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  2. Sounds like it's a project that merits another look.
  3. Brian ogled Lawrence's lengthy sausage MEATY
  4. 😎....................As an American, I'm quite willing to step aside and let the gentleman from Australia and London battle out their intolerable differences while bastardizing the King's good English! 🤯
  5. Your blog made me go check things. It was a year ago this month, that I went to that Writers' Workshop, and then rage quit my story. I actually looked at it without getting pissed, and in one archive, I found the next chapter I thought I had lost.
  6. YUCKY Your uncle caught Kenny yelling BOLLS
  7. Just let me know in a PM if you need to talk a short extension!
  8. drpaladin

    Chapter 18

    Desmond has latched onto Jason's advice a little too closely. Everyone isn't the same and it can be and usually is bad to follow a mentor's lead too stringently. This precept about unnecessary attachments has some merits, but being alone for the rest or most of your life is a depressing and lonely path. So Jason was the one to introduce Desmond to the pleasures of having a same sex sexual partner. The flashbacks in this chapter are a little confusing and it's not too clear at what point each happened.
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  10. I have one chapter written and two more to go. I'm going to try, but am not sure I can get it done by the 28th.
  11. Loved the last line... Rob needs to explore his options......
  12. WALKS What! Alex likes kissing Steve? YUCKY
  13. Miss Gertrude, 1953, now that was a long, long, time ago.... ...and back to Daddy on this Easter Sunday 2019!
  14. Next chapter is ready for editing. Yes, it's shorter than usual, but it makes dramatic sense: the two guys getting ready for their holiday.
  15. There’s music, a choir of sorts as though a church or maybe even a funeral procession... there was a door, surrounded by a thick black mist, ominous and foreboding, I was tempted to turn around, but when I turned around, all I saw was darkness, nothing but a pitch black void... This was a dream, no, it was a nightmare, the familiar sense of my skin crawling, the small tingling and stinging of flames licking my skin, searing hot meal wrapped around my wrists, clinging to my skin and burning indents into my flesh. The dream changes and the air is still, heavy and oppressive, footsteps slowly faded in, at first one, then two, then three and then too many more, they were all in sync, all taking steps at the same pace, feet hitting the ground the same weight, the same booming sound, echoing throughout this barren dreamscape, I knew that weight, I knew the person whose footsteps it was, I knew it was “Mom”, that's why these chains were around my wrist, that’s why these hooks were embedded in my skin, that’s why I was being burned, why it was dark, why I couldn’t yell or scream, or ask for help. Perhaps I made a wrong turn on the road of my life, maybe it would’ve been better if I had died with father, or perhaps this was just my life, this was going to be my eternity, suffering under the thumb of my mother, repeating the same events, over and over again. I found myself in an empty room, except it wasn't really empty, not anymore, "You're cutting it close these days, aren't you?" There she was, voice calm yet smirk and smugness within her words evident, I inhaled deeply, as silently as I could before turning around, slowly as not to annoy her, she was leaning against a wall, arms crossed and expression stern. "Now...I told you to take the garbage out of your room this morning before you set off to your lessons... Right?" Involuntarily my body tensed, reflexes ready to attempt to block or dull whatever may come, even though all of it was in vain. This was a memory, a painful one that I was seemingly destined to relive, over and over, daily despite the fact that her “lessons” had only gotten more brutal as I aged. So I resigned myself to my fate, "I was gonna be late..." I said, "...I'm sorry. I'll take it out." I got down on one knee and started picking up the trash with my bare hands, but based on experience this lesson wasn’t finished, not yet, there hadn’t been enough pain, not enough blood, not enough tears. Mother, came up and expressively kicked some of the trash further down the hall, before her boot pressed down atop my hand, her weight slowly pressing my palm down against the dirtied marble floor, I grit my teeth in response, vaguely attempted to hold back any noises that may attempt to escape my lips. Mother didn’t like noise, "Not now. This morning! You were supposed to take it out this morning as I told you to! What do I have to do to get you to listen to me?" She shouted. She lifted her boot from my hand before pressing it down against my ribs a dull ache spreading throughout the area, "Answer my question," My instincts were screaming for me to curl up into a ball and get ready for a beating, but my mind told me to just keep picking up the trash and get it done and over with before she got the chance to inflict any real pain. There were a few times when I could just ignore her long enough to get away without any punishments. I used to hope that I’d be able to do that during these dreams, that I would be able to change the outcome somehow, but usually that only resulted in worse punishments, sometimes images of my Mother being killed, sometimes it’d be burn marks or whips, sometimes starvation on the best days it was only kicks and punches. "I'm sorry," I repeated in my lowest, least threatening voice. "Pathetic, pick this up now and don't make me tell you again." She said. "I am." “What did you say?” "I'm picking it up. I'm sorry." I spoke quietly, she kicked some more stuff further down the hall to instigate me, I knew better than to react. She stepped on one of my fingers on purpose as she walked passed, and mashed it into the carpet, I merely winced, and waited for her to lift her foot, before pulling my finger away. I could handle that. Just...concentrate on the trash, and hide the pain until later. I could do that. She mumbled a few more words and then stepped over it as I tried to get every scrap up from the floor. Then She Walked off into her room, where she was reading, silently in the dark. That wasn't so bad. At least she was walking away from me, it could have been much worse this time. She'll be asleep soon, I’ll have other duties to tend to and I'll be fine. I know I will. "What's taking you so long?" She yelled from her room, I didn't answer. I just tried to hurry up and clean faster. "Do you hear me talking to you?" She repeated, it must have been one of those bad days. She was 'searching'. Looking for me to do or say something, anything, that would give her a reason to beat me until I couldn’t stand. Not that beating me for no reason would hurt her conscience either way. "Yeah. It's... clean." I nodded and I stood up, wrapping the garbage bag up, and getting ready to take it outside as fast as possible. She was standing in the hallway in front of me so as to block my way, but I silently squeezed past him, careful not to make eye contact so as to not look like I was giving her a 'challenge'. Then I felt a harsh smack hit me in the back of my head, the heat from her palm seemingly burning the back of my head. Right, I had forgotten about that bit of magic, hurts to be reminded. "Next time...do it when I tell you." Then She Hit me once again for added effect, and I kept walking, or at least I tried to, Unfortunately, my...Mom could already tell that I was either terrified or angry, and there was no way that she was going to let me go now. Not now. It started with a slap or two...and went on from there. Maybe it was five minutes....maybe it was fifty. I couldn't really tell. But once she began to beat me, holding back the tears wasn't an option anymore. In fact, holding them in would only make the beatings worse. I guess she would see that as me trying to imply that she wouldn't hurt me anymore, and that would only make her work harder at breaking my spirit. There was no fighting back. It was either 'take it', or 'get it even worse'. She was smart to stay away from my face with most of her beatings...most went to my chest or to my back. Occasionally, a shot to my stomach would make my knees buckle, and she would stand me up before I was able to recover. My arms and legs would sometimes be sore for days afterward, and I mean yeah, my instincts were telling me to defend myself because I was being hit, but not with her. With her, I had to let go. My defenses had to come down and I had to just 'survive'. I tried defending myself before, and that intensified her efforts by ten. I tried to run and hide when I was younger, but where was I going to run to? This was home, and he'd get to me eventually. And then she would make it extra harsh for trying to run in the first place. So...the only answer? Survive. Take it and survive, do my best to bare the brunt of it all long enough for him to leave me alone. It hurt, by God it hurt, but I could take it. It's not like I was bleeding too badly. No broken bones or anything. I guess that as long as I could avoid those injuries, then it was just 'pain'. And pain goes away eventually. In an hour or two, I'll be able to stand up straight again, and I'd be fine. She'd hurt me badly, he'd do it just to teach me a lesson and my body would heal right away, too quickly for her tastes so she had to make the next beating more viscous, more brutal. Pushing me hard up against the wall was what I got most, shoves and slaps were common, and so was the occasional burning or something else that probably wasn't legal. They changed every time, and she seemed to be able to put just the right combination of words and pain together, to make a strong enough blade to stab them straight through me. This had become an almost daily ritual at this point, and I was becoming desensitized to the horror of the beatings at this point. I had come to expect them. Through trial and error, I'd become her perfect little soldier and never get caught being a 'pathetic piece of trash' again. Not for that particular screw up, anyway. But there would always be something else. And I'd always be to blame, and I would always get punished for it. Brutally. Some days were better than others, but some days...were much, much worse. Like before, it wasn't so much the physical pain, as it was the abuse that I caused myself, in my own mind. Where I believed every word that she said to me in anger...and I broke my neck trying to be just the opposite. I had to be perfect. Everything that I did, everything that I said, everything that I was...had to be absolutely flawless. And no one would be able to see me or hear from me or anything until I was perfect. Anything less than perfection would mean another beating in my mind, and I couldn't withstand too many more of them. Always afraid that one day I would be bruised or broken in such a way that my brother would have to learn about the terrible life I lived when she wasn't home. I couldn't hurt him, not like this. And if all I had to take was a few strikes and a bunch of bruises...then better me than my brother. When it was over, she pushed me into my bedroom door and down onto the floor. I was still reeling, still aching all over and hoping that should stop for the night. "Clean Up This Room, pretty boy is what you are! Think you're too pretty to do anything around here! Clean up this room and keep it that way!!!" She shouted, then she slammed my door shut and mumbled some more stuff as she walked away. I lay there on the floor for a few minutes, breathing hard but doing my best to make sure that even the slightest of whimpers didn't escape my lips. She'd come back if heard me, I didn't doubt that. So I reached up to grab a pillow off of my bed, my ribs aching from being thrown against a dresser, and I yelled into that pillow. Muffling my silent screams as best as it could. I'd only have a few minutes to stay down on the floor and nurse my 'wounds', then I'd have to start cleaning. God forbid she were to come back and see me still laying there. So I slowly rose to one knee, my stomach hurting with the tight knot that she punched into it, and I crawled around on my knees in my room, cleaning up the few papers and toys that I had scattered around on the floor. My room wasn't that dirty. But it wasn't clean enough for her, and since I was the weak one, the stupid one...that's all that mattered, that's always how its been. I used to imagine that my father was different, that he was nicer but it's not like I could ask him or even see him, he was dead and that was that. These dreams were common, too common, usually, they involved more heat, more flames, more pain but even without the usage of magic, everything still hurt regardless. Occasionally though, there were these images that would flash through my mind, vision of something that looked almost exactly human, save for blood red eyes that seemed to pulse in their sockets, and ashen, cracked and calloused skin, an orange and red glow visible from the cracks of his skin. This thing-whatever it was, was youthful looking, and I would've put him at the same age as me. There was an ease in his expression, it was relaxed though there was something…nasty in the curve of his lip that made me want to take off running. Wearing a suit of black and red, of seemingly charred metal and stones. He, whatever this thing was, it was a far more common sight to see outside of my dreams, a mirage fading in the heat of summer, a reflection in the mirror or water, like an ever constant being watching over me, following me, trailing behind. It never spoke, never gestured, it merely stood still, gaze unwavering and unblinking.
  16. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 10

    Sunday morning J&J awoke to the aroma of sausage cooking. They took their morning pee together, and headed to the kitchen, dropping the vinegar soaked, but now dry, washcloths into the hamper by the washing machine. Their peckers were still a little sore from the sunburn, but they didn’t think they needed any more of the treatment. Uncle Jim was cooking sausage in a pot, and had another pot of macaroni cooking on a back burner, planning to make macaroni salad for the cookout today. Over on the counter, Calvin was rolling out whole wheat biscuit dough and cutting out biscuits and placing them on a baking sheet. Jim was making sausage gravy. "I hope you guys like sausage gravy on biscuits," Jim said. "Like it?" Julian replied, "it’s only about our favorite breakfast!" "And with homemade biscuits?" Jeff stated, "we’ll never want to leave, you guys are gonna have permanent guests!" While waiting for the biscuits to bake, the four men enjoyed sitting at the table, naked, and having coffee. "So," Calvin remarked, "today is the day Julian loses his virginity!" "I don’t think so," Jeff stated, "my cock is too damned sore to fuck, maybe tomorrow, if I don’t let the sun cook it any more!" The other three guys laughed, but Jeff didn’t think it very funny. Julian, cradling Jeff’s cock in his hand, "Poor baby, it’s still pretty red, redder than mine." "You were born with a tanned pecker, baby!" Jeff exclaimed. "It still got burned," Julian replied, "just not as much as yours." The four men enjoyed their breakfast together, and after breakfast, J&J poured refills of coffee and went outside, sitting at the picnic bench with their backs toward the sun. Cal did up the dishes while Jim made the macaroni salad, placing it in the refrigerator. Cal and Jim then joined J&J at the picnic bench, and the four just chatted. "I think we’ve got time for a game of badminton," Jim suggested, "it’s only 11:00 AM, and I know Bill and Elaine won’t be here until sometime after 1:00, but we’ll need to be dressed when they get here. I don’t think we want them to see us all naked." Calvin got out the rackets and birdies, and the four settled into a couple of games, this time the uncles against the nephews. All four of these guys seem to enjoy playing outside naked, thank goodness for the privacy fence! About 12:30 Jim suggested they all get dressed, not knowing for certain when Bill and Elaine would actually arrive.   * * * * * * * * * * * * Church let out about 12:15 and both Pastors Morton and Scott were greeting the parishioners as they exited. "Elaine, Bill, it’s good to see you," Pastor Scott said, "are you making any progress, with the gay elements of your family?" "Maybe," Bill said, "a couple of weeks ago, I had dinner with Jeff, and his boyfriend. Julian is a very likeable young man, and I was happy to be able to meet him. Jim and Calvin invited the boys to spend the Labor Day weekend with them, and Jeff and Julian are with them now, at Jim’s house." "So the boys are here, in Summerton, as we speak?" Scott asked. "Yes, Jim and Cal are having a cookout today for the boys, and they’ve asked Elaine and I to join them. It took a bit of persuasion, on my part, but Elaine has agreed to go. Neither of us has met Calvin and Elaine has not met Julian yet. I’m hoping it goes well." "It sounds like a start," Pastor Scott stated, "Elaine, I understand your feelings, but you really need to overcome your hatred for people like your brother, and now your son. These men were born gay, and the best you can do is give them love and acceptance. I know that Jim still has love for you, but your animosity toward his sexuality has driven him away from you, and it is not something he has any control over." "I’ve counseled a number of gay and lesbian folks over the years," Pastor Scott continued, "and have never met one yet that chose to be that way. The best these people can do is accept themselves, and try to find a partner to love, that can love them back. It’s their only chance to find true happiness in their lifetime." "Thank you Pastor," Elaine stated, "when Jim and I were younger, we were as tight as any brother and sister could be, but when he came out as gay, I just couldn’t handle it. I think now that I can, I want my brother back!" Pastor Scott smiled, as Elaine and Bill walked away toward the parking lot. "That was a rather eventful conversation," Bill said, as he drove them home. "Bill," Elaine lamented, "I’ve wronged Jim so much over the years, because of my stupidity. I may never get his love back, but I want to accept my son, and his sexuality, before I lose him too. What is Julian like?" "Julian is an outstanding young man," Bill said, "but I probably need to warn you. Julian’s parents are racially mixed, his Mom is white, but his Dad is black, and he is an extremely handsome, light skinned black man. I’ve only met him once, and I was impressed." "Let’s get changed and get out to Jim’s place," Elaine said, smiling, "I’ve got some salvage work to do, and I need to get started." Bill and Elaine changed into more casual attire, both put on shorts, Bill donning a polo shirt, and Elaine a nice blouse. A few minutes later they were on the way to Jim’s house, stopping by the market and buying a chocolate layer cake, Jeff’s favorite. When they arrived, Jim and Calvin were not in sight, but J&J were sitting on the front steps, and were both on their feet and standing by the driver’s side of Bill’s car before he and Elaine had a chance to get out. As soon as Bill was on his feet, he gave Julian a warm hug. "Julian," Bill spoke, "this is Jeff’s Mom, Elaine Parks, Elaine, this is Jeff’s boyfriend, Julian White." Julian offered his hand and Elaine accepted his handshake. Jeff gave his Mom a warm hug and kiss. Elaine would have preferred that Bill had just introduced Julian as Jeff’s ‘friend’ rather than ‘boyfriend.’ J&J led Bill and Elaine through the front door into the living room, and Jim came into the living room from the kitchen. "Welcome to our home," Jim said, casually. "Jimmy!" Elaine exclaimed, throwing her arms lovingly around Jim, catching him completely off guard. "It’s good to see you." This was the warmest greeting Jim had ever gotten from Elaine, since he’d become an adult. "Calvin!" Jim hollered, and Calvin soon appeared. "Cal, this is my sister and Jeff’s mother, Elaine, and her husband, Bill Parks, and this is my fiancé, Calvin Wilson." Bill quickly shook hands with Cal, and Elaine also shook hands with Cal, a few seconds later. "Pastor Scott tells me that you two plan to marry," Elaine asked, "so which one of you will be the husband, and which one the wife?" "Elaine," Jim said, "that’s stereotyping! Cal and I are just two men that happen to be in love with each other, and we share most everything. We both cook, do dishes, do laundry, run the vacuum, cut the grass, and (grinning) share the same bed at night!" Elaine’s face flushed, and Bill had a grin on his face. "Jim, is there some place we can talk, privately?" Elaine asked. "How about the bedroom?" Jim suggested. Elaine grabbed Jim’s hand and pulled him toward, and into the bedroom, closing the door. They both sat on the bed. "Jimmy," Elaine said, "we used to be so close, no siblings were ever any closer than we were, until you came out, that you liked boys, and everything changed." "I didn’t change, sis, that’s when you started to hate me," Jim said, "just because I was gay." "Jim, I never hated you, I hated what you were doing," Elaine tried to explain, "I hated that you were dating boys, and that you were into a sinful lifestyle, but I never hated you, I just avoided you." "Elaine, I loved Jeffie," Jim said, "not because he was a boy, but because he was my nephew, and I love him yet today. You stopped me even caring for him when you and Bill had a need for a babysitter. You never even let us develop a decent uncle nephew relationship, something we both wanted, and we have today, but we lost a lot of years that we could have enjoyed together." "I was afraid you’d influence him," Elaine admitted, "and make him gay, and—he turned out gay anyway, without your help!" "Elaine, gay people aren’t made, they’re born," Jim stated, "I could never have MADE Jeffie gay, he became gay all by himself." "That’s what Pastor Scott said too," Elaine said, "but I know I’ve wronged you so many times, Jimmy, can you ever forgive me? I want your love, and I want my brother back, please?" Jim, wrapping his arms around Elaine, "Elaine, you’ve always had my love, it was just very hard for me to show you my love, because I thought you hated me, and I tried to not get too close to you. As far as getting me back, you’ve never lost me. I’m here for you, if you’ll be here for me!" "Oh, Jimmy!" Elaine exclaimed, "I do love you, and I always have." The two siblings shared a loving hug, and even kissed, on their lips, then walked out of the room, smiling, with their arms wrapped around each other’s shoulders. Bill, right after Jim and Elaine emerged from the bedroom, "I’ve been informed that dinner is awaiting us!" The three headed out through the kitchen to the back yard, joining Cal, Jeff and Julian. They all sat at the picnic table, enjoying freshly grilled hot dogs, Cheeseburgers, and Jim’s homemade macaroni salad. Jim, after they’d finished the main course, "Thanks to Jeff’s Mom and Dad, we have chocolate cake for dessert! Would one of you boys like to get it from out of the fridge?" "Sure, Uncle Jim," Jeff replied, leaping toward the door. "Mr. and Mrs. Parks," Julian stated, "when we’re at my parents home, Jeff refers to them as Mom & Dad. Would you two be uncomfortable, if I call you Mom & Dad?" Elaine, sitting next to Julian, and grinning, "Not if I can give my newest son a welcome to the family kiss!" Elaine leaned over, planting a juicy kiss on his cheek, causing Julian to blush, and Jeff grinned, convinced that his Mom has accepted his boyfriend!" "Bill," Elaine said, "can we talk a minute, please, if you all will excuse us?" Bill and Elaine went off to the side, out of earshot. Bill, after they returned, "I know it’s about ten weeks away, but Elaine and I want to invite you all to spend Thanksgiving with us, at our home. You boys should be on Thanksgiving break from college, and you can stay with us. Jim and Cal live here in Summerton, so you guys won’t have far to travel." "That could be a very busy week for us," Jim said, "If we can make arrangements with Pastor Scott, we plan on our wedding for the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and we will to be able to spend Christmas together as a married couple." "Have you decided yet where you might have the wedding?" Bill asked. "No," Jim replied, "Pastor Scott told us he would be willing to perform the ceremony, but that Church doctrine wouldn't allow same sex weddings to be held in the church. We need to find a location to rent, that is large enough for our wedding." "Jimmy," Elaine asked, "how many people do you think would actually attend your wedding?" "We don’t really know," Calvin commented, "all of our coworkers told us they will be expecting invitations, and with their spouses, that could be as many as ten couples, and maybe a few close friends and family members." "I told Jeff and Julian that I would be hurt if we weren’t invited," Bill said, "and that I would attend, even if Elaine didn’t want to." "Bill!" Elaine exclaimed, "My brother’s marriage is a once in a lifetime event, why would you even think that I wouldn’t want to attend?" "I thought, with your feelings toward his kind of relationship—" Elaine, cutting Bill off "You thought wrong! There is nothing I want any more for my only brother than to see him happy, and if that means sharing his life with the man he loves—then so be it!" Jim sat there with a look of utter shock on his face, and tears started to flow down his face. Calvin quickly wrapped his arm around Jim’s shoulders, and Elaine grabbed some napkins and blotted up Jim’s tears. "Does this mean," Jim asked, apprehensively, "that you accept me, and my love for Calvin?" "Jimmy," Elaine said, "I’m sorry I took so long to understand. I can accept your sexuality, and I will accept Calvin as my brother-in-law, on the day you two wed!" Calvin smiled, as did Bill, Jeff and Julian. "Jimmy," Elaine asked, "who is going to give you away?" "We hadn’t really considered that yet," Jim replied, "Perhaps Jeff would be willing to do that." Jeff is nodding. "Jimmy, if you would allow me," Elaine said, "I would be honored to give you away, to such a fine young man as Calvin Wilson!" "Sis," Jim replied, "if you’re serious, I would accept your offer." "I’ve never been more serious about anything in my life," Elaine responded, wrapping her arms around Jim and kissing him lovingly on his cheek. "This is going to be really cool," Calvin stated, smiling, "My sister has already agreed to give me away, and now Jim’s sister is going to give him away. We don’t have a really young man to be the ring bearer, but maybe Jeff would be willing—" "I accept!" Jeff interrupted, grinning ear to ear. "That means," Bill stated, smiling, "that both my wife and my son will be members of the wedding party! I’m loving these plans. I may have a solution for the wedding location. The office I work from has a large room that we use for meetings. It will seat about a hundred people, and I think I can make arrangements to use it. If I can get it, it would be rent-free, and it’s right here in Summerton, Would you guys like me to check and see if I can reserve it for a wedding?" "That would be awesome, Bill," Jim stated, "Can you let me know, ASAP, so we can put the location on the invitations?" "Sure thing, Jim," Bill answered, "I’ll ask this week. You all have not committed yet, about sharing Thanksgiving with us." "What do you think, baby," Jeff asked, "Are you good with spending Thanksgiving break with my family? Thanksgiving is on Thursday, and the Wedding is on the Saturday after, and I know we will need to be here for that." "My parent’s aren’t going to be happy campers," Julian said, "if we aren’t there for Thanksgiving, but maybe we can spend Christmas in Dunbar, and it would be the first Christmas with Sammy and Dom." Julian’s remark opened up a whole new can of worms. Everyone wanted to know who Sammy and Dom were, so J&J spent the next half hour explaining how Art and Vi were adopting the two young children, and giving Julian his long awaited siblings. Everyone was happy for Julian, and especially happy that the children would be gaining wonderful parents. Jim and Elaine’s parents had retired, and now lived in Florida, having bought a condo in a senior retirement community. Elaine suggested that they pool resources and fly the parents up to share Thanksgiving and be able to attend Cal and Jim’s wedding. Jim’s parents were aware and had accepted Jim’s sexuality, soon after Jim came out, but they didn’t know that Jim and Calvin were getting married. Elaine stated that, if the parent’s agreed to come, they could stay with Elaine and Bill, and the boys could stay with Cal and Jim. Elaine offered to break the news to the parents, and see if they were willing to make the trip. Jeff barely remembered his grandparents, having not seen them since he was about eight or nine years old. He hoped they had strong hearts, knowing their only son was gay, and they would find out that their only grandson was in love with another young man. "Jeff," Bill commented, "you are the end of the Parks lineage, so if you don’t marry and have one or more boys, there will be no more Parks and your Mom and I will never have any grandchildren." "Dad, you make it sound so gloomy!" Jeff said, "I know we can’t really look into the future, but I think Julian and I have a future together. We both love and care very much for each other, and unless something drastic transpires, we have plans to eventually marry, and we both want to have our own family. I think we’d both be great daddies." "But," Elaine stated, "two men can’t make babies!" "Mom," Jeff responded, "Most states now allow same-sex marriage, and many states also allow same sex couples to adopt children. Julian and I will do our best to give you and Dad grandchildren to spoil!" "Son," Elaine said, smiling, "I’m going to hold you to that!" J&J glanced at each other and smiled. Bill, standing and stretching, "Elaine, I think we need to head home before we outwear our welcome. Cal, Jim, you guys are great hosts, and I think I speak for both of us, we’ve really enjoyed our time with you guys today, all four of you. It seems you four men get along very well together." "We do, Bill," Jim replied, "Jeff and Julian are a delightful young couple to have around, and we’ve totally enjoyed entertaining them this weekend. They’re welcome to visit us anytime, and that includes the time after we’ve become husbands." "Jeff," Elaine spoke, "I hope you know you’re welcome to come home any weekend, and you better not show up without your beautiful boyfriend. Julian, I know you’ve gained another set of parents today. We love you, and look forward to seeing you again soon. Julian, take good care of my son, he’s the only one I have!" "Thanks, Mom, I’ll take care of him the best way I can." Julian said, smiling, as Elaine gave him a warm and loving hug, and then hugged Jeff, just as warmly. Bill drew both boys to his breast, giving them a loving hug together. The boys walked Bill and Elaine to their car, and watched as they drove off. Bill, on the drive home, "Babe, I’m so proud of you, and the way you handled yourself today, what did you think of Julian?" "Oh my god, Bill," Elaine said, "Julian is—captivating! I can see how Jeff fell in love with him, I did too, and I can’t wait to see him again. He’s a beautiful young man. Bill, you can just feel the love that radiates between those two boys!" "You can feel that same love between Calvin and Jim. I always thought that love between two of the same sex was just a sexual attraction, but I realize now just how emotional it can be. I think the bond between Jim and Calvin is as strong, maybe even stronger than the bond between many straight couples, and the bond between Jeff and Julian seems pretty damned strong too." "I can’t help but wonder," Elaine stated, "Jeff will be graduating this spring, and Julian has another year to go, I wonder how they’ll work that out?" "If their love is true, they’ll find a way," Bill said, "and if not, they may split up. Time will tell." * * * * * * * * * * * * Back at Jim’s house, J&J were having a discussion, about the family cookout. "Baby," Julian said, "I can hardly wait to tell Mom and Dad about today. I thought your Mom would be a lot different, and I was prepared to not like her, but she came on to me pretty strong, and I think I do like her, a lot." "Mom has gone through some serious changes," Jeff said, "and all for the better. She was a serious homophobe, and now she seems to be perfectly OK with our sexuality and lifestyle. I couldn’t believe how she was today!" "She mentioned a Pastor Scott a couple times, maybe he planted a seed in her," Julian said. "Might be," Jeff said, "he’s going to be performing the marriage ceremony for Uncle Jim and Uncle Calvin. I can hardly wait to see them get married, I’m so happy for them." J&J headed into the house and noticed that Jim and Cal were both naked again, standing together at the sink and finishing washing up the dishes. J&J immediately slipped into the bedroom, and emerged again, dressed (or undressed) the same way. Give these boys the slightest excuse to be naked, and they’ll drop their clothes in a heartbeat! One could bet that, when they are in their dorm room, they likely spend a lot more time naked than dressed. They’ve been fortunate to have recently had friends, like Gordy and Simon, and Uncles, that also feel at ease and comfortable without any clothing on their bodies. Jim, as Cal put away the last of the dishes "We don’t have any soda’s on hand, could we interest you boys in some iced tea, and maybe a game of crazy eight’s?" "They both sound good," Jeff replied. "I’ve never played crazy eight’s," Julian stated. "It’s easy, baby," Jeff said, "we’ll teach you." Jim placed ice in four glasses, and filled them from a jug of tea in the fridge, placing each glass on a napkin in front of the four chairs at the table, and the four guys sat, Calvin shuffling a deck of cards and dealing. They played a couple of games, just to teach Julian, then several games for real. Julian is very smart, and learns quickly. "How do you think our cookout went?" Calvin asked. "A lot better than I ever anticipated," Jim replied, "I couldn’t believe Elaine, she was like a different person, and, I think I have my sister back—the sister I used to know." "I was afraid that Mom would try to make Julian feel bad, about being gay," Jeff stated, "but I think she actually likes him, maybe even loves him. She was totally opposite of what I expected!" "I’m glad I was sitting down, when Elaine offered to give me away." Jim stated, "I think my legs would have given out, had I been standing. If Elaine was willing to go out on a limb that far, I had no choice but to accept her offer." "My gut feeling," Cal said, "is that she was very sincere about doing that. I think Elaine is really trying to make amends for all those years of homophobic hatred. Now, knowing that her only son is romantically involved with a boy, she is doing anything she can to keep love and peace in her family, and keep her family together." "I feel more love for Elaine today," Jim said, "than I have at any time since I came out to my family, when I was just Fourteen. I was pleasantly surprised, when she suggested helping to bring our parents here from Florida, not just for Thanksgiving, but for our Wedding. Of course I’d love to have my parents here, to see us get married!" "I’ve never officially come out to my parents," Calvin stated, "but I think they know. Having a son nearly thirty years old that’s never had girlfriend, and always hung with boys, I’m sure they’ve put two and two together. My sister knows about us, and she may have told them, but they’ve never mentioned it. I think I’ll just send them an invitation," Cal said, "and if they want to attend our wedding, they’re only about an hour away." "Cal," Jim asked, " are you ashamed—of me?" "Of course not, Babe," Cal replied, "why do you ask?" "Well, I know I’ve never introduced you to my parents, but they have lived in Florida for as long as we’ve been dating." Jim explained, "but your parents are only an hour away, and you’ve never introduced me to them." "Babe," Cal said, "you’re right, I never have introduced you to my parents, and there is really no reason I haven’t. We’ve dated for three years, and it’s long past time. We’re going to take care of that this next weekend, I promise." "Sweetheart, I’m not trying to put you on the spot," Jim said. "You’re not," Cal said, "I’m pretty certain they know I’m gay, but they don’t know I’m in love with the man that I plan to marry. I will introduce you to my parents next weekend, as my fiancé!" "Babe, remind me I need to go to the Post Office, and change my address, from my sister’s house to here. We’ve been living here together for what, six weeks, and I still get my mail at my sisters." About 11:30 PM the guys gave up the ghost and decided to head to bed. Having all drunk a considerable amount of tea, they all slipped out to the back porch to water the grass. J&J stood at the edge of the porch and held each other’s cocks and drained, forming arches of pee while Jim and Calvin watched, grinning. Then the older men played copycat, and for the very first time, held each other while they peed, deciding it was a fun thing to do, that they had never thought of doing, previously. Heading to bed, the only thing any of the guys needed to do was to remove their sneakers and socks. All four men were regretting that the Labor Day weekend was coming to an end and J&J would be leaving tomorrow. * * * * * * * * * * * * Monday morning Jim was getting the coffee maker ready and felt arms wrapping around him and a cock tickling the crack of his ass. Snickering and turning around he returned the hug, tightly hugging his nephew, and their cocks seemed to also be enjoying a kiss, as they touched each other. "Jeffie," Jim said, sadly, "I’m not welcoming this day. I know you guys have to return to school, but neither Cal or I want to see you and Julian leave." "Uncle Jim," Jeff replied, "I know that feeling is completely mutual. Julian and I have had a fantastic weekend with you and Uncle Cal, and we’re both sorry to see it ending." "I think," Jim said, "that we have made a lot of progress, in getting our family together. I feel that I have my sister back, and I can tell that she has completely accepted your sexuality and your loving relationship with Julian. I could tell, just knowing Elaine as well as I do, that Julian has stolen her heart, just like he stole yours and Calvin’s and mine. Julian is simply an awesome young man, and I hope that you’re love for each other is one that can last forever." "Uncle Jim," Jeff said, "I used to date girls, and I never even thought about dating boys—until I met Julian. I am so deeply in love with him—I don’t think I could ever love anyone else." "It would seem that you and Julian have a pretty strong relationship," Jim replied, "anyone close to you two can feel the love that you two have for each other." Calvin, walking into the kitchen about 10:00 AM with his arm around Julian’s shoulders, "Coffee ready?" "Just now ready," Jim answered, pouring coffee into four mugs. "Morning, Babe," Cal said, pulling his arm from Julian’s shoulders and wrapping both arms around Jim, the two men sharing a good morning hug and kiss, while J&J also shared a loving kiss and hug. Jim plopped a package of six cinnamon buns on the table to enjoy with the coffee and each man took one, leaving the last two in the package. Cal finally cut one in two, sharing it with Jim and Jeff took the last one, he and Julian both taking turns eating from it, Jim and Cal watching and grinning. "What time did you boys plan on taking off?" Cal asked. "If we leave about noon," Jeff stated, "that should get us back on campus by around 4:00 PM, which would be good." "We can get out the blanket," Cal said, "and you guys can complete your sex ed class, Jeff still has a cherry to bust." Jeff, grinning and glancing at Julian, "I think we know enough to be able to complete the class on our own after we get back to our Dorm!" The four guys all laughed. Julian, grinning, "That’ll give Jeff’s pecker a few more hours to heal, and me some time to bid my virginity goodbye!" "We’re feeling a bit lazy this morning," Cal stated, "why don’t you guys get your shit packed, and you can follow us to Cracker Barrel and we’ll have a farewell brunch together." Jeff and Julian, in unison, "Sounds good." "I might suggest," Jim said, grinning, "as disgusting as the idea might be, that we put on some clothes before we leave." "I think it’s incredible," Jeff commented, "that we all enjoy being naked around each other, and it was the same way with our friends from Georgia, Gordy and Simon." "I’ll bet they were gay, too," Cal said. "They were," Jeff replied, "but it wasn’t like we were having an orgy, we just liked hanging around naked together." "I think it’s a gay thing," Jim said, "straight guys like to see titty’s and pussy’s and gay guys like to see cock! My favorite part of gym class, back in school, was showering with the other guys after gym class, and getting to see their cocks." Julian, grinning, "Mine too, I was on the wrestling team, between that and gym class, showering together was eye candy. I always hoped that one of those guys would make a pass at me, but they never did." "I don’t think it was expectation of having sex, that’s what gay bathhouses are for," Cal added, "but the idea of being able to casually glance at other guys junk without reprimand." Then, grinning, "And then we could go home, think about playing with their cock and jack off!" "You too?" Julian questioned, grinning, "Been there, done that!" "Do you still jack off, baby?" Jeff asked. Julian, grinning, "Not when you’re around to take care of me!" "This is an interesting conversation," Jim said, "but it’s not doing a damn thing to satisfy my hunger. Let’s get dressed and get to Cracker Barrel!" The four men headed into the bedrooms and got dressed, J&J did a final check to make sure they had everything, including their phone chargers. Julian grabbed the overnight bag and they came back out, and all of them headed to their cars. Calvin led the way and J&J followed. Being Labor Day, Cracker Barrel was busy, and Cal parked way out in the last row, Jeff pulling in two spaces away. Entering the restaurant, the hostess took Cal’s name, Wilson, and told them it would be about a 30 minute wait time. The four looked around the country store, and the boys bought some candy they thought would be nice to have in their room to snack on. The announcement came ‘Wilson, party of four’ and they were shown to their booth. Both boys ordered different meals, while Cal and Jim ordered the same. Cal and Jim were amused, watching J&J eat, as both boys were feeding each other from each other’s plates, sharing their food. Jim picked up the tab, adding a decent tip, and paid with his debit card, and they all headed to their cars. None of the four seemed ready to part, as they stood together, between the two cars. "Guys," Jim said, "Cal and I work in the same office, and we rarely are asked to work on a Saturday. We also rarely have company, and having you visit us this weekend was pure pleasure! We welcome you back, anytime you can come." "Mom and Dad should be getting Samantha and Dominic this week or next as foster children, until the adoption is cleared." Julian said, "I know we’ll be wanting to head to Dunbar for the weekend, as soon as they have the kids, and I’m dying to meet them." "Julian has waited so many years to have siblings," Jeff said," and I’m so happy that he is finally going to get them! I think I’m almost as excited as he is." Jim, chuckling, "I think, on a scale of 10, when it comes to excitement, you’re both registering about a 12! So if Julian will be their big brother, Jeff what does that make you?" "I’m not sure," Jeff replied. "Baby," Julian said, "Mom & Dad both call you their son too, so I think the kids will acquire two big brothers." "Works for me," Jeff said, smiling, "and if someday our dreams come true, I’ll be their brother-in-law." "Jeffie, are you guys talking marriage?" Jim asked. "Not anytime soon!" Jeff remarked, "but maybe someday, after we have college behind us and are settled in our careers." "This year is gonna be great," Julian said, "because we were able to make arrangements to share a dorm room together, but I dread my senior year. Jeff will be graduating in the spring, and next fall I’ll be on campus—all by myself!" "I’m sure you’ll be able to find a decent dorm mate next year," Cal said. "Maybe, but it won’t be like rooming with Jeff," Julian said. "I’ve already told Julian that I probably won’t be able to get a job in my field near campus. If I need to," Jeff stated, "I’ll take a job flipping burgers, just so I can be close to campus. I need to be close to my baby!" "We’re talking a year away," Jim said, "Maybe you two could get one of those off campus apartments to share, like some of the married students do. Julian would still be just off campus, and you’d still be able to stay together." "That’s something we can consider," Jeff replied, "thanks for the suggestion, Uncle Jim. As much as we hate to leave you guys, we really do need to hit the road. It has been a truly great weekend!" "I guess, if we don’t see you before then, we’ll see you at Thanksgiving time," Jim said. Jim and Calvin shared warm, loving hugs with both of the younger men, Jeff and Julian entered Jeff’s car, and headed to campus. It was just past 4:00 PM when J&J walked into their dorm room and Jeff made a call immediately to Jim, just to let him know they had arrived safely, without incident. Within about five minutes, now comfortably in their dorm room, the boys got naked and sat together on the sofa, just enjoying the closeness of each other. About 4:45 there was a knock on the door and Jeff looked through the peephole, seeing it was Levi, and opened the door. Levi entered, followed by Caleb. Levi knew J&J well, and was not at all surprised to see them naked, but Caleb’s mouth fell open in complete surprise, and seemed a little embarrassed. "Do you guys always hang around naked?" Caleb asked. "Only every chance we get!" Jeff remarked, grinning. "You’ll get used to it, Caleb," Levi said, grinning, "Nudity is their middle name." Caleb shook his head in astonishment. "The dining hall is open," Levi said, "Caleb and I thought you two might like to have dinner with us." J&J smiled at each other. "Sure, Levi, hang tight a couple," Julian said, "Baby, let’s get dressed." Levi and Caleb sat on the sofa while J&J got dressed, and they all headed to the dining hall together. They got their dinners, and sat at a table for four. Caleb, while the four were eating, "Levi told me that you two are like—boyfriends?" Caleb said. "Yes, Caleb," Jeff responded, "Julian and I are very much in love with each other, do you have a problem with boys that are in to other boys?" "Not really," Caleb said, "I think it’s more that I’m just not used to being around gay guys. I’ve always stayed clear of them, and have never had any close friends that were gay." Out of nowhere, Matt and Cliff approached their table. "Jeff, Julian," Matt said, "it’s good to see you!" J&J both stood up and shared warm hugs with both Matt and Cliff. "How was your summer?" Matt asked. "I can describe it in one word," Jeff said, "Awesome! And guess what, Julian and I have the same dorm room that you and I had last year, 101." "That’s cool," Matt said, "Cliff and I got a room together in the senior dorm, room 203, on the second floor. Levi, my friend, are you going to introduce us?" "Of course," Levi replied, "since, for understandable reasons, Julian elected to share a room with Jeff, this is my new dorm mate, Caleb, and we’re right next door to Jeff and Julian in room 102. Caleb, these are two of Jeff’s closest friends, and my friends, Matt and Cliff. Matt was Jeff’s roommate last year." Matt, Cliff and Caleb shared handshakes. "Cliff and I saw you here," Matt said, "and just wanted to say ‘Hi’, we need to get back to our room, and finish getting it straight. We’ll see you guys around." Matt and Cliff left. "So," Caleb asked, "are Matt and Cliff a gay couple, too?" "Most definitely not," Jeff answered quickly, "they live close to each other, and they and I have been close friends since our freshman year here, but they are both straight—very straight. I thought I was straight too, until I met Julian, and he stole my heart. After loving him, I don’t think I could ever love anyone else." Jeff grabbed Julian’s hand under the table, and the two smiled at each other. After they all finished eating, they headed out of the dining hall together and walked toward their dorm. "Baby," Jeff said, "Go ahead and unlock our room, I need to get something out of the car, and I'll be with you in about five." Jeff went to the car and retrieved the little bag out of the glove box that had been there since before the spring semester ended. Julian, Levi and Caleb bid each other goodnight and Julian unlocked their room, leaving the door open. A couple of minutes later, Jeff entered, carrying the small bag. "What is that, baby?" Julian asked and Jeff just handed the bag to Julian. Julian, viewing the contents, "When did you get these?" "A long time ago, before we spent that first night together in the cabin," Jeff answered. "I thought we might need them then, but we ended up doing a sixty-nine, and they’ve been in the glove box ever since. I was kind of hoping we might need them tonight, I’ve still got a cherry to take!" Both boys wasted no time in removing their clothes, both enjoy so much being naked together. Julian, cupping Jeff’s stiffening boyhood and giving the head a tender kiss, "I think we should give this a few more days to heal, and maybe give me a little more time to prepare. Why don’t we save that for the weekend, when we aren’t so tired, and don’t have classes the next morning. I really just want to cuddle in your loving arms and go to sleep tonight." "Baby," Jeff replied, "I want to make love to you so badly, but you’re procrastinating! Please let me come in." Julian pulled the covers down on one of the twin beds, then turned to face his boyfriend, hugging Jeff tightly and mashing his lips onto Jeff’s. Both boys felt their excited cocks poking into each other pubes. "Baby," Julian lamented, "I’m about to give you a part of me that I’ve never offered to anyone before. Please be gentle, and handle it with care." "Do you want us to use a condom?" Jeff asked. "I know I’m clean, and I’m completely virgin," Julian said, "but you’ve had some girls before me. I think we should use one, and get you tested at the first opportunity, then I think we’ll both feel more secure." "God knows, baby," Jeff responded, "the last thing I would ever want to do is to pass something on to you. Let me have one of those condoms and I’ll put it on." Julian handed a packet to Jeff and he opened it, and rolled the condom down over his rock hard penis. Jeff has been waiting a long time for this moment. Julian was on his knees, his butt in the air. Jeff opened the lube, and squeezed some into Julian’s boy hole, working it inside with his finger, and then two and finally three fingers, stretching it in preparation for the ‘real thing.’ He then spread a good coating of the lube on his condom-covered cock. Jeff, pressing the head of his cock against Julian’s virgin hole, "Relax baby, and let me enter you." As Jeff pushed a little harder, the head of his cock poked through Julian’s sphincter, and Julian yelped. "Did I hurt you, baby?" Jeff asked, concerned. "Just a little," Julian replied, "but I think we’re ok, how far are you in?" "Only the head," Jeff said, "are you ready for a little more?" "Yeah, but go slow, baby," Julian said. Jeff slid in another couple of inches, starting to slide in and out, slowly, and pushing in just a bit further with each push. "Oh god, baby," Julian spoke softly, "you feel good in there, I think I’m going to like this, how far are you in?" "Almost all the way, I got maybe a couple more inches to go," Jeff replied, how are you feeling?" "Really good, baby," Julian said, "do you think you can find my hot spot?" "Do you mean your prostate?" Jeff asked, "so I can make you come to orgasm? I’m sure gonna try." Jeff changed the angle of his cock in Julian’s boy cunt, and also felt his orgasm approaching. "Oh!" Julian almost squealed, "you found it! Oh baby, that feels wonderful—you’re gonna make me cum—it’s gonna go all over the sheets, and I don’t even care!" Jeff slowed up, almost stopping his assault on Julian’s ass. "Keep going, baby!" Julian exclaimed, "It feels too good!" "I need to go slower, baby," Jeff said, "I don’t want to cum yet! I want to make our first time last. Baby your pussy feels so good, it’s the best I’ve ever had!" The two boys lay quietly for just a couple of minutes, both in ecstasy. "Baby, please finish us," Julian begged, "I need to cum, and I was almost there when you stopped." Jeff started to pump again, slowly, trying to keep himself from exploding, but wanting so desperately to please his lover. They had started in a doggie style, but Julian had collapsed, and Jeff was now on top, with his cock deep inside Julian’s hole. Julian, as Jeff slowly fucked his lover, "Baby, I’m cumming!" "And I’m right behind you—I just filled this condom," Jeff said, panting. Julian, as Jeff prepared to pull out, "No baby, please stay in me, you feel so good, inside of me." Jeff held Julian’s shoulders tightly and rolled them both onto their right sides, keeping his cock inside his lover’s pussy and spooning Julian. Julian reached over, turning the bedside lamp off and the two boys fell asleep that way. Julian had planned to call his parents, and tell them about their wonderful weekend with Jim and Calvin, but, since he and Jeff had found something else to do, put the phone call off till tomorrow. * * * * * * * * * * * * Caleb, after he and Levi returned to their room, "Levi, how does a straight guy suddenly become gay?" "I suspect that Jeff always was gay," Levi explained, "but he kept his feelings suppressed, never admitting that he liked boys. I know he used to date girls, lots of girls, but never dated the same girl twice. A gay boy doesn’t develop emotional feelings for a girl in the same way a straight boy does." "When Jeff met Julian, he fell, like a ton of bricks, and his gay emotions took control. I watched it happen, and I knew they were meant to be lovers. Julian tried so hard to hide his sexuality, and he was miserable. I helped him to accept himself. I remember the night Jeff took Julian on his first date, and I’ve watched their love grow ever since." "I had really strange feelings," Caleb stated, "just having dinner with them tonight. I could actually feel the love they shared with each other, and it seemed kinda weird. As I stated earlier, I’ve never had any gay friends, but those two boys are so very likable, I think they may become my first gay friends." "Gay boys tend to not collect a lot of straight friends," Levi said, "and I’m sure they would welcome your friendship. I consider them to be two of my closest and best friends, and I love them both, platonically speaking, of course." "Julian was your dorm mate last year," Caleb said, "did you ever have sex with him?" "Nope," Levi replied, "I’m straight, and, back then, Julian was trying to hide his sexuality. There was no way either of us would have ever suggested having sex together. That would have likely fucked up our relationship—for real!" "So you two never slept together." Caleb said. "Actually, we did, once," Levi said, "I felt like Julian was my little brother. One night, after Julian was starting to date with Jeff, I had a strange desire to have Julian sleep with me. I asked him to sleep with me that night, and he was really apprehensive, and said he didn’t want sex with me. I told him I didn’t want that, I just felt like I wanted to be close, and he finally slipped into my bed." "I wrapped my arm around him, and pulled him close to me, cuddled him, caressed his body, avoiding his genitals, and it felt really good, his little naked body next to mine. My flaccid cock tickled his butt and made him giggle, and I kissed the back of his neck but we soon fell asleep, and slept like rocks." "The next morning," Levi continued. "I was pinned against the wall and had a serious need to pee, and I had to wake him, to let me out of bed. Then we both went through the normal morning rituals, had breakfast together and headed to our classes, both of us very well rested." "So you and Julian slept together, naked, but nothing happened?" Caleb asked. "Yeah," Levi said, grinning, "something happened, we both had a great nights sleep! Caleb, Julian and I were dorm mates for both our freshman and sophomore years, and I care very much for Julian, but the love I have for him isn’t sexual at all, it’s more like a brotherly love. He’s a sweet young man, and I’m very protective of him and I would feel terrible if anything ever happened to him." Levi took off his shoes and socks, then removed his jeans, putting them over the back of a chair, and threw his tee shirt into the hamper along with his socks. He then grabbed a textbook, settled on the sofa and started to read. "Levi!" Caleb exclaimed, "you’re naked!" "Caleb!" Levi returned, grinning, "you’re observant!" "You could at least put on some boxers," Caleb stated. "Caleb, if you check my drawers," Levi said, "underwear is something you won’t find. When I’m dressed, I go commando, and when I’m not dressed—I’m what you see." "How can you stand to just be naked?" Caleb asked. "It’s not like I need to be embarrassed by what I sport," Levi stated, "maybe if I had a teeny weenie three inches long I would not want anyone to see it, but I’m satisfied with my genitals!" "I’m just not used to being uncovered, I’ve never been one to be exposed," Caleb said. "What the hell," Levi stated, "It’s all guys in this dorm, and we’ve all been exposed to other guys, and we all have cocks—I hope! Once you get used to letting it all hang out, it just feels good." "I don’t know," Caleb spoke, "I just—FUCK!" Caleb exclaimed, "I’ll give almost anything a shot one time." Caleb stripped off everything and stood butt naked in front of Levi, exposing his six-inch flaccid manhood. Levi, giving Caleb’s respectable sized, circumcised penis a quick view, "You ain’t got a damned thing to be ashamed of, Caleb, a lot of guys would envy you!" "What I fear," Caleb stated, wrapping his hand around his cock, "is one of these gay guys around here lusting for me." Holding his cock in his hand was causing him to start getting hard. "Fuck, I feel like—never mind." "Feel like what, Caleb?" Levi pushed. "Levi, I need some pussy in a bad way," Caleb stated, "I feel like my nuts are going to explode!" "So," Levi suggested, "your hand’s not paralyzed, take care of it." "Levi!" Caleb exclaimed, "I’m almost twenty-one, I’m too old to jack off!" "Since when is there an age limit to masturbation?" Levi asked, "There’s a lot of guys out there that are a lot older than we are that regularly rub it off. Man, you’ve got to release that juice, or it’ll drive you mad!" "Levi," Caleb asked, "do you still—you know—get it off, by hand?" Levi, grinning, "Of course I do, and I’d bet that at least 75% of the guys on this campus do it, and another 10% lie about not doing it." "I thought only teenagers did it, and I should have outgrown it before now." Caleb said, "I think I need to jack off now, I guess I’ll be in the bathroom for a while." "Caleb," Levi asked, "would you like for us to do it together? I’m about due to get a load off, myself." Levi is starting to play with his own stiffening pecker, and had some pre-cum leaking out of his pee slit. "Are you serious?" Caleb asked, "but we’d be doing ourselves though, right?" "Yep, have a seat on the sofa, and I’ll get a towel." Levi grabbed a towel from the bathroom and also a bottle of lube from his sock drawer. "Ever use lube?" Levi asked. "Not for this," Caleb replied, "I’ve used pre-lubed condoms sometimes when I’ve fucked girls." "I think you’ll like this," Levi said, as he lubed up his shaft and the head of his erection, and handed the bottle to Caleb, and Caleb lubed up his own cock. "Oooh, it’s cold!" Caleb exclaimed. "It won’t be, in a few seconds," Levi said. Caleb, after stroking for about five minutes, "Oh my gosh, this feels almost as good as fucking!" "I know," Levi replied, grinning, "and it’s cheaper than a date." "Especially if you have to spring for a motel room," Caleb added, "are you getting close?" "Yeah, maybe a few seconds—shit, I’m cumming now!" Caleb watched as Levi spurted several ropes of cum onto his stomach and abdomen, then milked the last few drops out. "Oh, fuck!" Caleb exclaimed, releasing a huge orgasm on his stomach and chest, a couple of small globs even landing on his face. Levi, grinning, used the towel to wipe the globs from Caleb’s face. "I’ve never watched another guy cum before," Caleb said. "I have," Levi said, "but I’ve never seen a guy cum as much as you just did, you must have had a months worth of juice saved up!" "Actually, only a couple of weeks worth, but that was one of the biggest orgasm’s I’ve ever had," Caleb stated, "I never realized how talented my hand was! Where do you get that lube?" "Most any drug store carries it," Levi answered, "it’s usually near the feminine products. Did I get you hooked on the lube?" "I think you got me hooked on more than just the lube," Caleb replied, "that was really fun, jacking off together with you. Do you think what we did would be considered gay?" "I doubt it, guys have gotten together to jack off forever. If they were all gay, we wouldn’t be here today. I think it’s more of just a guy thing," Levi said, "back in high school, boys got together all the time to jack off, and sometimes four or five boys got together for a circle jerk." "Well, if it’s not gay," Caleb stated, "I could get into doing it again in the future, and since we’re roommates……" "Gotcha, Caleb," Levi interrupted, "any time you want, I’ll be ready to have a little cock fun, like we had today." Caleb smiled. "I think I need a shower," Caleb stated. "I think we probably both do," Levi said, "Wanna shower together, or separately?" "Shit," Caleb said, "I’ve gone a lot further today than I ever thought I would, yeah, I’ll share a shower with you." The two men stepped into the shower together, and did each other a favor by washing each other’s backs. They dried themselves and headed back out to the sofa, both with a soda in their hands. "You know," Caleb said, "This nudity thing might not be so bad, I’m actually starting to feel comfortable, with us both being naked in our dorm room." "I’m glad," Levi replied, "I wouldn’t want my roommate to feel uncomfortable. I think we’re going to be getting along just fine." About 11:00 PM both Levi and Caleb slipped into their separate beds, after sharing a hug together. While hugging, their cocks touched, and both men snickered. Levi, of course, was used to sleeping naked, but it felt a little strange to Caleb, as he’d never slept naked before. * * * * * * * * * * * Tuesday morning Jeff’s phone alarm sounded, waking the two boys. During the course of the night, Jeff had slipped out of Julian, and the condom had slipped off from Jeff’s cock. Jeff, pulling back the covers and exposing the sheets, "I think we initiated that bed last night, and we’re both covered in crusty cum." Jeff picked up the partially filled condom and dropped it into the trash. Julian, grinning, "I think we’re both in serious need of a shower!" "Ya think!" Jeff replied, "Let’s get it done!" The two boys were quickly in the shower, washing each other’s bodies, and sharing a loving kiss and hug while the running water caressed their bodies. After drying each other, Jeff pulled Julian close, wrapping his arms around him. "Baby," Jeff spoke, lovingly, "I want to thank you for last night, and the most wonderful sex I’ve ever experienced, I love you so much, baby." "You’re so welcome, baby, and I’m happy to have been able to give myself to the most wonderful boy I’ve ever known. I’m yours baby, all yours!" The two boys shared another passionate hug and kiss, ignored their boners, and got dressed, ready for breakfast and another day of classes. J&J slipped next door to see if Levi and Caleb were ready to go to the dining hall, which they were, and the four guys shared breakfast together, then went separate ways, headed to their classes. Tuesday evening, shortly after J&J returned from dinner at the dining hall, Julian’s phone rang and it was Art. "Hi Dad," Julian answered, "is everything OK?" Julian instinctively put his phone on speaker. Art, chuckling, "Everything is very much OK on this end, your Mom and I were wondering how your weekend with your Uncle went." "It was awesome, Dad," Jeff cut in. Dad can you put your phone on speaker, so Mom can hear? "That’s a given, son," Art replied, "we almost always put it on speaker when we talk with you guys." "We had a wonderful time with Uncle Jim and Uncle Cal. Sunday, we had a cookout and Uncle Jim invited my Mom & Dad, and we had an awesome time together. Dad, I have my family back—my whole family! Mom has turned around, 180 degrees!" "My parents have invited us all to spend Thanksgiving, as a family, even with Jim and Calvin. They’re getting married on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and Mom offered to give Uncle Jim away, to Calvin—I couldn’t believe it!" "Mom, Dad, "Julian cut in, "Jeff’s Mom has not only accepted Uncle Jim’s plan to marry Calvin, but she has accepted Jeff as her gay son, and me as his boyfriend. So Jeff and I have accepting families both in Dunbar and in Summerton!" "Mom," Jeff said, "we accepted the Thanksgiving invitation in Summerton, but we told Mom and Dad we would be spending Christmas in Dunbar, with Samantha and Dominic. It’ll be our first Christmas with the kids, and we wouldn’t want to miss it for the world." "It sounds like" Vi said, "you’re almost as enthusiastic about the kids as Julian is." "I can’t help it, Mom," Jeff replied, "I know how long Julian has waited to have siblings, and it finally happening is making me happy too. Do you know yet when the kids are coming home?" "CPS is supposed to be bringing them to their new home next Monday," Art said, "a week from yesterday." "Our last class on Friday’s ends at noon," Jeff said, "so we should be home that Friday by around 4:00 PM, and have Friday evening and Saturday to meet and get to know them. We can hardly wait!" "That will give us about four days to get them settled in," Art said, chuckling, "before their big brothers come to spoil them!" "Aw, Dad," Julian stated, "we wouldn’t do that." "Bet me!" Art exclaimed, "we know you guys too well!" "Jeff," Vi stated, "we’re really happy that it seems your family is coming together. Maybe, one of these days Art and I will get to meet your parents. I guess we’ll be seeing you in about ten days. You boys keep up with your school work." "We will, Mom," Julian replied, "we both love you and Dad, a lot. Tell Sammy and Dom that their big brothers send their love." Art, after they all hung up, "Vi, one thing those children won’t be hurting for when they are part of this family is love. I can’t believe how much love Julian and Jeff have for them already, and they haven’t even seen them yet!" "I have a sneaky feeling," Vi said, smiling, "that Samantha and Dominic, will cling to Julian and Jeff like a wet leaf clings to a windshield." "I almost feel sorry for the boys," Art replied, "both of them have very warm and loving hearts, and the youngsters will sense it." Jeff, after Julian hung up, "Wow baby, just a few more days, and we get to meet your siblings!" "You really like children, don’t you, baby?" Julian asked. "Oh, yeah," Jeff responded, "I think children are awesome. I grew up a lonely boy too, and you gaining siblings is almost like having my own siblings. One of the best reasons for us to marry someday, is so that we can have our very own children!" Julian smiled. J&J went to bed that night in the ‘clean’ bed, a very happy and excited couple of young men. Art had made arrangement to go in late on Friday morning, as Mrs. Jones, from CPS (Child Protective Services) was to come and inspect their home, and give final approval for Vi and Art to become foster parents while the adoption procedure was moving forward, at a snails pace. During the week, Vi had cleaned up the high chair and potty-chair, and they both glistened. She and Art had brought the crib from the attic, which she had also cleaned up, and they had set it up inside their bedroom. Art had picked up a new mattress for the crib, and Vi had made it up with brand new sheets and a blanket. Friday morning Vi and Art had breakfast as normal, and Vi had already done up the dishes, and had even made up their own bed. They wanted their home to be as acceptable as possible. They were sitting nervously at the table, having coffee, when Mrs. Jones knocked at the front door. Vi and Art answered the door together. "Is this the Arthur White home?" the lady asked. "It is," Art replied, "I’m Art White, and this is my wife, Vi White." "I’m Mrs. Jones, from CPS, and I’m scheduled to do a home inspection for the possible placement of two foster children. May I look around?" "Sure, Mrs. Jones, look around where ever you wish, "Art replied. "Looking at your financial data, it only shows income from your employment, Mr. White, Ma’am are you employed?" "No," Vi replied, "my husband has always been an excellent provider, and I’ve had the privilege of being a stay at home wife and mother." "Do you have any children?" Mrs. Jones inquired. "We have a twenty year old son, Julian, that is away at college." "I thought you might have a toddler," Mrs. Jones stated, "I noticed a potty chair and a high chair." "Oh," Vi replied, "those were Julian’s, when he was young. We got them out of the attic and cleaned them up, preparing for a very young man to be living with us." Mrs. Jones, smiling, "It’s both a young man and a young lady. Are you prepared to have separate bedrooms for them?" "We are," Art replied, "Samantha will be given what used to be the spare bedroom, right there, and when Dominic is a bit older, he can share Julian’s bedroom, right there. We’ve set up Julian’s old crib, with a new mattress, for Dominic, in our room for the present." "It’s probably good that you are a mixed couple, as both of these children are products of interracial parents. They are half siblings, both having the same mother, who is black. Samantha’s Daddy is white, and Dominic’s Daddy is Puerto Rican." Mrs. Jones ‘snooped’ a bit in the kitchen, checking the refrigerator, freezer and some of the cupboards. "It looks as if you try to keep a supply of food around, definitely not ‘Mother Hubbards Cupboards.’ Have you told Julian of your plans, and how does he feel about having these children invading his home?" Mrs. Jones asked. "Oh my gosh!" Vi exclaimed, "Julian is like a little kid on Christmas Day. He can’t wait to meet them, I think he’s more excited than we are." "Sometimes older children feel jealous when parent’s adopt younger kids," Mrs. Jones stated. Art picked up Julian’s senior picture. "Mrs. Jones," Art said, "this is our Julian." proudly showing it to Mrs. Jones. "Oh, my!" Mrs. Jones exclaimed, "he is an astoundingly handsome young man. I’ll bet the girls are all over him." Vi and Art silently felt it unwise to mention that Julian is gay. "Well folks," Mrs. Jones said, "everything seems to be fine, and I’ll plan to bring Samantha and Dominic to their new foster home late Monday afternoon if that works for you." Samantha is in first grade, and I’ll try to get back with you Tuesday or Wednesday morning, with her school records, and get her transferred to Dunbar Elementary. She should settle in easily, as the school year has just started. "While they are in foster care, you’ll be paid $150 a month for each of them." "Mrs. Jones," Art said, "the money is a non-issue, what’s important is their welfare and security. Vi and I will happily welcome them into our home and family! Thank you for everything, and we’ll look forward to Monday." As soon as Mrs. Jones had left, Vi and Art shared an emotional and loving kiss and hug. "Baby," Art said, "I’m going to ask Alvin to let me off early Monday—I want to be here when our youngsters arrive. I know this weekend is going to last forever, I completely sympathize with Julian, I think I’ve caught his anxiety!" "We don’t even know what their last names are right now," Vi mentioned, "but in a couple of months, they’ll be Samantha White and Dominic White. I wonder what their middle names are?" "If they’re too awkward," Art said, "we can get them changed too, when we adopt them. It’s going to be strange, and delightful, to have young children in our home again!" "You’re right," Vi agreed, "there is no sound more beautiful than the patter of little feet! I’m so glad we’re doing this, and I love you baby, just as much as the day we married!—No! That’s wrong, I love you MORE today, than I did the day we married." To be continued……….                
  17. Katya Dee

    Chapter 18

    “You did what?!” Jason stared at him with wide eyes. Desmond uncomfortably shifted on his feet. It’s been seven years since that fateful night when he decided to wait for the rain to pass on the bench next to Jason’s house. Seven years since Jason offered him to become his teacher. Seven years since the nightmare had finally stopped. When Desmond learned what Jason did for a living, he was almost scared at first. Killing people for money? The thought made him shiver. Then, after a while, he realized that it didn’t shock him anymore. People had to make living somehow, he reasoned. And if someone is good at something and can make a living off it, why not? Jason just happened to be good at killing; it was his talent if you wish. Somebody could paint breathtaking art; somebody could play a violin in such a way you wouldn’t mind selling your soul to them; somebody could build amazing buildings... And somebody was a natural-born assassin. Jason was the latter. In the past seven years, he taught Desmond a lot. Sometimes he would even say that he taught him everything he knew. Even if it was true however, Desmond still felt like a complete amateur. Jason would just snort at that and say that he simply needed experience, and that he had no idea how good he actually was. “Seriously, kid,” Desmond remembered him saying once. “You pick up things faster than anyone I know. I only have to show you something once, and I never have to repeat myself.” Maybe so, but Desmond still felt uneasy whenever he had to work on his own, without Jason, who made sure that it happened more and more often. “You don’t need to be babysat,” he said once. “You are completely capable of working by yourself. Just remember everything I told you, and you’ll be fine.” Desmond’s first kill (well, third, technically) was a pawnshop owner. The guy was a pain in the ass for lots of people. He charged an enormous interest, and he would use every single trick in the book to rip someone off every chance he got. Desmond thought that it was a miracle the guy stayed alive for as long as he did. The entire case wasn’t anything difficult, and Jason simply handed him the file on the guy, and said that Desmond was on his own. He would be the one to decide how he wanted to dispose of the mark (that’s what Jason called all those people – ‘marks’); he would be the one who decided how slow or painful the disposal should be; he would be the one to decide where to conduct the operation. The only thing he wasn’t in charge of was the time frame. The pawnshop owner had to be dead before the end of the week. Desmond didn’t get any sleep that week. By Friday night, he looked like someone who was suffering from some bizarre illness – he was pale, nervous, and circles under his eyes could put panda bears to shame. Finally, he decided to go through with it on Saturday afternoon. At first, he was thinking of using a gun. Then he decided against it – too noisy, even with a silencer. Then he thought of using a knife. Decided against that one as well – his hands would probably shake so bad that the guy would end up wasting him instead. He finally settled on poison. Jason made sure that he drilled Desmond like a drill-sergeant from hell when it came to poisons. “You mess up the poison once,” he told him. “You are dead.” By now, Desmond knew about poisons everything that was in Jason’s expertise, and that was a hell of a lot. Poison seemed like the a lesser (and much easier) evil, so Desmond decided to stick with that. On Saturday afternoon, he went into the guy’s pawnshop and timidly asked him if he could maybe sell his Grandfather’s watch to him. Desmond knew that he looked younger than he really was (right then he was eighteen but he looked fifteen at the most), and when the guy’s eyes lit up the minute he saw an easy, young prey, he had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep himself from laughing. “Of course, young man,” the pawnshop owner told him in a soothing voice. “Let me take a look at the watch.” Desmond handed him the watch he borrowed from Jason. He knew that the damn thing cost a small fortune. Jason promised him that he’d rip his heart out with his bare hands if he managed to lose the watch. The guy looked at the watch with great intensity. Desmond saw the hunger that flashed in his eyes almost immediately. The man, however, managed to make a very bored and disappointed expression. He was good at it too, Desmond thought with amusement. Of course, he is good at it, he thought right away. He’s been doing this for years. “I am sorry,” the owner sighed a few minutes later. “It’s nothing special, really. And it’s not in the best condition...” Desmond bit his tongue so hard that pain made him slightly dizzy. Not in the best condition? Jason kept the damn watch in immaculate condition for the past seven years. “The best offer I could give you...” the owner hesitated for several seconds. “Maybe fifty talons,” he finished finally, and Desmond stared at him in disbelief. Fifty talons?! The goddamn watch cost at least five thousand! Now he could see why someone desired so much to see this guy dead. He took the watch out of owner’s hand quicker than the guy anticipated. “I am sorry,” Desmond said regretfully and put the watch in his pocket. “I need more than fifty talons... Sorry to waste your time.” He turned around as if he was about to leave, knowing that the guy would never let a deal like this one to slip through his short, fat, grabbing fingers. He was right. The owner of the shop all but latched onto Desmond’s sleeve to stop him from leaving. “I am sure,” he said in the same soothing voice. “I am sure that if I take another look at the watch...” he shrugged. “I didn’t really look at it... Let me look at it under the lights; let me see if I missed something.” “Under the lights,” Desmond thought with a silent snort. “Right... As if you need the lights to tell you that this watch costs more than your entire shop!” He hesitantly handed the guy his watch back, and the owner immediately clipped a pair of glasses onto his nose and turned on a lamp. He looked at the watch much longer this time, his lips moving in a silent prayer. Finally, he turned the lamp off and got rid of his glasses. “I see that I was mistaken before,” he said in apologetic tone of voice. “I am so sorry for that!” Huh, Desmond thought. Sincerity wasn’t so hard to fake after all. “I am offering you a hundred... No, two hundred talons,” the owner said quickly. “To be honest, two hundred is a bit more than it really costs but what the heck! You seem like a nice young man.” Desmond grabbed the watch back. “I’ll shop around some more,” he said firmly. “See if I can find a better deal.” The owner’s eyes were almost desperate right now. He noticed Desmond throw a longing glance at the coffee shop across the street. “Tell you what,” he said as quickly as before. “Let me buy you a cup of coffee and see if we could come to a deal both of us could find fitting.” Desmond hesitated for a few seconds. “Fine,” he finally said with a small sigh. The shop owner quickly walked out from behind his counter, hung a ‘Closed’ sign on the door, and turned off the lights. Desmond couldn’t believe how easy this was. At first, he couldn’t figure out how in the world he was supposed to poison the man. “I mean,” he thought back then. “It’s not like I can just walk up to him and offer him an apple or something... I am a perfect stranger!” Poisoning someone you never even talked to was trickier than he thought. Soon enough they were sitting outside the coffee shop, Desmond absent-mindedly stirring his drink with a small spoon, the shop owner studying the watch under the sunlight. “Okay,” the owner said suddenly, and Desmond jerked in surprise, his spoon flying out of his fingers and landing next to the shop owner’s feet. “Oh!” Desmond exclaimed. “I startled you,” the owner said. “My bad...” He bent down to pick up the spoon and that was the move Desmond was waiting for. By the time the guy emerged from underneath the table, he didn’t know that he just signed his own death warrant. Desmond listened to his chatter with fake seriousness, waiting for the guy to finish his coffee (he had to make sure it happened). Finally, his cup was empty and Desmond grabbed the watch out of those fat, grabby fingers, and got up. “The last offer sounded quite intriguing,” he said. “Five hundred talons sounds like a good deal... I’ll come back on Monday; I have to check with my mother if it’s all right with her.” The guy looked disappointed and hopeful at the same time. “Let me give you my card...” he started saying but Desmond interrupted him. “No need,” he said. “I’ll be at your shop first thing Monday morning.” The guy would be dead before the sunset tonight, he thought. He walked away after a brief ‘Good-bye’ and he felt as if an enormous load was just lifted off his shoulders. Later that day, after he told Jason about the entire thing, the older man just hemmed and said that Desmond put on too big of a show. “Next time,” he said. “Try something less noticeable. You risked being seeing in public with your mark; someone could’ve remembered you talking to him. That’s a risk you want to avoid. Was good thinking, good strategy, but it involved unnecessary risk.” Desmond agreed with him reluctantly. He didn’t even think about the fact that someone could’ve seen him with the man (“the mark”). All right, he thought, next time he’d make sure he didn't get into a spotlight. The next time (and all the times that came after) went smoother, and Desmond never repeated the same mistake twice -- he was a good learner. His latest assignment was a woman named Lorena May. Jason hesitated before handing him the file, and Desmond didn’t know why. Jason never said anything, except, “Be very careful with this one.” Desmond considered simple strangling in this case. Everything was planned; everything was ready to fly in the usual smooth manner. Yes, everything was ready except for Desmond himself. He did not expect Lorena May to be as stunning as she was. Oh sure, he saw the photograph of her in the file, but that photograph didn’t come even remotely close to the original. The woman radiated sensuality and the photograph never captured that, of course. Desmond couldn’t help himself but start talking to her. He knew it was a mistake, but he simply couldn’t help himself. One thing led to another, and before Desmond knew it, Lorena was stripping him in some motel room. That entire night Desmond was riding in and out of Cloud Nine. In the morning, he felt a goofy smile stretching his mouth and there was nothing he could do about it. Of course, he couldn’t even think of strangling her anymore, so he just kissed her ‘good-bye’ instead and went home. He told Jason about it (stuttering pretty much on every single word; his face flashing deep burgundy), and that was when Jason said: “You did what?!” “Errr...” Desmond said, his ears burning hot. “You didn’t finish the assignment?” Jason looked almost murderous right now. “Bloody hell on wheels, Desmond!” He rubbed his temples as if trying to get rid of a headache. “Sleeping with your mark is not the most brilliant decision to make!” “Amoral...?” Desmond offered in a small voice, and Jason just snorted impatiently. “I don’t give a damn about your morals,” he said. “You are the one who is in charge of that. It’s not the most brilliant decision because there is always a chance that you’ll become emotionally attached! And emotional attachment is a very bad thing when it comes to this line of work. It can get you killed! In fact, I am surprised right now that you didn’t get killed... I guess she never even considered the possibility of you being after her, otherwise you’d be dead right now.” Desmond blinked rapidly at that. Dead? Lorena didn’t look like someone who’d be capable of that... “That woman is extremely intuitive,” Jason continued. “And she is ruthless. If she’d even suspected you being more than just a young fresh lay, she wouldn’t think twice before sending you to hell. The reason I handed the case to you was the fact that she knows my face; we’ve had several quite unpleasant encounters in the past. I didn’t want to risk it. I should’ve told you...” he rubbed his temples again. “It didn’t even occur to me that you might end up jumping her. Crap...” “I am sorry,” Desmond said in the same small voice. “I could go back and finish...” “No,” Jason interrupted him immediately. “If you show up there again, she’ll know something is off. As I said, it’s a pure miracle that she didn’t read you. Bloody hell... Desmond, don’t let your hormones or emotions to get in the way, otherwise you won’t live to celebrate your twenty-fifth birthday. And if possible, keep it in your pants. At least, when it comes to your marks.” “Sorry,” Desmond said again. He did keep it in his pants, ever since that hateful night on the docks. He kept it in his pants for four years. Of course, he would feel wild urges quite often (hell, more than that!), but the minute he would even imagine himself being with another person, his entire body would immediately lock up to the point that he couldn’t even breathe right. Finally, when he turned eighteen, Jason said to him one of those evenings: “So you are going to avoid sex for the rest of your life?” Desmond tensed up immediately. “Don’t tell me that your hormones don’t drive you insane,” Jason continued. “Yeah, well...” Desmond shrugged uncomfortably. “That’s what my hands are for, right?” “Hands can only get you that far,” Jason replied without even a hint of a smile. “Look...” he sighed. “If you feel like you want to tell me to go to hell, feel free... But I just wanna help you, that’s all.” “Help...” Desmond muttered, not quite sure where this conversation was heading. “I wanna help you realize that the whole thing can actually feel pretty damn good,” Jason nodded. “Don’t worry,” he laughed when Desmond gave him an astonished look. “I am not secretly in love with you. As I said before, you are not my type. But at least now, you have your driver’s license,” and he winked. Desmond couldn’t help but laugh at that. “Take your time,” Jason said. “If you think you would like my help, let me know.”
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