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  3. I can see it now. A typical day in the life of @Page Scrawler. Wake up to an Oscar Stembridge song. Eat breakfast. Listen to a random song on YouTube with a young male singer. Work. Come home for dinner. Read a new LGBTQ YA novel from cover to cover. Cuddle with hubby. Listen to another Oscar Stembridge song as he falls asleep. ;–)
  4. Justin returned to the waiting room where everyone was putting on their coats. “Justin, there you are,” Anton said. “Since Patrick is awake and out of danger, we’re going to get something to eat, do you want to join us?” Justin scanned the room and eyed Devin shaking his head. “You know, I’m beat. I’m just going to go home and sleep.” “Well, that sounds fine. After what you’ve been through you should rest,” Anton said. He turned to Devin who pretended to stare at the vending machine. “Devin would you like to join us?” “No thanks, but I’ll make sure Justin gets home and head back to my place to rest.” “Well, can I call you later?” Anton asked, disappointed he declined the invite. “Yeah, I’ll need your address and number if I’m coming to meet my other brothers.” Anton beamed when Devin said, brothers. “I’ll call around seven tonight.” “Sounds good.” He stepped to him and placed a kiss on his cheek. Anton lost control and out right, hugged him. Devin complied and hugged him back. When they parted, he turned to Troy and hugged him as well feeling a firm pat on the back. Molly glowed with pride when it came her turn. Devin hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. “I’m glad you’re safe,” he said. “I never meant for any of this to happen.” “You’ve done nothing wrong Devin,” Molly said, giving him a second kiss on the cheek. They all left. Devin stood watching Justin. “Why didn’t you go with them?” Justin asked. “I want to make sure you get home okay.” He stepped to the blonde and tried to kiss him when Justin turned his head. “What’s wrong too many blondes in the room?” “I heard you talking to Patrick.” “Eavesdropping? Did Adam teach you that?” “He shot you down.” Devin smirked as he dropped his head back before returning his green eyes to the blue ones. “You’re jealous?” “Fuck you.” Justin tried to walk away, when Devin grabbed his arm and yanked him back. “Let go or I’ll knee you.” “Well, at least I’m at a hospital.” “Smart ass, son of a bitch.” “Wow, language.” “You’re just like the rest.” “No, I’m not. Wait, okay, maybe…” Justin jerked from his hold and started for the door. “Justin, cut me some slack…” Devin couldn’t finish when he caught sight of a ghost. He grabbed Justin around the waist, dragging him back into the room out of sight. “I said fuck off,” Justin snapped. “Lower your voice, Justin.” “Why?” “Because I saw Piper.” “What, where?” “At the nurse’s station. He’s wearing a cop’s uniform.” “I thought you said he was dead?” “I saw Bayo shoot him.” “What do we do?” “I’m not sure. Call the cops, ‘’I’ll confront him.” “What, no you’re not.” “He might go after Patrick. I have to prevent that.” “Let the police handle it. If he’s dressed like one, he might have a gun. You could get killed.” Devin saw the fear on Justin’s face and smiled. “I promise you; I won’t get killed. Piper’s mad at me and he might use Patrick as a hostage. I found out I have a twin brother. I can’t let harm come to the man he loves.” “What about you?” “Justin, stay here and call the cops. I’ll be back.” “No, Devin,” Bayo said, interrupting the two men who jerked their heads towards her. “Bayo, great timing; Piper’s here,” Devin said. “I know. We got this.” “We? Who else is here?” The sound of shouting erupted in the hallway as they rushed out. To Justin and Devin’s surprise they saw Adam with his knee in the back of Piper Monroe and a gun to his head. ************** Adam drove like a mad man to the hospital. Bayo told him she was FBI and that she shot Piper with a tranquilizer, but Piper awoke and left before her backup arrived. “Alive, why would you keep him alive?” Adam said, taking corners and catching green lights. “He an asset and has information.” “Now that nut is on the loose and Patrick’s in danger.” “We can’t be sure of that; he could go after Devin.” “Fine, you worry about him and I’ll worry about Patrick.” “Isn’t he your brother?” “A bother, who brought hell to my door step.” Adam parked his jeep at the main entrance and raced up to Patrick’s floor. He took the stairs and remembered an exit at the end of his hallway of Patrick’s room. “Let’s split up,” Adam said. “Fine, but if you come across Piper, Detective Potter do everything you can, not to kill him.” “I’ll do my best.” Adam raced off before she could say anything further. He moved without hindering up the stairs. When he reached the floor, he peered through the window on the door. Piper, reaching into his jacket, entered Patrick’s room. Adam opened the door without a sound and moved down the hall reaching the room. “No, not you,” Patrick’s voice cried. “I know you missed me,” Piper said. “Leave me alone.” “Where’s your hero? I guess it doesn’t matter which one; they look alike.” “Please don’t?” “It’s a pity. I would have treated you better.” “No, don’t!” Adam drew his gun and raised it to shoot Piper in the back when he caught sight of Patrick standing against the wall staring in fright. He couldn’t kill him, not in front of Patrick. “Hey,” he said, catching Piper’s attention who turned. Adam punched him across the chin with the handle of his gun, sending him to the floor. Patrick looked on as Adam kneeled and hit him three more times. He looked up at Patrick, who stood in awe. “Stay here Pat, I’ll be right back,” Adam said as he dragged Piper out of the room, turned him on his stomach and placed his knee into his back. He pointed the barrel of his gun to the back of Piper’s head. “Bayo I have him,” Adam called out. When Bayo, showed up Patrick approached the door, watching as Piper’s cuffed and taken. Adam was a blur at first, then he was in front of him again. “Pat, you okay?” Adam asked. All Patrick could do was nod his head. Adam moved to him and picked him up carrying him back to his bed covering him. “Here, you’re safe now, stay put until the doctors check on you. I don’t want you to have a relapse.” Patrick sat speechless as Adam fussed over him. There was no doubt the man by his side was his detective. When the doctor arrived, Adam stepped aside noticing a filled syringe on the floor. He picked it up and gave it to Bayo as evidence against Piper. When the doctor left Patrick sat watching Adam. “Now that Piper is in custody you can focus on getting better. I’ll just give you space and let you rest.” “Adam don’t leave me,” Patrick blurted out. “Just stay with me for a while.” He reached out his hand and Adam didn’t waver in grasping his soft fingers. “If it’s what you want?” “Yes,” Patrick said. “I went to see AJ. And I told him point blank I want to be with you.” “How did he take it?” “It upset him, I told him to either work it out with Artie or move on but not with me.” “How did you know I needed you?” “Bayo told me she only tranquilized Piper and that he escaped. I had a hunch he was coming for you.” “What about Devin?” “Bayo can worry about him.” “He’s your brother.” “That’s what I’m told.” “Adam…” His words trailed off as his eyes flickered and he fell asleep. The doctor had given Patrick something to help him rest, which took effect. With care Adam took his limp hand and kissed the back before placing it on his chest. He left knowing Patrick forgave him. When Adam reached the waiting room, Devin and Justin approached him. He smiled at his assistant. “I hope you weren’t going to confront Piper?” “Not me, your brother,” Justin said. Adam looked at Devin, whose hair matched his own. “I suppose telling you off would be pointless?” “It would be,” Devin said. “How many washes did it take?” he asked, referring to Adam’s hair. “Three.” “Are you staying with Patrick?” Justin asked. “Yeah; He’s sleeping now. Is Bayo gone with Piper?” “It was crazy how fast she and her colleagues cleaned things up,” Justin said. “Will you still have to testify?” “Yes,” Devin said. “I have things to do. Do me a favor. Don’t tell my…our parents. I don’t want them to freak out,” he said to Devin. “I won’t,” Devin said. Adam looked between the two and observed something odd. Justin avoided Devin’s glances. “Justin do you need a ride home?” Adam asked. “I already offered,” Devin blurred out. “How nice of you. But this is my friend, assistant and employee. And I want peace of mind that he’s home safe.” “How many guys do you need to be worried about?” “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Adam took a step towards him but Justin stepped between them. “Okay, enough, I’m not in the mood. I’m hungry and tired. Adam, Devin offered and I accepted. I’ll be okay. Just focus on Patrick, all right?” Adam saw the genuineness in Justin’s eyes. He reached and brushed a smudge from under his eye. Devin turned away annoyed that Justin held a flame for a man who had no love for him except friendship. “Okay, if that’s what you want, I won’t get in your way,” Adam said. He turned to Devin. “Make sure he gets home safe.” Devin turned and looked at his brother. “That was always my intention.” Adam nodded and returned to Patrick’s room. Justin stared at Devin, who watched Adam leaving. “I can get home on my own.” Devin turned to him and touched the same spot Adam brushed. “I’m taking you home and that’s final.” “Fine, can we go? I wasn’t lying about being tired.” **************** Adam found out it would be a few days before Patrick’s release. Everything fell into place as day one he sent Patrick flowers with two of his favorite cupcakes and a card saying he missed him, Drucilla came by with Shilo to pick them up. Patrick never responded which was fine with Adam. With His father Troy’s help he installed a security system with motion detectors. “Are you sure this isn’t over kill?” Troy asked. “It’s to keep Patrick safe.” “Have you spoken to him today?” “No. I don’t want to pressure him.” “But you sent him gifts?” “Just so he knows I’m thinking about him.” “Okay.” “You and mom going home?” “Tonight. Molly is coming with us.” “What about Devin?” “He said he’ll join us this weekend to meet Paul and Kyle.” “Do they know yet?” “We’re telling them when we get home. We’re calling Damien as well so he’s not blindsided.” “That should thrill Paul.” “It will be a shock. It would help if you were there.” “I can’t leave right now.” “Then come down this weekend.” “I’ll see. Patrick has to heal.” “Well, try.” “I’ll try.” “Okay, this is the last panel all you need to do is turn it on and set the code.” “Thanks dad. Tell mom, I’ll call tomorrow.” “I will.” Troy left and Adam tested his system. When everything was in working order, he called in a favor to Patrick’s mother who sent Shilo to aid Adam in getting into Patrick’s storage unit. On the second day he sent Patrick balloons and a stuffed panda. Still no response from Patrick but Adam remained optimistic. On the third day Adam planned to visit Patrick but is awakened by someone breaking into his house. Adam moved through the house without a sound. The intruder was in the kitchen. He noticed something familiar in the air. A scent he smelled before making his heart pound. He lowered his gun and move in a jog to the kitchen. Patrick stood staring into the refrigerator with a confused, lost look; something he’s done many times when he wasn’t sure what he was looking for. Adam saw the coffee maker on but heard no brewing, a pan sat on an open flame with nothing in it. He turned off the machine then the fire and removed the smoking pan and placed it in the sink. The clank of the metal pan in the sink startled Patrick, who turned with a jump. “Adam,” he said not expecting to see him standing in his underwear. “Pat, your home?” “Well, I wanted to make breakfast, but I can’t find anything to cook. And I forget where you put the coffee.” Adam moved to him and stood in front of him. He searched his eyes and saw no hesitance in looking back. “How did you get here?” “My mother and Shilo dropped me off.” “I want to kiss you,” Adam said. “I want to kiss you,” Patrick repeated. They embraced and emotions spilled forth. Hands traveled over each other without shame. When they released, for air, a sigh of relief washed over them as their foreheads touched. “You have too much clothes on,” Adam said. Patrick laughed and allowed Adam to strip his body. His briefs were the only article remaining. Adam stopped when he saw the bruises along his thighs. “That bastard did this to you.” His words stung Patrick as his fingers traced his marked skin. “It’ll heal,” Patrick said. Adam realized he made Patrick feel self-conscious. “At least we match,” Adam said. Pointing to his many bruises. Patrick trailed his fingers along Adam’s defined body towards his briefs. “You know, it’s kind of warm in here,” Patrick said. “You think so…” Adam stopped talking when Patrick yanked down his shorts them pushed off his own. “Let’s skip foreplay, just this once.” Adam said nothing as he lifts Patrick to straddle him and carried him out the kitchen, and into the breakfast room. Where he pressed his back to the door leading to the garden. “We haven’t done it here yet.” “Fuck me Adam.” With the help of spit Adam lubes his cock and Patrick’s entry enough to enter. Patrick, feeling the fullness inside him held onto Adam as he’s bounced; their desire increasing with each thrust. Patrick could feel the chilled glass against his bare skin along with Adam’s fingers kneading his ass. Adam made sure Patrick’s own erection road against their pressed bodies as his pounding increased. Neither realized how stored up their lust was until Adam climax inside and Patrick’s spilled between them. Adam lowered Patrick and reached for a hand towel on the wall. He cleaned them and held onto Patrick as they kissed. Adam broke the embrace. “You’re just going to stop there?” Patrick asked. “For now. Because there’s something I want to ask you,” Adam said. “Well, ask, I want you.” They kissed again and Adam swooped him into his arms and carried him to their bedroom. Adam placed him down on the edge of his own side of the bed, then dropped to one knee. He opened his nightstand and removed a small box. Patrick’s body stiffened as he remained quiet. “Patrick Valdez, I’ve should have done this before we moved in and I apologize for that. But I want to make it right.” He opened the box and presented the ring to Patrick. “Will you marry me?” “Adam, I never knew you wanted to get married. And to someone like me.” “Pat…” “No, let me finish.” Adam obeyed. “I came into this relationship with a lot of baggage and I know you did too, but I never dreamed you would want to take this step. I need to know if you’re sure you want to do this?” “More than anything Pat, I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you.” “Then yes, Detective Adam Potter, I will marry you. Now put that ring on my finger before you change your mind.” Adam removed the three stone ring and slid it onto his finger. Patrick grin warmed his heart as Adam pushed him back onto the bed and joined him. “I have one other thing for you,” Adam said, reaching under Patrick’s pillow and removing a remote. “What else could you give me?” “You’ll see.” He pressed a button and looked towards the bedroom door. Patrick’s eyes followed and watched as an old friend rounded the corner. “Good morning Patrick and Detective Potter; shall I make breakfast?” “Poe?” Patrick said, sitting up. “Is it you?” “My readings say yes.” “Adam, you got him out of storage for me?” “Well, I know you miss him and I thought he could be useful around here.” “But he’s not equipped for this house.” “I know, I had to choose either upstairs or down.” “I can’t believe you did this for me. You weren’t sure I was coming back.” “I took a chance and…” “Excuse me Detective Potter, but you haven’t answered my question,” Poe said. “Oh, yeah, no, we want to be alone,” Adam replied. “As you wish.” With several backward and forward moves Poe left the room hitting the door frame twice. Patrick held a wide grin as he watched his android depart, then turned to Adam, who rested on one arm with one knee bent patting on the spot Patrick moved from. Patrick returned to his place and saying nothing. “Kiss me,” Adam said. Patrick obeyed. They parted and with a smile Adam tasted his lips. “How was that?” Patrick asked. “Nice, but I know you can do much better.” “Well, I haven’t had those lips in, some time.” They deepened their passion as Adam’s hand traveled over Patrick’s body. Prolog Devin stood in Sergio’s office watching Sergio direct his beauties. He admired Sergio’s take-charge personality. Sergio dismissed the beauties and as they filed out, some gave Devin a wave and other added a wink. When he was alone with Sergio the chic man turned to him and opened his arms. Devin didn’t hesitate to rush to him and hug him. “I’m so relieved you’re safe,” Sergio said. “Thanks to you and Bayo.” “Yes, she came through, didn’t she?” “Sergio, I have to tell you something about Bayo.” “What? That she’s FBI?” “You knew?” “There is nothing that can past my knowing. You of all people should know that.” “Was she investigating you?” “No, she was here for you. To keep you alive.” “So, you put her on your payroll.” “It kept her identity a secret and you safe.” “I don’t know how to thank you.” “I can suggest something.” “That I can believe that.” “But you’re involved with Detective Potter, assistant—Justin Shi?” “Well, not true. Justin has a crush on my twin and I feel he’s using me as a substitute.” “Is that what he claims?” “No, but he called out Adam’s name while we had sex but denies it.” “So, you’re through with him?” “I should say yes, but I haven’t told him yet.” “Should I be jealous?” “You, Sergio Blackheart, jealous?” “You’re right. I’m above that.” “You are. Anyway, about repaying you. Can I do it when I get back?” “Back, where are you going?” “Anton—well my dad invited me down to meet the family.” “You seem excited?” “Why not, Anton and Troy are nice people and Molly will be there.” “What about your twin.” “I’m sure Adam will come around. In fact, I’m going over to ask him if he wants to drive down together.” “Well, I wish you all the best and will see you when you return.” Devin kissed Sergio goodbye before walking him out to a waiting cab paying his fare with tip. ************** Patrick drink his coffee, watching Adam drag his knife with butter his toast for the past ten minutes. “Adam?” “Yeah.” “Your toast is falling all over your plate.” Adam glanced at the gathering crumbs on his dish. Then he noticed the hole forming in the middle of his bread. He dropped the toast and place the knife on his plate. “You’re not worried about Devin meeting your brothers?” “Why would I?” “Well, first you stalled getting out of bed by trying to dehydrate me.” “Well, that was because you won’t stop sleeping naked.” Patrick ignored him. “Second, You, showered, for two hours.” “A man can’t have a long shower if he wants in his own home?” Adam said raising his hands half way. “And Last, you’re not eating your breakfast and you murdered your toast.” Adam tried to respond when the doorbell rang. He glanced at Patrick, who rose to answer. “I’ll get it. Finish your breakfast,” Adam said. “Okay,” Patrick said, sitting back down. Adam opened the door and found Devin, dressed in jeans and a tee shirt with his black raven hair tied back in a pony tail. “Devin?” “Hey Adam.” When Adam didn’t respond, he sighed and continued. “I was wondering if you wanted to ride down together. I don’t own a car.” Adam sighed in the same way, blinking as he pondered an appropriate response when Patrick came up from behind. “Hi Devin,” Patrick said, flashing a smile. “Hey, Pat-rick.” Adam heard the slip Devin made with Patrick’s name. “Your hair color’s back.” “Yeah, I missed it.” “Do you want to come in?” “Well, I came to ask Adam if he wants to drive down together.” “That’s a good idea. It’ll save time and you won’t risk getting lost. Right Adam?” Adam said nothing. Devin shifted from foot to foot. Patrick gave Adam a curious look before turning back to Devin. “Devin, come in for a cup of coffee,” Patrick said. This time Devin became silent as he stared back at his twin. “Devin…” “It’s all right Patrick. I can take a hint,” Devin said, turning to leave when a horn blowing caught all their attention. A truck pulled up and the passengers inside waved to the three men. “Mia,” Patrick called out seeing his best friend in the front seat of Paul’s new truck. He ran from Adam and Devin towards them as Mia climbed out and embraced him. “Patrick, I missed you so much,” she said, as they parted. “I missed you ten times more,” Patrick said. Both tried to stop the tears, but hugged again, sobbing into each other’s shoulder. “Wow, now that’s a greeting,” Kyle said, stepping out of the backseat. Patrick and Mia parted wiping tears away. “Kyle, it’s good to see you,” Patrick hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Careful, Adam will get jealous,” Paul said coming around his truck and receiving a similar greeting from Patrick. “You got a new truck?” Patrick said. “I picked it out yesterday. Mia chose the color.” “I thought we were meeting at the farm?” Adam asked, looking past Devin who kept his back to him. “Mia wanted to see Patrick; I figure we drive down and pick you up and I can take you home to come back for her,” Paul said, seeing Devin for the first time. He glanced at Kyle, who moved towards his brothers. “You must be Devin,” Kyle said, holding his hand out to him. “I’m Kyle, one of your older brothers.” Devin hesitated but shook his hand. “The third to be exact,” Paul said, coming up. “I’m Paul, the second to the oldest. Damien is flying in and will arrive we hope by dinner.” Devin shook his hand and relaxed around the two brothers. “Are you driving?” Kyle asked. “Well, no, I don’t have a car,” Devin said. “Well, there’s plenty of room in my truck, why don’t you join us?” Paul said. Devin smile at the offer from Paul and shook his head. “I don’t think Adam will want me to ride along.” “Why not?” Paul asked his question towards Adam. Adam said nothing. “Give us a minute with Adam, Devin,” Paul said. “Come on Devin I’ll get you a cup of coffee,” Patrick said. “Did you make the coffee?” Mia asked. “No, Adam did, but I can pour it,” Patrick said. “This I would love to see,” Mia said giggling. Patrick took Devin’s arm and pulled him inside past Adam, who avoided eye contact. When alone, Kyle and Paul stared at their younger brother. “You all right Adam?” Kyle asked. “Sure,” Adam said. Paul caught Adam discomfort and place his hand on his shoulder. “It’s going to be all right, Adam. Having another brother is better than losing one. Devin seems like a decent man and I look forward to getting to know him, but never think I or anyone in the family will ignore you. You are one of a kind and there’s no changing that. Even though growing up I wanted to.” This cause Adam to grin. Paul smiled with him as he hugged him. “I want some of this,” Kyle said, hugging both men. “We love you Adam. And soon we all will love Devin,” Kyle said. “Yeah, I guess I’m being selfish.” “Then go tell him to come on, we’ll grab coffee on the road,” Paul said. Adam returned to the kitchen and found Mia and Patrick mopping up coffee and a broken pot. “What happen?” Adam asked. “It slipped,” Patrick said, apologetic. “Okay, well, there’s a back-up pot in the bottom cabinet by the sink.” Patrick stood and looked at him pouting. “You knew this would happen?” “No,” Adam said, kissing his forehead. “It was a buy one get-one free.” “Oh well, okay,” Patrick turned to cleaning up his mess. Mia stared at Adam, who shook his head and mouthed ‘no it wasn’t’ to her. She chuckled and helped her friend. Adam saw Devin standing by watching. “Come to think of it, your idea of riding down will work. If you still want to Paul and Kyle are waiting for us.” “I don’t want to make you feel weird,” Devin blurted out. Patrick and Mia pretended not to hear as Adam sighed his frustration. “You don’t, and I’m sorry. I never expected to have a twin and now I do, I’m not sure how to deal. So, let’s deal with this in baby steps, okay?” “Okay.” “Pat?” Patrick stood and smiled at Adam happy he made the right decision. “You and Mia have fun.” “We will,” Patrick stated. “Mia,” Adam approached her and kissed her on the cheek and gave her a warm squeeze. “It’s always good to see you. Keep an eye on the kitchen for me.” “Hey,” Patrick snapped. “I swear I will,” Mia said, laughing as Adam turned to him and kissed him with shame before leaving with Devin. “Bye Devin, or welcome to the family.” Patrick said, flashing his ring catching Mia’s attention. “Patrick Valdez, is that what I think it is?” Adam and Devin left hearing the cries of joy coming from his kitchen. They boarded Paul’s truck and road for home. THE END
  5. Those are my husband's go-to for get-togethers. He makes great ones.
  6. Mmm, I do love deviled eggs.
  7. chris191070

    Chapter 5

    Awesome chapter. Glad to see you back KD
  8. chris191070

    Chapter 1

    Awesome chapter, I’m totally hooked
  9. Michael seems like a good guy i like how he appears to be gentle guiding the poor bunny along he needs some positive encouragement .
  10. M1984

    Chapter 1

    First chapter in and I'm already hooked. I'm liking Jack's internal voice. His attitude makes him interesting to read. And, wow, hooking up with all your crush's exes? That's a novel approach. 😁 I'm not sure how Luke will feel about that, if and when he finds out. P!ATD are a pretty good band. I haven't seen them live, though. I used to go to shows and festivals all the time, in the late nineties & early noughties. But none recently. I can't wait for the next chapter. Thanks dabeagle
  11. well i'm glad you like it.. they are pretty cool looking as well.. very good for brunch
  12. Well, you inspired me to look into it. As soon as I found this version I knew that was my contribution to the Brunch!
  13. I've always thought that if you want total honesty, ask a child. 🤣. I have been following this story since the beginning when Dylan was still "little" and you continue to impress me. Honestly, would love to see this come to the small screen as a mini-series. As for Angus, well I think I shall refrain from speaking what I think of him. Keep up the excellent work sir.
  14. The Lighthouse Between Worlds, by Melanie Crowder. Griffin and his father tend to their lighthouse on the coast of Oregon each day, carrying out the same diligent routine. It's so isolated, there are no visitors, but that's how they like it. Until one day, when a group of oddly-dressed strangers appears. Griffin learns that the lighthouse holds many secrets: a portal to multiple dimensions, the hostile entities that lurk beyond, and a Society of Lighthouse Keepers tasked to keep these enemies at bay. Then his father disappears into the portal, and no-one will give Griffin the answers he wants. So, he'll have to find his own answers, armed with a book of cryptic notes and drawings his parents left behind. Griffin is determined to find his father at all costs, but the realm beyond the portal is far more dangerous than he could have imagined...
  15. Today
  16. BASILB


    Great as always.....👌 I missed you.awesome writer.💕 Settling down with this 💣.🚬
  17. If you want to support some fellow authors and want the story formatted well, it’s available on awesomedude here: http://awesomedude.com/ryankeith/one_life/index.htm
  18. @Reader1810thanks for the nice comments. I'm largely over it. Now that I've got a plan, I feel better about things. Plus I'm full of a delicious brunch. That always helps.
  19. Wesley8890

    Chapter 1

    Ok not only do we share the same name and basic build. Shut up I'm not fat just big boned! Ok I'm a little fat. I love this one already!!
  20. Next time, you'll get to accompany Aidan and Heath in their fun and maybe they'll have room in the car to take you with them!
  21. Keeping my head above waters !!! & making it intentionally colourful.
  22. I just finished reading: COMMON ON!!! you left me hanging in that posh club. How am I going to get home???????
  23. Comments like these are worth less than the dirt we wipe off our shoes, and should never be taken as having an ounce of merit. It’s comments like these that come from people who talk to hear themselves speak. Write what inspires you, and feeds your creativity. **** Off topic, but I just realized what these sentences look like taking into account the first few words in each sentence. Good thing I’m not a writer....
  24. drsawzall

    Chapter 10

    Story telling as good as it gets!☝️
  25. Hey, hey, hey, long time no see I'm glad to see you on board, or, should I say the Aidan and Heathcliff ship? You did a great job hiding yourself :)) But I'm so grateful to find you here!
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