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    Chasing Shadows

    I wonder if the wolf wants to claim Wolfgang as its mate and that’s one of the reasons it’s restless. Wolfgang should stay away during the new moon. Meanwhile, poor Franklin is probably doomed. Crushing on the local “bad boy” taken to another level. Intrigued at the possibility of Mother Nature possessing and murdering people. It’s certainly different.
  3. Now you've ruined the surprise! Nathan in drag? Why didn't I think of that? If Daniel ended up in a relationship with Nathan, I think it would be Don who would be jumping off the end of the pier. Nathan has made no secret of his naughty lust for his best friend but despite a number of offers, Daniel was never tempted to cross over or even straddle the fence. Some guys are just so stubbornly straight. Sue has blown hot and cold and seems to change with the wind. This is reflected in Robbie's refusal to trust her completely. No doubt she cares but she will need to show some consistency to earn his trust.
  4. No, nothing that bad, although Alex is loosely based on a real-life friend from the past.
  5. It’s strange, when we first moved into the dorms especially after getting rescued by a search party and almost freezing to death? Seeing all of my classmates in casual clothing doing domestic things, comfortable around each other and then all of a sudden wanting to hear about how I somehow ended up in the frozen north was definitely new. Some of them, even kept tabs on me to ensure that I didn’t get lost and to make sure that I regularly took medication so I wouldn’t get sick or anything, it’s comforting in a way that life with my mom wasn’t and I honestly expected it to feel more awkward, but I couldn't bring myself to feel anything other than relieved. It’s… fun. I occasionally get roped into group activities like theatre nights, study sessions, and the occasional class outing. My favorite moments are those I share with my individual classmates, though. A sedate morning with Leo, both sipping our respective hot drinks in companionable silence. Listening to Max teach Avaa how to cook and getting dragged into it to taste test some egg and pancake abomination. I somehow ended up slipping into some sort of mild routine, interacting with the people around me and edging my way closer to the family feeling that my class vaguely gave me. I was settling in fairly well, at least in my own opinion, save for the frequent nightmares but those were a section of my life that I preferred to ignore. Still though, the nightmares weren’t exactly my only problem, I was troubled in more ways than one. I could start at any point in my short life to prove that point, but things really started going terribly last May, when our ninth-grade class took a field trip to the beautiful city of Draconia, an old mostly abandoned city myself and twenty-eight absolutely mental children along with two teachers all in a group riding the train, heading to the Museum of Art to look at some of the older Greek, Roman tomes and art and even some old artifacts from the Demon Clan. Which was tortuous to say the least. But Xavier, our literary teacher, was leading this trip, so I had some hopes at the very least. He was a middle-aged man with luscious long silver hair, an unusually clean-shaven face and a frayed jet black cloak that concealed his whole body, which always smelled inexplicably like coffee. You wouldn’t think he’d be cool, but he told stories, jokes and even let us play games in class, much to the disagreement of our other teachers. He also had this awesome collection of rare and ancient Demon clan armor and weapons, so he was the only teacher whose class didn’t put me to sleep, despite the fact that most of these artifacts would have and frankly should have been confiscated long ago, given their nature- I was fascinated by each and every one of them. I hoped that maybe, I wouldn’t get into trouble this time. Based on how things were looking though, it didn’t seem like I was the main one who needed help. Even when stepping off the train onto the mud-caked streets below, black boots digging into the wet darkened brown dirt below. His fingers clasped around tissues, eyes puffy and red, bloodshot to the point to where it seemed as though it hurt him to blink, cheeks stained with dried tears, his eyes had quite literally exhausted themselves of their tears. His hair was disheveled, clinging desperately to his forehead an uneven mess in stark contrast to the rest of his body, the small sniffles he made in a vague attempt to stifle his noises, lips quivering and breathing ragged. We had rarely ever interacted that was true, yet even still there was undeniable the pang of guilt I felt whenever his eyes averted their gaze from mine, he couldn't, no he didn’t want to connect his once brilliant, grey, eyes with my own, their beautiful grey now resembled darkened storm clouds. I spent the majority of the train ride, trying to initiate some form of contact with him but to no avail, he merely kept himself close to his brother, Kota. His eyes had literally been exhausted of their tears, swollen and dry, bloodshot to the degree where it just looked like it hurt him to blink. But it wasn't the pain that was displayed on his face that really hurt me, it was the dead expression of his soul that truly worried me. Yeah sure, we didn’t interact with one another much, but every now and then when we came into contact, whenever we were in close proximity to each other, it was as though this magnetic force had drawn us together, and we’d end up talking for hours on end about subjects that we couldn’t remember even seconds after they had left our lips. I rarely ever saw him cry before when he used to cry he’d hide his face, cover it with a jacket, a sleeve or even a blanket. This time it was different though, he wore his sorrow like some sort of badge, tears open for all the world to see, he never learned to cry beautifully or even gracefully, but that was reflected in the tired look in his eyes. This...This wasn’t a good start. Not for a field trip. Not for this year. Bad things happen to me on field trips. That’s the short version of it at least, while I could go on about the numerous times things went bad, I feel like a short summary would probably be best; essentially, every field trip I went on was more or less guaranteed to go wrong, old war cannons going off, unplanned diving trips and even some broken statues at one point. So, needless to say, that I wasn’t exactly thrilled about the idea of this trip, nor was my class for that matter, but this time was different, this time had to be different. Mr. Xavier was leading our museum tour this time. He walked up front, head-held-high, guiding us through the large echoey galleries, past marble statues and glass cases full of really old black-and-green pottery. Honestly, it blew my mind that this stuff had survived for so many years, all these centuries. He gathered us around a tall column of serpents curling around a staff spire, one that kind of reminded me like the sign on paramedics’ outfits, and started telling us how it was a grave marker, for the old demon clan. He told us about the carvings on the sides. I was trying to listen to what he had to say because it was kind of interesting, but everybody around me was talking, and every time I told them to be quiet, the other chaperone, Mrs. Keagan, would give me the evil eye. Mrs. Keagan was this little math teacher from America who always wore a black leather jacket, even though she was about fifty years old or at least she looked like it. She looked kind, but that was just a ruse, apparently, she came in and started teaching the class after our previous math teacher had an unexpected mental breakdown. From her first day, Mrs. Keagan loved a certain student named, Max Grant while somehow coming to the conclusion that I was devil's spawn. She would point her scarred finger at me and say, “Now, honey," real sweet, and I knew I was going to get after-school detention for at least a week. One time, after she’d made me erase answers out of old math workbooks until midnight, I told my friend Leo that I didn't think Mrs. Keagan was human. He looked at me, eyebrows furrowing as he spoke, “Y’know what? I think you’re absolutely right.” Mr. Xavier. Meanwhile, kept talking about Demon funeral art. Finally, Max Grant snickered something about the naked man on the grave, and I turned around and in my kindest voice(or at least the best I could muster at the time) responded to her snickering with, “Could you shut up?" It came out louder than I meant it to. The whole group laughed. Mr. Xavier stopped his story. “Mr. Hellstrand,” he said, “Did you have a comment?" I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks, “No, sir." Mr. Xavier pointed to one of the images carved onto the grave. “Perhaps you’ll tell us what this picture represents?" I looked at the carving and felt a flush of relief because I actually recognized it. “That’s Demora eating his clan, right?" “Yes," Mr. Xavier said, obviously not satisfied with that simplistic reply. “And he did this because...” “Well...” I racked my brain to remember, raising an eyebrow. “Demora was the King Demon, and-” “Demon?” Mr. Xavier asked, putting his hand on his hips. “Dragon," I corrected myself. “And...he didn’t trust his clan members, who were the demons. so, uh, Demora ate them, right? But his wife, Necoria hid the baby and gave Demora another clan member instead in the hopes that one day the child would grow up and gain enough strength to challenge it's father." “Gross!” Said one of the girls behind me. “-and so there was this big fight between the Demon clan and the Dragon Clan," I continued, “and while the Dragon clan won, Demora was the only remaining member." Some snickers from the group. Behind me. Max Grant mumbled to a friend. “He’s talking like we’re going to use this in real life as though it’s going to say on our job applications, ‘Please explain why Demora ate his clan.’" “And why, Mr. Hellstrand," Xavier said, “to paraphrase Mister Grant’s excellent question, how does this matter in real life?” “Busted," Leo muttered voice raspy and dry as he gave some sort of half-smile. “Shut up,” Max hissed, his face in stark contrast to his blonde hair as he crossed his arms. At least Max got in trouble, too although, Mr. Xavier was the only one who ever caught her saying anything wrong. He had radar ears. I thought about his question and shrugged. “I don't… Would it relate to the way many are claiming that small remnant of the demon clan are resurfacing, due to the higher body counts in recent years as well as the wounds inflicted upon them post mortem?” “Very good, Full Credit” Mr. Xavier grinned nodding. “Yes, given the high profile of these crimes it would be best to at the very least know some basic history of the clan. On that happy note, it’s time for lunch. Mrs. Keagan, would you lead us back outside?” The class drifted off, the muttering in discomfort and disgust as the guys casually joked about, occasionally poking fun at the ones who found the acts disgusting. Avaa and I were about to follow when Mr. Xavier spoke up, “Mr.Hellstrand.” I knew this was coming, I told Avaa to keep going before turning toward, Mr. Xavier. “Sir?” He had this look that wouldn’t let you go, intense amber eyes that looked as though they had been around a thousand years and seen everything the world had to offer. “You must learn the answer to my question, more clearly, " He told me, voice as calm as ever. “About the Dragons? Or about real life and how your studies apply to it.” “What you learn from me, is vitally important. I expect you to treat it as such. I will accept only the best from you, Azazel.” I wanted to get angry, I mean he pushed me so hard, unnecessarily. I mean, sure, it was kind of cool on tournament days, when he dressed up in a suit of Greek and Roman armor and shouted: “What ho!" and challenged us, sword-point against chalk, to run to the board and name every Greek, Roman, and Demon who had ever lived, and their mother, and what god they worshipped. But I mean come on, on some days it was just too much, the stuff to deal with at home, the heavy school-work and his class too? Whatever lunch was next. Eating among the loud clamoring and chatting of my classmates was always nice well, usually nice this time was different. The moody attitude of Leo was most definitely a downer, that’s for sure and it didn’t help that the food tasted absolutely disgusting, but then again it always did so I suppose there were no real surprises to be had there. I spent the time instead, hanging out with Avaa, doing my best to ignore the dull aching of my side and stomach growls, choosing to focus on the ever-growing clouds above, dark storm clouds that reminded me more of smoke than they did of actual clouds. Just as I was opening my mouth to speak, I heard the loud, booming voice of Xavier, calling us all together. There were moments like that, they happened rather frequently too, my brain would just stop. Like time had completely halted around me and the next thing I knew, I had missed something important, this time, however, when I stood up to gather my things I nearly fell over, dizzy and body heavy, heat spreading across my skin like a match had just been lit, it was only by the grace of the Gods, or more accurately in this case, by the grace of Leo that I managed to not hit the floor. His arms gripped my shirt, nails only slightly digging into my skin as he helped me back to my feet, eyes narrowed in concern, “You okay?” It took me a second to recollect my thoughts, another to actually form clear words, and a third to fully comprehend what I was even saying, “Fine, yeah I’m good. Jus’ dizzy is all.” He gave me a weird look and seemed as though he was about to say something before Mrs.Keagan spoke up, no doubt trying to stop me from interacting with him at this point. “Mr. Hellstrand, come with me for a moment. I need to speak with you. In private.” On one hand, following her could lead me into trouble on the other hand disobeying her would lead me into trouble. I was already on probation and at this point it was just a decision between the lesser of two evils the two evils being her and her alone, I had experience dealing with her by myself that was for sure however with this being a field trip meant that the implications and rules were different she could essentially keep me for detention after school for a month, a week or, any number of time for a reason that could not be proved by school staff. Meaning that if she didn't like the way I spoke to Max Grant earlier she could essentially give me detention for any reason whatsoever and not have to have an actual legitimate reason to do so. regardless I'd rather take my chances with that than give her an actual reason so I turned my attention back to Leo, who merely shrugged and gave me an apologetic look but understood and remained quiet as I turned around and followed her down the hall. We took short quick steps up the marble staircase and down the empty museum hall, she led me into one of the nearby rooms, an open gallery containing a mixture of Roman and Greek art with small description in the plaque beneath them. She stood in front of this almost comically large statue of an old demon god or at least one of the old demon kings, arms crossed over her chest and she tapped her foot repeatedly against the marble stone floors. Nearest glint in her eye as she stared at me almost deep dark red that reminded me of the one that used to appear in my dreams and I was younger but the very same red that still appeared in my normal day whenever I closed my eyes, a pulsating red that reminded me of blood. The ever-present twitching of her brow didn't make the situation any better, to be fair it was always weird being along with the teacher especially this one. She had some vendetta against me again within the very first day she arrived and it didn't seem like my current situation making any better, She didn't like me and I didn't like her with mutual understanding we both had one another the difference was what I tried to avoid her she actively sought out me much to my dismay. “You’ve been giving us a lot of problems, kid," she said. I did the safe thing and said, “I know, ma’am.” She tugged at the sleeves of her jacket. “So did you really think you would get away with it?” The look in her eyes was beyond mad, it was pure evil, cynical even. She’s a teacher though, their usually scary but this felt different, completely different, “I’ll-I’ll try harder, ma’am.” The ground shook the building, vibrations ringing throughout the area. “We’re not blind, Azazel Hellstrand,” Mrs. Keagan said. “T’was only a matter of time before we found out. Confess, and you will suffer less pain.” All I could think of was that the teachers must’ve found the “illegal” stash of candy I’d been hiding in my room or maybe they had realized that I had lied on my book report on Angels Respite and never actually read the book or even got it in the first place. “Well?" she demanded. “Ma’am uhm, I don’t exactly...” “Time’s up,” she hissed. Then it happened, whatever it was. Her eyes began to glow, the very same deep red glow that used to show up in my dreams, deep red. Her fingers stretched, skin tight and thin, bones becoming visible. Her clothes melded, blended with her body merging with her pale skin as I darkened, turning into a black that seemed to devour the very light of the room, she had that dragged across the floor, tips red as though caked in blood and a mouth full of white fangs, and she was most definitely about to kill me. Apparently, though, things could still get weirder. Her talons dragged across the pale marble stone floor, leaving deep claw marks in the ground, her wings stretched out, skin taught as she charged, eyes gleaming with a startling red. My legs froze, body shaking as my hands trembled. I couldn't move, my body was frozen in place, even as her talking swung upwards, nail dragging across my cheek, skin tearing. Her eyes remained locked with my own, gaze unwavering, a tingling feeling rippled throughout my body and her breath was hit against my face. There was a high-pitched sound, air whistling past my ear. Silver. There was a heavy cracking sound that echoed throughout the room, an arrow-based on it's appearance lodged itself in her neck, ripping through her doin. First: it started slow, around the point of impact, then it spread, her body seemingly breaking apart from itself, before fading. Her body stopped, frozen in place in mid-air before bursting, fading in a flurry of white crystalline structures. The arrow clattered onto the ground, rolling across the floor before abruptly stopping, a stone structure blocking it's path. A statue. There was a faint clicking sound, coming from the halls, slowly growing more silent it's origin travelled further away. I was alone and she was gone. Or at least I hoped she was actually gone, but after everything else that just happened, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she was still here somehow. I just know that I would be unable to handle Something like that happening again. Yet there was still this arrow, still the claw marks and, my cheek was still bleeding. I was used to the odd experience, a weird event every now and again but this was just... different. There wasn't really a way to describe it except maybe a hallucination made by my addled brain, but even then, why did the arrow appear? And why now of all times?
  6. Walter is a good guy with a kind heart and a lot of very important contacts but he's a retired social worker and not a qualified counsellor. He does, however, happen to know of a very good one who is willing and definitely able to help. We will meet Joe very soon.
  7. I'm glad they were only embarrassing and not the assault by Alex-type incidents!
  8. It was something he really needed to get off his chest. She will try to persuade him to report it, but will not betray his trust. If anything comes of this it will be Robbie's decision.
  9. Thank you @tesao. It's odd but despite all the doom and gloom and talk of self-harm and depression, there is a underlying feeling of hope in this chapter. Perhaps we recognize Robbie's threats as more of a cry for help than a serious intention to hurt himself, although he admits to finding it frighteningly appealing. Nicola was the best person to tell and it was no coincidence. He took a big step forward.
  10. Normischell

    Chapter 20.2

    Holy bat, Shitman, I was right! 😳 😂
  11. My hand hurts and my eyes ache from red-penning student essays. Think I’ll write something of my own instead....

  12. Okay, so I mean this in the nicest possible way...but after that cliffhanger you can't keep us waiting as long as we had to between this and the last chapter. That would be just cruel...please...
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  14. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 23

    From the tail end of Chapter 22 Jones, "Jennings, run through the tape for, I can’t think which camera that is, four I think, the camera that would cover where that Tracker is, and see if you can spot anyone around his Tracker between 0900 and 1200 today." Jones, "Do you or Jamie know of any enemies you might have made, any time since you started classes here?" DJ answered, "Sir, I can’t think of anyone, Jamie?" "I didn’t know we had any enemies, until today," Jamie said. Jennings said, "Captain Jones, I think we may have something." "What have you got, Jennings?" Captain Jones asked. Jennings explained, "Right here, at 1035, this guy walked out of the Main entrance, and he’s looking around, like to see if anyone is watching him. He walks directly toward the Tracker, and he’s constantly looking around, but there is nobody else around." "Here, at 1036 you can see him placing the note under the wiper on the Tracker, he’s still nervously looking around, and at 1037 he’s walking toward the other side of the parking lot, still looking around, and then he is out of range of the camera." "Guys, come look at this," Jones said, "Jennings, play that over for the boys to watch." All three of them walked over and watched it. Jones spoke, "We know he’s the one that put that note on your windshield, do any of you guys recognize him?" All three shook their heads. "Can we get a better look at his face?" DJ asked. "Not from that distance," Jones answered, "but maybe from the lobby camera, Jenkins, try to get a look at him from the lobby camera, from about 1030 to 1035, just before he walked out." The lobby camera showed a much better close up, now the boys, at least DJ and Jamie, could recognize the face. "I know who that is," DJ stated, "Jamie, remember the black dude that sat with you, Matt and me at the Club Christmas Party?" "I sure do, and that is him, his name is Jamal," Jamie remarked. "He said his name was Jamal, we didn’t hear a last name, and he doesn’t take any classes that we are in, but he is a member of the Rainbow Alliance," DJ stated, "and he is racist." "It kind of looks that way," Jones said, "Did you have an altercation with him?" "I wouldn’t call it an altercation," DJ replied, "he told me he wanted to speak to me, privately. When the party was over, and we were cleaning up, I took a bag of trash to the Dumpster, and Jamal grabbed another one and followed me outside." "He cornered me by the Dumpster, and tried to feed me some racial crap, about how we were brothers, and we needed to stick together, how white and black don’t go together, and that black and black do, that we belong together, and how much he wanted me." DJ’s phone rang, it was me. DJ spoke, "Sir can I take this—it’s my Dad!" Jones nodded. "DJ, are you OK? We expected you home around 12:30 and it’s 1:00 PM." "Dad, something happened here on campus, and we’re still involved with security. Jamie and I should be leaving here, probably in the next 15 or 20 minutes. We’ll tell you about it when we get home, it’s a bit complicated, Dad, I love you!" "It’s ok son, we were just concerned, see you soon." We hung up. "Sorry about that Sir," DJ apologized, "Loving parents sometimes tend to worry—too much." "I understand," Jones replied, "back to your encounter with Jamal?" "I told him I was already involved with someone I cared deeply for, and that I wasn’t interested, then he said he would wait for me to change my mind, and I told him not to hold his breath. That was it, and we haven’t spoken since, unless maybe ‘hi’ in the hallway." "OK," Jones stated, "We know the guys first name is Jamal, and he’s a member of the Alliance. Have you ever had a sexual relation with Jamal, even a kiss?" "No sir, I don’t even really like the guy," DJ responded. "Guys," Jones stated, "we’re going to investigate this, and see what we can learn about this ’Jamal’. I want you guys to stick together like glue, and be ready to defend yourselves. I mean, if one of you needs to poop, then the other one goes to the rest room with you." "Be wary, if you think you’re being followed on the road out of this parking lot, drive to the police station, or at least near a patrol officer, and likely the follower will go another way. When you guys come and go from the buildings to the parking lot, try to come in and leave with other students, there’s safety in numbers, and this jerk doesn’t want witnesses." "Guys, here is my card, and I have your numbers, If I learn anything, I’ll keep you posted. "Thank you sir," DJ remarked, "Even with your advice, in all honesty, I’m still scared shitless!" Captain Jones, smiling, "You have every right to be!" Captain Jones, giving all three boys a hug, "Bryan, keep your eyes on your buddies, and you all stay safe." All three headed to the parking lot, Jamie and DJ to the Tracker, and Bryan to his Pontiac. "Guys," Bryan said, "I’m going to hold back for a couple minutes, just to make sure nobody follows you out of the parking lot." DJ and Jamie headed out to our home, and Bryan headed to Jamie’s house a couple minutes later. Just a couple of minutes on the road, and Jamie had an urge to call Bryan, and placed the call, of course Bryan answered. "Bryan," Jamie said, "Please don’t say anything to Mom and Dad about what happened this morning. I know they’d be terribly upset, and they don’t need to have this to worry about, Okay?" "Okay, Jamie, I’ll keep it hushed." They hung up. * * * * * * * * * * * * Earlier that morning, while the coffee was brewing, Joe and I rearranged the kitchen table, placing two chairs on each long side of the table, instead of a chair on all four sides. While we and our guests had coffee and breakfast, Joe and I sat on one side, Todd and Ryan sat on the opposite side. After I had called DJ, and we had hung up, I informed Joe that the boys had been involved in an incident at school, and that they would tell us about it when they got here, but DJ didn’t say a word as to what it was about. I brewed another pot of coffee and we all chatted some more. "Doug," Todd stated, "I think we might adopt your habit, and take it back to Cleveland. Ryan and I have never considered not getting dressed when we get up, but you’re right, being openly naked does feel quite nice, and natural." Ryan added, "It’s not like we’re not used to seeing each other naked, but it’s quite—enjoyable to be—openly naked like this," then, grinning, he placed his hand around Todd’s easily accessible penis, "and to be able to touch my boyfriend without clothing in the way!" Todd grinned. Todd responded, returning the favor, "Careful baby, you’re gonna give me a boner!" The two young lovers grinned at each other, it was about 1:45 PM and I heard DJ’s tracker pull into the driveway, and the doors slam. "The boys are here," I remarked. Todd and Ryan immediately stood up, "I guess we’d better get dressed!" Ryan exclaimed. "No hurry," I said, "the boys would probably enjoy seeing you dressed, or should I say undressed, like you are, relax." They sat back down. DJ and Jamie walked in the back door, and Joe and I arose to greet and hug them. DJ and Jamie both grinned, noticing that we were all still naked. "Todd, Ryan," I said, "this is our Son, DJ, and his boyfriend Jamie, boys, these are our friends we met on the cruise, (pointing) Todd, and Ryan, they’re from Cleveland." Todd and Ryan stood up, extending their hands, and DJ and Jamie both grabbed one, and then swapped to the other giving both of our friends a warm and affectionate hug. "Jamie," DJ said, "let’s get the chairs from our desk, so we can all sit at the table, Dad, I could use a cup of coffee!" The boys retrieved the chairs from their room and sat with us at the ends of the table, and I poured DJ a mug of coffee, and Jamie grabbed a Pepsi from the fridge. "Guys," Joe spoke, "you four have all afternoon to get to learn about each other, Doug and I are both scheduled to work at 3:00 PM. You need to tell us what happened at school!" While Todd, Ryan, Joe and I listened intently, DJ and Jamie told us the details of their ordeal, beginning with the note. We all found the story almost impossible to assimilate. While DJ and Jamie explained, Ryan reached to hold Jamie’s hand, and Todd grasped DJ’s hand. All four of us had tears forming, and a few drops escaping our eyes. None of us could really comprehend the fear that these two beautiful young men were experiencing. I made a quick call to the store and told Randy that we had a situation at home and I would likely be about half an hour late. Joe spoke, "I know Captain Jones, he’s retired from the Police Department, and was one of the best investigators we had, he won’t leave a stone unturned. It helps that you were able to identify the suspect. When this goes to court, that young man will likely face some serious time behind bars. Do you have the Captains number?" DJ, nodding, handed the card to Joe, and Joe made a phone call. "Security, Captain Jones speaking." "Jones, this is Officer Joe Reynolds, I knew you when you were on the police department, as an investigative officer." "I remember you, Reynolds, are you still on the force?" "Yeah, I’ve got a couple more years to go before I can retire, I wanted to touch base with you, about the threat a couple of the students received today." "How do you know about that?" Jones asked. "The students that received that threat, are my step-son, and his boyfriend. It would tear the heart out of me, if anything should happen to either of them!" "Joe, working security, it’s a little difficult to get some kinds of information, but if you’re still an active officer, you might be able to help me. I’ve been able to get some info from the school records, but some info I don’t have access to." "I’ll help you any way I can, Jones, what do you need?" "We know his name is Jamal Robinson, he is a black male, 21 years old, and started classes here last fall. He is an average student, and there are no records of any problems here, prior to this infraction. I’d like to know if he has a rap sheet, and if he has any affiliations, such as gangs. It would be nice to know what he drives, and if that address is correct. He always seems to park away from the buildings, and out of range of the cams." "Jones, I will need his social, and the address you have for him, and when I can get a few minutes in the precinct I can see what I can find, and I will get back to you as soon as I have any info." Jones gave Joe the social, and the known address, and Joe wrote the information down. He told Jones his partner would be picking him up about 3:00 PM and he hoped he could get the desired information sometime today. They said goodbye and hung up. "Guys," I said, "Joe and I have to get ready for work, and I’m already going to be a bit late, I’m going to let our Sons entertain you guys this afternoon, and maybe show you around town. I’ll be home around 9:30, and Joe should be back here about 11:00 I got dressed for work and stopped back into the kitchen before leaving. "DJ, Jamie," I said, drawing them close to me," "Be strong, and be safe! Show our friends a good time." I kissed both of them and hugged them, and left. Am I worried about them? Damn straight I am! "Todd, Ryan," DJ spoke, motioning them to follow Jamie and himself to their bedroom, "you may want to cover your birthday suits, if we’re going to show you around town." Todd and Ryan snickered. While DJ and Jamie changed out of their school clothes, Todd and Ryan pulled on boxers, and finished dressing in tee shirts, jeans and sneakers, and pulled on hoodies, and so did the younger boys. When they returned to the kitchen, Mike was standing inside waiting on Joe, DJ introduced Todd and Ryan to Joe’s patrol partner, Joe came out in full uniform and he and Mike left. After they hit the road, Joe told Mike about the school incident, and that he needed to get into the system and see what he could learn about Jamal Robinson. The four young men left the house and Todd and Ryan climbed into the back seat of DJ’s Tracker, while Jamie took the front passenger seat, and DJ drove them away. He and Jamie took them around, showed them where they both worked, the Senior Community where Granny was moving into, they drove past the community college where they both were students, and even where the Tracker was parked, when they discovered the threat note. Ryan asked if there were any parks around, where they could maybe stroll around and enjoy some nature. Jamie directed DJ to the park, where he and DJ had ridden their bike to, many months ago. Jamie started snickering, and the Cleveland boys asked him what was funny. Jamie told them the story, about the time he and DJ had ridden there on their bikes, and got caught in a 69 by those two bears. The Cleveland boys nearly lost it, laughing uncontrollably. "Oh, stop!" Todd blurted, "you’re gonna make me piss my pants, I drank too much coffee, and I need to go really bad." "Is there a tea room there?" Ryan asked, "I gotta go too." "No, no restaurants of any kind," Jamie replied, " just some hiking trails, and plenty of secluded spots where one can take a leak." "I suspect," Todd suggested, "that our southern boys don’t know what a tea room is." "I would think it to be like a small restaurant, where they serve tea, coffee and pastries," DJ remarked, innocently. "A tea room," Ryan explained, "is a men’s rest room, where gay guys hang out, usually looking for some anonymous sex, and even some straight guys go, looking to get a blowjob. I doubt you guys ever looked for a place like that, since, like us, you have your own sex partner." "You’re absolutely right," Jamie responded, "the only cock I ever want in my mouth is DJ’s, and boy, do I love that beautiful black cock of his, I can never get too much of it! Damn, just thinking of it makes me hungry for a snack." "Jamie," DJ snickered, "you’re fucking crazy!" "Yeah," Jamie replied, "crazy in love with you!" DJ pulled into a parking space, and theirs was the only car around. The four young men climbed out, looking around the area. "Shall we hit that hiking trail?" Jamie suggested. Ryan and Todd didn’t respond, verbally, they just started to walk up the trail, and stopped, about 50 feet up the trail. Both guys unzipped and watered the foliage to the side of the trail, letting out sighs of relief. DJ followed suit, and watered his own piece of ground, about 10 feet up the trail from the other two. The four guys then meandered on up the trail, enjoying the natural surroundings. About 1000 feet up the trail they came upon a circular clearing, just off the trail, probably about fifty feet in diameter, with a large log across it, the log was about two feet in diameter. "God," Ryan said, "this is so awesomely beautiful, and somehow so romantic." He and Todd shared a passionate kiss and hug, holding each other tightly, their cocks getting hard in their pants. DJ and Jamie weren’t to be outdone, and they too shared a passionate kiss and hug. Ryan sat on the log and motioned Todd to come over in front of him. He reached out and started to unbuckle Todd’s jeans, pulling them down to Todd’s knees, then pulled Todd’s boxers down, allowing Todd’s excited boner to spring out. In seconds, Ryan had Todd’s very hard penis in his mouth, and his hands were wrapped around Todd’s body, holding him close, seemingly oblivious that Jamie and DJ were watching in awe. Todd, pulling out of Ryan’s mouth, "Jamie, please come over here a minute." Jamie walked over to Todd, and noticed a thread of precum dripping off the tip of Todd’s quite handsome cock. Todd reached into his jean pocket and pulled out his phone, setting it up for photos, and handed it to Jamie. "Can you please get some snapshots of this?" Todd asked. "Jamie, startled, "You want me to take pictures of Ryan giving you a blowjob?" "That’s exactly what we want, try to get a couple that shows our surrounding, and a couple that show the expression on Ryan’s face." "OK," Jamie said, adjusting the bulge in his own boxer-briefs. DJ is watching this exchange from about 5 feet away, also adjusting himself. Ryan took that gorgeous cock back into his mouth, and Jamie photographed the event. DJ, coming next to Jamie, "This is so hot! I’m as hard as a rock!" Jamie, grinning, "I know, you’re not doing too well at hiding it!" DJ responded, "Baby you’re not doing any better!" Jamie grinned. After about half a dozen photos, Jamie set the phone down next to Ryan, took a seat on the log next to Ryan, but with his legs in the opposite direction, and pulled DJ close, and started working DJ’s pants toward the earth. "Jamie, we’re not alone," DJ complained, but Jamie continued, and in seconds DJ’s BBC sprung out, and Jamie tried to swallow it whole. Jamie knew better than to even try to adjust himself at this point, touching it would likely cause him to cream his own jeans. Todd and DJ were standing on opposite sides of the log, and their eyes made contact, and they grinned at each other, both reveling in the pleasure their boyfriends were giving them. Todd tapped Ryan on the shoulder and pointed to the phone, Ryan handed it to him and Todd shot 3 or 4 of Jamie doing DJ, then bellowed, as he climaxed into Ryan’s hungry mouth. About a minute later, DJ stiffened, and ejected his tasty load into Jamie’s waiting mouth, to no surprise, as Jamie was very used to how DJ shoots, and Jamie swallowed every drop. Now what? Ryan and Jamie were both still hot, and had a need to get release. They did the most logical thing, swapped places with their partners. Todd and DJ sat down, pulled their lovers pants down and went to work on those two remaining hot erections. Todd grabbed his phone and got a couple shots of DJ working Jamie’s ready to explode cock, which DJ took that load quickly as Jamie likely had never been quite this hot before. As soon as DJ milked Jamie out, Jamie took the phone and got a couple of good shots of Todd nursing Ryan’s cock, and then Ryan finished into Todd’s mouth. The four guys sat there for about five minutes, their pants all down around their knees, and then they started to laugh. "I think we got some memorable photos," Todd said, "would you guys want copies of them?" Jamie and DJ looked at each other, and simultaneously came up with an affirmative. "I’ll send them to you in mpeg format, on a cd." DJ commented, "We’ve never had any kind of sex before with witnesses, that was pretty wild, have you?" "Yes," Todd replied, "we’ve gotten together with another couple, back in Cleveland, that we are close friends with, and we’ve done similar with them three or four times. It’s always been in our apartment though, the surroundings here are so much more—I don’t know, natural, might be the right word." "We don’t have anyplace," Ryan said, "like this, where we could go, and have sex in the woods. You guys are fortunate to have a park like this." "It’s probably a little riskier," Jamie commented, "in the summer, when more people wander in the park, not many come here in cooler weather." "Speaking of cooler," Todd remarked, "my ass is about to freeze," He stood up and pulled his boxers and jeans up, and the other three guys followed suit. "DJ," Jamie remarked, "we need to get moving, Anthony wants me in to work by at least 6:00 and it’s 5:15 now." The guys hurried back to the Tracker, DJ drove them all to Jamie’s house so he could get his work shirt on, and pick up his car. He asked Jamie to tell his Mom that they would not be in until around midnight, as we were spending the rest of the evening with Todd and Ryan. When Jamie got out, Todd took the front seat. DJ started to drive them to our home. "DJ, aren’t you hungry?" Todd asked. "No," DJ replied, "I’m more like famished, it’s been a long time since breakfast!" "It’s been a long time for us too," Todd said, "your Dad fed us well this morning, but that was before you got home from school. Does this town have a nice restaurant, for an evening meal? Ryan and I want to take you out for dinner." "We’ve got a Denny’s, and Bojangle’s, a Burger King, Anthony’s Pizzeria, Chipotle, and a Waffle House." "We were thinking a really nice place, like maybe with home style food, where we can enjoy some good food and a quiet atmosphere where we can sit and talk for a while." "I’ve heard the food and service is really good at the ‘Hometown Café’ but I’ve never been there, I never felt I could afford it, I understand dinners there start at $20 and go up from there." "DJ, you can afford it tonight, this is on our Dime, not yours, take us there," Todd stated. DJ drove the three of them to the Hometown Café and they went in, and were met by a very pleasant Hostess, and seated at a table somewhat away from the majority of the clientele. DJ had never seen such a luxurious restaurant, it was nicer than any of the ones he and Jamie had seen, even at Disney World. The server took our drink orders, Todd ordered a carafe of wine for Ryan and himself, and suggested an Apple Beer for DJ. DJ told them he was too young for alcohol, and Todd said that it was non-alcoholic so he accepted it. Now for the appetizer, Ryan suggested Escargot and DJ asked what that was. Todd explained that it is a type of snail, and DJ made a face, and Ryan told him they are a delicacy, and very tasty, and he should at least try them. DJ couldn’t believe $15 for an appetizer of only six snails, and it was the most expensive appetizer on the menu. When the server brought the Escargot, DJ was quite surprised at the size of them. He was unsure as to how they were to be eaten, and Ryan helped him out. "Use your fork," Ryan instructed, "pull the meat away from the shell, dip it in the garlic sauce and pop it in your mouth, chew it and swallow it." Ryan and Todd both demonstrated how it is done. DJ gingerly took one, and, after he ate it, displayed that patented smile, it was a lot tastier that he presumed it would be. Todd asked the server to please bring another order of Escargot. DJ was looking at the menu, the cheapest dinner on the menu was spaghetti with meat sauce at $20, so he looked at the sandwiches and just a hamburger and fries was $15, and that was what DJ was prepared to order. Todd realized that DJ was studying the lunch menu, and told him he was on the wrong page, and flipped his menu back to the ‘entree’ page. At the top of the page it stated that all entrées come with unlimited salad bar and unlimited side bread. A little note was paper clipped stating the Daily Special was a 10 oz. Prime Rib with 2 sides for $30. "These dinners are just too expensive!" DJ remarked. "DJ," Ryan stated, "are you going to choose, or do we have to make the choice for you!" DJ was procrastinating. Todd spoke, "We’ll take three of the Prime Rib specials, mine is rare, with baked, butter and sour cream, and steamed carrots." Ryan added, "Mine is medium rare, mashed with butter, and broccoli. DJ?" DJ, with hesitation, "Medium well, baked with butter, and broccoli." The server left, to place the orders. "There, DJ, that wasn’t so hard, was it," Todd said, "let’s attack that salad bar." The three went to the salad bar and filled their salad plates, and returned to their table. The server had left a breadbasket on the table that contained warm homemade rolls, corn sticks, and what they believed to be zucchini bread, and all were very tasty, and she also had left a large bowl of real butter patties. They all enjoyed the dinner very much, as well as the companionship. There was no way any of them could have managed a dessert, as they were all stuffed when they finished the main courses. The server brought the ticket and laid it on the table, and DJ tried to see what the total was but Todd snatched it up too quickly, and presented his VISA card to pay it. DJ could feel himself falling very much in like with these two young men from Cleveland, even though he’d only met them a few hours ago. (DJ doesn’t realize it, and it’s not intentional, but he has captured two more hearts.) The guys walked back to the Tracker, this time Todd took the back seat and Ryan rode up front with DJ, and they went back to DJ’s home. It was about 7:30 PM when they walked into the back door. They had some time to kill, as I wouldn’t be home until about 9:30 and Joe wouldn’t be home until 11:00 and Jamie should be home about 11:30. I suppose, if anyone were to walk in on them it would have looked a little awkward and strange. The three guys settled on the sofa in the den, DJ sandwiched comfortably between Todd and Ryan. There was a certain amount of touchy feely going between them. Sometimes one or the other of them were holding hands with DJ, and most of the time one or the other had their arms around DJ’s shoulders, but DJ felt very comfortable, and loved, not in a sexual way, by both of them. "Could I—Can I—I don’t know" DJ stammered. "DJ, What?" Todd said, "just say it, we won’t bite." "I kinda wondered," DJ finally got it out, "If I could ask you some personal questions, things I’m really wanting to know about you, if it’s not OK I’ll understand." "Ask away," Ryan said, "we’re pretty open anyway, and I don’t think there is anything we wouldn’t tell you, there might be a couple things we wouldn’t want publicized." "Do you guys ever fuck?" DJ asked. Ryan, snickering, "We do, but not nearly as often as we suck, what would you guess, Todd, maybe once a month?" "I think that’s about right," Todd replied, "We’ve just always preferred oral to anal, can I ask that back about you guys?" "Sure, Jamie and I were virgins until 3 or 4 months ago, and we both busted each others Cherry about 3 days apart. But we’ve only fucked maybe 3 or 4 times since then. Have you guys had other sex partners, or relationships, before each other?" "We’ve been living together," Todd replied, "monogamously, for about three years, but we really go back about four or five years. We both cruised the bars, and tricked with other guys. Back then we didn’t consider ourselves being in a relationship, we just gradually hooked up more frequently." Ryan, snickering, "I well remember the last time I picked up a guy other than Todd, and it turned out to be quite embarrassing. The guy was quite attractive and had a nice package, we’d danced quite a bit, bought each other drinks, shared a couple of kisses, and we started to leave the bar about the same time. He stopped me, outside the door, and invited me to his place, and I accepted, knowing that sex was the ultimate purpose." "Well," Ryan continued, "we got to his pad, and went into his bedroom and he stripped, he was hard and did have a nice cock, and I just kind of stood there, getting cold feet, it didn’t feel right to me. I finally told him that I thought I had fallen in love with someone, and I just couldn’t do anything with him. He accused me of being a fuckin’ cock teaser, and I suppose I was, I left him alone and naked, and went home. After that, the only guy I ever wanted to do anything with, was Todd." "We both were having strong feelings," Todd said, "but hadn’t come to grips with how deep they were. For about a year or more, we dated, we shared a lot of time together. We met 2 or 3 times a week for dinner, went to movies, walked in the park, and quite often ended up overnight together in his place or mine. Over a period of a few months, we started sleeping together every night, neither of us wanted to sleep alone anymore." "Then, about 3 and a half years ago," Ryan picked up, "we decided it was stupid to maintain two apartments, and made the decision to live together. My lease expired in four months, Todd’s still had a year to go, so when my lease expired, I moved in with Todd. Since then, when Todd’s lease expired, we renewed the lease in both of our names, and we’ve been together ever since." "So this is the first actual relationship, for both of you?" DJ asked. "I’m hoping it’s the last one, too," Todd replied, "I wouldn’t want to start over, with someone new." "I second that emotion!" Ryan exclaimed. Todd and Ryan smiled. "I can relate," DJ stated, "neither Jamie nor I sleep well, when we’re not sleeping together, and I can’t picture my life, without Jamie in it. Your story gives me hope, though, Jamie and I have only been together for not quite a year yet, but I started to fall in love with him, before I even knew his name! What do you guys do, for work?" Ryan is an orderly," Todd answered, "at one of the hospitals, and I’m an accountant, and I work for a local accounting firm. Ryan’s schedule is 8:00 AM to 4:30 with rotating days off, and I’m a 9:00 to 5:00 guy with weekends off. It’s not too bad, we have our evenings together, and every seven weeks, we can share the whole weekend together." "DJ," Todd asked, "are you and Jamie OK with—you know—what we did, out at the park?" DJ responded, grinning, "Yeah, it wasn’t expected, but I think I can speak for both of us, we enjoyed that, it was fun—actually, you guys are a lot of fun to be with anyway. Jamie and I are a little more private, usually. I think Jamie and I both realize that we’re a little undersized, maybe, compared with a lot of guys." "DJ, neither one of us are exactly a John Holmes," Ryan said, "but we are very comfortable with each other. If you and Jamie are comfortable with each other, that’s the most important thing, size isn’t everything. We feel that anything more than a mouthful is a waste, anyway." "OK," DJ asked, "who is John Holmes?" "John Holmes was a rather famous porn star, years ago, and he was hung, I mean big time, like maybe 11 or 12 inches soft!" Todd replied, "What we did today was better than watching gay porn, because it was real, like live gay porn." DJ grinned. "Jamie says that all guys check out other guys junk, and that it’s normal, even for straight guys. I try not to, but I have to admit, Jamie and I couldn’t help but check you guys out, even this morning, when you were having breakfast with my Dad’s." Todd, grinning, "I suppose you think that Ryan and I haven’t checked you and Jamie out? It is perfectly normal, and you two have some sweet looking packages, and handsome erections too." "Don’t forget those beautiful sweet bubble butts." Ryan added. DJ, his face a little blushed, and adjusting something in his boxer-briefs, "Can we talk about something else?" Ryan, grinning, "Awe, poor DJ’s grown a boner!" and chuckled. "So DJ," Todd asked, "you know now what we do, what do you and Jamie do?" "You know we’re in college, first year students with a goal of becoming pharmacy technicians. Jamie works as a server at Anthony’s Pizzeria, and I’m a cashier, now a cashier trainer, at Southside Drug and Pharmacy." DJ answered. "DJ," Todd asked, "what are you guys going to do, about that school situation, and the note?" "I don’t know," DJ replied, tears starting to well in his eyes, "I’m scared, not for me, but for Jamie!" DJ started to break down, sobbing. "I don’t think—I could—handle it—if anything—happened—to Jamie!" Ryan twisted toward DJ, and pulled DJ into his arms, DJ’s head fell onto Ryan’s shoulder, and DJ sobbed onto Ryan’s shirt. Todd also turned toward DJ, one of Todd’s hands started to caress DJ’s neck, ribs and back, the other held DJ’s hand, his thumb stroking the back of DJ’s hand. Todd and Ryan were both feeling DJ’s emotions, right to the bottoms of their hearts. * * * * * * * * * * * * A little earlier that afternoon, Mike and Joe entered the precinct. Joe went to one of the open terminals, entered his code, and proceeded to get into the system. He entered Jamal Robinson, and Jamal’s social. The kid was clean as a whistle, his address matched the one Jones had given Joe, no known gang affiliations, nothing at all abnormal. His family was respectable, and his father is a Deacon in the Church. His car is a 1988 Ford Crown Vic, an ex-police cruiser, blue, jacked up with chrome rims. Nothing unusual for a black kid in his age group. A search with DMV showed he’d had a Red Light violation 3 years ago, and paid the fine, otherwise spotless. "Joe," Mike stated, "I don’t know the kid, but I know the car, and the address, he lives in my apartment complex, different building." Joe placed a call to Captain Jones, and it went to voicemail, with a message that his call would be returned at the earliest possible time. Joe left a message. * * * * * * * * * * * * I was able to clock out right at 9:00 PM that Friday night and anxiously drove home to spend what time I could with our friends, as I knew they needed to leave tomorrow morning for their home. When I walked into the house, about 9:20, a strange feeling crept over me, and I saw Ryan, Todd and DJ all hugged together on the sofa. Todd stood up and came to me, and motioned that he wanted to talk, privately. We went to DJ’s bedroom. "Todd," I asked, "what’s going on?" "Doug, I’m not a doctor, but I believe DJ came this close (holding his index finger against his thumb) to a complete emotional breakdown! He is petrified that something might happen to Jamie, and he says he could not handle it, and I’m afraid he might be right. He’s barely handling the possibility, and nothing has even happened, yet." "I’m thankful that you and Ryan were here with him. I think DJ is more vulnerable than I even thought he was, but I’ve always known that he can be pretty fragile, emotionally. Todd, I don’t think you could have any concept as to how much love I have for that young man, actually both him and Jamie. The love they share may be young, but I think it’s as strong as steel." "I can sense that, Doug, they’re the most beautiful young couple I know, in every respect. Shall we see how he’s doing?" Todd slipped into the bathroom and I headed to the den. DJ was kneeling on the sofa, with one of his knees right against Ryan’s crotch, and Ryan’s thigh between his knees. He had his hands wrapped around Ryan’s neck, with his head against the side of Ryan’s head, Ryan’s arms were wrapped around DJ’s upper torso, holding DJ close to him, almost like they were lovers in a hug. When Ryan saw me, he turned his head and softly told DJ that I was home. DJ sprung off the sofa and ran into my arms, almost knocking me backward off balance. He kissed me and hugged me as if I’d been gone for a year. "Dad, I feel kind of bad, for my behavior. I let myself fall apart right in front of your friends, I’m so scared for Jamie!" "Sweetheart," I said, "you’ve had a very rough and traumatic experience today, giving in to your emotions would almost be expected, under this stress. I’m sure everything will work out, and be OK, once they’ve got this guy in custody, and I have a feeling that won’t take very long, maybe a couple of days." When Mike dropped Joe off at 11:00 PM, Joe gave us some good news and bad news. The good news was that Captain Jones had the paperwork ready for getting Jamal arrested, and in custody. The bad news, was that Jamal has a squeaky clean record, and that may give him some favor with the court. Joe told us that Jamie and DJ need to get out to the college as soon as possible tomorrow after 8:00 AM to get the paperwork from Captain Jones, and then go to the magistrate and swear out the warrant for Jamal’s arrest. About 10:30 PM Jamie had called DJ to find out if he wanted him to bring a pizza home, and DJ turned the question to me. DJ and our guests were still somewhat full from their dinners and I told DJ to tell Jamie not to bother, tonight, as we were all good. When Jamie arrived, about 11:30 PM, Joe explained to Jamie what he and DJ needed to do in the morning, and DJ stated that he was expected at work at 10:00 AM, so the timing would be tight. In the few hours that Todd and Ryan had spent with DJ and Jamie, a rather tight bond between the four young men had formed. They all had exchanged phone numbers, and the Cleveland boys had insisted that DJ and Jamie keep them up to date on their lives, especially on what was happening with Jamal. Todd and Ryan told the boys that when they could all get a weekend off together, they wanted DJ and Jamie to come and visit them, in Cleveland. The boys could leave right after class on Friday, and would likely get to Cleveland by 9:00 PM, then spend Saturday and Sunday together, and cut classes on Monday, as they would be driving back. If things worked out, maybe that Monday might be a holiday, and there would be no classes. Worst case, the boys could drive back Sunday afternoon. The Cleveland guys promised the boys, among other things, that they would take them to the Cleveland Zoo. Todd and Ryan have a spare bedroom, (supposedly Ryan’s room that is rarely used) and the boys were ready to travel already, looking forward to a weekend with Todd and Ryan. These four definitely had bonded. DJ and Jamie were preparing to leave for Jamie’s house, and with their tight schedule in the morning, they knew they would not be able to come out and see Todd and Ryan off, so tonight was their final goodbye. Joe and I witnessed a very touching scene, as the four young men hugged and shared tender kisses even kissing each other’s mouths. All four of them had tears escaping their eyes, and even Joe and I had wet eyes. Departing is such sweet sorrow. "DJ," Jamie asked, "are you going to be making deliveries tomorrow?" "No, I’m working inside, all day, until 6:00 PM, Dad will be in at 3:00 to do deliveries." "Why don’t you ride home with me, and I’ll drop you off at work after we get done at the magistrates, then when I come to work at 4:00 I’ll give you my car keys, and you can pick me up at 11:00 when I get off." DJ agreed, and the boys left for Jamie’s house to spend the night. It was, as DJ had stated, a little after midnight when they got home. Karen was waiting up for Carl, he would be home around 1:00 AM. Granny had gone to bed about 9:30, and Phil and Bryan had gone to bed right after Phil got home from work about 11:30. Jamie set the alarm for 7:00 AM, as they intended to leave about 7:30 and get to the college at 8:00 to get the paperwork. Both boys undressed and went to bed, cuddled up and fell asleep shortly thereafter. * * * * * * * * * * * * On Saturday morning, January 27th, the alarm woke Jamie and DJ at 7:00 AM and they quickly got out of bed, shared a morning kiss, pulled on their boxer-briefs and shared a morning pee. They quietly dressed, Jamie wrote a note to let others in the house know that they had gone out to take care of a couple of things before DJ needed to be at work at 10:00 AM. They dressed and quietly left the house, leaving the note on the kitchen table. No one else was awake at this early hour on a Saturday. The boys arrived on campus at just about 7:50 noting that the parking lot had very few cars parked in it, they assumed that not many students had Saturday classes. The found Captain Jones, and he gave them the paperwork, ready for the magistrate’s signature, and their own signatures. He then gave them directions to the magistrate’s office, and wished them good luck. He reminded them that, until they had word that Jamal had been arrested, they still needed to be alert and stay safe. The boys were quite surprised after they got to the magistrate’s office. The magistrate introduced himself as Mark Henning and shook hands with the boys. They were surprised that Magistrate Henning already knew about the case, evidently Captain Jones had given him a heads-up. Mr. Henning then proceeded to fill out the warrant for Jamal’s arrest, listing Jamal Robinson as defendant vs. the State of North Carolina, Douglas Kendall and Jamie Seldon as plaintiffs. "Boys, this may or may not go to court, depending on the actions of Mr. Robinson during the initial hearing. If, during pretrial, Jamal pleads ‘guilty’, then his sentence will be at the discretion of the Judge. If he pleads ‘not guilty’ then it will be scheduled for trial, and you guys will need to be willing to testify, on behalf of the State, are you willing to testify?" Both Jamie and DJ stated they wanted to see this guy get what he deserved, and they would testify. Also how they would be able to breathe, once they knew Jamal was in custody. "Mr. Henning spoke, "Once I issue this warrant, it will likely be a matter of hours before the police arrest him, and take him into custody. After pretrial, unless he pleads guilty, the judge will set bail, and if he can come up with bail, he can be released until his trial date. The only other way he can get out would be if you guys decide to drop the charges against him." "Sir," DJ said, "after the trauma he’s put us through, I don’t think that’s too likely to happen, I’m scared to death for Jamie’s safety, even more than my own!" Henning, smiling, "You guys are pretty tight, I can tell you care a lot about each other, I need you both to sign (pointing) here, then I’ll sign it and have an officer come and pick it up, ASAP." "Sir," Jamie asked, "is there a way we can be notified when he has been taken into custody?" "Sure," Henning stated, "Give me your phone numbers, and I’ll pass them on to the Desk Sergeant, and he’ll post it on the board." Henning, standing up, "Between the school’s excellent surveillance system, and your ability to identify this guy, we’ve got an open and closed case, we’ll get this guy." They boys thanked him, and they shook hands. DJ and Jamie left, they made a quick stop at Bojangle’s and grabbed some sausage and egg biscuits, and Jamie drove DJ to the store to start his shift. Jamie doesn’t need to be at work until 4:00 PM and is closing.   * * * * * * * * * * * * Joe and I got up early, well, early for us on a Saturday, about 8:00 AM and I prepared a full pot of coffee. The Cleveland boys came into the kitchen, both dressed in their finest birthday suits. Joe and I both gave them good morning hugs, our cocks touched, and they both giggled a little, but neither of them was offended. I think they rather enjoyed the ‘touch’. I poured us all mugs of coffee. "What time do you guys want to get on the road?" I asked. Todd answered, "It’s about an eight hour drive, if we leave by 10:00 we should be home by 7:30 or 8:00 tonight." "Please, please, please," I said, "give me a call when you get home, so we will know you made it home safely." "We will," Ryan replied, "I promise." "Those boys are incredible hosts," Todd commented, "Ryan and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute we spent with them yesterday." "The highlight was that event in the park!" Ryan exclaimed. "Don’t tell me," Joe commented, "y’all gave each other blowjobs." Todd was in the process of swallowing a mouthful of coffee when Joe made that comment. He choked, and coffee spewed out of his mouth, landing on his stomach, cock and chair. I got up and grabbed a couple of paper towels, and Todd wiped off. Todd, heading to the bedroom, "Hold on, I’ve got proof!" He returned a minute later, holding his phone. He opened the gallery and brought up the photos, and showed them to Joe and me. There was no way Joe and I could keep a straight face, we were grinning and laughing too hard. Ryan remarked, "It was like live gay porn, even better. Those boys are so photogenic! "In my opinion," Joe said, "all four of you are very photogenic." "The neat thing was," Ryan stated, "there was no crossover, DJ and Jamie sucked each other off, and Todd and I sucked each other off. We watched each other, we all got off, and we all swallowed our boyfriends’ loads. It was beautiful, and so natural, out in the woods! I wish we had a park like that around Cleveland." "I promised the boys," Todd mentioned, "that I would send them copies of these photos in mpeg format on a CD, so we’ll all have memories of yesterday." "DJ and Jamie have made an imprint on our hearts," Ryan lamented, "I wish we could take them back with us and adopt them as our little brothers." "Over my dead body!" I exclaimed, smiling, "I have a feeling that our Sons have stolen our cruise friends from us, If we’re going to get you on the road by 10:00 I guess I’d better get to cooking!" I donned the apron and started to fix us all some bacon and eggs, and toast and orange juice. We enjoyed out last meal together, and I know that Joe and I (and the boys) are going to miss these guys. It’s sad to think that there is a probability that Joe and I may never see them again. I’m sure they will remain alive though, through DJ and Jamie, and who knows, we just may meet again. Our friends rose from the table after breakfast. They went to their bedroom to dress. Then packed whatever they might have that was not already in their suitcases. Joe and I also dressed, as we were planning to watch them depart. Ten minutes later they carried the suitcases to the car, Joe and I accompanied them out. "Guys." I said, with tears in my eyes, "if you ever get down this way again, please know that you have some friends in North Carolina that would be delighted to see you again, and a place to stay, other that a hotel. Please drive safely, and don’t forget to call when you get home." "That works two ways," Todd stated, "maybe the next time you two take a trip, you can stop in Cleveland for a few days and let us show you some Northern Hospinudity. We have a spare bedroom that’s always open for you." We all shared a last hug, Todd and Ryan got into their car and left, we were waving goodbye to each other. I hated to see them leave. Joe and I walked back into the house, I decided to wash the sheets from DJ’s bed, even though Todd and Ryan had only used them for two nights. While they were in the washer, I cleaned up the kitchen and washed the breakfast dishes. * * * * * * * * * * * * After dropping DJ off at the store, Jamie was at a loss. He wasn’t due to work until 4:00 that afternoon, and it was only 10:00 AM, so he decided to go home to his parents’ house. Maybe he could have a little fun with Phil and Bryan, they should be up by now. Jamie walked into the kitchen and saw Phil and Bryan, Granny and both his Mom and Dad all seated at the table. He kissed his Mom and Granny, said hi to the others and immediately went to his room, and closed the door. He was distraught, but somehow didn’t feel much like talking to anyone. Phil and Bryan both jumped up and followed Jamie into his room and closed the door again. Jamie was on the bed and buried his face in the pillow, and started to cry. Phil and Bryan had their hands all over Jamie, trying to console him. "Jamie," Phil asked, "is DJ okay, where is he?" "I just dropped him off at work, he’s ok, I think," Jamie answered. "Have you told your parents yet," Bryan asked, "about any of this shit that’s gone down?" Jamie, shaking his head, "I don’t want them to worry." "Bryan told me," Phil said, "and made me promise not to say anything to them, but they know something is wrong, they’re going to worry as much, not knowing, as they would if you tell them." "Jamie, you’ve got some of the best parents in the world," Bryan stated, "I’m begging you, please don’t keep them in the dark, they need to know, please tell them, now!" Bryan and Phil dragged Jamie back to the kitchen, and they all sat down at the table. "Mom, Dad," Bryan said, "Something pretty scary happened on campus yesterday morning, involving DJ and Jamie. It’s nothing they did, but, well, they were threatened, I was right there when it happened. I wanted to tell you, but Jamie put a gag order on me. Phil and I have convinced him to let you know what went down, but I’m going to let Jamie explain the details. "Jamie," Karen asked, "if it’s nothing you did wrong, why did you not want to tell us?" "Because I didn’t want you to worry about me, and DJ." "Son," Carl spoke, "we sensed something wasn’t right, and we are already worried, spill it!" Jamie spent the next half an hour, explaining the incident. When he mentioned that he and DJ had identified the person that left the note, a look of anger came over Carl’s face. If looks could kill, Jamal would be dead already. "So," Carl spoke, holding up the note that Jamie had left on the table that morning, "is this something to do with this incident?" "We had to go to campus this morning and pick up paperwork, and take it to the magistrate, Mr. Henning, and we had to sign a warrant for Jamal’s arrest. Mr. Henning told us that he would likely be taken into custody within a few hours. He may have already been arrested, the police are supposed to inform DJ and me when they have him in custody." Carl, angrily, "This is horrible, I’d like to shoot the bastard that would do something like this to my boys! Jamie, how is DJ handling this?" "Not too well, Dad, he came very close to a total emotional breakdown last night. He was with Todd and Ryan, and they helped him through it, both of our Dad’s were working at the time. DJ does seem a lot better today, and he did go to work, I dropped him off at 10:00 this morning, after we got back from the magistrates office." Karen, checking the new memo board, "Let’s see, Bryan, you’re due to work at 2:00 PM, Phil at 3:00, DJ was at 10:00 AM and Jamie you’re at 4:00 PM, Jamie, are you up to working today?" "I think so, Mom," Jamie commented, "Part of me wants to lay off today, but I don’t want to let Anthony down, and working will likely help me to keep my mind off of this shit, so, yeah, I’m going in. I need to give DJ my car keys when I go in to work, so he will have a car to drive when he gets off at 6:00, and then he’ll pick me up at 11:00 and we’ll go to his house for the night." "I was up quite late last night, and up early this morning," Jamie said, "If I take a siesta, can someone wake me up about 3:00?" "We got you covered, Son," Carl replied, "Go take a nap." * * * * * * * * * * * * About 3:40 PM DJ’s phone rang, and he pulled it out of his pocket, looked at the unknown number and answered it. An unfamiliar voice spoke, "I’m trying to reach a Douglas Kendall, is he available?" "This is he, how may I help you?" "This is Sergeant Rice, I’m the Desk Sergeant on duty today, I was asked to call you when we had a Jamal Robinson in custody, we booked him in about 30 minutes ago." "Oh, Sergeant, thank you very much, Jamie and I can breathe now, is there anything I need to do?" "No sir, he’ll be held here until his pretrial, probably on Monday, and then he will be transferred to the county jail to await his trial." No sooner than the sergeant hung up, DJ’s phone rang again, this time it was Jamie. DJ answered quickly. "Jamie! I just got a call from the desk sergeant, they’ve got him in custody, they booked him about a half hour ago!" "Super, baby! That’s great! Reason I called, I was running late, when you get off, can you come over and get the keys? I didn’t have time to bring them to you." "Sure baby, no problem, I gotta go, got customers, laters." About 4:30 I came in from my first round of deliveries, and DJ could hardly wait to tell me they had Jamal in custody. I smiled and told him I was very happy for the both of them. At least now they have some breathing room, and don’t need eyes in the back of their heads. The rest of Saturday night went pretty normal. When DJ got off at 6:00 PM, he got the keys for Jamie’s car from Jamie, and spent a few hours with Matt, and caught him up to date with what had transpired over the last two days. Jamie called his parents and told them that Jamal was in custody. After DJ returned to the pizzeria to catch up with Jamie, they went to WAWA and picked up subs and came home for the night. Just knowing that Jamal was in custody took a tremendous load from their heads, and weight off their shoulders. It was so good to have our boys pretty much back to normal, after two days of trauma. They even played some games on the play station before they went to bed Saturday night, and were still playing when Joe and I went to bed, shortly after midnight. * * * * * * * * * * * * On Sunday morning, January 28th, Joe and I woke up about 8:00 AM, and just relaxed in bed for a while, cuddling and caressing each other. I reached down and discovered that Joe was fully erect, and had some precum seeping from the tip of his cock. "Doug," Joe said, softly," we haven’t done anything for a while, I think some Sunday Morning Delight is in order." "My hole is wanting you, but what if the boys wake up and catch us?" I replied. "Hold on," Joe said, as he jumped out of bed and locked the door. "It’s not like we’d be doing anything that they wouldn’t do, boys in love are boys in love, at any age. Just because we’re more mature doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have sex anymore!" Joe reached into the bedside table draw and got the lube, and proceeded to lube my hole, and his pole. I don’t get much of an erection anymore, but I was feeling a need for him inside me, and I actually was at about half-mast. I’m suddenly so ready for this! I know that when Joe stimulates my prostate with his beautiful hard cock, he still can get me off. My hole expands easily, and there is very little pain anymore, but I go crazy when I feel him inside me. It makes me feel full, and complete. Joe placed a pillow under my butt, raised my legs over his shoulders and started to push in. God it felt good. Joe, without slipping out, leaned in and we kissed, passionately. A few minutes of Joe pumping into my hole, and he knew exactly the angle he needed to achieve, to stimulate my sweet spot. I could feel my orgasm building, even though I was only partially erect. "Baby," I said softly, "I’m close!" "So am I!" Joe exclaimed, "Doug, you feel just a good, and as tight, as you ever did, I love your ass!" "I’m cumming!" I exclaimed, as my seed exploded all over my stomach. My spinchter tightened around Joe’s cock, and I could feel him filling my bottom with his heavy load of sperm. Joe collapsed on top of me, squishing my cum between us. We both kissed ferociously, and enjoyed the rapture we had just experienced, and shared a few minutes in the afterglow of our love session. We finally decided to greet the day, about 9:30 AM. Joe and I shared a shower together, taking a lesson from our Sons. They’re right, it is very satisfying to shower with the one you love. We dried off and walked back into the bedroom and looked at the bed. The sheet was pretty messy, mostly from Joe’s man’s milk that had dribbled out of my man cunt. There was no doubt that they needed to be washed! I’ll take care of that later. It was about 10:00 when Joe and I entered the kitchen and I started a full pot of coffee brewing. We couldn’t help smiling at each other, like a pair of cats that just finished off the cream. "Doug, I’m so glad that I married you!" Joe commented. "The feeling is mutual," I replied, "my only regret is that we wasted so many fucking years before we finally did it." "We can thank DJ, for bringing us together," Joe said, "Not only do I have you now, but also a wonderful son. I wonder, if DJ and Jamie might someday give us some grandchildren to spoil." "Maybe," I replied, "I can’t help but think that they would make some awesome Daddies. Did you notice how the boys latched on to Steve and Valerie’s kids on Christmas Day?" "I did, they seem to have a lot of love for children, and that could be a big plus, if they have some of their own." About 11:00 AM, Joe and I were on our second mugs of coffee, and the boys came into the kitchen, stretching. Jamie took a glass from the cupboard and filled it with juice, and DJ poured himself a mug of coffee, and they sat next to each other at the table. "Good morning, sleepyheads," Joe said and the boys smiled. "You guys seem to be in a good mood this morning," DJ said. "It helps the mood," I replied, "knowing that Jamal is in custody, and you guys can breathe freely once again. I know that DJ is scheduled to work at 3:00 today, Jamie, what about you?" "I’m 3 to 9 tonight also, we’ve got class tomorrow, so we’ll be going to my house tonight after we get off." Joe and I had, so far, only had coffee, and about 11:30 I was planning to start cooking us some brunch. DJ’s phone rang, he looked at it, and answered. He recognized the number was from the police station. "Is this Douglas Kendall?" the voice said. "It is, how may I help you?" "This is Sergeant Brooks, I’m the desk sergeant at the police headquarters today, I need to clarify something, do you have a nickname?" "Yeah, most everybody calls me ‘DJ’." "And do you have a—friend, named Jamie Seldon?" "I do, what’s this about?" "Just one more clarification, did you and Jamie sign a warrant for Jamal’s arrest?" "We did, he deserved it, after the hell he’s put us through the last two days!" "Jamal is going through his own hell right now, we’ve brought him food, but he hasn’t eaten a single bite, he’s hardly slept at all. The only thing he does is weep, and beg us to try and get you and Jamie in here so he can talk with you." "I don’t think we have any desire to talk with him." "DJ, if I may call you that, Jamal is a total mess, he accepts that he has done something very wrong, and he is, I believe, very remorseful. He claims he never intended to do you any harm. He says he owes you both an apology, and wants to explain his actions to you and Jamie. He’s desperate to talk with you. I understand that you guys have suffered, but I would ask you to have enough heart to give Jamal a few minutes, and hear him out. He is in a holding cell, and there is no way he can harm you." "Sergeant Brooks, we’re about ready to eat breakfast right now, let me discuss this with Jamie, and I’ll call you back with our answer, Is this number OK to call you back? And it will likely be within the hour." "This number is fine, and I’ll be waiting on your call." They hung up. "DJ, what do we need to discuss?" DJ took a few minutes to explain what Sergeant Brooks had told him, and that Jamal desperately wants to talk with Jamie and himself. "Guys," Joe said, "the kid has a spotless record, and if he’s found guilty of these charges, he’ll have a record that will follow him the rest of his life, plus jail time. I can’t tell you what to do, but I’m inclined to think that you ought to talk with him, and see what his motives were, then decide what to do. Talking with him won’t change the case, unless you decide to drop the charges, which would set him free without a criminal record." "What are your thoughts, baby?" DJ asked. "Mixed," Jamie responded, "I don’t really hate the guy, but he scared the shit out of us, and I hate what he did. I don’t guess it would hurt anything to see what he has to say, and we’d be there together." "Should I call Sergeant Brooks back and tell him we’ll talk with Jamal, maybe about 1:15 PM, and we can go to work from there." "Yeah, I’m not sure what that will entail, we both need to be to work at 3:00, and we both get off at 9:00 tonight, so we just need to take one car. We need to get our backpacks from here, as we have school tomorrow morning." DJ called Sergeant Brooks and confirmed that he and Jamie would talk with Jamal, and would be there about 1:15, and told him they needed to be at work at 3:00. The boys ate brunch with Joe and me, dressed in their work outfits, grabbed their backpacks and left for the police station about 1:00 PM.   * * * * * * * * * * * * Neither DJ nor Jamie had been in the police station before, and entered a small room, and were looking through a window at the receptionist. DJ told her that he, DJ, and Jamie were expected to come here by Sergeant Brooks. She announced their arrival, and Brooks told her to let them in, and she pressed a button and told them to enter. Brooks rose from his desk and walked toward the boys, his hand extended. "I’m Sergeant Brooks, which one of you are who?" he asked. "I’m DJ, and this is Jamie." Brooks smiled. "I’ll take you back to the holding area, Jamal’s parents are here, but I know your time is limited, so you guys get priority." When Brooks took the boys back and Jamal saw them, he smiled, the first time Brooks had seen him smile. He hadn’t even smiled when Brooks took his parents in, about 15 minutes earlier. Brooks introduced the senior Robinson’s to DJ and Jamie, explaining that they are the plaintiffs in the case, and Jamal had begged to talk to them, so he’d asked them to come in. Brooks told Jamal’s parents that DJ and Jamie need to go to work soon, and asked them to give up their chairs in front of Jamal’s cell, and wait on the bench about five feet in back of the chairs, until the boys left. Mrs. Robinson, scowling at the boys, "So you’re the ones that put our Jamal in this ridiculous predicament!" DJ and Jamie ignored her and sat in the chairs in front of Jamal’s cell. "OK Jamal," DJ said, "you wanted to talk with us, we’re here, what do you have to say?" "That note," Jamal explained, "I never could have harmed either one of you, it was just supposed to scare you! I didn’t think you would react like this, and I never thought it would go this far." "Well, you succeeded in scaring us, Jamal," Jamie remarked, "you had us scared shitless, but why?" "Because black and white don’t belong together, black and black do, and white and white go together, I figured if I scared you good enough, you guys would break up." The senior Robinson’s faces are showing signs of shock. "Jamal, why did you want to cause us to break up?" DJ inquired. "DJ, I told you, the day of the Christmas Party, when we were out by the Dumpster, that we were brothers, and we needed to stick together. I wanted to give you my love, and get yours in return. I knew I would never have the chance, as long as you and Jamie were so tight. You still don’t get it DJ, I love you!" "Wait!" Mr. Robinson exclaimed, standing up, "Jamal, are you saying that you want DJ, like a man wants a woman?" Jamal, hanging his head, "I—I—I guess so." Mrs. Robinson, tearing up, "Jamal, you were raised on the Bible, how could you stray so far away? You know what the Bible says, about that kind of behavior." "Yeah, but that was mostly in Leviticus, that’s really old beliefs. Jesus never condemned people for being different." Jamal replied. "Being different, and being homosexual are not the same thing, what you guys are into are the works of Satan!" Mr. Robinson said, "Jamal, if you don’t change your ways, you’re going straight to hell!" "Mr. Robinson," DJ spoke, "under the circumstances, I’d be lying if I said I like Jamal, but my heart tells me I have to defend him. Jamal doesn’t need correction, what he needs is acceptance, and love, especially from his family!" "Jamal," his father asked, "when did you start having these improper feelings toward boys?" "Honestly, Dad, I don’t remember a time when I didn’t like boys. Back in school, I used to get into sports, and half the fun of sports, for me, was to get to shower with a bunch of naked boys. I used to fantasize how it might feel to kiss them, to cuddle with them, and to touch their privates, and wonder if they would touch mine." "Didn’t you and Mama ever wonder why I, at age 21, had never had a girlfriend? "We just thought you hadn’t met the right girl yet." "And I probably never will, but I’m hoping I meet the right boy one of these days. I did meet him, but his love is taken!" Jamal is looking at DJ with want in his eyes. "Jamie, DJ," Jamal asked, "I know I’ve done you wrong, very wrong, and please believe me, I’m very sorry. Is there anything I can do, to get you to drop those charges and forgive me?" "Possibly," DJ stated," can you promise to never make another threat, to anyone?" "That’s easy, I learned my lesson on that one, what else?" "Find your own boyfriend, and don’t try to steal someone else’s." "Pretty easy, so far, I’ll never try that again!" "Jamie spoke, "Never stalk MY boyfriend, ever again!" "I can do better, I’ll never stalk anybody’s boyfriend." "DJ, are you satisfied with Jamal’s promises?" DJ nodded, "Then let’s see what we have to do, to get Jamal out of here." Jamie went to the front and talked to Sergeant Brooks. He told Jamie that if both he and DJ sign off on the charges, Jamal can be released immediately, and can go home. Jamie smiled. They walked back to the holding area, and got DJ. DJ and Jamie signed the release form, dropping the charges against Jamal. "Sergeant Brooks," Jamie asked, "Can we watch you let Jamal out of the cage?" Brooks nodded. He told DJ and Jamie to follow him, went to a wall unit and picked up a set of keys, then led the boys back to the holding area. He walked to Jamal’s cell, inserted the key into the lock, and swung the door open, so Jamal could exit the cell. Jamal gingerly set a foot outside the cell, not sure this was happening, then the other foot. Jamal then rushed DJ, wrapped his arms around him and literally picked DJ about 6" off the floor, and hugged him tightly. He then gave Jamie the same treatment. Jamal, smiling, "Freedom never felt this good before! I sure hope I never see the inside of a jail cell again! I can’t thank you guys enough, I think I’ve just found my two newest best friends!" "What are you going to do now?" Jamie asked. Jamal, looking at his parents, "EAT, I hope! I haven’t eaten in two days." Jamal’s father nodded, smiling. "DJ," Jamal inquired, "I know I fucked up pretty bad, do you think we can become friends, you, Jamie and me?" DJ, smiling, "Good chance, Jamal, good chance, platonically, of course." Jamal smiled. "Mr. and Mrs. Robinson," Jamie said, "Jamal is really a good boy, that made a bad mistake. Please give him room to be himself, and not worry so much about religious doctrine. If God didn’t want him to be gay, he wouldn’t have made him that way!" The Robinson’s took their son, got into their car and drove off. DJ and Jamie got into the Tracker and headed to the shopping center to start their Sunday shifts. (to be continued)
  15. It's interesting the way Robbie's relationship with Nicola has developed since he arrived. From distrust and open hostility to the stage where she's almost mothering him. He needs someone strong in his life to tell him what to do. His mom was strong willed and disciplined. An athlete when she was younger and a single parent. It was a huge loss for him and something that has gone largely ignored. Nicola hit the nail on the head when she said he hasn't come to terms with it, but her mother should have been realised this almost a year ago. Thankfully I have managed to avoid most of the troubles I have inflicted on poor, hapless Robbie, but not all of them. There were a couple of embarrassing incidents from my own past which found their way onto Robbie's already overcrowded plate, but nothing too bad, and I'm not going to reveal which ones.
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    Hey @Dodger! I think Tyrone would hit on any young blue-collar-type worker even if he knew to be straight especially if the guy was uncomfortable with the attention – any guy he knew Dewsbury would be able to pay off or suppress. At this point, I'm not even certain that Tyrone is Gay – I think he'd hit on anyone if it amused him. I think he's an equal opportunity sexual harasser! ;–)
  19. Walker gon’ kick everybody’s ass ... and Denver is a dead man. Uhhhhhh isn’t Denver the one who was making eyes at Robby?
  20. Omg....Noooooo. I can't believe his own twin brother is going to have a hand at hurting Larry. I have very conflicted emotions right now, angry at what is going on, sad at how Larry's own brother is having him killed, scare because there is a possibility at Larry's beautiful alpha not getting to him on time.😲 Please, don't have us waiting too long for the next chapter. 😥
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