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  2. Tried to convert current temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius, but ran out of digits. Try to stay cool...

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      Not a problem for us currently, but early next week is meant to be in the 30s.  

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      26°C No clear sun, heavy weather, feels much much warmer. Not  ready to face next week heatwave.

  3. Peterlefun

    The Task

    This poem really hit home for me. You truly are very talented.
  4. I think its even worse than that. Randy is being totally ineffectual to the point of incompetence. He should have immediately pulled Ryan aside and told him that he just overheard Sean saying he was deliberately playing breakup games with them and can't be held responsible if Ryan isn't as committed, as he should be, or Randy is too slow to keep up. Instead, Randy doesn't do anything for two-thirds of the next Chapter during which time he claims: he doesn't know what to do; questions whether Sean is justified in playing these games; joins in a joke about Ariel and Tyler; allows Sean to verbally abuse him several more times. Randy doesn't even raise the issue himself. He waits ages for Ryan to ask and then this is the best that Randy can come up with? Seriously! I asked you if you'd be ok with Sean tagging along with us, you said it was cool." "It is cool. I'm ok with it. You said he was your friend, so..." "Don't. Ok? Just..." Ryan sighed to himself, and said, "Look, you're sick. Really really sick. But more than that, I can tell that you've got a real problem with Sean being here. Admit it." "I really want to be fair about this, Ryan..." "Admit it. Come on." He insisted. I wish he hadn't blindsided me with the question, but only because it didn't give me enough time to avoid the question. "I know we keep going around and around with this, but that boy is up to no good, Ryan. It's so easy for me to see that. Why can't you?". Seriously, that was a pathetically poor attempt to help Ryan see what was going on behind him. Sean is clearly in his element exploiting Randy's total lack of communication skills. Anyway I had better draw a line under this. I don't want to sound like a broken record
  5. nice new pic A!

  6. Thanks, Peterlefun! I know the way they live isn’t for everyone, but I’m glad that didn’t detract from the story. Those relationships were integral to this tale, and to the characters living them. 😊
  7. FanLit

    Chapter 8

    I go back to what I previously said: Julian deserves many bad things to happen to him for who he was, even if he is less now; That I feel any sympathy, let alone anger on someone harming Julian, through Raven or otherwise) is a testament to your ability to make me care for an otherwise unsympathetic character, as I surely wish bad happenings on those who have messed with Raven and his mate.
  8. Today
  9. What an inspiring and heart warming story, even with the tragedy thrown in. Your portrayal of their unique relationships and how they work was terrific.
  10. FanLit

    Chapter 6

    Getting caught pleasuring himself.... Julian realizing his mate was so true that he’d rather be fucked by him in absentia than messing with someone else.... The amazing reunion sex that came as a result.... This chapter was hot, in that respect. I’m concerned about Desmond, how peaceful can his life be now, jumping from dream to dream? I’m glad he’s there to help Raven but “He had no way of knowing that the next time he would talk to his mate would be ten days from now.” is ominous, at the very least. 😳
  11. FanLit

    Chapter 5

    “The manipulator is not recognized by a dreamer,” the paragraph said. “It is connected to several factors, one of them being the fact that the manipulator is always invading the events of the past when the dreamer had no knowledge of them yet. However, as to every rule, there is an exception, i.e. the bond.” Duh!! Desmond saved your life?!?! And took damn care of you, too, enough that you wouldn’t let Julian hurt him. There’s a bond there.
  12. Randy has tried to tell Ryan about the conversation in the toilet, only Ryan has fallen into his word and has said it doesn't matter to him what sean says because he would never do anything with him. Randy is satisfied quickly.
  13. Tonyr

    Chapter 33

    First time i see something like that. It doesn't make sense. Joe's father left his Wife money that she couldn't cash, knowing she wouldn't be well off so she could left the money to others. Joe's father really had a twisted way of thinking. That just doesn't add up. Sorry.
  14. LOL. Um... he's right here.
  15. Yes... many didn't make it through past eras, and that is part of the pain. I might have pushed away that part of me, but I was always aware of the world around me. Sometimes, it was like I was two people, but only one got to live. I get what you mean about pain expressed through poetry(writing). It doesn't sound weird, my friend. Writing gives voice to that other me, and pain was a big part of his postponed journey. And in saying this, it's not to say I wasn't a whole person... I was... I just wasn't in touch with my entire identity... it wasn't in my best interest... or so I told myself for those many years. I was wrong, but I wouldn't change it now, not if it would change my beautiful family. I made my choice, put my life in motion, and lived it. I like who I am... the part of me who was a shadow, is now fully in the light, and has lived a good life too. It was delayed, but it was/is worthwhile. I am fortunate in the end. But, I would never wish my journey on another. Our formative years should be unencumbered by narrow notions and real fear. I wish that for all the LGBTQ youth around the world. Unfortunately, the battle is still being fought, and there are still those who feel the need to hide who they are. See how poetry makes us think? It has helped me immensely in coming to grips with my past, and maybe it spurs the occasional reader to self reflect, or see the world in a different light. The thought of that makes me happy. Cheers, FanLit. Thank you for delving into this work, and for supporting my efforts.
  16. I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and that it grabbed you enough to stick with it. Thank you for for reading, commenting, and rating. It was great hearing from you in the chapters... I appreciate that.
  17. Yes. At some point it becomes impossible to avoid seeing something that big. Because, it really is huge. I wanted it to feel right, unforced. Proximity meant they had a chance to notice the potential in one another, though Markus had already dreamed about what happened between them all. You're right. Nate and Christopher are used to sharing. They knew that they could, and not diminish the love they felt for one another. Tad taught them both that, and it's a lesson they keep, even now. Markus does remind them of Tad in ways. But he's different too, and he makes them feel new things that belong only to him. Nice play on words (blown away), lol. Thanks for reading. I'm glad the three didn't feel forced. The plan, really, was not for Markus to "fill in" for Tad. It was for him to take his place with the men right when they needed it... when they could all accept it.
  18. drpaladin

    Chapter 12

    They didn't need to travel far to find the war. If they had waited, it would have come to them. All roads would have likely led to the same path.
  19. Superpride

    Chapter Fourteen

    The short time frame can also possibly show how desperately they want Alexandra's information on the Holy Grail's location, or maybe they just aren't that smart when it comes to setting up a ransom. We'll see in the next chapter. Reading your thoughts is always great. 😄
  20. FanLit

    Chapter 3

    “Ever since a month or so ago, guilt that would be gnawing at him every time after they came back from one of the ‘parties,’ started to diminish immensely. By now, it disappeared completely – Raven wouldn’t feel even a shadow of remorse. At first, it bothered him somewhat, but finally, he shrugged it off, figuring that the absence of pangs of conscience was a rather good thing, at least in his book.” 🤨 I’m not sure how I feel about this. Raven is the closest thing Julian has to a conscience, having Raven okay with this, even indulging in it with him, makes me fear how far Julian will go. The thought of more Sams walking around is disturbing to me. Is it possible that Desmond has the gift Julian hinted at but that Desmond has had the same face since he was young?
  21. Geemeedee

    Chapter 10

    I’m on Team Alex. I like his confidence once he knew the coast was clear. Sean seems needy to me, always asking for Tyler’s approval. Also, I don’t know how Tyler got it into his mind that Sean is from a poor background — his clothes were nice when he showed up and he looked like he’d never done a day of manual labor. I think it’ll be between Sean, who has the means to take Tyler to a ballgame and more; and Alex, who may have experienced a similar financial upbringing and is more assured in his approach. Either way, Tyler’s romantic life is looking up.
  22. drpaladin

    Chapter Fourteen

    With such a short time frame, you get the impression they might not care if he complies. Will would be a considerable thorn to remove. They also may have no intention of letting him go.
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