    These are perfect snippets of summer. I especially liked the fireflies as fragments of lightning communicating and the rain engaging the night in conversation. Well done, as always.
  25. This makes me so very sad. It amazes me how awful people can be. I understand people fall out of love, but how can one fall so far away from one's own children?
  26. Fireflies dance with midsummer’s moon in a field of silvered buttercups, like fragments of lightning calling one another in delight to be freed from thunder too grave for warm darkness and romance. Beloved, your name is on my lips in the hours when starlight shines brightest, when sweetest dreams caress consciousness to waking and shadows reconstruct the known world into gentle mornings filled with hope. Gentle rain patters upon the roof engaging night in conversation, bringing neither news nor gossip from east or west, yet sounding to my attentive ear like a thousand whispers of your love.
  27. FanLit

    Chapter 6

    So yes, Tyler’s story prompted me to reread this. Excuse me for rechristening Andy as “Alex” in my previous comment on this chapter, lol.
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