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  2. These are wonderful examples. I’m going to work on one...
  3. Somehow the 'weird' woman smells like cop to me and with Kieth's sudden announcement saying goodbye to Brandon makes my CPS bump itch.
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    More please...
  5. Ohhhh i wanna write these....xo
  6. If Leia was knocked up by some creature from another world, he could have made the baby disappear so that it would not show up at the autopsy. Otherwise, he might have gotten in trouble for rape. The non-mystical reason for no baby might be because Leia aborted it off in the woods someplace, then committed suicide out of remorse not for killing the baby, but because she violated her concepts of right.
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  8. It must be a regional thing. I teach several classes at local high schools here in Texas. It's quite a common phrase here!
  9. Yes on both counts. We can't change our behavior unless we're aware of it, and sometimes having it pointed out by someone we care about it is the kick in the pants needed in order to change.
  10. . Other Elegy Examples The use of rhyming patterns like a-b-b-a comes from Italian Sonnets. There the pattern is extended, a-b-b-a-a-b-b-a, and the groups of matching sounds are called “kissing rhymes.”[1] In the 17th century, English-speaking poets first thought of using such a pattern with shorter line lengths, or 8-sylabble lines instead of the 10 or 12 normal for Sonnets. They also established four lines to be the perfect stanza size for this new Elegy form. When In Memoriam came out, it was an instant bestseller – six reprintings being required in the first year alone. The intense interest in Tennyson’s Elegy style caused much research into earlier examples. In 1909, Indiana University professor Edward Payson Morton published a scholarly paper on this subject. His Poems in the Stanza of In Memoriam is meticulous, listing and citing examples sequentially from 1611 to the publication date of Tennyson’s book. It’s useful for me to be able to bring you further examples for inspiration. Without further ado, here they some of them. We’ll start with excerpts from Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s 1847 aesthetic-style poem My Sister’s Sleep: She fell asleep on Christmas Eve: At length the long-ungranted shade Of weary eyelids overweighed The pain naught else might yet relieve. I had been sitting up some nights, And my tired mind felt weak and blank; Like a sharp strengthening wine it drank The stillness and the broken lights. Twelve struck. That sound, by dwindling years Heard in each hour, crept off; and then The ruffled silence spread again, Like water that a pebble stirs. Our mother rose from where she sat: Her needles, as she laid them down, Met lightly, and her silken gown Settled: no other noise than that. "Glory unto the Newly Born!" So, as said angels, she did say; Because we were in Christmas Day, Though it would still be long till morn. Just then in the room over us There was a pushing back of chairs, As some who had sat unawares So late, now heard the hour, and rose. For my part, I but hid my face, And held my breath, and spoke no word: There was none spoken; but I heard The silence for a little space. Our mother bowed herself and wept: And both my arms fell, and I said, "God knows I knew that she was dead." And there, all white, my sister slept. The entire poem can be found here: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/45022/my-sisters-sleep The Elegy may not always have to do with death, and in fact, one of its strengths still lies close to its origins as a nature poem. Here Frances Boscawen’s 1793 translation of Horace is rightly regarded as close in elegance to the original. Her ability to transmute internal feeling via the natural environment is enviable. Ode V What youth bedewed with moist perfume Courts thee, Oh! Pyrrha, graceful maid! With neat simplicity arrayed In the sweet bower where roses bloom? For whom dost thou in ringlets form Thy golden locks? – Oft shall he wail Thy truth, swift changing as the gale, View the wild waves, and shudder at the storm. Who now, all credulous, all gay, Enjoys thy smile, on whose vain pride Thy fickle favor shines untried, As soft deceitful breezes play. My fate the pictured wreck displays; The dripping garments that remain In mighty Neptune’s sacred fane, Record my glad escape, my grateful praise. In a similar vein, John Langhorne’s 1766 Ode to the Genius of Westmoreland seeks to praise and thank inspiration for visiting him. Hail, hidden power of these wild groves, These uncouth rocks, and mountains gray! Where oft, as fades the closing day, The family of Fancy roves. In what lone cave, what sacred ceil, Coeval with the birth of Time, Wrapped in high cares, and thought sublime, In awful silence dost thou dwell? Oft in the depth of winter’s reign, As blew the bleak winds o’er the dale; Moaning along the distant gale, Has Fancy heard thy voice complain. Oft in the dark wood’s lonely way, Swift has she seen thee glancing by; Or down the summer evening sky, Sporting in clouds of gilded day. If caught from thee the sacred fire, The glowed within my youthful breast; Those thoughts too high to be expressed, Genius, if thou didst once inspire, O please accept this votive lay, That, in my native shades retired, And once, once more by thee inspired, In gratitude I pray. Metaphysical exploration is another area in which the Elegy excels. Note this excerpt from Herbert of Cherbury’s 1664 Ode upon a question moved whether love should continue forever. When, with a sweet though troubled look, She first broke silence, saying, “Dear friend, Oh, that our love might take no end, Or never had beginning took.” “Oh no, beloved, I am most sure These virtuous habits we acquire, As being with the soul entire, Must with it evermore endure. Else should our souls in vain elect, And vainer yet were Heaven’s laws, When to an everlasting cause They give a perishing effect. Not here on earth then, nor above, One good affection can impair; For where God doth admit the fair, Think you that He excludeth Love? These eyes again thine eyes shall see, These hands again thine hand enfold, And all chaste blessings can be told Shall with us everlasting be. For if no use of sense remain When bodies once this life forsake – Or they could no delight partake – Why should they ever rise again? And if every imperfect mind Make love the end of knowledge here, How perfect will our love be where All imperfection is refined. So when from hence we shall be gone, And be no more, not you, not I; As one another’s mystery Each shall be both, yet both but one.” The entire poem can be found here: https://www.bartleby.com/337/427.html But the example par excellence, showcasing all of the Elegy’s strengths to speak of love, loss, nature and abstract thoughts of the beyond, comes from Ben. Jonson’s 1616 poem “An Elegy.” In it, he seems to suggest that the young man he loves and is courting is so beautiful, he can singlehandedly bring back the ancient cult worship of Cupid. If so, then Ben. will be kneeling at the boy’s shrine, complaining how finer a lover the young man would make than the woman who so cruelly rejected Jonson. Though beauty be the mark of praise, And yours of whom I sing be such As not the world can praise too much, Yet ’tis your virtue now I raise. A virtue, like allay, so gone Throughout your form, as, though that move And draw and conquer all men’s love, This subjects you to love of one. Wherein you triumph yet; because ’Tis of yourself, and that you use The noblest freedom, not to choose Against or faith or honor’s laws. But who should less expect from you, In whom alone Love lives again? By whom he is restored to men, And kept, and bred, and brought up true. His falling temples you have reared, The withered garlands ta’en away; His altars kept from the decay That envy wished, and nature feared; And on them burn so chaste a flame, With so much loyalties’ expense, As Love, t’ acquit such excellence, Is gone himself into your name. And you are he; the deity To whom all lovers are designed That would their better objects find; Among which faithful troop am I. Who, as an offspring at your shrine, Have sung this hymn, and here entreat One spark of your diviner heat To light upon a love of mine. Which, if it kindle not, but scant Appear, and that to shortest view, Yet give me leave t’ adore in you What I in her am grieved to want. I hope you have found these examples inspiring, for the Elegy form is flexible. Master it, and the world of expression can open up to you. Here is Morton’s paper if you are interested in reading the complete work: https://www.jstor.org/stable/2916382?seq=1#metadata_info_tab_contents [1] The Elegy’s usual formatting of indenting the central two lines further clues us to how Italian Sonnets inspired this lyrical variation. It is standard in the Italian Sonnet’s form to indent the interior “kissing rhymes.” _
  11. I think Pete had his change in behavior reinforced when he realized the positive effect on the productivity of the people around him. Henry was a true friend when he told Pete what he thought of his rudeness and selfishness.
  12. chris191070

    Oce Chapter 4

    Awesome chapter, having saved one community the Lloyd Corporation makes a start on saving other islands.
  13. quokka

    Oce Chapter 4

    All other former homes are in the process of being renovated, of which some will be made into cafés and shops, while essential buildings like the police station and detention complex, the island health centre, and the general store, are almost completed having major extensions made to each of the buildings. Everyone was very happy with their new modern homes, although some complained about having to travel so far, just to get to Adamson, even if it is only a few kilometres. Instead of having two more villages for residents and guests, it was decided to have one group of five cottages at the back of Adamstown for guests, and just one more village for the community, which is to be located in hollow flatland near the centre of the island, and will have 8 bungalows in the village. Over the following six months, work steadily progressed, with the airport taking the longest time to get built because of its difficult location, and the need to be extra careful with not affecting the nearby island and the surrounding reef system. By the end of the twelve months of the project, the island now has a total of 11 kilometres of sealed roads, 23 kilometres of raised pedestrian boardwalks, providing safe access to all the best locations to view of the island, all of the islands permanent residents and all the visiting government staff from New Zealand, are now housed in large and modern bungalows, in six villages around the island, and all of the poorly made homes had been dismantled and removed from the island. The sewerage treatment plant, desalination plant and the wind turbine power station were now providing an efficient essential services system, that was making a huge difference to the island in the way of better for the environment and financially also, plus the improved police station, government administration, shopping precinct, health centre and also a much larger school. Of the 72 former residents of the island, who had left for a better life in Australia and New Zealand, on learning of the huge changes to the island, they had decided to return to their homeland, increasing the population from 50 up to 83, with there were enough new homes to accommodate them all. The Island Council was now bigger and busier, as they were now responsible for the operations of not just the essential services, but also the newly formed CQS Force - Customs, Quarantine and Security Force, the now operational Airport and a Pitcairn Tourism Centre. The island now has two full-time police officers, who are responsible for law and order on the island, while CQS is responsible for all business relating to immigration. There is also an increase in medical staff, with an additional doctor and two more nurses on the island, and the With the contracted supply ship now retired, the island now has weekly supplies flown in from New Zealand, on board the island’s second Gulfstream 600, which has been fitted out for just cargo, with its maximum cargo weight of 2,500 kgs. With plenty of tourism promotion happening in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific region and the UK, as of 3 months ago, the island has been getting on average 132 visitors to the island each month, with twice-weekly passenger flights, departing from Auckland, New Zealand, also tourists come from visiting cruise ships, which has increased from 6 to 14 ships annually, bringing an additional 500 to 2000 day tourists to the island. The island now has every adult resident employed in some way, as a result of the huge increase in tourism, which of which all is during the Summer and six weeks on either side of it. The 6-month peak tourist season start in mid-October and ends in mid-April, a lot longer than areas in the Northern Hemisphere. There is now a total of three cafés, four gift and souvenir shops, and three tour shops, that keep everyone very busy. The tour shops provide kayak tours, walking tours, scuba and snorkelling tours and long boat tours, which are all in high demand. The island council now allows workers from New Zealand, Australia and the UK to come to the island, on a four-month working visa, to assist with the high demand on Tourism, and a hostel was built at the back of Adamstown, to accommodate the Visa workers and any backpacker tourists, and more recently, the government administration, has relocated from Auckland to Pitcairn Island. When all the improvements were done, and the island now has a very bright future, the time had come for the Aquaria and Oceania to leave. It is now mid-June, so it is the quiet time of the year, with just one flight a week, onto the island, and when Jonah and I announced to the council, that we would be departing, the island decided to hold a big celebration feast as a farewell gift. Taking nearly a week to organise, with extra supplies needed to be flown in from New Zealand, a Hangi feast and celebration of music and dance was held down at the now much enlarged main harbour, which now has a 220-metre-long sea wall along the rocky shoreline, creating 30 metres in the width of more space. There is also a 180-metre floating pontoon, secured to the ocean floor, with large concrete bollards, 120 metres out from the harbour, which stops large waves from crashing into the harbour for a safer landing at the jetty. After an afternoon and late-night celebration party, with all but a small security team, rotated at 4 hours intervals, remaining on board the two vessels, all the crews were on the island attending the celebrations, and everyone had a great time. As ordered by Jonah as the senior ranking officer, all crew had to be back on the Aquaria or Oceania by 2 am at the latest, as we would be setting sail at 11 am, that same morning. Once all crew were onboard, both vessels submerged, and sat on the ocean floor, for the rest of the night and the morning. Shortly before 1 is, Jonah made a radio call to the police station, which our vessel tuned into, “Aquaria, Pitcairn Island Police, over” we hear him say. “Pitcairn Police, Sergeant Langston speaking over”, came a response shortly after. “Sergeant, we are setting sail now, thank you for your patience during these past twelve months, on behalf of Lloyd Family Corp, we wish all the Pitcairn people, the very best for the future, and we look forward to visiting you when one or both vessels are in the area, over,” Jonah said. “Captain, this is Administrator Kauri speaking, on behalf of the government and the people of Pitcairn Island, we wish you both a safe journey and the thanks of a grateful small nation, for all that the Corporation has done save our islands from extinction. It was discussed at an emergency council meeting this morning, that the crews and staff of Lloyd Family Corporation have been granted honorary citizens of the Pitcairn Islands, and that you are welcome at any time, good luck and may the sea provide you with a safe and rewarding journey, no matter where you go,” an unexpected voice said. “Thank you, Administrator, see you in the near future, this is Oceania and the Aquaria signing off, over and out,” Jonah said to end the call. I had already given the order to set sail, during the radio call, and our heading was north-west for 8,425 kilometres to home base on Wake Island, an eight-day sail, where Dad would be waiting for us. Jonah and I had been informed that there had been some large changes in the past twelve months since we have been away, with the only clue being that a lot of construction projects had happened and that the Corporation had also purchased Johnston Atoll, Howell, Baker and Jarvis Islands from the US government. We were informed that they too had been cleaned up, with some basic facilities built on Johnston, while the other three islands have had a flora restoration project in progress for the past six months. I was curious about this and because Oceania was a lot faster, I decided to take a little peek at what has been happening on the three small islands, since they were not far off from direction that we are heading, and it is about the halfway mark back to Wake Island. Arriving just over three and a half days later, in the late afternoon, the humidity was quite high, which surprised me a little, I learnt from a bit of research during the journey, that Jarvis Island is 4.5 square kilometres in area, with the highest point being seven metres above sea level, and is just 40 kilometres south of the Equator, which explained why it was so humid. What I had not expected to see, from the deck one airlock, and a pair of binoculars, is to see a lagoon in the centre of the island, a small jetty on the north-west side, and two buildings, that look like they have been made from shipping containers, and finally, the majority of the island was green. The green on the island was not grass, but trees and shrubs, of various sizes and types, but most of them are no more than one metre high. The reflection coming off the top of the buildings was a big clue that there was solar power on the island, as well as the obvious Satellite dish, and that there are a number of large poly pipes running from the lagoon to one of the buildings. Interested to know more, I organised a landing party to go and investigate, and I was too curious not to go, as I ordered for the vessel to come to a stop on the western side of the island not far from the jetty. As we approached the jetty, a big clear signed stared right at us, “Jarvis Island Wildlife Reserve. Property of Lloyd Corporation, Keep off. This island has Satellite Video Surveillance, you have been warned”. I smiled when I saw this, and ordered for us to land at the jetty, where I spotted the first video security camera, and I looked directly at it, smiled and waved. Moments later I received a radio call from Oceania, informing me there is a call for me from the Corporation Chairman at Wake Island, and I asked for the call to be redirected to my radio, and moments later we were connected. “Dad, how are things going on Wake Island,” I asked casually, “Not bad thanks son, now what are you doing on Jarvis Island?” my father responded, and I chuckled at this comment, “So you really do have a direct feed from the video cameras?” I asked. “Yes, I am looking at you standing on the jetty of the island,” Dad said to me. “Well I became curious when you told me that the Corporation now owns three other islands, and I thought I might as well as take a look since it isn’t that much of a diversion” I commented. “I see, and what are your views on what you have seen so far?” Dad asked me. “Well what I saw from the bridge, and from the jetty, it looks quite impressive. What are the two buildings?” I responded. “One contains the desalination plant and water reticulation pump, with underwater freshwater tanks located nearby, and the other is the Solar power plant, with power storage batteries, to keep everything going, plus there is a Video Surveillance system, with a direct feed to the Satellite dish” Dad responded.
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    Chapter 5

    As I thought before, Neredos is asexual. But he is in love with Alazyn. They distrust the military and they should. We already know Neredos discoveries will be misused despite their intention to keep a close watch.
  15. chris191070

    Chapter 27

    Poor Desmond, If he gain 5 powers.
  16. Teens dont call their parents "rents'. I'm around kids all the time and I've even asked them about it. It doesn't happen. Nice story though with several points of view.
  17. Happy Birthday!

  18. Happy Birthday!

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      I like this. Great advice. 

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      I've successfully followed the list so far -- including pants. But #4 has been a challenge.

  20. It's so good to see Jon & Steven from the Piano Guys back creating music; there creations are divine.


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