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  2. Harley would never forgive me if I forgot his favorite holiday...


  3. Ryan says to Randy that he tells his friends that cody is his friend. in the real highscholl that would be Ryan's downfall.
  4. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 20

    An old man...giant cats...is one of them Macavity? Perhaps the man is named Possum, or Eliot. :) Now we have cats, the story has reached the highest plane of existence....
  5. northie


    You'll just have to keep reading, won't you.
  6. northie


    What do we know about the first drafts put in by commercially-published authors?
  7. chris191070


    Such a cute bunny. Happy Easter 🐣
  8. Wayne Gray


    Such a cute little bunny. 🙂
  9. Today
  10. aditus

    Day 16 to day 20

    Thank you, Parker for reading my poems and for the kind words. I had to stop myself while writing 'Soul searching'. Bees started with a joke between Val and me. The witch's name was Traut. I'll never forget her.
  11. WolfM

    Chapter 38

    Thank you, Backwoods
  12. WolfM

    Chapter 39

    Thanks, Backwoods. I like that description Last minute decisions of, "Oh, I think I'll do this" or "that's too obvious, I need to change it."
  13. and then going back to bed ...
  14. Saturdays are for waking up slow. Mmmm.
  15. Wayne Gray

    Wayne’s Randomness

    Exactly as described in the name.
  16. Wayne Gray


    Thanks, Parker. Caleb and Charles both already love Wren and Wren loves them. Pair attraction to love, and you end up with something extremely powerful. Both guys feel it. Caleb is reacting with wonder and fascination, while Wren is feeling... something else.
  17. Parker Owens


    This chapter was wonderful. Caleb finally gives himself the chance to discover happiness with Wren. And Wren discovers a new world of unselfish love giving himself to Caleb.
  18. Happy Birthday!

  19. Happy Birthday!

  20. Wayne Gray


    Thanks, Parker. 🙂 Caleb couldn't help but give in to how he felt. Oddly, Caleb seemed ready to hear whatever Wren was going to say. Yeah, he has his own issues, and he has some accepting to do. But... what's up with Wren?
  21. Happy Birthday!

  22. Happy Birthday!

    1. Butcher56


      Thank you 

  23. Happy Birthday!

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