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  2. Wonderful story, that handles some difficult topics with a delicate touch. Heartwarming ending and well worth the reading.
  3. Thanks, Parker. Ahhh, it depends. This is probably a chorus, and there's a lot more that needs to be written before it becomes a song. This bit hit me all at once between the eyes (it happens, rarely). I didn't have to really work for it, it was all just there. But the rest won't be like that. The rest will take time, effort, work to create. I know my pattern by now. My muse is a tease.
  4. I don’t recognize the tune, but I fear that may not mean much. Great song. You will record it, right?
  5. Wayne Gray


    I was hoping they'd be there, molly. The last three times I had gone to this clinic I saw them. Today I decided to take the camera. Of course, I expected to see nothing this time, because, you know, that's how life is. But, nope! There they were. I'm glad you and Phil enjoyed seeing the picture. 🙂
  6. Phil said that was the coolest thing He's seen all day, i have to agree!
  7. jaysalmn

    Chapter 11

    Oh I get it now. The phone, the funeral, the money for the mall...dickhead is trying to buy Richie's forgiveness! He thinks he can just throw money around and everything is magically fixed. I don't care what anybody says, the moment he put his hands on Richie was the moment he became unforgivable! I would rather have no father at all than a bully like him.
  8. Wayne Gray


    Well, to be fair, their herd was there before the roads. 😉 I kept saying that I should take my camera. Finally remembered on this trip to our northern clinic, and BAM. There they were - emergency parking to their heart's content.
  9. If I've learned anything about friendship, it is to hang on, stay connected, fight for them and let
    them fight for you.
    Don't walk away, don't be distracted, or too busy or tired. Don't take them for granted.
    Friends are part of the glue that holds life and faith together
    Powerful stuff.

    - Jon Katz 

  10. MacGreg


    I believe those elk are illegally parked.
  11. Hermetically Sealed

    Chapter 11

    I think people need to keep some perspective on what Richie is dealing with. To start off, lets remember he is 15 and was about 12-13 years old when his father walked out. His first time meeting his "step family" was by accident when he saw his father with (what Richie most likely felt) was his family's replacement. At that same age, he was having to take care of his younger two siblings and his dying mother. That is a tremendous amount to place on anyone, much less someone barely a teen. Two years of carrying that burden nearly alone, and his father suddenly decides he's going to be in their lives again, goes against his mother's wishes and moves the "replacement" family into Richie's home and forces the children to stay with him, rather than their aunt and uncle. He does this fully expecting everyone to act as if nothing had happened, then gets angry and physical when Richie fails to just play along. Yeah, it isn't surprising Richie has made many objectively bad choices. But, he was also dealing with inordinate stresses, while not getting the mental health support he needed. Add on the situation with Wade's death, literally weeks after his mother died and his father decided to bully his way into Richie's life, things cannot rationally be expected to go well. Keep in mind, this entire story from his mom's funeral to now has only been maybe a month, month and half. In a perfect setting, yes, Richie is being an ass. In context of what he has been dealing with, and the age at which he has had to, I cannot in good faith make that same determination.
  12. Wayne Gray

    Wayne’s Randomness

    Exactly as described in the name.
  13. Wonderful story, with enough twists and turns to make it interesting. Heartwarming in the end (which is something us romantics like). Many thanks for writng & posting it. Tom
  14. droughtquake

    Chapter 11

    My parents knew how stubborn I could be and I am now surprised at how much I got away with because they just got tired of dealing with my ‘determination’ (as one of my therapists described it). ;–)
  15. droughtquake

    Chapter 11

    I think in his extremely clumsy way, the sperm donor is trying to reach out to Richie. He just has no idea how to do it. I hope the new wife is helping to moderate his life and getting him to think through the consequences of his actions. He seems to have impulse control issues. Richie seems to be impulsive too. He doesn't just resemble his sperm donor in physical features. I think their similarity causes conflict.
  16. Now, that’s definitely a fun dream. ❤️ Thanks, Kitt.
  17. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 1

    Second pass for this story - lots of smiles!
  18. Palantir

    Chapter 1

    Welcome to the story! I hope you continue to enjoy the friendships as well as lots of smiles.
  19. Spectacular chapter! You’ve brought this difficult and horrible story to all of us in a realistic and dynamic way. The depth of emotions, the complexities of all of these characters, the truly horrific tale of the assault and the enormously traumatic road to recovery for each and every one of them. This was a very difficult story to read, but was told in a empathetic and supportive way. I’m proud of the way you handled this situation. I’ve fallen in love with all of the characters and wish them well going forward. Thank you for having the courage to tell us this story. 😢❤️
  20. Today
  21. Kitt

    Dreamer’s Disease

    Quit dreaming and start recording dude!
  22. Ronyx

    Chapter 11

    I know I was. As a teen, I was extremely bullheaded. If my mother made me mad about something, I would give her the 'silent treatment.' I could go for days or even weeks refusing to look at her or speak to her. It drove her nuts; and being a teenager, I loved it. 😁
  23. mfa607


    Jason! You picked the best ending! Otherwise, I think some people might have tracked you down! Thank you so much for the story and your thoughts behind it! Bravo! Mark
  24. This is a great chapter, and what a wonderful appearance from Patrick! He created a lovely card. Now let’s hope Theo will get the right message...
  25. What a great chapter!! I’m so glad Patrick made an appearance!! I love that story! Can’t wait to see what Theo thinks about the tattoo!!
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