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  2. Wayne Gray

    Next Steps

    Hehehe. Yep. You sorta called what was coming. Close enough! It took Nate to make Christopher see what he did was wrong (I forget which chapter they had their little confrontation about it). I tried hard to make is apparent that Christopher loves Tad. But he's not perfect. Emotionally he wasn't ready to accept that Tad's life would end. He wanted, so badly, to believe that if Tad just tried, that he could beat the cancer. He's finally coming to terms with things, and it started (of all places) with Nate. Mmmmm... that scene. Yeah, I like that scene with all three of them. Kent and Stanley are becoming more than they were, while Markus circles the drain. There's a reason I'm telling all of these stories. It's all connected. Or, it will be. Thanks for reading, Jeffrey.
  3. Wayne Gray

    Next Steps

    They're taking a big step, yes. And Eureka is a small place. You'll run into the same people over and again if they run in similar circles. These guys have yet to have that happen, but as you've guessed, it's coming. 🙂 Thanks for reading! More's on the way.
  4. HUGGS His ugly goolies got stretched PAINF(ully)
  5. Wayne Gray

    Next Steps

    He's stuck in that feedback loop. That negative self-reinforcement many of us deal with. You're right - he needs proof that he is loveable, worthy, and that he's not broken. Let's hope he finds that proof... somewhere. Thanks for reading and commenting, Tom.
  6. Wayne Gray

    Next Steps

    Christopher is still in that process. He's still going through it. He has begun, though. With Nate and Tad both there to help him, he has just about all he could ask in terms of support. Markus... yeah. That one is painful. Amarillo isn't exactly rural, but it's firmly southern. It's not a place crawling with visible examples of alternative sexuality. Thanks for reading and commenting, Fae. 🙂
  7. mfa607

    The Gathering

    This is awesome!
  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. JeffreyL

    Next Steps

    I am excited for the trio! And moving to a new home together is a great idea! I rather like that this is close to what I predicted a few chapters ago. 😃 Even better, Chris has changed his attitude, and death for Tad is not imminent. Not to mention the sex was pretty erotic! I am also excited for Kent and Stanley! Their relationship is growing beyond "fun." I am curious to see that happens with Marcus and Thomas. I have no clue how they will move forward. Thanks for this great chapter and more of this great story!
  10. Okay... this is funny.  Only because it applies.


    One of our cats has this routine.  When I feed him he always stands by his bowl and waits while I pat him a few times before he starts to eat.  Today, I did it.  I squatted down beside him while my legs were just screaming.

    "This proves how much I love you," I mumbled as he stuck his face in his bowl, purring away, unaware or uncaring of my pain.  Then I proceeded to make all sorts of unholy noises in the effort to stand up.

    I don't overtrain, but I do train hard.  Today is the worst for my legs (two days after working them).  By the time I'm ready for them again they will have just gotten over this last session.

    I forgot how much fun this is.  😄

  11. Wesley8890

    The Wall

    Exactly! Classic stalker behavior. I bet he knows their bathroom schedules too!
  12. brandon87

    Getting Acquainted

    Man Bill you know how to keep us wanting more. Have you ever thought of publishing the series?
  13. Today
  14. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 4

    My Dad still doesn't know and I'm a lot older than Kyle!
  15. Valkyrie


    I think you begin to question your sanity when you know something is wrong, but everyone is telling you there isn't. Thanks for the comments. I think this story is worth expanding some day.
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