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  2. Off to celebrate this beautiful girl,.. where does the time go. I feel like only yesterday I was announcing I was an aunty again ...C6791A41-C40F-4EDB-9435-E59F16CBB49A.jpeg.139dd841126d7724729f3104a6c5aa7d.jpeg

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    Perfect Shot

    Mmm. I think I need me an Aidan!
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    Chapter 2 - Ian

    I’m rereading this from the beginning because I saw a new chapter updated today (yay!) and I’m wondering: Ian knew his brother in law’s name was Adam and even said he met him a couple of times, how come neither recognized the other when they met up again and why didn’t the flutters happen before?
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    Alo Chapter 7

    2IC = Second in Charge in other words`Assistant.
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    Chapter 24

    It was surprising to see Sam enlisted into the deception, but it makes sense. He and Gabriel are on good terms and he does owe Desmond a favor. The house seems isolated so Desmond wouldn't want to risk walking or using some type of hire car. In the latter case, someone might be inclined to provide information. With Sam, they wouldn't have that concern.
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  9. You forgot the most important day of all! Today is World Penguin Day So that means the shiny is mine all day!
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    Chapter 24

    Specter's Gamble (chapter 24) Desmond rang the doorbell and impatiently tapped his foot on the welcome mat, waiting for the door to open. It finally did, and Gabriel blinked in surprise when he saw the person behind that door. “Sam!” he said. Sam LeVoughn froze when he saw Desmond. Then his eyes shifted to Rayhe, and he finally blinked. “Gabriel...” he muttered. “What are you...” he looked at Desmond again, as if trying to figure out how in the world these two knew each other. “Do you want some sort of a payment?” he asked finally, staring at the assassin, his eyes huge, voice tight. “In a manner of speaking,” Desmond hemmed. Sam’s eyes darkened and his fingers on the door tightened their grip so much that the knuckles turned white. “Do you have a car, kid?” Desmond asked casually, as if not noticing his reaction. Sam blinked several times. “A car...?” he repeated in confusion. “Umm... Yeah, I have a car... Why?” “I might need your help,” the assassin nodded. “Let’s get inside, shall we?” Sam slowly stepped aside, letting both men to come in. He shut the door, a puzzled frown getting deeper on his forehead. “You have any beer, kid?” Desmond asked in the same casual voice. “No,” Sam said quietly. “I don’t drink. I have water.” “Is it cold?” Desmond opened kitchen window and pulled a chair towards him. “Yeah,” Sam muttered, his shoulders tense. “I could use some then,” Desmond nodded and mounted the chair, facing the open window. “You don’t mind if I smoke, do you?” he briefly turned his head and glanced at LeVoughn-Junior who was digging in the fridge. “I don’t care,” Sam muttered and closed the fridge, two bottles of water in his hands. He handed one bottle to the assassin, his expression alert, as if he expected Desmond to assault him suddenly. When Desmond took the bottle, Sam offered the second one to Gabriel. “Thank you,” Rayhe said quietly, taking it from his hands. “Mmm,” Desmond said with approval after taking several gulps out of the bottle. “This is good...” Sam didn’t say anything to that; he leaned on the counter and folded his arms in his chest, his eyes dark still. “All right,” Desmond said finally, blowing a small cloud of blue smoke through his nostrils. “I need you to get to a place on Friday night,” he glanced at Gabriel. “Rayhe will give you the directions. I need you to get there around six in the evening, park behind the house...” he looked at Sam intently. “Behind the house,” he repeated slowly. “Make sure that your car is out of sight and don’t make any noise. Around eight in the evening, I need you to turn the car on. Leave the lights off, however. Sit there until I come out. Make sure you have enough gas,” he looked at Sam again. The kid’s eyes weren’t as dark anymore, but his face was getting more and more confused. “If you run out of gas the minute I get inside the car, I will kill you,” Desmond nodded. “After I am inside, drive away from there as if you were trying to escape from hell,” he took a drag on his cigarette. “I might not need you,” he said after a minute. “In that case, I’ll come out and tell you to go home. Got it?” “What is this?” Sam frowned and glanced at Rayhe. “Some weird test? Or a joke?” “Neither,” Gabriel sighed. “It’s a...” he paused. “A gamble,” he finished. “A gamble,” Sam repeated slowly. “Yeah,” Rayhe nodded. “Because there is a very big chance this won’t work... Salamander is not easy to fool...” “Salamander?!” Sam’s eyes widened. “Which one?” “Julian,” Rayhe said, and frowned when Sam let out a low hiss. “What is it?” he asked. Sam shook his head. “Nothing,” he answered shortly. “Give me the directions...” he looked into Desmond’s eyes. “I’ll be there.” **** On Friday night, Rayhe felt nauseous. They were almost at the house; the night splashing darkness into the windows of the car as Gabriel drove. His fingers wrapped around the steering wheel so hard that his joints ached. “After you done with the vial,” Desmond was saying. “Dump it into the garbage disposal... Just in case,” he added, and Rayhe silently nodded. “You are a shitty liar, Rayhe,” Desmond said softly, and Gabriel glanced at him with a small frown. “I don’t know how good of an actor you are... For both of our sakes, I hope you can act well.” Gabriel bit his lower lip and said nothing. He had no idea how good of an actor he was himself. “We’ll find out,” he thought darkly. “The kid had better be there,” Desmond muttered, staring into the darkness behind the window. “He’ll be there,” Gabriel nodded. “I hate relying on others,” Desmond grimaced. “That’s how even the best plans go to hell...” Gabriel sighed. “Sam will be there,” he repeated without taking his eyes off the road. “We’ll see...” Desmond said absent-mindedly. “After you leave, don’t go home right away... Hang out somewhere, like a tavern. I don’t know if he’ll be watching you for a while just to make sure or not... Sit there for several hours; mope if you have to. Don’t get too drunk though. When everything feels fine, and when you are positive that nobody is watching you, go home.” Rayhe felt a small smile tickling his mouth. Desmond was referring to his apartment as ‘home.’ Rayhe’s home. Gabriel liked that. He liked that a lot.
  11. Chapter Twelve – Perfect Shot He walked over to Heathcliff and his companion, and, for a couple of seconds, he just stood there, not knowing what to do. It was surely foolish, to act on instinct like that because truth be told, he wanted to dance with Heathcliff, too, and there was no turning back. Heathcliff’s companion seemed to be the first to notice him standing there. “Can we help you with something?” the guy asked, frowning slightly. Aidan licked his lips and swallowed. He was about to make a total fool of himself, but he wasn’t going to back down now. “Would you like to dance?” he asked Heathcliff directly. “Excuse me,” the guy in the white tee huffed, “we were just in the middle of a conversation, and you’re interrupting. And seriously, is that your pick up line? Maybe you should go home and polish it a little.” “I’d love to dance,” Heathcliff said dramatically, taking his companion by surprise. And not only. Aidan’s eyes grew wide. Now he had expected a rejection or at least a small jab at his request, and the only unknown factor in all that was how Heathcliff would go about it. Funny how he wasn’t ready for a positive response. “You would?” he asked, feeling, and most probably looking, a bit stupid. “Let’s go,” Heathcliff said with determination and took Aidan’s hand, ignoring the other completely. “Hey, that’s not very nice,” the guy called after them. Heathcliff only half-turned toward him. “I’m sorry, please forgive me,” he said in a sugary voice. “I’m just suddenly in the mood for dancing.” “You could have just said so,” the guy threw his last words at them. “Jeez, some people,” he added, most probably to himself. Heathcliff snickered like a kid doing something naughty and carried Aidan quickly to the dance floor. And, unlike Michael who had shown Aidan a proof of his virtuosity as a dancer just earlier, Heathcliff pulled him into a tight hug and kept him there. “Heathcliff,” Aidan called softly, “we’re not exactly dancing.” “I suppose we should also move a little, right?” Heathcliff began to move, but only slightly, in total disregard of the fast-paced music. “We’re not supposed to slow dance,” Aidan pointed out again. It wasn’t like he minded. Actually, being there, in Heathcliff’s arms, felt good and right at the same time. “It’s the only style of dancing I know,” Heathcliff replied. “Seriously? Aren’t you the master of all things, you know, physical?” “That I am.” Heathcliff chuckled. “I just skipped dancing lessons; that’s all.” “Michael is an excellent dancer and your friend. Doesn’t he find this appalling coming from you?” Aidan asked and wrapped his arms around Heathcliff’s neck. “Ah, Mikey. I thought he would seduce you and you wouldn’t say ‘no’.” “I’m only here for you, you spoilt fitness guru,” Aidan said affectionately. “You’re such a perfect babysitter,” Heathcliff’s voice dropped low. Aidan was sure they were putting on a bit of a show, slow dancing while all the others were engaged in much more physically strenuous exercise on the floor. “Michael told me you wanted me to ask you to dance. Is that true?” Aidan asked. “It is,” Heathcliff admitted simply. “But why? Isn’t this how you practically send the others around here the wrong signals?” “What do you mean? What signals?” “You know. That you don’t want to hook up. Dancing with your babysitter is the surest way to keep everyone at bay.” “Good. That’s exactly what I want to do.” Aidan wanted to be able to have a witty comeback to that. The thing was he felt like no other words were needed. *** Heathcliff had never played the sentimental card with anyone in his life, as he liked to believe that he was as honest as they came in all his dealings. Yet, right now, keeping Aidan close in his arms, he felt pretty damn sentimental, and it wasn’t some play. The strategist in him was all a frown. The rest was smiling, though. He had to remind himself to thank Michael later. Apparently, a small friendly nudge had been enough for Aidan to come to him and ask him for a dance. To say that he had been thrilled the moment he saw Aidan there, a bit shy, but determined, was an understatement. Heathcliff was so happy that the only way to contain what he felt was to hold Aidan tightly. The weirdest thing of all was that, for the moment, his mind was blank. He could not remember one step from his elaborate plan to seduce the corporate bunny. And he had thought he had everything thoroughly planned. Obviously, something was happening. If he hadn’t been so giddy with Aidan coming for him, he would have investigated the issue thoroughly. With a content sigh, he snuck his hands lower on Aidan’s back. “Are you all right?” Aidan asked gently. “You’re a bit not your usual self tonight. Are you ill?” Heathcliff scoffed. “I just wanted a dance with my babysitter. How is that a problem?” “It’s not,” Aidan replied. “But we’ve been slow dancing for about twenty minutes or so, and the music changed five times. People around us are really starting to stare.” “Let them stare,” Heathcliff said smoothly. “Don’t you like the attention?” “Actually, I don’t. I’m not a famous influencer like you.” Ah, finally, some steps of his elaborate plan were coming back to him. Heathcliff knew exactly where he wanted Aidan. “Then we can go somewhere private.” Aidan pushed himself away to look at him, with something akin to suspicion in his lovely eyes. “Heathcliff,” he said, his voice a little wary, “aren’t you here tonight to hook up?” Heathcliff pulled Aidan back into his arms. “I changed my mind.” “All right. So do you want to go back home and sleep?” “Will you tuck me in?” Heathcliff joked. “Of course,” Aidan said. “What kind of babysitter would I be if I didn’t send you to sleep with a bedtime story?” “Don’t you like this club?” Heathcliff asked. “I’m sure Michael will be disappointed to hear you want to leave so quickly.” “The club is fabulous. It’s you who makes me worry. Are you sure you’re not ill?” This time, Aidan raised one hand and touched his forehead. Heathcliff pulled back. It wasn’t that he didn’t like to tease Aidan over his babysitter role, but he was sure this wasn’t in the job description. Also, it was not part of his plan. “Let’s go somewhere private, bunny boy,” he said with determination. He dragged Aidan after him through the crowd. The bout of sentimentality from earlier was thankfully over. Now he could go back to being business-like, as his plan for the night demanded. Plus, he wasn’t sure he could win Aidan over by being sentimental and doe-eyed. That wasn’t him. Michael smiled at them as they walked over to his table. “You two were quite the sensation on the dance floor.” “Mikey, can I have that private booth now?” Heathcliff asked. Michael’s eyes lit up. “For you? Always. Seeing you so taken with one another, I’ve already sent word. You’ll not be disturbed.” “Wait; what?” Aidan intervened. “What do we need a private booth for?” “For the same reason anyone needs a private booth when going to a club. To have fun in private,” Heathcliff replied. “Are we going to have fun in private?” Aidan asked. “Yes. I recall a certain kink of yours that only I can cater to.” “Oh, fuck. You can’t be serious,” Aidan protested. “Come with me, and stop being difficult.” Heathcliff held Aidan’s hand in his tightly like he was afraid bunny boy would make a run for the exit. “Since you’re my babysitter, I must take care of your needs.” “Stone, you’re still a conceited bastard, aren’t you?” “Stone? You called me Heathcliff earlier. It was nice for a change.” “What was nice for a change was you being less of a conceited bastard,” Aidan replied. Heathcliff laughed. “Did you really fall for that act?” He could not tell why he felt the need to distance himself from his behavior from earlier. It was like control was slipping through his fingers. Heathcliff Stone was always in control. So taking back the reins, like he was doing right now, was completely normal. “Actually, ah, it doesn’t matter. Let’s get it over with. I know exactly what you have in mind. But let me tell you. I’m holding my liquor well,” Aidan warned him. “I thought you told me you don’t drink.” “I don’t. I have a natural tolerance. Something about some of my ancestors being sailors and all that.” “Ah, so you’re from a family of explorers? That explains everything,” Heathcliff said with a broad smile. “And what do you mean by that?” Aidan asked. “Your bold personality, of course. You came to invite me to dance.” “I’m pretty sure my ancestors would have been engaged in thrashing the bar by now, but let’s say that I believe you. But I don’t think I’m bold, at all.” “Let me be the judge of that, okay?” Heathcliff linked his fingers with Aidan’s. “You two are better than any reality show,” Michael interrupted them. “I wish I could be a fly on the wall to learn what’s coming next.” “Do you have flies in here, Mikey?” Heathcliff joked as he looked at his friend. “That calls for a visit from the health department.” “Just go and have fun, you two. But, seriously, you should tell me how that went.” “A gentleman never kisses and tells.” Heathcliff flashed a big grin at his friend. Michael replied with a knowing smile. But he could read something akin to surprise in Michael’s eyes. Ever since he confessed to him how much he liked Aidan and wanted to trap him, Michael had had a hard time hiding it. Of course, Heathcliff knew why that was happening. Michael was too considerate a friend to tell him anything he didn’t want to hear. However, Michael had jokingly proposed to save Aidan from him, by trying to seduce him. Heathcliff wasn’t sure who Michael was trying to protect. It was clear as day that his friend had been taken with Aidan from the first second. For some reason, he felt proud; his affection for the young man wasn’t misplaced, and Michael was validating his decision. Also, if Michael joked about hooking up with Aidan, that meant Heathcliff wasn’t the only one to notice how incredibly cute the bunny was. He offered his hand to Michael. “Thanks, man.” “Have fun, you two.” Michael grinned at them. “Especially you, Aidan. Don’t let Heath push you around, okay? Also, don’t fall for this vulnerable act. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” “Thanks for the heads up. But you have nothing to worry about,” Aidan said with a small laugh. “I am Heathcliff’s babysitter and not the other way around. I’ll be completely responsible, and I’ll take care that he doesn’t start using colored markers on the walls.” Heathcliff looked at Aidan. So he was having fun, after all. That was the only reason why he allowed him to talk like that. As soon as they were alone, Heathcliff was going to be back in charge. Right now, he could allow Aidan a few giggles at his expense. *** “Seriously, Stone, you’re so easy to read. I told you about body shots, and of course you have to do something like this,” Aidan said as he gestured toward the table on which a small shot glass, and a whole bottle of tequila, along with a beautiful porcelain plate full of lime wedges, were neatly arranged. “I still don’t understand how you can give up on a night of hooking up and getting busy with various handsome men just for the sake of trying to get me under the table. Wait, was that your plan? To have me drunk so that you could sneak out and have fun without me hovering over you?” Heathcliff laughed and pushed him toward the love settee. Aidan didn’t have to look too close to notice how this particular private booth had a romantic flair to it. It had obviously been modeled to cater to couples. “I’m having fun right now.” Heathcliff hovered over him while Aidan sat. “I actually have a business proposition, but let’s talk about that later.” “Business proposition?” Aidan wondered out loud. “Let’s talk after you’re a little looser than this.” “I told you. I don’t get drunk easily. Also, I wouldn’t want to risk getting into a coma by accident.” Aidan gestured towards the bottle. “Don’t worry about that. I just want to see your skill at drinking body shots. I don’t want you drunk either. So, are you ready?” Heathcliff asked with a smirk. Aidan rolled his eyes. “Okay, I am ready.” He should have known Heathcliff was all for fooling around. But the sooner he could get this over with, the sooner Heathcliff was going to go back at doing what he wanted, and Aidan could return to his job. That, of course, unless the little voice inside his head telling him Heathcliff actually wanted to hook up with him and no one else was saying the truth. Aidan had a mind to ignore it as wishful thinking, but, at the same time, he worried about what it might mean. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to run away from this? Maybe if he just hooked up with Heathcliff one time, he would still be fine? Plus, that being the case, he could say he lost his V-card to the biggest crush in his life to date, which was huge. Aidan shook his head. Heathcliff was caressing his jawline slowly, still standing and looking down at him. “You’re always thinking of something,” Heathcliff said. “I can tell.” “It’s not so hard to tell, seeing how I tend to fall silent all of a sudden,” Aidan babbled nervously. “What are you thinking about?” Aidan decided to grab the bull by the horns. “Are you trying to get me in bed with you, Stone?” “Is it that obvious?” Heathcliff chuckled. “Pretty much, yeah. But why? We’re practically in your type of paradise. Outside this door, there are literally dozens of men waiting for a chance to get into your graces. Yet, you’re wasting your time with me when you could go out there and swim in dicks or something.” Heathcliff laughed wholeheartedly. “Let me see how good you are at body shots and then we’ll talk business.” Aidan shrugged. On the outside, he could play it cool, but on the inside, he was a hot mess. He just hoped Heathcliff wasn’t going to notice how his palms were sweaty, his heart started to beat faster, and he could only do this much to avoid jumping the sexy fitness guru’s bones. From the first second Heathcliff embraced him on the dance floor and kept him there, he had known he was doomed. Of course, he was trying to grab at straws and tell himself that Heathcliff meant nothing by it. “Is it that bad for your ego that I’m telling you ‘no’?” Aidan asked. There was still a chance to escape. He could piss off Heathcliff a little, and he could go. “Are you telling me ‘no’?” Heathcliff asked and climbed the settee, placing his knees on Aidan’s sides, trapping him between his muscular thighs. Aidan knew his heart rate was now in a danger zone. Heathcliff leaned in and kissed him gently. In response, Aidan dug his blunt nails into the plush canvas of the settee. “Your answer,” Heathcliff demanded, keeping Aidan’s head firmly in his hands. Aidan gulped loudly. “No, I’m not telling you ‘no’,” he replied. “Good.” Heathcliff caressed his cheeks and stood up. “Then I think it’s time for our little introduction.” Aidan had a mind to ask what that was supposed to mean, but the words caught in his throat. Slowly, with hooded eyes, Heathcliff began to unbutton his shirt. The thumping rhythm coming from the club was muffled, but it made the perfect musical backdrop for Heathcliff’s striptease show. “I have already seen you naked,” Aidan said, just for the sake of sounding like he wasn’t impressed at all. He was very much impressed. And yes, he had seen Heathcliff naked, but that didn’t mean he didn’t want to see the man naked again. Heathcliff’s only response was an all-knowing smirk. Aidan watched fascinated as the shirt came off. However, it looked like Heathcliff had no intention to go further than that. Not that he minded. The topless look was perfect on Heathcliff. “So, what are you waiting for?” Heathcliff challenged him, hands on hips. “For you to lie down so I can show you what a body shot looks like,” Aidan said with courage he knew well he didn’t possess. “Then how about you make room for me?” Heathcliff laughed. Of course, Aidan thought and stood up to allow Heathcliff to stretch on the settee. Pretending to be absorbed with pouring himself a shot, he kept from throwing glances in the other’s direction. So, it was a bit of a surprise to see Heathcliff already with a lime wedge between his lips and well prepared with a short, thin trail of salt on his naked chest. Aidan gulped but knew it was now or never to show the sexy asshole he was not fazed easily. He threw his head back as he let the alcohol burn his throat and then, he straddled Heathcliff quickly. It wasn’t the most comfortable position to assume, but he didn’t care for details at this point. Aidan pressed Heathcliff into the settee with both hands on his shoulders, and licked the trail of salt, making the other giggle. And, without a glitch, he raised his head and pulled the lime wedge out of Heathcliff’s mouth, savoring the sour taste. “Wow, perfect shot,” Heathcliff joked. “In the mood for another?” “I think I played along enough,” Aidan said, staring into the other’s eyes from above. “How about you tell me about that business deal you wanted to talk about?” Heathcliff put his hands on Aidan’s hips and moved slowly upward. “I think I like this position. Don’t you agree?” Aidan sighed. “You’re impossible; you know that, right?” “And you’re a tiny bit hard,” Heathcliff replied, moving one hand and placing it over Aidan’s crotch. “Who wouldn’t be?” Aidan retorted. “Come on, isn’t this enough for your ego? The night’s still young. Why don’t you go pick up a nice guy and have some fun with him? What do you say?” “I am not exactly crazy about nice guys,” Heathcliff said, moving his hand on purpose over Aidan’s semi, making him grunt. “Then go find a naughty one.” “You didn’t let me finish. I’m not into nice guys, except for one. You.” Aidan licked his lips. “So the only way we can solve this is by letting you have your way with me?” “Have my way with you? What are you, an innocent maiden?” “I’m not innocent!” Aidan protested. “Exactly,” Heathcliff said with satisfaction. “So let’s get back to what I was saying. Can you pay attention?” “I could if you didn’t fondle me through my jeans,” Aidan complained right away. “I think that’s actually helping to keep you focused on me,” Heathcliff replied. Aidan sighed. “Okay, just say what you have to say.” “I don’t like this thing with NDAs and all that,” Heathcliff began. “It’s not only because it is annoying as hell to get guys to sign before, after, or in-between. It is because it’s like I’m trumpeting all over the place that I got myself a deal. I am a confident man, but this reeks of self-importance.” “Okay,” Aidan admitted. “But it’s not like I prefer the alternative, which is not to get laid at all. So, I must ask you, isn’t it annoying for you to hunt my partners down and get them to sign those stupid NDAs?” It was. Aidan nodded. “Yes, it is. But that’s what the contract says.” “Normally I’d say fuck the contract,” Heathcliff said, and his moves on Aidan’s still clothed cock became more daring. Aidan could feel his breath hitching in his chest. “Don’t fuck the contract,” he said stupidly. He knew what Heathcliff meant by that. “I have no intention to.” Heathcliff chuckled. “I realized, however, that there is a solution that could keep everyone happy.” “Seriously? What?” Aidan asked, trying to focus on anything else but the hand moving over his cock. “I have something you want, and you have something I want. Do you see what I’m getting at?” Aidan closed his eyes tightly. “I can’t say I do.” “We don’t have to make a big deal out of it,” Heathcliff continued. “You want to be the perfect professional, and I have nothing against that. Actually, I think it’s perfect for what I have in mind. If we hook up, there’s no need for NDAs.” Aidan’s eyes snapped open. “Is that your business deal? I should sleep with you because I’m sure not to go with tabloids with something stupid like how you snore after fucking?” “I don’t snore,” Heathcliff protested. “It was some stupid example! I can’t believe that you really thought of this! And how do I keep being the ‘perfect professional’, as you say, while I’m sleeping with you?” “It’s simple. You keep me happy, and I keep everyone at your company happy, by projecting the perfect family-friendly image everyone wants of me.” “And I’m what? Some sacrifice for the greater corporate good?” Aidan sputtered. He made a move to get up. Heathcliff wrapped one arm quickly around him and stopped him. “Do you like me, Aidan Spark?” Heathcliff asked. “Look at me, tell me you don’t like me, and I’ll let you go. Because I like you very much and I think that this solves everything. No one will know as long as you don’t tell anyone.” “Do you think is it that simple?” Aidan squirmed into the other’s lap. “And how can you say so confidently that no one will know? Your friend, Michael, is well aware of what we might be doing right now.” “Chill. Mikey and I have been friends since forever. And he never lets paparazzi into his club. He has a nose for them. And I won’t drag you to clubs and expose you everywhere. Where I want to drag you is my bedroom, and no one, absolutely no one will know what’s going on in there.” Aidan bit his bottom lip hard. “It’s stupid,” he said after a few moments. “But I suppose you do have a point.” “Is that all? I have a point?” Heathcliff asked. “Come on, bunny boy, don’t keep me waiting. Do you like me or not? Because if you can say that you don’t, hand on heart, I promise I won’t ever bother you with this.” “I …” Aidan trailed off. “Eyes on me,” Heathcliff insisted. Aidan knew it wasn’t a good idea to look at Heathcliff right now. But if he didn’t, he would look like a coward. So he assumed the risk. Why did that spoilt fitness guru have to look so handsome? It wasn’t helping Aidan with his decision at all. But it wasn’t just Heathcliff’s natural sex appeal that was making him drown into those amazing blue eyes. The man was looking at him pleadingly. Aidan knew it had to be an act, but there was something inside him, a soft spot of sorts, that made him feel for Heathcliff staring at him like that. “I do like you,” he said dejectedly. Heathcliff’s hand cupped his face and caressed him. “And is that such a bad thing that you must look down like this when admitting it?” “I can’t win against you, can I?” Aidan said, looking down. “Oh, damn, why do you have to be so cute?” Heathcliff whispered. “I like you more than I’ve ever liked anyone else.” “You’re just saying,” Aidan said stubbornly. Heathcliff straightened up, but without letting Aidan go, just adjusting their position so that they could sit upright. “I’m not just saying. Look, you have fuck buddies on speed dial. Am I such a bad deal compared to them? I promise I’ll be worth your while.” “Okay. But I must warn you. I’m bad at this,” Aidan said with a deep sigh. “Really? You’re bad at sex? I must say that what you’ve shown me this far tends to contradict you. And how come you have fuck buddies if you’re so bad at this? You know what? Let me be the judge of that. And if it’s that bad, which I seriously doubt, I will work hard to correct those flaws you fear so much. I really mean it,” Heathcliff said solemnly. “Just say ‘yes’.” “Okay,” Aidan mumbled, feeling a bit ashamed with himself. He was giving in to temptation here. And he could not blame Heathcliff for being some manipulative seducer. If anything, the guy was asking nicely for it. Heathcliff caressed his cheeks slowly. “Give me a kiss. I promise you that you won’t come to regret it. I can keep things professional as long as you do the same.” I already regret it, Aidan thought. As for keeping things professional, that was going to be a challenge. At the same time, he wanted to find a reason to say ‘no’ and could not think of one, let alone more. Heathcliff took his mouth and kissed him gently. It was hard to put that kind of kiss next to the perfect playboy persona Heathcliff was known for. Or maybe that was making him so successful in all his romantic dealings. And Aidan knew that by playing along with that so-called business deal, he was doing no favors to himself. Except that his entire body was reacting to Heathcliff’s caresses and kisses, and he wanted, at least once, to do something wild and amazing that he could recall many years from now. TBC
  12. Theliel shuffled into Cupid Central. After a night of bad dreams, even the strong coffee Azrael had forced him to drink hadn’t helped to wake him entirely. The Angel of Death had been in a weird mood this morning; even going so far as to slap him on the butt when sending him to work. Theo had wanted to stay home. “Trouble in paradise?” Halaliel sneered behind the reception desk. Theo wasn’t even in the mood to show the idiot his middle finger. He trudged to an empty office and closed the door behind him. Today he would do all his put-off reports. This would at least make Ayil happy. Shitty work for a shitty day. After he’d sorted his notes, in the correct order, Theo fished his phone out of his pants’ pocket, and scrolled through his messages one more time. Nothing. He placed it right in front of him, on the desk. One never knew... Four hours later, he was in utter need of coffee. Lunch would have been like running the gauntlet with the gossiping Cupids outside, but luckily Rahmiel had brought him his favorite over stuffed goat cheese sandwich and a bottle of water. Theo checked another report ‘done’, when the screen of his phone lit up with an incoming message. Lightning fast he grabbed it, swiped the home screen away—and a very fine butt greeted him: round muscular cheeks...Wait! That was Sablo’s! And what the hell? Was that a tattoo? Theo enlarged the relevant parts. I belong— and on the right side— to Theo. The full stop was a tiny red heart. He slapped his hand over his mouth. “Shit!” Then he read: Meet me downstairs? He pushed his chair back, not caring that it toppled over in the process, and ran to the elevator. “What happened?” “Where are you going?” “Hey!” “Measured strides!” Most of the cupids in the hallway scattered, but some tried to block his way. “Fuck this!” and he ‘ported directly into the foyer. Ayil would demand his hide for this, but he didn’t care. A small crowd was gathering at the entrance. As soon as Horace saw him, he grinned broadly and shooed them away. Frowning, Theliel stopped in front of the glass door. Then he saw him. His man was wearing motorcycle cop leather pants and open jacket over a blue police shirt that perfectly matched his eyes. The loose black tie looked a little rakish. In the gun holsters at his hips, he had tucked red roses. Damn. Was that a toy kitten pinned to his shoulder? The long blond hair was almost floating around his head. He was so beautiful... Hot. He was hot. Not beautiful. Was the bike meant to be a present? Only he didn’t need a new—. Wait, the saddle was set extremely high. Then Theo got it. And he couldn’t wait any longer. He ran outside to Sablo who was still holding the bike with one hand, with a heart-shaped balloon floating a meter above his head, and an envelope held out towards Theo. All he could do was throw his arms around his neck, “Home!” “Theo!” Rahmiel hurried over to them, pushing Theliel’s bike. “Greetings from Commander Ayil. You have the next two days off.” Then he whispered, “I expect to see the pic when you’re back.” “What? How?” “I have my sources.” They biked as fast as they could, rushed to Theo’s—their—apartment. Then they stood awkwardly in the living room. "You took the pictures.” “I feared you’d destroy them. You were so furious.” Theo looked down to his feet, biting his lips. “About that... It was wrong to throw you out.” “Nah... throwing me out brought home what you said. You were right about the importance of Cupids. And I was a total asshole to say I regretted being shot with a silver arrow. The truth is, you’re the best thing—angel—to ever enter my life. Look, we could stand here for a very long time and apologize to each other–” “Instead, we agree we both messed up and finally get on to the making up?” Theo tilted his head, smiling coyly. “Perfect idea.” “I have one question. What did you do with the bedlinen? I couldn’t find them in the wash.” Flushing red, Sablo fumbled with the envelope he still held in his hand. “I-I took them with me. They smelled of you.” “Ah. The same reason I pulled one of your t-shirts from the hamper and wore it to work.” “You did?” “Uh-huh.” Theo snapped his finger against the envelope. “Is that for me too?” Sablo rolled his eyes at his stupidity and thrust the envelope at Theo. “For you.” Theliel pulled the card out, which said For Theliel - the love of my eternal life on one side, same as the envelope. Turning it over, he gasped. With his fingertip he followed the trail of tiny red hearts from the picture of the kneeling knight to the golden quiver. After a long moment, a lone tear ran down his face. “You really thought about this. Us.” “I had help, Diego—” “But this,” Theo gestured at the card in his hand, “is entirely you, how you feel about us, I know it.” He put the card down on a nearby table, stepped to Sablo, and pulled very slowly at one end of the black tie. When it was freed, he slung it around his own neck and began to unbutton the blue uniform shirt. When he had it open, he carded his fingers through the thick, blond hair he found there. Then he leaned his head against it. “I love you.” Sablo reached down, and pulled the hair tie from Theo’s dark braid. “I missed you so fucking much.” “We were a pair of idiots.” Theo stretched and nibbled at Sablo’s neck, then he mumbled, “I wanna lick the heart.” “Heart?” Sablo asked, distracted. Theo already had the police issue leather belt open. “Hhm-m...Shower?” Grinning, Theo took him by the hand and pulled him towards the bathroom. “Or do you need another moment?” “Another moment?” “To get out of those leathers, while I’m adjusting the water right.” Theo pulled his t-shirt—Sablo’s t-shirt— over his head, dropped it on the floor, leaving a clothes trail to track for Sablo. When he entered the shower naked, Theo was leaning against the wall, water raining down on his body, staring at him hungrily. Then his Cupid made a twirling motion with his hand. “Lemme see.” Suddenly feeling self-conscious, Sablo reluctantly turned around. When Theo didn’t say something for a too long moment, he couldn’t help but glance over his shoulder. “Too much?” “Perfect.” Theo stepped up behind Sablo, slipped his arm around his Guardian’s waist, and pulled at him so he could mold himself to Sablo’s back. Running his hands up and down Sablo’s chest and stomach, he pressed tiny kisses along his neck and shoulder. Then he dropped to his knees, pushed a little, and he had the tattoo right before his eyes. Now he could do what he had promised. He cupped his lover’s ass, squeezed, and licked and nibbled at the tiny red heart. “Mine.” “Yours.” Sablo moaned and widened his stance when Theo didn’t stop at the heart, but continued the exploration of his body with his talented tongue. “Theliel...” Theo smiled against wet skin. Sablo always became putty in his hands when he rimmed him. Slowly he stood, leaving small bites and kisses on Sablo’s trembling body all the way up. Then he pushed on his shoulders until he was bent forward, bracing his hands against the tiles. “This truly belongs to Theliel.” He shifted the setting on the shower to a warm mist coming at them from all sides and grabbed the water proof lube from the shelf. He would claim the ass belonging to him, and later Sablo would get the chance to make love to him in return, the way he did best. His Guardian Angel had incredible stamina. Later, Sablo lay on his stomach, tired and sated with Theo draped sideways, resting his head on his lover’s back. The cupid kept tracing the words of the tattoo, until a sudden recollection made him sit up. “Does the stuffed cat mean we can get a kitten?” “Diego found an animal shelter which has a bunch of adorable black kittens. We could take two, so they have each other for company.” “Are you sure we’ll be able to care for two kittens? What if you get a long-term guardian mission?” “I’m going to request to be given short missions from now. I want to spend more time with you.” “Yeah?” Theo bent forward to peck a couple of kisses on his tattooed name. “Mmhm. And it would be nice to see more of my brother too.” Theo smiled, but didn’t say he expected it would mean seeing more of Azrael too. “Rahmiel wants a detailed picture of all this.” The Cupid patted Sablo's sexy ass gently. “Don’t you dare!” “He would envy me...” “He has to get his own.” “Tattoo or Guardian butt?”
  13. JCtoGO2

    Alo Chapter 35

    Terrific story. I agree with RCCROBO that I'm sorry to see it end. However you said you are already working on your next story so I will wait patiently for it to start ( or maybe not so patiently)!
  14. Will Hawkins

    Alo Chapter 2

    Lounge area = Living room attached = bathroom Esky = foam cooler Honda Pioneer Buggy = Small four-wheel run-about with a ragtop. In this case, the rear seat is replaced with a bin to make it more like a pick-up truck. The engine is a 2/cylinder in-line water cooled, essentially an enlarged motorcycle with a multi-speed automatic gearbox. MSRP about $!0,000 US. plus shipping
  15. droughtquake

    Chapter 33

    I was think this started off as a little side-story, but 33 chapters later you have a chapter and an epilogue left on a story that now feels too short! ;–) And then there’s your nasty habit of ending chapters with cliffhangers! I do have to admit that finding out a proposed new last name is a unique one! Fusing their names together doesn’t make any more sense than hyphenating them: Pright or Wrice! ;–) Was the announcement of their new last name a long planned denouement, or was this something you came up with after we all laughed about the possibilities? ;–)
  16. Rainy Thursday and the grass needs mowing!

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      No rain for me, just very cloudy. 

  17. I like it ! Keep it
  18. ...and back to the baby sitting grandpa!
  19. Not a complete poem, but a poem nonetheless... 


  20. Much to consider here Sir. i am a rather reactive person...i am aware of it, but not always able to stop it. This is very interesting. Thank You for sharing it.
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