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  2. Just woke up from around fourteen hours of sleep.
    I guess I really am sick, damn it.

  3. Wayne Gray

    Chasing Shadows

    Thanks! And Wolfgang's lead has him feeling a little like he's chasing shadows (hence the chapter title). It may add up, it may not. We'll see. Ah, Jed. He's definitely struggling, though he's not sure exactly why the beast is so persistent at the moment.
  4. @Renee Stevens It’s a fun feature..
  5. Recently, I've been delving into the philosophy of Stoicism - an ancient Greek philosophy that teaches the development of self-control and fortitude as a means of overcoming destructive emotions. It refers to living in the moment, retaining emotions, but using logic, clear judgment and inner calm to express and react rather than anxiety and fear. I am guilty of being judgmental. It's something within myself that I work on daily. I no longer want to jump to conclusions or assume a situation is the way it is because it appears to be a certain way to me. There are two sides to every story. I want to approach life with more compassion, less cynicism. Below is a piece from The Daily Stoic, an online community dedicated to the Stoic philosophy. it hit straight home for me this morning. Maybe it will enlighten you, too. We live in a culture where people sit on the sidelines and pass a lot of strong judgements. We look at people we don’t know and decide whether they’re good or bad people. We look at complicated situations and difficult projects and cleanly label them successes or failures—despite having little understanding of what went on behind the scenes. We take an instance of behavior or a tiny interaction—the way someone talked to us at the grocery store or a decision that they made—and extrapolate out who that person is and what motivates them. As we’ve talked about before, the result of these snap judgements is not just misery for us, but an overwhelmingly negative view of humanity and of the world. It’s no way to live. Which is why when you feel that urge to decide—as an outsider or an observer—that you know who someone is or what it means, you should stop yourself. Stop yourself and consider this prompt from Epictetus: “Until you know their reasons, how do you know whether they have acted wrongly?” What Epictetus is not saying is that you should sit there and try to think about why Hitler and Stalin murdered so many people. He’s not saying that right and wrong are relative and that truly awful things can be excused. He’s saying, in the vein of Socrates, that we need to take a minute and really think about what we don’t know in a situation. We need to consider that, with the exception of mental illness, (which is its own kind of reason), most people have a logic for their actions—and that logic is usually not to try to hurt you or anyone else. They are just doing the best they can. David Foster Wallace speaks about this in his famous “This is Water” speech, after several allusions to his frustration with bad drivers: It's not impossible that some of these people in SUVs have been in horrible auto accidents in the past and now find driving so traumatic that their therapist has all but ordered them to get a huge, heavy SUV so they can feel safe enough to drive; or that the Hummer that just cut me off is maybe being driven by a father whose little child is hurt or sick in the seat next to him, and he's trying to rush to the hospital, and he's in a way bigger, more legitimate hurry than I am—it is actually I who am in his way. And so on. You don’t know that someone acted wrongly or is an asshole or that they totally screwed a situation up, because you don’t know the full story. You don’t know their reasons or their side of things. And what do the Stoics tell us to do when we don’t have all the facts about something? They tell us to suspend judgement.
  6. Wayne Gray

    Chasing Shadows

    It's still nice to hear it. Thanks, Thorn. 🙂
  7. Wayne Gray

    Chasing Shadows

    Thanks for reading/commenting! You could be right. Maybe the wolf already HAS claimed Wolfgang. But, what is a pack leader without a pack? That'd make a wolf very nervous if he had nothing to offer a strong mate, wouldn't it? Oh, Franklin. He has no idea how close he is to an extremely aggressive, physical and sex-fueled evening. Then, there are the additional concerns Jed has. He just doesn't know what would become of Franklin in the throes of the moment. We may find out! Stay intrigued... there's more to be revealed on the spirit front.
  8. Wayne Gray

    Chasing Shadows

    Thanks, tim. Jed's wolf is very strong and persistent. It doesn't seem to be going anywhere either. Spirits may indeed play a part. Franklin almost certainly will, in some capacity. There's more to come. So to speak...
  9. By the way, I’m guessing Aditus.
  10. Parker Owens

    Day 21 - Day 25

    I enjoyed reading them very much!
  11. Great chapter, and what a wonderful appearance with Patrick. I have a feeling the tattoo might do the trick. Can’t wait for Sablo and Theo to be back on track.
  12. travlbug


    Jasper has just opened a slimy, disgusting Pandora's box: I can't see Chris voluntarily giving up anything that makes him money, so what might he do instead? (He doesn't know that the other band members are aware of his perfidy [Jasper says, "I went through (the contract)...with a lawyer," not "we went through the contract"], so he might think that destroying Jasper--by reputation or otherwise--may address this issue.) A nice, messy lawsuit may actually have been better than Jasper's confronting Chris in private: Better a snake on open ground (where it can be seen) than hiding in the bushes.
  13. Wow that was intense! I would actually like for Edith to come with her husband and try to fire Cynthia, just so Cynthia would expose them to the world. The situation with Vlady is much smoother since he actually wants to participate in the treatment and doesn't have morons for parents. I have faith that he will get better, but I think Cynthia will have much more trouble with Tyson.
  14. I love it. Its a lot of fun trying to guess the authors.
  15. I think it's a lot of fun! I also suck at it, I have no idea who this is...
  16. Today
  17. Defiance19

    Chasing Shadows

    Another great chapter, Wayne. “Wolfgang's lead sounds a bit like a ghost story.” - Is that a hint at another supernatural addition to the story? And, poor Jed.. The struggle is real.
  18. So.... just out of curiosity, how's everyone liking the "Author Guess Who" feature?
  19. TBT this'll get your Thursday humming along

    have a great day!!

  20. NimirRaj

    Chapter 13

    I’m glad that Richie is getting over his anger towards Freddie though his lust for him doesn’t hurt when it comes to softening the anger 😂 and thankfully unless signals are being misread there’s plenty of clues that Freddie is at least bi if not gay as he seems interested in Richie. Gabe once again sort of irritates me as he seemed to have a girl a.k.a. Teresa so yeah I don’t know if they’re officially dating yet his actions make him seem unfaithful though to be fair at his age most guys as well as plenty of girls aren’t exactly interested in committed relationships so it’s not surprising Sasha would catch his eye. The main thing that irritates me is his whining and abandoning his best friend. I mean first of all in the previous chapter Richie comments to himself that even though Gabe’s going he at least understands that he wants to spend time with his brother only for Gabe to turn around whining in this chapter about Richie & Freddie spending all the time babysitting their brothers while not going on rides with him. That doesn’t make him seem as understanding as Richie thought he’d be and then while I know sort of off script or whatever(not detailed as it’s not from Richie’ s POV) he’s befriended Freddie as well as has likely been spending time with him it still felt extremely rude that he dragged Freddie off ditching Richie just because of some girl. I mean Richie’s thought that it’s because he’s gay seem sort of ridiculous when you recall Gabe, though possibly not seriously, commented that he thought Freddie liked Richie indicating he had suspicions Freddie is gay so if he just wanted a wingman surely Richie would have been able to play the part as it’s not like Richie is obvious or stereotypically gay so I’m sure he could have handled riding the water slide with a girl. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I may be reading too much into it but it just seems hurtful to Richie that Gabe would drag Freddie along who he hasn’t known for nearly as long and abandon Richie to the tedium of watching after their little brothers when he’s supposed to be Richie’s best friend. I hope Richie tells him how that made him feel as it’s not good to bottle that up inside plus if Gabe is starting to treat Richie like a “convenience friend”, possibly without realizing it, not saying anything would likely only lead to it getting worse as Gabe will be ignorant to what he’s doing as he won’t likely realize he’s treating Richie poorly. I may be greatly overreacting as people can just be insensitive sometimes but I can’t help thinking about how Gabe fluctuates between being ok with Richie being gay and then seems bothered by it sometimes making me concerned that he’s starting to bond more with Freddie because he has no evidence he’s gay so he’s potentially choosing his seemingly hetero friend over his gay friend. Hopefully this is just a case of an insensitive, horny teenage boy who was just temporarily more interested in a girl than anything else with no underlying reasons for his actions.
  21. Will Hawkins

    The Fifty Quid

    I have no difficulty reading a story that uses British spelling, just don't ask me to use it in my writing! I can even understand many British slang terms, but not Cockney, I do have my limits. If I come across a British slang word in a story that I am not familiar with, I will use the internet for an American equivalent, but many British terms are understandable to even an old American like me without translation. Now if I could just figure out how to use the Brazilian telephone system, I would be well integrated. My Portuguese partner has escaped back to the Continent to visit his family and will be gone for two months The couple he has hired to feed me while he is gone do not understand English, so I am incommunicado for that time. They are doing a good job, so far, in feeding me and taking care of all the animals that Jose seems to collect, but I am surrounded by silence until he returns. I guess I will get a lot of reading on GA done.
  22. Bill W


    Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  23. aditus

    Day 21 - Day 25

    Thank you for reading my poems, Parker and finding something, good.
  24. Cynthia followed up like a professional. Unless those rooms are recorded, which I'd think they wouldn't be for privacy - however maybe they are as part of the treatement record - she managed to his Edith the only way that seems to matter to her - headlines. Reputation. I've come to like Vlad more than Tyson, which is odd on the one hand - both are as they are do to situations beyond their control. Vlad has chosen how he will respond to that, with the support of his family. Tyson doens't have support, but chose to react to the world as his most hated foe does - his mother. I wonder if it will ever occur to Tyson that Vlad sees the world differently, even though his problems are literally inside him?
  25. Defiance19

    Chapter 37

    Roku is going to snore himself awake, roll over, and then, what sleep?
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