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  2. FanLit

    Chapter 23

    This chapter had the guys truly come into their own, as individuals enhanced by their relationship with each other. The communion of their souls through sex in this chapter only solidified their absolute intimacy; They will be able to take on whatever happens together. The song “Through the Fire” by Chaka Kahn came to my mind at the end of the chapter; Jarren and Nash haven’t known each other long but have weathered storms that would test anyone. I look forward to Nash’s full integration into Jarren’s family, particularly Cassie. Hi Ryan!! 👋
  3. New Chapter on Friday


  4. Wonderful poems, Parker, each one a delight... I found On Rising very visual, and I loved the use of 'cock crow.' I heard it.
  5. mikedup

    Sanc Chapter 8

    Excellent chapter, I see that you gave emergency exits ,so all complaints are now void , I wonder if the fire was deliberately set interesting times ahead
  6. oat327

    Chapter 6

    It’s been fun playing with the same characters and scenes from different POVs. There’s a big element of class tension in Kevin’s POV, which is why he falls for rich boys but also resents them.
  7. Thanks, Bard! There definitely was a lot of interaction between characters in this one, and that made it a lot of fun. I'm really happy that you liked the progression as Kellar came to his resolution. I actually found a sweetness to Warren, and I let it come out. LOL to 'love moving mountains.' That's brilliant, and funny. It was so much fun to show Tobyn in jealous mode. We get to see how Tilly and Tobyn were always supposed to be... friends who love each other, and that special banter they've had for most of their lives. Who wouldn't want such a sweet girl to find her mate too? That part of this chapter was bittersweet, mixed with this burgeoning family. Another great comment... thanks, buddy... cheers... Gary....
  8. Reader1810


    Beautiful autumn bouquet.
  9. Thanks Dugh. There is music in our creaking bones.
  10. I like them. Even the one about aging despite it speaks of me ...
  11. Today
  12. Nathan is a feisty character with a devilish streak in him which Robbie finds attractive. It's a weakness in him which has been prevalent from the start and the reason why he was drawn to Alex. Nathan, of course, is aware of this and he's smart. Using the Christmas play to belittle Robbie's enemy was a masterstroke that no one else could have pulled off and it very nearly did the trick. It's not clear yet if this was a deliberate attempt to win Robbie over, or if Nathan even wants to win Robbie over. He already has a boyfriend who Nathan didn't mention and didn't seem to be around after the play. There's a lot of questions that still need to be answered, but as you point out, Robbie needs to be wary of Don. Those locker room numbskulls seem to find their way into every school in the western world. It's odd how they all seem to have exactly the same personalities and deficiencies. Robbie is definitely not alone there.
  13. Yeoldebard

    The Colonel

    For sure the Empire would rather have the Oyhaf shipyards under their control, but the question is would they risk open war for a system right next to one of the founding species of the Alliance? It's a very strategic position, but it is also one the Empire would not be able to reinforce very well if war did break out.
  14. AusGlitterati

    May, 2019 (C)

    AHHH thank you so much haha it's a lot of fun to write excited!Ezra when his brain works too fast for him to keep up! Someone with his likeable innocence will definitely have an impact. Enough to soothe Sean's grudge? Who knows! Thank you very berry much ❤️
  15. kbois

    Chapter 8

    Awwww! Thank you! I'm so glad you're enjoying the story. I really appreciate the support!
  16. On Inspiration Some poems come straight out of left field, others have pedigree and bloodlines stretching generations back to the Mayflower; but each one surprises in its way, delighting eye and ear with its song. On Age I cringe at my interior noise; the cacophony of my existence - ringing ears, wheezing lungs, bones clacking in their joints - but I would not trade this Gamelan of age's infirmities for silence. On Rising The full moon and bright constellations hanging in September’s pre-dawn sky watch mists rising from the languid creek’s sleep-warm bed, like sweet, secret lovers reluctant to part without kisses at cock crow.
  17. Lyssa


  18. Dr. John NYC

    The Colonel

    Not that I mean to let @Cia and her propensity for universe-wide conspiracies color my perceptions, but I can’t help but wonder if @Yeoldebard has at least an Alliance-wise plot going on. Perhaps there are reasons not everyone in the Alliance wants the Oyhaf system to continue providing the shipyard ‘s services. Time to follow the money.
  19. The society have made progress in many countries, but the picture of the United States of America in Germany, tells other signs. Donald Trump, the "President" is a homophobic, religious rassist and a liar. I think most of the people in the USA are good and accept the LGBTI and all people how they are. Wills Castaway Hotel is for me a great story for changing the view of the problems for gay people with adoption and forstering. All loving people should be given the chance to adopt children, than the world would be getting better in the future.
  20. ObicanDecko

    May, 2019 (C)

    This chapter was so much fun, I'm gonna have to reread it to soak it all in. There were a lot of funny moments with Ezra, his train of thought is super fun to follow! I think he will singlehandedly boost the spirits of everyone in KADA (except for Marg and Kodeine, probably) with how excitable and adorable he is! Who knows, he may even be the catalyst for Sean making peace with Diego and Lance - though that is a long shot. It was nice seeing Lance share his experience with Ez, he is definitely a veteran in showbiz. The wrestling segment was so well executed, everyone played their part so well! And that final insta segment was very thoughtful! ❤️ Much love for this story and this chapter!!
  21. The Cockney Canuck in its entirety is just freaking amazing and this chapter in particular made me cry because I'm so happy for Robbie. Dodger, I hope you know that you have the potential to become only the second author in history to write a story that's a million words long, which is still just as riveting at word 1,000,000, as it was at word 1. (I hope that made sense.) All you need to do is write about 44 more chapters. Not to pressure you or anything, but I know you can do it! Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of us. Every time I see that you've posted a new chapter, it brings me great joy. Michael
  22. Carlos Hazday

    Chapter 57

    I'm glad I did not read this yesterday while at the doctor's with my dad. People may have wondered why I was fanning myself. Is the video clip of the fight on PornHub?
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