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    ADC Chapter 11

    Please not another Huon, I wont be able to handle it. Love the story
  3. This is an awesome story. The life at the agora is vivid and detailed and made me smile a lot. I can almost feel the mediterranean sun on my face and feel the breeze from the sea while reading. Funny story about the little boy, who bite in the apple. lol And how Hymen so suddenly falling in love is very sweet. I can understand his friends worry about their friendship. But something tells me, the friendship will go on. I am looking forward to learn more about them and other ancient people coming their way. 🙂
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    Chapter 2

    Great chapter! So sorry for your loss.
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    ADC Chapter 11

    Awesome chapter, it seems like Devon still has a long way to go to get back to a hundred percent. If his stumble is any indication he still has a lot of physical therapy to do and now he’s possibly broken his ankle especially when he tries to move it and finds it very painful to attempt to move it. I’m glad that Edgar came to find him and was able to get an ambulance to transport Devon to the hospital. I hope he gets better soon and then he can return to his new home and make the shed into a new retreat for the band.
  6. Part I. The Kempt Kathros Hymen and Myiscus strolled through the street, Aglow, calmly with that one sensation Achieved by what a long afternoon’s bath Instills into a person’s wellbeing. Their minds at peace, they might move through the noise Without really being a part of it. Free from the mundane trade and its bustle, They could enjoy the people on parade. City Agoras were almost always packed[1] In the midafternoons, and this one was No different, as users rushed all about. On this day, half-old ladies browsed for new Things to chitchat with other half-old bags. Their laughs and flying hands sailed on the air Like so many doves in congregation; Cooing from stall to stall, but buying not. Sometimes hands would creep from pendulous veils – The kind only worn by the long-married – Extending a touch to a bolt of cloth Vendors might extoll as superior. Between, in front, and all ‘round the adults, Spirited little boys moved like sparrows Snatching booty from slow-witted pigeons. At waist level, their heads – some dark; some fair – Played unintelligible games of chance: Weaving in; weaving out, with back-glances To spy places they’ve been for pursuers, Only to screech delight when they found one. For then, one would two, three or four become Scurrying about in chaotic play. Also, there were stalls offering flowers, For this was the main route a worshiper Would take to get to the Acropolis. Grapevine and delicate dill were woven Together as garlands of godly gifts. As offerings to those sacred on high, They hung from cedar poles sellers hefted Moving among the crowd and crying loud. Other votives swagged beams of grounded stalls, Twining myrtle, rosebuds and violets Into hefty chains of devotionals. Pilgrims could match blossom to deity, Choosing the right flower to help their quest: The thorned bud to beseech love someone’s way; The pale pansy, a frank apology For one’s blundering through a transgression. Likewise to buy, incense, oil and honey Sweeten might the gods’ most desired favor, For gods like men can most appreciate Contrition laced with tears and subornment. The bright day shone down on the bright two lads, Smiling at each other in observing The comings and goings of their own times. Myiscus was the taller of the two. His eyes were large and rich, and in one look Could take more from people than was offered; See a bit of what they wanted to hide. Many told the boy of his dark beauty, But Myiscus did not see it himself. He thought Hymenaios the more handsome, For daylight loved to play with his friend’s hair, Which was more like itself – an auburn-blond. So too Hymen’s brows and lashes were bright And sparkled when he blinked out in the day. Mirrors of his soul they were like, and blue. They and the sandy freckles strewing his arms Bespoke him a true son of Helios; Beneath his father was he happiest. Both young men had just turned eighteen years old And were, and still stayed, each other’s best friend, First playing the games that little boys do, Then growing up, into the attentions Of the men of Athens who would teach them, And they loving every minute of it. Myiscus, whose deep-hued and free glances, Flashed smiles not weened upon sweet innocence – While for Hymen, his face not apple pure – Moving with the assurance of a god Caused scowls to meet them from every dog’s boy, And could draw wistful sighs from all the men. “Did you see that!” the taller one inquired, Nudging his buddy to peer through the crowd. Hymen looked where guided. “No, Myiscus—” “That rascal boy took a bite of apple, ‘Fore putting it back in that lady’s pile.” Hymen laughed, seeing what his friend had meant. “Some maid,” he mused, “will get surprised at home.” Myiscus watched Hymen’s face in profile, First seeing the gracile lips form a grin Before cracking a good-natured chuckle. “Someone,” the redhead said, “should give that kid A good, old-fashioned round of spanking, huh?” Myiscus darkly laughed. “Oh, in that case, “I think I know just the guy who’ll do it.” To Hymen’s confused pout, he continued, “That randy Meleager would be first To form a line of needed volunteers.” “Well…” The sun-kissed boy laughed, squeezing his friend. “You’d know about that man’s well-used ‘cudgel,’ Having many times been servant to it.” For that, Myiscus gave his pal a punch, Though it was pulled and merely aimed squarely For the top of his companion’s shoulder. Hymen reacted with more laughter and Drew up his arms, plus a single knee, for Needless defense from his friend’s fake fury. But as the two boys settled to quiet, And resumed their slow homeward migration, Hymenaios came to an abrupt stop. Myiscus, too busy chirping, just moved Along the crowded pathway up ahead. It took him a moment to see his friend Was lacking from his side, and looked about. Hymen stood statue-still, staring into A market booth of the most usual kind. Though he puzzled what the interest could be, Myiscus retread his way back among The ever-squawking flocks of crumb shoppers. His neck craned to see what had snared his friend’s So-clearly rapped interest at the moment. Rejoined once more, Myiscus thought to speak, For all he saw was the commotion of The cooing and clawing of a bright bolt Of what the merchant said was pure purple From the far shores of rich, exotic Tyre. Then Hymen slapped his arm, for his friend was Looking into the completely wrong stall. Myiscus had his thoughts interrupted, Witnessing his pal’s hand move urgently Up to the center of Myiscus’ chest “She’s the loveliest girl I’ve ever seen….” Hymen’s dreamy tone made Myiscus stare, But at what, he was still not quite so sure. He saw a typical flower seller With a hefty auntie pushing in front. It appeared like an ordinary scene, And then, as when the curtains of a shrine Are drawn back to reveal the sacred form, Her bulk stepped aside, and Myiscus saw A lovely young woman shopping garlands. Hymen by her appeared transfixed; his eyes Staring blankly; his hands falling listless Drooped down to wait uselessly by his sides; And the young man’s grinning faded to naught. Myiscus returned to the girl causing This stymieing effect upon his friend. The graceful sweep of the clothing she wore Came up to rest on her head in white folds Caressing her great chestnut-colored locks. He watched her delicate fingers at work Around a wreath, picking one lucky rose To invite surrender of its sweet scent. “Myiscus, look. Have you ever seen such – Seen such a beautiful girl in your life? If prone I was to swearing, then I’d say She must descend to us from among gods – Perhaps on a holy errand for them – For our Agora merchandise is base When next to the tribute of her beauty.” The smile of Hymenaios then bloomed large As it shone warmly on his companion, Adding, “Surely she can’t be one of us.” Myiscus, for his part, had to swallow The confusion in his gullet, for this Turn of sudden affairs was uncalled for. He tried to laugh it off. “Already, friend…? Is your heart so fickle and quick to change, For only an hour ago at Gym You cried ‘Oh, Alexis, beautiful boy! You’re too painful to see but not be near'”— Myiscus swooned, imitating his chum— “’Not to rest in your arms all through the night Is penance more than my life is now worth. Oh, Alexis; my Alexis!’ you said.” Back to the newfound girl, Myiscus looked, Asking softly, “So, Hymen, what has changed…?” Sunlight playing in his hair, his blue eyes As welkin as the azure sky, he said, “But she’s not like the rooster-boys we love, Strutting tall, in their god-given beauty, Melting all hearts in fear of their confidence. No, no. This girl is like a star-born pearl, Who descending from the phoenix tears must Be caught by human hands to keep her from Contact with the damning soil of the world. Rough-heart boys will always save each other, Though shallow in life and cruel to the faults Of all ‘cept the ones they can’t see in themselves. But gems like this girl must be admired And protected from the damning faults of men.” How astounded was Myiscus, for here The truth of it was laid bare in his friend’s Sunny, tender but pain-filled countenance. His truest friend was in love with this girl. A moment of desolation found him, For though he never cared romantically, To Myiscus, Hymen was his best love; The one to whom he could say anything Without dread of scorn or loss of favor. But now, he could see the end of that. The pit of his stomach hurt, but he joked, “So, she can’t be one of us, you think, huh…?” Hymen, in a flash of youthful deftness, Moved to stand before his pal with hands Draped loosely on Myiscus’ shoulders. “What is it you mean, my friend; you know her?” After a teasing moment of silence, Myiscus revealed, “She’s my sister’s friend.” Hymen’s eyebrows evoked his disbelief. “No, no, it’ true,” Myiscus asserted. “She’s the daughter of Stratos, the rich one Who’s the merchant of fine wine to The State. She and my sister study together….” Myiscus stopped, for the head of his mate Lolled on Hymen’s arm and appeared quite pained. “If you know her,” Hymenaios whispered, “Then to me, reveal but a single thing—” Myiscus nodded, feeling quite concerned. “Tell you what?” he asked. “Her name,” Hymen said. The darker of the two replied simply: “It’s Kathros, meaning the ‘one who is pure.’” Hymenaios, much moved in love before, Loosened his hold on his buddy and stood – Watching again the girl peruse the stall – To see his love ennobled with a name. “My sweet, perfect Kathros – I should have known What the gods designed to have you be called.” Myiscus cleared his throat, shaking his pal. “But dear Hymen, you better know right now This girl’s father is so strict, she’s never Allowed to see us men. The only time She’s permitted to go out in public Is on her usual Thursday votive. So today it must be she’ll buy a wreath And offer it to Artemis – you know – Praying for a rich husband like daddy.” He winked and gave Hymen a little nudge. But when the boy didn’t respond in kind, Myiscus thought he’d quickly add, “Her maid, The selfsame one we spy before us here, Never leaves her alone for a second, Be it any time of the day or night.” This crushing blow he’d whispered in his ear Knowing it’d hurt, but the truth always does. For his part, Hymen watched the maid and girl For whom he had so suddenly fallen Pay for a wreath of pink poppies enlaced As strands about tied-boughs of evergreen. The shrewd lad manning the flower business – No doubt filling in for some gone adult – Even dared to bite the coin that fed him. Satisfied, he bowed out of their way and Allowed the two women to leave the stall. Hymen and Myiscus watched them ascend The crowded streets, heading for the temples. “Near her, I simply wish to be a while; With her, I merely want to speak awhile….” Myiscus again saw his friend’s features Be overwrought to the point of sorrow. Then his auburn chum said with quick shrugging, “I’m not sure what’s happened to me either, But what is there I can do about it? For I only wish to be by her side. Myiscus, help me. I’m serious, I’m…. “I am truly in love, love beyond bounds.” Hymen, whom he loved, was begging for help, But Myiscus had no ready ideas. He thus sputtered, “It’s getting a bit late. I should go home so they don’t start to fret.” With that, he tried to go, but Hymen’s look Made him hesitate a moment longer. Though he wished to soothe the sadness away, He found he lacked the knowledge to do it. Myiscus succumbed to the come time when An awkward boy wants to comfort his friend, And wash mis’ry from the face before him, But merely stands there as the moment goes. Turning then, he walked, watching the cobbles Pass beneath his feet as he headed home. All of a sudden, he recalled something, Rotating to walk backwards a few steps, Calling out, “We’re still on for tonight, right?” Hymen, awoken from his reverie, Hastened to assure his friend. “Yes, of course. I’ll be at your house by the strike of eight.” His tone changed, yelling: “Watch where you’re going!” But it was too late. He saw Myiscus Stumble backwards over a vendor’s crate. Hymen laughed as the angry peddler then Began to chase his klutzish companion. Once the commotion found its conclusion, Hymen’s passing glance lingered on the stall Where he’d first discovered his sweet Kathros. Going in, he bought the garland and rose – Though still tight within its protective bud – His beloved girl had sanctioned with a kiss. Then straight home he went, and into the court. There he bent down before his household shrine. Below its miniature pediment, Two Corinthian columns glowed red paint. Between these were a pair of paneled doors Resembling an ordinary cupboard’s. Hymen lit an amber chunk of incense, And its strongly divine fumes filled the house. With reverential hands, he then began The opening of the doors, and revealed The wooden statue of Aphrodite, Her flesh gracefully hued in ivory. Behind the love goddess, on the shrine’s walls, Blue skies were alive with white doves in flight, Their beaks holding ribbons and gauzy clothes For their demure mistress to array her Once she’d stepped from her private bath – the sea. Hymen untied the swag and strung it there, Secured by the columns on either end. Kneeling, he saw something unprepared for. The rose of Kathros had opened and bloomed. The boy clasped his hands and quietly prayed: “Assist me, Goddess, when I woo her heart to me; Show her a greater love than mine, she’ll never see.” [1] Agora is Greek for town market, or the central plaza of a community _
  7. Two eighteen-year-old boys find the love of their life; one with a girl, and the other with a sexy poet. Come explore the vibrantly pulsing world of the ancient Greeks, their lives, their customs and their divinities. Fun, adventure and a little gender-funk will reward you along the way!
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    ADC Chapter 11

    Another awesome chapter. Poor Devon trying to do much on his own. He’s lucky Edgar turned up when he did. Let’s hope Devon gets better with Edgar’s help.
  9. JeffreyL

    Chapter 2

    Two chapters and I am really enjoying this story! Jarren is terrific, and you've added several interesting characters to his life! Thanks. Condolences to you and your family.
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    Chapter Ten

    Yay! Great! 😄
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    Chapter Ten

    Absolutely loving it so far.
  12. Superpride

    Chapter Ten

    Thank you! It's always fun for me to do. And hopefully the romance between Damien and a century-year-old vampire is also very satisfying to read.
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    Chapter 15

    There are 16 parts total. The last one will drop in a bit.
  14. Devon arranged to stay in a Bed and Breakfast accommodation for two weeks once he is released from hospital; to allow time for the property settlement to be finalised, on the day that Devon was finally released, it was a Saturday morning, and Edgar was there to help Devon, carrying all of his luggage, which had now been sent from the Manor, and they took a taxi to the Bed & Breakfast where Devon would be staying temporarily, once settled in, Devon and Edgar called for a taxi and went to have a look at the cottage, after contacting Ms Brimley to arrange a first look at the property once he was out of hospital. When they arrived at the cottage, which was on a small narrow road, about 200 metres off the main road and the taxi driver had left, Devon stood at the gate with tears in his eyes, it was more beautiful than the photos he had seen, it was just perfect, passing through the front gate, with 1 ½ metre high neatly trimmed hedges along the front boundary, Devon saw a wonderful cottage garden with a 50 metre long winding wide footpath leading to the front door. With Edgar supporting him, Devon carefully walked down the path, stopping occasionally to look at parts of the garden, and there was even a garden seat halfway along the path, which was perfect for Devon to stop and rest. While sitting on the garden bench, Ms Brimley arrived, parking in the side driveway close to the cottage, and she walked along a small path from the drive to the front door, where Edgar and Devon met her, as she unlocked the front door, and Devon stepped into his new home for the first time. The small entrance hall has a storage cupboard on one side and a row of hooks and a boot rack on the other side, passing through the second door; they entered a hallway which has a lounge room on one side and a library & study on the opposite side, next to the lounge room is the master bedroom with walk in robe and the main bathroom, while opposite is the smaller second bedroom with walk in robe. Through some double doors at the end of the passageway is a roomy sitting room and dining room, covering the whole width of the cottage, and leading off the dining room is a large modern country kitchen and utility room, while leading off the sitting room was a large verandah with half walls on the end and side that are open, overlooking the backyard and the other buildings. Devon could see that there was a tall hedge along both side boundaries also, and they are both a fair distance away from the side of the cottage, allowing for a large vegetable garden to be grown on one side, and the driveway to the garage and stables down the other side. Stepping out onto the verandah, Devon took a moment to have a good look around before they went to look at the 4 stall stables with tack room, a work/training yard, small barn, double garage and workshop, all of which were in good condition, with the stalls being of good size, and there was easy access to everything, plus the horses had the paddock to roam around in during the day. All that was left to see now was the adjoining property at the back, which was accessed from the same driveway to the stables, with a large gate at the end of the drive, that provided access to a small rough gravel track that lead along the boundary to as far as the brook, where there was a small cleared area for parking vehicles, once again the boundary has a large hedge along it, but this one was taller and thicker than the one around the cottage, being almost two metres high and about a metre thick. Devon decided to leave it to another time to check the back of the property, and they returned to the front of the cottage, where Ms Brimley offered them a ride back into the centre of town, where the B&B is located. Devon and Edgar sat in the lounge room of the B&B for over an hour, chatting excitedly about the property, and eventually, they went down to a café for some lunch, before Edgar had to return to school to play polo at a neighbouring school. For the remainder of the day and all day Sunday, Devon was just relaxing and also looking online to see what to do about furniture for the cottage. He looked online to see what he needed to do to be permitted to drive in Scotland, as he only has an Australian driver’s licence, plus he looked for general maintenance businesses that would be able to go through the property and repair anything that needs to be done before moving in. Devon also sent a brief message to his friends in EQD, “Hey guys, I am finally out of hospital, and I have been following the news about your tour, I have just bought a property just out of Inverness, so moving into there soon, hope you guys can come and visit sometime, Dev”. On Monday morning, Ms Brimley called in to the B&B just after breakfast with the final settlement documents, that had already been signed by the sellers, and as Devon signed them and Ms Brimley countersigned as a witness, Devon was handed the full set of keys for the cottage and the ownership documents, and when Ms Brimley had left, Devon sent a text to Edgar. “It’s official, I now own the property, Woohoo!” and a similar one to Douglas and Julia, “The settlement for the Inverness property has been finalised, I will be moving in once some repairs have been done, and I have sorted out furnishings.” Devon received a reply text from Julia – “Hold off doing any shopping for furniture, I will be in Inverness tomorrow and I can spend the day helping you, congratulations”, Devon smiled at the message and he decided to look into getting a Scottish drivers licence, and went to the Transport Service to do the test he needed to do. By the time he was back at the B&B, later in the day, Devon had his Scottish driver’s licence, and he had visited a number of new car yards, he also had found a maintenance company who would visit the cottage at 8am the next day, to look at what needs to be done. Devon relaxed for the rest of the day, and he went to a nearby small restaurant for dinner, and had just finished ordering when his phone beeped, “Hey cousin, glad to hear that it is all finalised, I have heaps of assignments this week, so will only be free on Wednesday after school for a few hours, will see you then at the B&B or will it be at the cottage?”. Devon had an early night as he had a feeling that it would be really busy in the morning, and he read a book for a short while in bed before dozing off to sleep. The next morning, Devon had breakfast at 7 am, and had ordered a taxi to pick him up at 7.45am, Devon had with him his briefcase containing his laptop computer, his Deed Papers for the property, a floor plan of the cottage and 2 plans of the whole property, notebook and a few pens of different colours and some pencils and an eraser. Arriving just ten minutes before 8am, Devon unlocked the front door of his new home and walked into the cottage, and through to the kitchen, where he laid out the plans on the kitchen workbench, just as he finished doing that there was a knock on the front door, Devon called out that the door was open and to come in, and it was not the maintenance contractor as Devon had expected but Julia instead. They chatted for a few minutes until the contractor arrived, and Julia let him in and directed him to the kitchen, once introductions were done, Devon asked the contractor to walk around the cottage and take noteof any faults or problems that he can see, and he asked Julia to accompany him, as Devon was feeling a bit dizzy and needed to sit down for a bit, as he slid down the wall till he was sitting on the floor, Julia looked at Devon with a concerned frown, before Devon waved them off to do what needs to be done. Half an hour later they returned to the kitchen, with just a small list of things to be done, which could be completed by the end of the day, and he gave a reasonable quote, which was agreed on, next they climbed into Julia’s Landrover and they went down the track to the back of the rear block of land, and with a 300 metre walk from the car park to the footbridge, they arrived at the stone shed, which was a lot bigger than Devon thought it would be, the shed is situated in a small clearing behind a grove of trees so it couldn’t be seen directly from the footbridge. There was a single entry door, plus a large sliding door made of solid wood, once inside they could see a very large open area, with plastered walls and smooth concrete floors, and a quarter of the rear section has a mezzanine level, accessed from a spiral staircase, underneath this in one corner is a bathroom and separate toilet, in the other corner is a kitchen with a wood stove. Upstairs there are two large very large rooms, with a bathroom between them, and a small landing which overlooks the big area downstairs, after a good look around, there appeared to be no problems, and Julia suggested install heating to the flooring, with wooden floorboards on top, Devon accepted her suggestion and asked the contractor to provide a quote for this as a job that can be done later on, and they made their way back to the cottage. Once the contractor had left to get supplies for what needed to be done, Julia and Devon who had recovered enough walked through the cottage one room at a time, and with pad and pen at hand, Devon took note of Julia’s suggestions for each of the rooms, regarding decorating. Once this was completed, they returned to the car and headed into town to see what was available and suitable to furnish the cottage, and Devon took the plan of the cottage with him to help with selecting furniture. Three hours and 9 shops later, Devon was exhausted and needed to rest, so they went to a café for some lunch, afterwards, they went to three more shops before calling it a day, with everything ordered and paid for, and would be delivered over the next four days. With a lot of luck they were able to find a house painter who was available immediately, and with the plans in hand, they were able to discuss and finalise colours for each room, and a full quote was given and accepted, and a team of painters would spend three days painting the inside of the cottage, any furniture and accessories that are delivered would be stored in the garage until the painting was completed and dry. With light earthy colours throughout, the cottage looked very nice inside, and the main furniture arrived two days later for all of the rooms, Devon had gone to a second-hand book store and selected and purchased over 150 books to partly fill his shelves in the library/study, and he had a big solid oak desk and comfortable office chair delivered. On the Saturday, Julia returned bringing Edgar with her, to assist with hanging the curtains for all the rooms and to fix any small issues, to unpack and put away all the kitchenware, make the beds, put away all the new linen and helped with the installation of the white goods into the kitchen and utility room, plus as a house warming present, Julia and family gave Devon 6 silver goblets, which were very impressive. Before leaving in the late afternoon, Julia suggested looking at turning the large stone shed in the back paddock into a Bunkhouse retreat, she said that one room upstairs could have beds for 6, with the other room made into a cosy lounge room, while downstairs could be a multi-purpose area, made up of a billiards table, table tennis table, maybe a baby grand piano and a solid dining table and chairs for up to eight people, plus a couple of lounge suites along the side walls. Devon liked the idea and asked “Is there was any reason for the suggestion, of a bunkhouse retreat?”, Julia smiled at Devon before saying “Maybe some of your friends might like to get away from their work and have a relaxing place to stay, away from prying eyes”, Devon understood and thought it was a brilliant idea for that reason, and agreed for it to go ahead. Once back at the B&B, Devon informed the owners that he would be leaving the following day, but would be happy to pay up for the rest of the week as agreed, and he spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and packing up his belongings, even if it wasn’t much. That evening Devon called home to speak to his parents, and it was the twins who answered the phone, “Hey squirts, how are things, in Australia?” Devon asked, “Hey big bro, yes all is good here, what about in Scotland? they replied as they hit the loudspeaker button, so the rest of the family could hear. “Yes, all is good here, I have purchased a cottage and land just out of Inverness, and I have had Julia helping me with doing the furnishing of the cottage, Edgar their oldest son, goes to boarding school not far away, and he has been helping me while I was in the hospital. He will be moving into the cottage in a week’s time, to help look after me, as I'm still not 100%, I rang to ask if all my stuff can be sorted, any clothes that Gary and Mitch want they can have, all the remaining clothes can go to charity, can you pack and store the rest of the gear, and if it’s alright can we let Gary and Mitch to stay at the townhouse”, Devon said. “Hello son, I’m glad you are out of the hospital, and recovering well, and pleased that Julia has been able to help you settle into a new home, what are your plans now? Hugh asked, with a bit of surprise that his oldest has decided to settle in Scotland. “Hey Dad, well my injuries don’t give me the mobility to be able to continue with Architecture, and since that was what I was aiming at as a career, I am sort of in an undecided mode at the moment, but the guys would like me to join the band as a permanent guest singer, the problem is I am still having issues with stage fright, and being in a public profile, so I just want to rest and recover from my injuries first, and see what happens after I am better” Devon said, “Well I know you will find your place, so get well soon and take care dear” Grace said, “Ok I will, talk to you again soon family, Bye for now” Devon said and hung up the phone. The following morning after breakfast, Devon called a taxi to take him to the Car yard, to buy a Landrover 4x4, which he had ordered two days earlier, and it was ready to collect when he arrived. Once he had collected the vehicle he returned to the B&B to collect his luggage, and for the first time, he drove to his new home just out of town and parked in the garage just down the back of the cottage. Once inside Devon wandered around the cottage to get the feel of his now fully furnished home, before he made a cup of tea and sat down in the lounge. After finishing his cuppa, Devon drove down to the back bunkhouse to have a look again, and thinking about what Julia had suggested, he could see her idea working well in this building. As Devon was heading back to the car, he tripped on a rock just as he was stepping onto the bridge, and after a few stubbles, Devon ended up falling into the brook, which was only a metre deep, but was very cold. After a few attempts of climbing out, Devon realised that he had injured his ankle and it took a bit more effort to drag himself out of the water, by this time he was shivering from cold and he couldn’t move, he could hear his mobile ringing in the car, but he was not able to drag himself more than a few feet before stopping due to exhaustion. Devon had no idea how long he had been lying there before he could hear footsteps running towards him, and it was Edgar as he had grabbed the blanket out of the car and he wrapped it around him, before dashing back to the car to grab the phone to call for an ambulance. Devon woke up warm and cosy in a hospital bed the next morning, and Edgar was sitting in a chair nearby dozing, Devon could feel that his ankle was strapped and it was hurting when he tried to move it, as he tried to sit up to reach for a glass of water. Edgar had woken up and put his hand on Devon’s shoulder to let Devon know he was here to help, and he poured a glass of water and placed one of those crazy straws in the glass before helping Devon to sit up so he could take a drink.
  15. Today
  16. Oh dear, Robbie behind bars would have made a sinister sequel. We all know he would have ended up sharing a cell with Alex.
  17. Jubilant Zion, and bloodthirsty Baal,

    Carved fetish and rune, darkly made sublime,

    The marble-gods' pomp, the Grail's shine withal

    Yellowed now in the long autumn of time.


    Hot though, kisses release me naked, exact,

    Rhythmic God taking life and death's direction,

    Roaring around me like a white cataract, 

    Wresting me to the urge of resurrection.


    I felt a prophet made to rot and burn,

    I quivered on a cross of the modern,

    I was forlorn in every agony. 


    Though I was bound to all cycles of death,

    I've overawed such demise with my breath,

    And stroll now in resplendent melody.

    Hans Ehrenbaum-Degele

    1. Lyssa


      Perfect! Your translation is as deep, sensual and powerful as the original.  I am sure Tristan and the von Hutten would love it. ;-) hehe

      But seriously, it is amazing that Ehrenbaum-Degele gets a translation right in time to his 120th birthday. Thank you!!!

    2. AC Benus

      AC Benus

      Thank you, Lyssa, for making the introduction. From what little of his work I've seen so far, it's clear he's much too important a poet to be neglected. I'd like to hope he was not forcibly rejected because Ehrenbaum-Degele (Tristan) and his partner Wilhelm Murnau (von Hutten - nicknames given to the couple by Else) celebrated their love.  

      I hope to be able to do something about Ehrenbaum-Degele's recognition in the English-speaking world :) As I say, he's too important to be ignored any longer. 

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    Chapter 7

    ++*-3245678654324567890- "?'.;lkjhz
  19. Normischell

    Chapter Ten

    I love authors who play around with mythology and lore!
  20. JeffreyL

    Chapter 15

    I agree with Firewall910. I hope this story isn't really over. Your writing is so easy to read. You have created these really interesting characters. Seeing how a boy on the spectrum adapts to his new school and friends is a great storyline! I have enjoyed every minute of this story! Thanks.
  21. The day is misty, beautiful and cool here on the Northern Coast of California.  I just returned from the walk I typically take on my break, and I got to admire the way the fog flowed through the pines and redwoods as I stepped along the path around Arcata.

    A good life is knowing you're lucky while that luck holds.  Don't wait to look back on now from some far-flung future, and think about how lucky you were.

    Know it now.  Live it now.

  22. Superpride

    Chapter Ten

    Thank you as well! I love twisting mythology and ancient history to suit the plot of my stories, and I'm really happy that you all love it. More interesting lore will definitely be on the way. 😁
  23. Superpride

    Chapter Ten

    And let's not forget the merpeople who are linked to Poseidon. Sometimes historical facts and events get twisted as time passes, so why not for mythology as well which is also a part of history within this world of not only humans, but also vampires, lycans, merpeople, and even more. So, Cerberus is not a literal, three-headed dog monster, but a threatening oligarchy that was led by three lycans instead. More twists to popular myths will come as the story continues.
  24. Superpride

    Chapter Ten

    Thank you! I wanted a more original, unique twist to the origin of vampires, so why not connect their origins to the Greek gods. Glad that you like it. And there will be more vampire lore as the story continues.
  25. Part of the way I got my head back into writing was going over and re-reading my old stories. Inevitably, that lead me to find some errors and annoyances, and I ultimately opted to try and fix those. I had done that in the e-book file format, but that was before I realized that GA no longer has an e-book section. Anyway, it is my intention to update those stories where I made changes, but it may take me a while. I'm also planning to post them in e-book format on Amazon, just for those who like to read old stories in that format. I'll let you know how that goes. In the meantime, if you see activity for an old story, that's what's happening. One of the biggest changes you'll notice is on multi-author books. Originally, I'd just changed the font and color to designate different characters, but a very helpful reader pointed out that it would be better to show the character's name in the beginning of that segment. That's how I've been doing it for quite a while now, but when I make these changes, you'll see that becomes universal, and you'll see that the fonts are now the same.
  26. If you stay neutral to an injustice, then you are compliant to the the injustice.

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