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  2. .and back to the baby sitting grandpa!
  3. Fae Briona

    Springtime in Colorado

    Was going to say, "I'll trade you weather systems." then noticed your last post.
  4. MacGreg

    Circling The Drain

    Love and words are never lost... They float in and out sometimes, like the wind, but they're never far away. These are wonderful poems, boy.
  5. AC Benus

    Circling The Drain

    Be gentle with yourself
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday Cole!

  8. Much more eloquent than what I would have said, but I share this sentiment, wholeheartedly. Well done, tim! You’ve still got it, my friend. Hide and seek is a game words cannot win.
  9. Today
  10. Katya Dee

    Chapter 3

  11. MacGreg

    Springtime in Colorado

    This is a view from a client's house I'm at. We may see more of the white stuff over the next couple of days. I'll take it over tornadoes and flooding any day, though.
  12. I'm not for a moment disputing the origin of the above quote, but reading it made me think of this one...
  13. The words will come In their own time When least expected
  14. Wayne Gray

    Springtime in Colorado

    WHAT is Colorado doing right now? lol. Wow.
  15. The irony of a poem lamenting a lack of inspiration isn't lost on me. Nice pieces, tim.
  16. Once again we could take Nox home from the vet after he became very weak last night.

    1. Valkyrie
    2. Puppilull


      So scary when they aren't feeling well. 

    3. aditus
  17. Mikiesboy

    Springtime in Colorado

    oh my .. it's pretty but ... i hope it melts soon, Sir
  18. Interesting to see that Ireland is shown as leading the world in Quality of Life... I suppose that could be true... Just as long as you're not one of the more than ten thousand people (officially) homeless in Ireland at the moment.
  19. 1. Each night I watch the stars; looking for you I wait for your touch, a word; even a whisper And just when I fear you are lost from me You feel it too and remind me I am loved 2. In crowds I am apart Alone among my fellow man The world sings in all colours I listen with my heart And write with my soul 3. Lately words have been evasive They hide in shadows as if Allergic to the light; to my pen They do not come when I beg Nor when I plead with them to Be merciful They stare and are silent and stoic I rage at them for their stubbornness But I know all this is lies Lies I tell myself as I watch any modicum of talent circle the drain *****
  20. Thirdly

    Lexus Sketch

    @Thorn Wilde Thank you! @Dabeagle Yes, it seems that my drawing hand likes to turn everything cute, ha ha. Gotta keep trying.
  21. drpaladin

    Chapter 3

    An eye for an eye?
  22. In addition to the explosion of an object from space killing a large number of people at a party, we have a detached human hand, a meteorite of unknown chemical composition the corpse of a curious reporter and disappearing hikers, I believe it is time to call Mr. Holmes, Oh, that is a different series of stories, isn't it. Well, it is the correct era!
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