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  2. Parisian ambiance reflects in Sean's OUTFI(t)
  3. jryski


  4. ObicanDecko

    Chapter 8

    Will, Will... Don't throw away the job offer so easily, you can always go back to teaching later! Oskar seems very sweet, but it seems he's hiding something, maybe some family tragedy from the past? Thanks for another awesome chapter!
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  6. RELIF Roger enjoys living in France PARIS
  7. @Comicality Another video of Ruel, just to show my appreciation of all your hard work.
  8. chris191070

    Alo Chapter 24

    Awesome chapter
  9. Timothy M.


    LOL, I have no idea what Lion Dancing is, but I can guess at the Line Dancing.
  10. Timothy M.


    I should have caught that. Well done. Nice to have such attentive readers, eh ?
  11. A really wonderful story. You can really feel how hard it is for Greg and Nate to overcome their past. But in the end it is worth it.
  12. lomax61


    Thanks Tim. This time around is a formality, but later in the year will be the ceremony with a handful of people, and I promise to post some photos. And talk about cultural mix-up. My Malaysian Chinese partner says he wanted Lion Dancing at the proper ceremony later in the year, and then wondered why I was getting so excited about digging out my Billy Ray Cyrus and Shania Twain CDs and dusting off my cowboy hat and boots.
  13. mikedup

    Alo Chapter 24

    Excellent chapter, things are moving along, To all who celebrate Easter, Happy Easter to you and yours
  14. Jondon

    Alo Chapter 24

    Another great chapter, just wish there were going to be more than the 36 mentioned.
  15. Timothy M.


    I should have remembered this post from the Gay Vacation story. Hope everything goes according to plan. Will you be able to have friends or family with you for the ceremony ? Otherwise, just post the date and time, and all of us will be with you in thoughts and spirit.
  16. We are almost to the weekend and for some people, that means Easter, Spring recess, and a break from normal routines. It means a bit of free time to perhaps write. That might be for the upcoming anthology or just maybe a new prompt story. Considering it is Friday, I have new prompts to tease you and tempt you into writing. Prompt 752 – Creative Tag – First Line Wherever he stepped the sandy beach burned and left glass imprints of his footsteps like a bizarre pathway out of hell. Prompt 753 – Creative Tag – Rebirth You knew when you married your partner that you were accepting the problems that come with it. Different beliefs, habits, and holidays are the least of it for the two of you. Today they started the rebirth cycle. They’ve said goodbye to everyone and will spend their final hours with you before the cocoon forms. When the cocoon opens they will be reborn. Your mate will remember everything but they will have changed. They could be the opposite sex, much younger, or the same sex but their appearance will be vastly different. Their race is known for this and goes through rebirth every twenty-five years. They live a total of close to nearly three hundred years if they don’t accidentally die. What has happened to your partner? Will they stay with you or move on? Unfortunately, I don't think anyone has taken on the prompts lately. If you have and want to share please add the link below. Remember to read, write, and comment. Enjoy life! Until next time.
  17. I will comment more, but to this point specifically, I really like (and respond well to) how Goethe weighted his poems at the end. It's something Shakespeare would do too, but Goethe is all the more free in his use, but just as effective. I think it's part of Goethe's art; he build towards a conclusion that cannot be seen until the reader lands on it. It's altogether remarkable for me, knowing how difficult it is to start a poem and have it increase in both intensity and simplicity, as if the verse were always moving straight to this conclusion.
  18. Graeme

    Chapter 11

    Oh, Richie's father has more than a few flaws. As a father, he's pretty much a failure from what we've seen so far. But he's still Richie's father and Richie can still remember some good times they've had together. I'm still not impressed by his father, but I can see enough hints that he's not a total bastard. His major problem, as @droughtquake indicated before, is that he's impulsive and doesn't appear to think before acting. Not a good thing in a policeman, let alone a parent...
  19. Excellent chapter and beginning to the story.
  20. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 4

    That happens, I get involved writing and lose track of the stories I'm reading, You're not far behind, I'm still writing Chapter 10 of Watergame.
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