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  2. Philippe

    Chapter 32

    How to train your...not dragon....kinda, sorta, uncontrollable construct of volatile energy; hmmm. Unlike like the Pearl, and the Opal, this is an energy management issue is needing major refinement to bring harmony and purpose to chaos. Our wonderful team of brainstorming problem solvers is bound to find the patterns and solutions to Managing Maurice! Hopefully they figure out the safeguards and blocks to ensure their control before injury or betrayal.
  3. And farther if you look...!! And every bit is just as important as today, the mental anguish and abuse have just not sprung up, and as even now is just as important as then... The lack of gay history is a sign of ignorance. If you can not share the information which is wisdom, and power of who we are... The world will triumph again and find new terrors to rage havoc on today's Lgbt+ communities... " you have to know where we have been to see where we are going" cut and dry... History is the tools to share with the future of the community... If we have no knowledge or care not to (1) history will repeat itself, and (2) then WTH are we fighting for... Because someone says we should, or it's on our doorsteps...its heritage, and legacy others have given their lives for... Not just a right we have because we are... A right we have because of the price paid...through a history of torment and bloodshed. If we are complacent we will lose what has been given by the passion of others...!!❤️💖💗💛🖤🖤🖤...???s
  4. OMG, this little guy is hilarious! @MrM I can totally relate to that. I was in love with Miharu and Yoite for the longest time, because they were "ambiguously gay".
  5. Today
  6. Well I don't do time outs, because nobody tells this King to grow up
  7. MrM

    Too Cute . . .

    Ok, does anyone else fall in love with cartoon characters or have I gone without for so long that I’m now actually starting to lose my grip on reality? See . . . I have a thing for Chat Noir . . . `
  8. Baikalisan

    Chapter 11

    Wish it was longer. Good writing!!
  9. I'm such a dork. I just now figured out how to post pictures to instagram directly from any computer that has Windows 10 installed. Here are the instructions I sent to my niece:

    1. First, you find the image you want. UP ABOVE on the ribbon (where it says file, home share, etc.) click on SHARE. Click on the GREEN share button and go down to where you see all the colorful icons (find the teal one that is instagram). 
    2. CLICK on it to download the tablet's version of Instagram (this also works on other laptops and computers, I've just proved it!) and then Login to your instagram account. 
    3. The important part was your loging into it THROUGH the tablet. Go back to the image that you clicked (the one you want to upload. Click on it again and then UP ABOVE on the ribbon (the area that usually has "file, home, share, etc.") you click on SHARE again. Click the GREEN share button one more time and NOW when you go down to instagram you can actually USE it to upload the darn picture.
    4. You CAN'T post the pic on the Instagram App as if it's your phone (with the little plus sign) because it just goes directly to your camera on the tablet. You have to share it THROUGH the "share" feature of the tablet.
    5. *bows* Thank you, thank you. I now saved you all that hassle of sending the pictures to your phone. Now you can click directly on the picture and just hit "share" and "instagram" to post it right away.
    1. Jdonley75


      Woo hoo!  Auntie Thirdly to the rescue. 😎

    2. Thirdly


      Yes. The sad part is I came across that method by pure chance. I miss the age of hardcopy manuals already.

    3. Jdonley75


      Don't miss them too much.  My mom brought her weed trimmer over so I could replace the line in it.

      After discovering the line she got was too thick and wouldn't fit, it took me five minutes pouring over the manual to find (a) the english version of the instructions and (b) the correct size line I needed to look for at the store.  Two trips around town (I drove her because I'm a gentleman) and a few minutes of taking the thing apart and she was ready to go.

      Somewhere along the way, the manual disappeared. 🤣

  10. The release of Chapter 10 might be a little late.  I'm trying to finish up other chapters and it's been a hell of a time trying to get a section right.  Threading the needle between "Empty Spaces" and "The Acquittal" isn't always easy.

  11. We have several towns with Native American based names here in Oklahoma. Quite a few are simply tribal names given to the city (Pawnee, Osage, Ponca), then others that really confuse those from out of state, like Tahlequah. Edit: we also have Slaughterville -- named for a Mr. Slaughter, and not for meat processing plants.
  12. mikedup

    ADC Chapter 9

    Wow I never expected that, drama and more drama, I certainly hope that he does recover
  13. Geron Kees

    Chapter 2

    Was that fun? Oh. Oh. Never mind!
  14. I just found this series and started reading it. I have been a fan of Comicality for years but musta missed this story. Wow. Covering over 2 decades! The lead characters are so endearing and the antagonist is a pip who keeps me nervous. I am sad that we will probably have to wait a year ro see how dinner comes out. I am hoping that Randy someday breaks down and tells his mother who, in turn, says "I've known for some time and it's ok. I love you and I love Ryan as well." Guess we'll wait until 2020 to see what happens at dinner. WORTH THE WAIT. Having read "New Kid" straight through in a few weeks, I am tickled to see how Randy in later chapters uses phrases indicating that his and Ryan's relationship has lasted (what often sounds like) ages ... years. And yet if I calculate correctly, it has probably been more like 8 months or so. Of course, to a 16 yo kid, it may seem like years. To the author, it has been YEARS ... in a FLASH. 😁 Now on to the spinoffs. Already into "Kiss of an Angel". Thank you Comicality for your decades of beautiful literature.
  15. Geron Kees

    Part 4

    Whoo! Is that my head swelling? It hurts! There. That's better. I used a pin, and let the hot air back out of it! Thanks for the kind words. Farragut only advised 'full speed ahead' when it came to torpedoes. He also said, "The best defense is a well-directed fire from your own guns." The original proponent of 'shoot first, and ask questions later!" Doors? Did you mention doors?
  16. Geron Kees

    Part 2

    Happy to see you again! This is one of my favorite series to write on. Max is a believer in the power of nothing. A little nothing goes a long way. The only thing harder to see than something is nothing, You get the idea!
  17. impunity

    Chapter 18

    Welcome back to both you and Granger! I've missed you both! And thanks!
  18. crazyd

    Chapter 12

    Love love loved it!!!!!! Keep'em coming.
  19. Oh Stonewall happened and it was hugely influential but it wasn't the start by a long shot. There were underground gay organizations that went back as far as the Civil War from my own research. Stonewall had the impact that it did because the ground was prepared for it. Too many people had seen gay brothers, sisters and frineds terribly persecuted to the point of irrecoverable mental illness (because their minds were destroyed), driven to suicide or simply victims of "homocide" that no cop could be bothered to investigate. Decent, reasonable people will not tolerate that sort of persecution and gradually things got better.
  20. JeffreyL


    I love Daniel. Your writing brings out the dad in me and I want to make everything good for him. I didn't think grandparents had any legal rights over grandchildren. I hope Philippe is correct, and a change for Daniel would only come after several steps had been followed. Actually, I would prefer no change. 😏 It is good to have you back and posting. I look forward to more. Thanks.
  21. Welcome to the party bro.

    1. Dmrman


      Thanks, I need one... Or two...ahhh hell nothing better to do lets just go till we drop...😄😄😁🤣🤣

  22. pvtguy

    NB Houn Chapter 2

    A beautiful ending - and you're right - it brought closure to Huon's story. Thanks for this.
  23. Wayne Gray

    Last Wishes

    Hey, why not? If everyone is game, make it happen!
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