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  2. Mikiesboy

    Into The Valley

    That is the question. At what cost. Thanks for reading and for you insightful comments.
  3. Mikiesboy

    Into The Valley

    An opera? That would be fun. Thanks AC .. i say it often, but i do mean it. i am so grateful for all you do to help me and teach me. Thank you xoxoo
  4. Drew Payne


    Thanks so much, you so got this chapter. I wanted to write about that frustration of being a gay teenager, being on the verge of adulthood. He's beginning to realise what he wants, love and sex, and yet doesn't have the knowledge or skills to achieve it. He needs a guide, he needs support, and he doesn't know where to find it. When I started to research this story, I thought it was a lot easier for young people to come out now than when I did. I was horrified to find out so little had changed and that fuelled so much of this story.
  5. You'll do a Book 4....if you don't I'll have two hateful ghouls haunt you...😊. 👻 <--- See..he is already haunting you...😀
  6. Hawgdad


    Being a total paranormal genre newbie, this story has been FULL of new and unfamiliar twists and turns for me. I'm trusting Wayne as the tour guide, following along to observe, learn, and enjoy. And going along with Wayne I strongly suspicion "we ain't seen nothin' yet".
  7. Drew Payne


    Thank you so much, I really value feedback like this. Yes, it was an easy coming out but it does help when your mum is in a same-sex relationship and with a woman as intelligent as Niki. Niki had a very good idea that Simon is gay before she asked if he'd had a boyfriend, but she can be bluntly practical. The last person you want sex advise from is your mum's girlfriend. I think Simon has had too much of a secret garden, he's kept too much inside of himself and not really let others into his life. A secret garden can be a fascinating to visit from time to time but we can't live there all the time.
  8. Bookjunkie56

    The Trial

    Amazeballs !! I know I'll be reading this again. It really is refreshingly new, and had me hooked from the beginning so I binge-read from the start. Of course, it helped that I read a story that was marked as "complete" - I think I'd go ballistic if I had to wait for Monday to read the next chapter. Anyway, thank you so much for this awesome story. It has the right amounts of grip, headiness, romance and mind-blowing sexiness !! You're a fantastic writer ! I absolutely LOOOVED everything about it !! Looking forward to Book 2 !
  9. Today
  10. Has there really been no new chapters or stories added for 12 hours?  🤯

    1. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      I was just thinking about that. It's weird to still see my chapter atop the list. Not that I mind the attention or anything. I can use all the advertising I can get. ;)

    2. dughlas


      Yeah, right Carlos 'cause nobody reads your stories ...

    3. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      The more the merrier. Chipper's going to need the votes. :rofl:

  11. Parker Owens

    Chapter 7

    This is a gut wrenching chapter in the complicated, tortured world of Kevin Malley. I’m really enjoying this. Each chapter is worth waiting for.
  12. Jdonley75

    Chapter 20

    I'm glad you're enjoying the story. Without giving anything away, I think you'll find that everything will work out in such a way that things will both satisfy and surprise you. 😊
  13. Will Hawkins


    "No man is a prophet in his own country." King James Version.: Luke 4-24,
  14. Wayne Gray


    Thanks! Yeah, it felt like it was time. I’ve got a couple of chapters to go on Silverwolf, then after that I’ll be able to really focus on making Camp Refuge the best that it can be.
  15. Bft

    Chapter 20

    This the first time for a few chapters that I have stopped to comment as I have been so engrossed in the story I just wanted to read the next chapter. Harry and barb are the sick ones, I have no time for judgemental Christians that believe in fairy stories. I am pleased that Kyle and Jacob have got back together and are getting married. Andy should tell Brian about the money and wanting to buy a house for them, keeping this a secret is not a good way to start a new relationship.
  16. Both of our boys are working so hard at avoiding the 'L' word. Somebody will break the dam soon.
  17. Daddydavek


    Just got a chance to read this opening chapter and I love this edited version even more! So glad you are posting it on this site! I'm ready for chapter two and the arrival of Clay and his son Mason!
  18. droughtquake

    Chapter 4

    Thank you for the addendum. There was a discussion of this topic elsewhere on GA and several authors (who lived through the pandemic) were adamant about not letting reality intrude on their fiction! They refused to even consider the suggestion of adding a little statement before or after the chapter. I really appreciate you making the effort. ;–)
  19. Paideia

    Chapter 7

    For the longest time I wasn’t really sold on this story.. It just never really caught me. But this chapter changed that. Suddenly all the flashbacks gelled into a whole and really worked to bring Kevin’s development home to me. I’m not naive enough to think is the last word in that development but this chapter finally made me fully invested in it. Maybe the problem has been that Becker’s experience is so much more similar to my own.. Good literature is characterized by its ability to make us see the world from different perspectives than our own. In his you have succeeded.
  20. Do we see this adventure in a future story? I’m sure not silverwolf. You could title the story “As the houseboat floats” we go until we need to stop for cider” then we let the good times roll. Each stop a new adventure.
  21. Bookjunkie56

    One More Day

    This is all so goooooood !! Of course D had to bite him - yes, it will connect them, but it will especially enable D to find him if he gets abducted (maybe ?). Maybe D was expecting they would have enough time for Nöel to bite him as well ... I'm very sorry they didn't listen to Nöel's "feeling" - the boy has precognition powers ! 😱
  22. The people who went along on the trip are already asking when the next one will be. So, I think our late night dip into the lake was not too harmful to the overall experience. We took to calling that place where we were moored "Thunder Cove of Death". Though, no death happened, we know it was hungry for it. What's truly hilarious is the next day we saw someone else moored there. After about an hour, we heard a panicked voice. "Hey! One of the lines came loose!" We all cackled as they scrambled around trying to get a new mooring established. It was nice to know that it wasn't just us. Thanks, Reader. Yes, it was a great time.
  23. FILMS Felix in leather makes sexy SIGHT
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