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  2. I'm sure Sablo [the correct name for this statement] could come up with some sort of reason to visit the redhead! ;–)
  3. Going all in and breaking the rules is Sablo's preferred mode of action. See chapter 1. I'm glad you think Sablo didn't go through the pain to no avail. Hopefully, @aditus agrees.
  4. Whoops! I meant to write Azrael there!
  5. He had a good reason and the means. Jasper doesn't, and I doubt he'd fly all the way from USA to London just for a card.
  6. Correct statement, however its Azrael not Sablo. Sablo is one of a whole herd of guardians.
  7. Puppilull

    Chapter 11

    Pure wrath will strike imminently...
  8. NaPoWriMo Week 3 *warning - #20 contains disturbing content Poem# 14 Peas Green bombs Lurking behind potato or beef Waiting to explode their vileness On the unsuspecting. Poem #15 June Laughs and dances like a bubbling brook, Swirling and twirling Splashing against immobile rocks, The fuddy-duddies. Sweeps branches, fish, and canoes Into the heart of summer. Poem #16 Fly, little dog, to our home in the sky Encumbered no more, your burdens to lie Aside and rejoice in the absence of pain And the knowledge we will soon meet again. Poem #17 Loud buzzing precedes the air raid Incites adrenaline-ridden panic Screaming And flailing limbs As terror-driven legs blindly try to Outdistance the threat. The plump black and yellow creature Lands placidly on crimson petals, Wondering what all the fuss is about. Poem #18 Fog Ephemeral envelope Stealer of sight Hunter of hope Insidious intruder Dissipated by dawn Poem #19 The rooster of ego Struts around his barnyard, Pecking those who don’t conform To his arbitrary rules. The farmer takes the long route to the barn, Preferring to avoid confrontation. The rooster of ego Struts around his barnyard Crowing his accomplishments whether others want to hear Or not Proud that he drove off the fox and the cat, Fishing for compliments deserved Or not. The rooster of ego Struts around his barnyard Angry he wasn’t stroked Attacking all in his way Until the rooster of pride Takes him down a few pegs. Poem #20 The high school was the perfect destination On a bright summer day For two kids proud of the responsibility of pushing The new cousin’s stroller while he napped In the comforting heat of the sun. We talked of the future And summer camp And cute boys As we walked past suburban cape houses And the baseball diamond next to the school, Swarming with activity. Just past the sports field, we approached A corner of the school Secluded Containing a fragrant lilac and A man wearing a white and gray striped baseball uniform, His pants around his ankles. Probably taking a leak, I thought. Gross. He saw us and walked out of the alcove, Pantsless Penis jutting forward. He made eye contact with our mirrored sunglasses As he strutted past us, Two tweens and a baby, Then went back to his corner. We walked silently past the school. “Was that an erection?” my friend eventually asked. I shrugged. “I think so.” We headed toward home and Never spoke of it again. Prompts used: Poem 14: Prompt: I love Lorna Crozier’s vegetable poems. These poems have made me look in a new way at vegetables—at the farmers’ market, on my cutting board, even on my plate. Write your vegetables too. Poem 15: Let your poem have the name a month in its title and then attempt to capture the essence of that month, perhaps anthropomorphizing the month in question, giving it human-like personality. Poem 16: Whatever your feelings about the existence of soul, somehow bring a mention or discussion of soul into your poem today. This poem is written for one of my BFFs who lost her beloved fur-friend today. Poem 17: Let your poem be abuzz with bees, literal bees or metaphoric bees. Poem 18: Unprompted. Inspired by my drive in to work. Poem 19: A combination of two prompts: Random Titles (The Rooster of Ego) and The Repeated Word Prompt: Allow one word in your poem to be repeated often and in a way that contributes to the poem’s meaning and effectiveness. You might repeat whole phrases as poetic anaphora, as in the poem “A Wind” below. You might create a structure with your repetitions as does the wind poem. Poem 20: Prompt: Under the Bridge: These two poems remind me of one another, and they remind me of those adventures in later childhood and early adolescence when one is still having the outdoor explorations and adventures of childhood, but suddenly the shadows of adulthood, sexuality, and gender roles creep in. The prompt is to write an “under the bridge” poem. Have it hint at the dark underbelly of the crossing into adulthood. I suppose the central theme is the beginning of the loss of innocence.
  9. Puppilull

    Chapter 10

    The odds are very firmly against our dynamic duo. Or triumphant trio? But Nico going on sheer anger could be more than most can handle. Too bad the place itself is cursed (Or whatever is going on with the creepiness).
  10. Lyssa

    Spring 2019

    Spring has arrived.
  11. AC Benus

    Night Blooms

    Yes, Parker, thank you. Here's some hugs for everyone who've lost their folks
  12. aditus


    Happy Easter!
  13. Valkyrie


    Aww.. so cute! Happy Easter!
  14. We accepted the recast of the entire cast and premise, I think we can deal with them replacing one of the seemingly innumerable ‘Chris’ actors [Pine, Evans, Hemsworth, Pratt, Colfer, etc].
  15. Today
  16. Going all in to woo Theo! Even breaking some rules. I'm sure the butt tattoo will do the trick. 😂
  17. I seem to remember reading that Sablo Azrael wasn't always the only one doing his job, but his coworkers all gradually left, leaving him the last one doing the job.…
  18. Interesting you see this connection, considering Sgt. Getraer's real life son went on to play Captain Kirk in the current Star Trek movies. Sadly, I have heard he doesn't want to do another one. *sigh*
  19. Sablo went to visit Patrick! ;–)
  20. I am!. I watched both of them, plus the Fish spin off.
  21. Someone who's too young to understand the joke would never have posted it! ;–)
  22. good morning Sir, coffee?



  23. northie


    @frosenblum Another conquest! Eric in particular, has wormed his way into so many hearts. He's a character very close to mine. Thank you for your praise. That you put me ahead of such an accomplished author as @Carlos Hazday is added kudos that makes me .
  24. northie


    And @droughtquake , you win today's ⭐ . It was indeed God's Own Country,
  25. northie


    It takes a certain sort of person to communicate effectively with a class. Eric might have life experiences to pass on but he's not in the position to do it: he's still shy, he lacks social interactions, and his knowledge of kids and how they are, is virtually nil.
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