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  2. Geron Kees

    Chapter 13

    Great to see you back! Thanks for the kind words, Gary.
  3. Geron Kees

    Chapter 14

    If my head explodes from all this nice commenting, it will be your fault! Thanks, Gary.
  4. drpaladin

    Chapter 14

    So much happening in this chapter. What was going on between Terry, Nate, and Justy? Oskar has finally found his love match in Peter. But Ed's comment about Henry's sex activities with Justin was a bit ominous
  5. Philippe

    Chapter 87

    I don’t know how you do it but thank you for your dedication and for sharing your precious time on this wonderful story you share with us.
  6. Geron Kees

    Chapter 15

    Thank you! I'm pleased that you came back to finish the tale!
  7. Geron Kees

    Chapter 16

    I am very pleased to hear that from you, Gary. Thank you so much for the kind words!
  8. Geron Kees

    Chapter 3

    I enjoy these school stories, but I always have to guess at what some of the Britishisms mean, like 'council estates' and 'Eleven-plus'. School life is just part of the differences in lifestyles between here and there, but I always enjoy all the different take on life. And your characters are fun and charming, which doesn't hurt things at all!
  9. Reader1810


    That’s pretty cool, Thorn.
  10. Bill W

    A Trial Weekend

    Thanks, flesco, and this is destined to be an interesting time. I'm sure the twins will be fine, as well as Holly, but there will be the specter of their mother's impending death hanging over them at the same time. Thank you for the excellent feedback.
  11. flesco

    A Trial Weekend

    Excellent chapter! The relationship between the twins and the Currie family is growing very strong, the twins can’t help feeling safer and happier than when they are constantly reminded of their mother’s illness and death at home. How can they not be thrilled with hanging out with a group of boys similar in age and having fun. The combined family is in for a rough period when the mother dies. I know that Josh, Danny, Brandon and the rest of the family will be there to support and comfort them. I’m definitely looking forward to the next chapter! 😃❤️
  12. Thanks for giving it a go, Marty! If you are interested in more of this type from me, check out this page. "Hair of the Dog" is another juvenile tale, but the others are grownup. Thanks you again!
  13. Today
  14. There is no such thing.
  15. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 8

    Oh man....sigh. Guess my patience isn't good enough yet to snatch the pebble from the Master's hand...need more time at the Shaolin Temple rather than riding horses in the Old West. That was a reference to the training sequence from the old show Kung Fu about a Chinese monk in the Old West defending good against evildoers.
  16. Cia

    Chapter 87

    Oh, so many interesting thoughts about where the story is going, traitors or no traitors actively working, who Sparkles is to Kohen, what might be inside the eggs.... And what's great is that while I have an overall arc and story theme/idea, because this story is part of the Wednesday Briefers (a group that does flash fiction each Wednesday and links to each other's blogs off GA) I'm locked into the format. It's a new chapter I literally write a 500 to 1k update for each week, no writing ahead, incorporating a prompt if those are sent out by the group leader, to be posted on Wednesday. It gets placed on my offsite blog, but because I'm dedicated to GA, I post 99% of my fiction here as well. To keep posting it as part of that, I have to follow the rules. Sorry! But you can be sure I'll keep posting each week until the story is complete. And since school is almost out for the year, I'll have other things to come soon with larger, more satisfying chunks. Thank you all for reading and commenting!!
  17. wildone

    Chapter 7

    Well, I’m surprised 😮 Everything got wrapped up very nicely in that chapter. What amazes me about your skills, Dabeagle, is that in 7 chapters you fully developed your characters and really, had each of them grow from our first impressions 7 chapters and you have us all invested in these characters and wanting more. Also everything wrapped up nicely too I hope Jack and Derry are in it for the long haul. I hope they are part of Jared’s gf du jour going forward 😛 would it be too much to hope there is a triple date in the future which might have Luke and a new bf along? I guess I’ll have to wait for the sequel Well done!
  18. Dabeagle

    Chapter 6

    The idea was to bring the feelings and relationship with Luke full-circle. Luke isn't a bad person, and neither is Jared - they are just people. Luke is unhappy that he hurt Jack, but as he realizes, for his own sanity he has to tell Jack how he feels. It's not a bad thing. We can't hate someone for not being attracted to us back, no matter how tempting the emotion might be. Luke needs to fix things with Jack because losing another long-term person in his life, as he did with his mother, scars and scares him. Fortunately, now that Jack has had a view outside of his little obsession with Luke, he can see there really are more people out there he could be a good fit with.
  19. James B.

    Chapter 12

    I'll tell you for a few minutes there I was actually worried about Jake. I was so worried Kevin was gonna hurt him or worse. Thank God it turned out for the good. I just Love those nudist children.
  20. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 8

    It's getting interesting!
  21. wildone

    Chapter 6

    So Luke confused me on this one. He basically told Jack why he couldn't be more than 'brother's' but even with Jared's blessing, he knew he couldn't. I guess that is a good thing for not only Luke, but Jack and Derry too. I guess it would be even harder on Jack if he wasn't already seeing Derry As for the photo, I can think of 3 different people who stole it ; Derry because he likes looking at himself , Delia since she would love to have this picture of Derry, Luke who probably knew of all the different pictures that he was the muse for, and finally Jared, who was wise to Jack and Derry and going to get it framed as a peace offering. There is so much more to close out before the end I'm not sure how you will do this! Really enjoying this story!
  22. drpaladin

    Chapter 16

    Magda is ballsy to steal from dark Guardians and antagonize Julian. She must be absolutely innsane. the start repair loop is annoying as hell. 😠
  23. Truly a delight, that will be missed. You must listen to your muse and know when it is time to end a story and move on to the next. Can't wait to experience your next adventure.
  24. Jdonley75

    Chapter 1

    The beginning will be a little low key at first to just set up Tyler's life and his interactions with others around him. I'm still trying my best to keep things as true to life as possible. Obviously, a lot of repeat characters will be appearing but there will also be a lot of new faces and even some that were hinted at but never actually seen in the past. Glad you enjoyed the first chapter and glad to see everyone back for another round through my little world.
  25. Jdonley75

    Chapter 1

    Andy, Troy and Jacob will be constants in the narrative. But there will be many new characters that will join the story over time. I'm hoping everyone will enjoy this new story.
  26. Jdonley75

    Chapter 1

    Well, it won't drag. Much like the last book, time will jump forward from time to time. I like using that method because of the holes they create that can be filled in short stories that could be worth writing but mostly are just unimportant moments of life. I'm pretty sure no one would've been interested in reading about Kyle coming home from work every night and typically just playing with Matt, watching TV, writing a few emails and reading for a couple hours before going to bed. I spent some time trying to figure out where exactly I wanted to start this story and 15 months prior to Kyle's return seemed like a good start. It will give Tyler enough time to grow and develop relationships with the others before Kyle comes in and ruins everything. There's also some other character developments that I felt were seriously needed. I love all my boys, but let's be honest, Kyle and Jacob sucked most of the oxygen out of the room in the last book. I'm not saying they won't get their own time in the book (eventually) but this isn't really their story and I need to give some of the other boys (one in particular) more time in the spotlight. I think everyone will enjoy reading this. Possibly even more than the last. So, enjoy the read, and for Christ's sake, feel free to chime in and express your opinion more often. 😋
  27. James B.

    Chapter 11

    I am definitely loving this story.
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